International TV channel broadcasts 9/11 truth on anniversary

I crammed as much 9/11 truth as possible into my three-minute 14th anniversary interview with Press TV (watch the video above).

Meanwhile, Dr. Alan Sabrosky made similar points on The Debate show.

The moral: If you want to hear anything truthful about 9/11 on a major international TV channel, tune in to Tehran-based Press TV.

new pearl harbor

Kevin Barrett
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  1. Dr Barrett, good stuff! I watched both videos. Dr Sabrosky beat Budowsky on the facts, especially on the issue of Israeli involvement, and Budowsky’s response was to laugh and say he couldn’t be serious, and then he changed the subject. To me, Budowsky’s response indicates that he may know or suspect a lot of the truth, but he refuses to “go there”. Budowsky has a JD, so he has the skills. But since the facts weren’t with him, he simply changed the subject.

  2. Steel melts (to liquid) at about 1400C, and for it to run freely from the south tower if would probably have reached higher temperatures inside the building. The falling stream of molten steel can be seen to be 3 floors (30ft) in length. That kind of heat could not have been due to an office fire, of paper and furniture, and was long after the initial flare of burning jet fuel.

    It is shameful that the media have not have raised these points.

  3. Another suspicious death of a prominent alternative media figure. The family of Brian Short of Allnurses.com found killed, of course “murder-suicide” case. Is there an event coming to the US requiring blocking access to independent medical authorities and knowledge sharing networks?

  4. Its more a case of if all the American people understood the whole truth of 9/11 Israel would (in the words of Alan Sabrosky) “flat ass disappear” …it would be cut off and Rothschild will have to run his own ranch… …. No more 3 billion a day born off the backs of hardworking Americans, sons and daughters offered up to its perpetual wars …. 3 billion a day injected into the American economy would avert any civil war…time to throw Rothschilds “israel” under the bus

  5. It took me forever to figure out why Muslims and Arabs in general were a primary fixture in what we are supposed to despise in humanity. They know history. The old Germany between 1920 and 1946 new their history too. The moral collapse of the 1930’s rings the biggest bell after the treaty of Versailles allowed the most corrupt zionist governmental and financial networks to prey on the masses. Seeing the need to reinvent Germany had was a goal the entire population stood behind. This has to become common knowledge to understand how the US is not immune to failure.

  6. some indiana congresscritter sent me an e-mail “we will never forget”
    911 blah-blah terrorists etc..
    I replied they should read here at VT where Sandia Labs verified neutron bombing with a footprint linking it to izrahell, that it was NOT done by little dorks with box cutters.
    I wonder how many congresscritters actually get responses like that, and ignore them.

  7. Despite the fact that molten steel poured from the south tower, that the massive central columns vanished, that WTC7 crumbled into its own footprint (and was not investigated by the 911 commission), despite all these and other doubts the mainstream media and the government refuse further investigations.

    I just hope that historians in future will dig deeper. They should start with the Mossad/Jewish connections. It is taboo to say it nowadays but to ignore it is stupid, and cowardly.

    1. Whatever will be dug in the future will be pure conjecture given that the evidence was hauled off long ago to be sold as scrap post haste hence forensic investigation is no longer possible.

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