Syria: Germany, France break out of U.S. Alliance against Russia

Photo from May 2015
Photo from May 2015
Photo from May 2015

Editor’s note:  VT has been under both “hack” and “denial of service” attacks since running, out of “courtesy,” the unusual article on Israel and Russia that uses humor to burn down a major disinformation network including Reuters and their news partners.

Germany is surprisingly quitting the anti-Putin Alliance created by the United States: Germany now officially welcomes Moscow’s readiness to engage with Syria and launches an initiative to end the war with the Russians and the French. Thus, the stream of refugees is to be stopped. Germany put thousands of soldiers on standby.

Germany  surprising quits Alliance with the United States, which wanted to prevent a participation of Russia in Syria.

Defence Minister Ursula von der Leyen told der Spiegel, they Welcome Russia’s President Vladimir Putin’s involvement in the fight against the extremist Islamic State. It is in the common interest, to combat the IS, she said.

A spokesman of the Foreign Ministry also said Germany would welcome a greater engagement of Russia in the fight against the IS. German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier even announced, with Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov and the French colleague Laurent Fabius, a push to start to end the civil war in Syria. Lavrov and Fabius are expected in Berlin on Saturday.

New strategy receives support of the Federal Government from Bavaria: CSU leaders agreed in finding a peace solution for Syria calls for closer cooperation with the Russian leadership. Without the participation of Russian President Vladimir Putin , the situation in Syria “is hopeless,”  CSU Chief Horst Seehofer says the Mirror. Development Minister Gerd Müller is for an integration of Russia: «we need a joint diplomatic initiative of the United Nations with the participation of Russia, the United States, the EU and the regional powers», said Müller according to DPA. On Monday, the CSU Party Chairman wants to advise how could look a cooperation with Moscow.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergej Lavrov prompted the Department of Defense to the vote with the Russian military. Because forces of both sides are in action in and around Syria, the United States would have to resume the last operational coordination with Russia, Lavrov said in Moscow on Friday. So, «unintended incidents» should be avoided. Russia military maneuvers in the Mediterranean Sea were in accordance with international law. Lavrov also said the Moscow Government will also continue to deliver weapons to the troops by Syria’s President Bashar al-Assad, to support them in their fight against the extremist militia Islamic State (IS).

Russia had already begun a few weeks ago in addition to new military activities with a diplomatic offensive. Americans have not clearly recognize, whether they support the Russian advance. Washington wants to wait and see if the Russians actually succeed, to reassure the failing position. Therefore the Government has warned as a precautionary measure, that a Russian intervention could lead to more refugees.

The American “neo-cons”  warn about cooperation with Russian President Vladimir Putin. US President Barack Obama has to not clearly admitted whether Russia’s “new initiative” in Syria has been discussed with the White House.

Secretary of State John Kerry had become surprisingly to a visit to Russia this spring too slowly, however Kerry has not, in regards to public disclosures, indicated a change in policy toward Russia and Assad.

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 It is well possible that the U.S. Government has reconsidered its position in the face of the new waves of refugees to Europe and is now willing to cooperate East with the Russians in the middle.

Steinmeier is trying for a long time behind the scenes to a mediation proposal and also in constant contact with his Russian colleague Lawrow. It seems to be clearest of all German Government leaders that the refugee crisis in Europe out of control device, if further fighting in the Middle East.

Austria and Spain already have some days signaled to keep the involvement of Russia in the struggle IS essential.

Defence Minister Ursula von der Leyen wants to expand the Mission of the Bundeswehr in the Iraq. The Bundeswehr is willing to continue the successful work in the Kurdish areas also with the Iraqi Central Government, the CDU-politician told der Spiegel on Saturday. First steps were already done. Germany have provided medical material, helmets and NBC protective masks. Up to 100 Bundeswehr soldiers train Kurdish fighters of nestled in the northern Iraq, among other things. In addition, weapons were delivered.

Thousands of soldiers has brought into Germany of Leyen for the refugee in call. Whether because of the refugees or due to evidence of a terrorist threat is done, is unclear. An equivalent statement had gone the previous day on the force, a Ministry spokeswoman said on Friday to a report of the «level». Up to 4000 members of the German armed forces were then always available and accessible. Last weekend, soldiers in the field had been nationwide, to help accommodate thousands of newly arrived refugees. The soldiers receive compensation for on-call times.

The German news source for this can be reached through the links.  Machine translation was poor, I improved part of it, improving implied meaning which machine translators can’t do.  Few Americans and Brits read German anymore.  VT editors are going to be in Germany on and off over the nest two weeks.  This is a vital time.


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  1. Erdogan has overplayed his hand. he had hope that opening the well guarded turkish borders and pushing the continuing flood of refugees toward greece/europe would cause such a crisis that NATO and Germany & France would double down, and blast Assad into the sea. (by the way, where is noisy NATO, we heard from them all year, but they are silent now.)

    so it’s a good laugh on Assad that Germany’s own military is now going to co-ordinate with Russia inside Syria for the exact purpose of strengthening Assad.

    long live Assad. He’s been a faithful and true hearted leader.

  2. Finish:

    All the European Grand Lodges of Freemasonry publicized through a France a newspaper a call, in which they agitated with verve for mass immigration (again, no discrimination between refugees and immigrants). This may give an additional clue about what is really going on now.

    The actual cause of this mass mitigation lies in Turkey. They managed this flood and to this date I could only speculate on Erdogan’s motives. The business part of all this is done not only by clever criminals, but this time it’s also managed through several NGO’s (partly also from the US- Ayn Rand and others) and also with no doubt by the intel agencies of several countries, including their ISIS terrorists friends. Numbers of under cover sleepers from ISIS are varying, but they are constantly growing. So, the next conflicts in Europe are already on the horizon.

    Merkel and the main part of the traitors in German politics need to be dismissed for their total failiure and their deliberate chaos management with regard to the refugeees, the whole of their non existing foreign policy in the interest of the German (as well as other European) people.

    She stated “We can manage it.”, but now she already rowed back, fearing the massive amount of backslash of their NAZI-campaign. They smeared all forms of justified critics to be Right wing and as NAZI. SPD Gabriel called those critics “Pack”, which shows how deep our political elite is already fallen.

  3. Addition:

    The social security system in Germany is now worldwide known – thanks to the PR involved – to be one of the best. Austria – inofficially – gave free smartphones to refugees, Germany did the same, Telekom will provide free services to them, the get instant money (about 140 €). Despite all this, the growing chaotic situations cannot be hidden any more, which was the basis for the one sided closing of the German borders with Austria, Thechnia and Poland. Austria did the same with Hungary, which itself has completely shut down it’s borders and uses military to secure their borders. Harsh new legislation adds to this in Hungary – all this actually conforms to european “Shengen” laws, but in past weeks they publicly condemmend Hungary, which now is gradually fading away.

    Germany, other than France has no fighter jets over Syria – German Ischinger recently favored for German intervention in the conflict – but they are part of the ongoing sanctioning of Syria. No western state has embassies in Syria, therefore they don’t know much about the real situation – which is a very bad thing. Russia made the only realistic propostion to fight with Assad against ISIS and Germany seems to slowly grasp it. France has other interests but it has failed in its attemtps to get back its old sphere of levante interests, because they are dumber as wood.

  4. Watching the refugee scenario, which is in full spin now and the unbelieveable 24/7 propagada campaign, which is unfolding in Germany through politics and all of the media, it is very hard to stay cool and rational.

    This “refugee welcome” campaign has no comparable forerunner whatsoever, it’s done from top to bottom and it’s absolutely massive, who is directing it and why? Answers are not clear to this moment. Merkel did a strategic political mistake in “inviting” refugees. The main part is the fact, that although Germany has no immigration law, it’s THE immigration country – counted in percentage of its population. This is mostly unknown by others but nonetheless true. German corporate lobbies (BDI) and thinktanks (Bertelsmann) want 800,000 and more immigrants. Also true is, that the age structure of Germany has somehow reversed over the years, which threatens the social net and the pensions, which are based on a mixture of mainly state hold funds and a growing part of private financing.

    One must notice, that the campaign does not disciminate between immigrants of all kind – from Marocco, Nigeria, Eritrea, Libya, Syria, Kosovo, Albania, Bulgaria, Serbia to Afghanistran – and real refugees. This is done deliberately, because there is an obvious interest in this massive and ongoing streem of all kinds of mainly young male people (they massively lie about this fact, stating that many women and children are involved).

  5. It is no secret what-so-ever that ISIL is armed, trained and funded by the US (the ringmaster) and Saudi Arabia, Turkey and the Gulf countries.

    This is why the US fighter jets are intending to hit Syria’s military targets, not ISIL targets. Most likely airfields which is why the Russians now have Surface to Air SA-22 system in the country.

    The Russians are going to target the Syrian opposition as well as ISIL.

    My money is on another million or so Syria refugees being pushed into Europe because the Europeans are already hysterical over having tens of thousands of refugees turn up. Hundreds of thousands of refugees on their doorstep will send them ballistic. They might have coped if the Americans had not caused the GFC as well, a disaster the Europeans are still very pissy about.

    I think the common feeling at the moment US allies is f#@k the Americans and all of the problems they have created.

  6. The US told the Europeans not have military-to-military discussions with Russia.

    Very bad move.

    The Russians have now put a shit load of Surface to Air SA-22 systems in Syria. No the Syrian opposition do not have fighter jets and neither does ISIL, the Russians are no doubt going to give the Americans a lesson in diplomacy which will involved US fighter jets being hit. This is what happens when you have a several different countries militaries working in one location and not talking to each other!

    The Americans often kill their allies even when they are all talking to each other. So US policy in Syria regarding who can talk to each other is laughable.

    The Germans and French do not want more Syrian refugees on their doorstep, nor do they want their fighter jets being hit by Russian surface to air missiles.

    The west cannot afford to have a dog fight with the Russian fighter jets either cause our fighter jets are inferior especially the over prices totally useless F35 which are so inferior that the Americans will not even use them in a war.

  7. Surprising that the Jewish Occupation Force ( the US Military) actually allow Germany to actually have any semblance of an army. Oh and thanks for bombing, raping, torturing and murdering millions of my people from ’43-’49. Thanks Eisenhower and his Soviet friends. That whole war ( incl. the Holohoax ) have been agit-propped to death. Franco was an ingrate, Eisenhower and Churchill and Stalin the real war criminals, the Germans saved C. Europe fm a Soviet invasion, saved Spain fm a Commie takeover with their air power ( should have won the war and would have except for Hitler the drug addict should have been relieved of military decision making in lieu of Rommel and the treachery of the Kraut aristocrats who would rather lose a war than not be in charge! What scoundrels….When your country is truly threatened you support it…PERIOD!

  8. Defeating ISIS means uncovering the traitors in the US apparatchik handling logistics and communications for them. Real exposure will hone in on the deep money bankster owners. Best to simply begin eliminating these families, long responsible for the degeneration of Western European culture, and the “royal” bloodlines they’ve defiled.

  9. John, if you review the history of the Dulles brothers, “Operation Paperclip,” and how the Dulles brothers returned NAZI general Reinhard Gehlen to Germany somewhat furtively about 1946, the picture clears up. Gehlen returned to his spy HQ in Pullach, on the outskirts of Munich at the time. The spy HQ was renamed the “Bundes nachrichten dienst” (BND). At that time the BND was the CIA extension facility in Germany. The CIA-NSA-BND cooperation uncovered by Mr. Snowden indicates that some elements of BND operation have not changed. While Gehlen died years ago, the progeny of his cohorts lives on – – . The recent shift of some Merkel cabinet members to a wiser position, cooperation with Putin, contains undisclosed elements. The translated article in reference states that Spain demanded that Merkel establish a liaison with Putin.

  10. However poorly translated, the article reflects that some of Germany´s leadership have gained insight into the Israeli/Obama deceit. The U.S. String-pullers´ masquerade of attacks on ISIS, while attacking the infrastructure of Syria, could not go forever unnoticed. However, seeking liaison with Mr. Putin, recognizing his wisdom in rebuffing the destruction of Syria, required tremendous courage. Hegemony of the U.S. (MOSSAD – CIA subterfuge) can be lessened by a cooperative liaison with Russian leadership and the fight against CIA-MOSSAD-NAZIism in Syria, the entire Middle East and also, Ukraine.

  11. Germany would do well to work closely with Russia in order to survive nato, the EU, and the neocons as these entities are a destructive drain .If France comes along too this could create a more sound economy in what is suppose to be peace time. If this article is truthful it is a powerful shift from the Zionist plan to place the world into slavery. The Sampson option is prof positive how they fell about Europe an the US.

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