‘We heard them screaming’: US troops told to ignore Afghan soldiers abusing boys

Its a nasty world, and many claims to morality are just empty words

… from  Russia Today,  Moscow

Afghan children talk with a soldier
Afghan children talk with a soldier

[ Editor’s Note:  This problem of war zone child abuse has gotten coverage before, but not much. US troops routinely do not get involved in “cultural peculiarities” when on deployment. And that said, we don’t get too involved in it back home in the West when the abuse is done by the high and mighty.

The British have a long history of abuse and cover-up, with the police and Intel services earning themselves some future favors from well-connected politicians who need something kept quiet, or in other cases provide a blackmailing lever.

Our own Intel agencies have always kept files on higher office holders with paedophile histories, but any revelations are deemed to not be in the country’s best interests. There is a fatalistic attitude to it all, that things have, and always will go on, and no one wants a scandal to blow up on their watch.

Even sexual abuse gets lost in all the combat slaughter of mistaken bombings and horrible conditions that refugee kids endure. Sexual abuse is just one of the many horrors they endure. It’s hard for the average non-perverted American to wrap their heads around that.

The wars themselves, when pursued based on false threats to hide the real reasons, which are almost always so some special interests can make more money, push what happens to a generation of children off their list of concerns.

So like the generation of Americans were robbed via the constructed Wall Street, banking and mortgage scandals; and 9-11 became part of a one two punch that continued the robbery by loading us up with debt; so do countless children get robbed of their childhood.

The bookend to that is senior Americans who will be looking forward to scraping and scrounging all through their retirements… all because of what these “special interests” have done to us. The children had no way to resist, but we all will have to ask ourselves if we did not resist enoughJim W. Dean ]



– First published …  September 21,  2015

US troops stationed in Afghanistan came to the realization that some Afghan commanders were sexually abusing local boys and though they often heard the boys screaming, the US Army told them to ignore it, a New York Times report says.

“At night we can hear them [Afghan boys]  screaming, but we’re not allowed to do anything about it,” Lance Corporal Gregory Buckley Jr. reportedly told his father Gregory Buckley Sr before being killed in 2012. Buckley Sr. said he told his son to tell his commanders about these incidents.  “My son said that his officers told him to look the other way because it’s their culture,” he told NYT.

What Buckley Jr described to his father resembles Bacha bazi, an illegal practice that involves sexual abuse of prepubescent and adolescent boys.

One more US officer, a former lance corporal recalled a terrible incident when he entered a room in a base and saw three or four men lying with children between them.

“I’m not a hundred percent sure what was happening under the sheet, but I have a pretty good idea of what was going on,” he told NYT on condition of anonymity.

Another witness of similar practices was Dan Quinn, a former special forces captain. He witnessed several cases of Afghan militia abusing local children, boys and girls.

“The reason we were here is because we heard the terrible things the Taliban were doing to people, how they were taking away human rights…But we were putting people into power who would do things that were worse than the Taliban did — that was something village elders voiced to me,” he said.

Quinn’s story goes back to 2011 when he and Sergeant Charles Martland started receiving complaints about Afghan local police units who US soldiers were training.

One militia commander raped a 14-15-year-old girl, but he just “got one day in jail” and then the abused girl was forced to marry her offender, according to Quinn.

“We’re being praised for doing the right thing, and a guy just got away with raping a 14-year-old girl,” Quinn said, adding that though he reported the violation to his commander, he was told that nothing could be done.

Quinn remembered another incident when an Afghan woman came to at American base with her son. An Afghan police commander, Abdul Rahman, abducted the boy. Rahman forced him to become a sex slave and chained him, the woman said. Though eventually the boy was released, both mother and son feared it would happen again.

The woman said that “…her son was such a good-looking kid, he was a status symbol” for the commander.

Quinn said that when he confronted Rahman and told him “you are held to a higher standard if you are working with US forces and people expect more of you,” the Afghan commander laughed in his face.

“I picked him up and threw him onto the ground,” Mr Quinn said, adding that Sergeant Martland joined in. “I did this to make sure the message was understood that if he went back to the boy, that it was not going to be tolerated.”

Following the incident the Army relived Quinn of his command and later he resigned. Washington is now forcibly trying to retire Martland.

A spokesman for the American command in Afghanistan, Colonel Brian Tribus, said: “Generally, allegations of child sexual abuse by Afghan military or police personnel would be a matter of domestic Afghan criminal law. “There would be no express requirement that US military personnel in Afghanistan report it,” he wrote to NYT in an e-mail.



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  2. Mr. Dean.

    I would invite you to watch the documentary called: “The Dancing Boy’s of Afghanistan.” and see WHO is also in the video other then War-Lords or normal Afghan’s. Shocking?

  3. Wow. All I can say is wow.

    The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.
    Edmund Burke
    Good men need to make examples of these men without subordination. It’s worth your job/ my job. There is nothing that aspirated someone else’s kid from ours. To look onward is participation. Our world won’t Chang until we do. As soon as there is no room for this it will be a far less occurrence.
    This makes you want to never let your kids out of your sight.

  4. How many years are we to look the other way, since the documentary http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/pages/frontline/dancingboys/ of “Afghanistan’s Dancing Boys” come out the world has witnessed (in silence) this abuse and sex slavery of young boys, ( both boys and girls–around the world) this culture of sick psychotic child abuse and molestation is everywhere there is power and money. There has to be a time when looking the other way is simply not appropriate, I imagine if these men were mowing down poppy fields they would have been a different story. Quinn & his commander should have been given medals.

  5. This article would be more believable if the title read as ‘Afghan soldiers told to ignore US troops abusing boys’.
    Ad perhaps this may explain why Afghani soldiers routinelly shoot their US colleagues.

    • Now dont get me wrong here, I know that the Afgani society is notorious for sexually abusing young boys, helpless ones at that like the orphans or those born out of wedlock such that even the bearded coward warlord ofeten keep a handful at their side. But they do not represent Islam which has forbidden anal sexual relationship even between a married couple.
      It is true that homosexuality exists in Islamic societies but it is not only frowned upon but there are laws against it some capital as in Saudi Arabia.
      Therefore abberate sexual practices such as same-sex marriage will never ever be exceptable in Islamic societies and some sensible African countries such as the pious Christian Ethiopia or Uganda.

  6. This is so utterly, utterly disgusting.

    Look guys, I’ve heard that we have until Sept 28th when the incoming cosmic energies are at their peak to help us, to manifest the world we want. Please put your intentions and thoughts to what you want to see on our planet. Do not focus on the shit. Instead, think of a world of peace and harmony, where the suppressed technologies are released to everyone, where poverty is eradicated and people co-operate in a win-win situation with others. Take advantage of this window of opportunity. Of course we will still be creating the world we want after 28th Sept but we won’t be assisted by such potent energies. Here’s the article. I do not guarantee the the info is true though I hope it is so:

  7. “He that would make his own liberty secure must guard even his enemy from oppression; for if he violates this duty he establishes a precedent that will reach to himself.”
    ~ Founder Thomas Paine, 1795

    The US went from fighting the Redcoats to being the Redcoats because the banking cartel was allowed to remain operational using England and its other debt slaves. Either we all go free from this madness together or we will all fall separately.

  8. Sexual abuse, of children especially, is a useful traumatization tool to split personalities, permitting mind control, if that is the desired outcome of US foreign policy … or domestic policy.

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