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The many thousands of of Muslim veterans who have served, or who still serve, in America’s armed forces are not happy with Ben Carson’s assertion that Muslims can’t be President.

Patriotic Muslim American veterans like M.D. Alam of the American Muslim Political Action Committee (AMPAC) are working hard to convince Muslims to run for office, vote, and generally participate actively in what passes for American democracy.  They don’t appreciate being deemed second class citizens by the likes of Carson.

USMC vet Mohammad Abdullah is not happy about the neocon 9/11 coup
USMC vet Mohammad Abdullah is not happy about the neocon 9/11 coup

M.D. Alam, USMC vet Mohammed Abdullah, Mark Perkins, and other courageous Muslim-American veterans have also put their reputations and perhaps their lives on the line by calling for 9/11 truth and justice – the only possible route to restoring the Constitution of the United States of America. Carson, who is running with the party whose leaders did 9/11, and who seems content with the sham democracy that rose out of the smoking rubble of the Twin Towers and WTC-7, is either a traitor or a fool…quite likely both.

Below is an open letter from Mahmoud El-Yousseph, a USAF veteran, to Ben Carson.

Kevin Barrett, Veterans Today Editor


Pardon me Dr. Carson, Why are Muslims unfit to be a President of the US?

Last time I checked, Thomas Jefferson specifically included Islam when arguing for freedom of religion, as he referred to the term: “Mohammadans”. For your information, Muslims were even among the crews of the Nina, Pinta and Santa Maria when they arrived at America’s shores. As a retired veteran, I do know it is an undisputable fact that Muslim Americans have played a vital role in the safety and welfare of our nation. They have served in every conflict and war since the Revolutionary War.

You said in your new book, ” I believe a difference starts with understanding our amazing founding document, the US Constitution.”
However, the Constitution specifies there shall be no religious test for public office. Even my 12 year old son knows that the Constitutional requirements to be president are:

1. be at least 35 years old
2. be a natural-born US citizen
3. live in the US for 14 years.

You confound me even more when you say, “If I were in Trump’s position, I would have corrected the person who asserted that Obama is a Muslim.” But you ignored the fact that the same man in the audience in the New Hampshire town hall meeting also suggested we should get rid of Muslims in America.

I’m sure you are a good doctor who performed brain surgery thousands of times, but you were wrong on both counts about Islam and our Constitution. You were at least consistent in your ignorance.

An apology to America’s Muslims is in order and I call upon you to step down.

Mahmoud El-Yousseph
Retired USAF Veteran

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  1. Very good letter . . . It is very obvious that the Talmudic/Wahhabi (neocon) “Rothschilds”, who claim to “own” most everything in the “West” (by theft, treason, fraud, terror, and murder), want to destroy the Christian, and the Muslim religion (and their cultures) . . . There is no Muslim terror, nor was Hugo Chavez a terrorist . . . There’s only Talmudic/Wahhabi (neocon) terror (9/11, “ISIS”, Malaysian airliners’ false flags, Boston “bombings”, and so forth).

  2. The loon in the audience in New Hampshire would probably be controlled opposition keeping tabs on the controlled opposition for the Las Vegas know when to hold up crowd…

  3. Ben Carson is a wonderful example to all the troubled kids growing up in public housing. At the age of 33 he became head of Paediatric Neurosurery at Johns Hpkins. You can’t beat that for acheivement!

    Unlike most of our politicians he has worked hard in a difficult field and actually done a worthwhile job. I hope he wins the presidency.

  4. And like the rest, he sucks up to the Zioscum, Israhell before the US. He obviously doesn’t care what they think of Blacks.

  5. “THE TEARDROP” _____ “Why weren’t we told about Tear Drop?”

    The monument was designed by Zurab Tsereteli, one of Russia’s Leading Sculptors.”
     “As I stood next to this enigmatic landmark I was struck by the thought that___ when passengers sail into Manhattan the first Monument they now pass is NOT the STATUE OF LIBERTY, but THE TEARDROP. And none of them will know what it is for.” John Craven. UK
     “In fact the Monument was a gift – an expression of grief – from the people of Russia to the USA and officially named ‘To the struggle against world terrorism’.
     “Vladimir Putin was there when construction began in 2005, and Bill Clinton attended the dedication ceremony in 2006.”
    __In 2009 4-yrs LATER Israel built a 9/11 Monument. That was a JOKE, but the JOKE was on ISRAEL.

  6.  Carson sounds like Ann Coulter, ‘GOP after Jewish Votes’/ “would not Endorse a Muslim as President, Muslim NOT Compatible with the USA Constitution”
     ___So is ISRAEL, Israeli-Americans __ with Dual-Citizenship the Rogue_ Apartheid__Evil__ Empire who NEVER had a CONSTITUTION for (66-yrs), since its Independence.
     We are Christians__Israel is NOT_in Kosher Jesus Book_ “Jesus is NOT GOD, but a Nice Jewish Boy”
    “Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson has triggered a massive public backlash by openly declaring that he would not endorse a Muslim as President of the United States, as he claims that Islam is not compatible with the US constitution.”

  7. Ben Carson is a man who has forgotten his orgins but if h ever cares to investigate he will likely find his ancestors were Muslims in countries such as Gambia, with rich and proud heritage and unique traditional lore.
    But he can be forgiven as he is trying to please his massas so that he can be accpted as a white black man !

    • I studied several ways of very unconventional healing methods over the last years, and some of the more esoteric methods are based on the belief that our past – even across several generations – is still influencing us today greatly.

      Couple years ago i dismissed those ideas as pure nonsense, lacking any logical and factual proof.
      But since then i’ve seen a good lot of things absolutely unexplainable by modern science (as well as most religions, shush), so just maybe those esoterical guys are not so wrong after all.

      Speaking purely hypothetical, Carson would be a prime example.
      Just saying…

    • @Flapps, I agree with you, it reminds me of what someone once said but I can not recall from where:
      “It is the past you fool, that determines the future, you have it all backwards..”. Or to that effect.

      I believe that the past is even encoded into our DNA as part and parcel of what we are and it is passed along thru successive generations in all living things. I think that is part of the reason the animal kingdom doesnt have to go to school to learn their tricks. We go because unlike the Indian society we tend to suppress these intuitions.
      As one great American physicist said that we are as old as the stars because the stuff that makes us actually came from the stars then sometime in the future we may be able to access our ollective past without having been there.

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