Is America now destined to become the World’s Pariah along with its master, Israel?

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by  Preston James and Mike Harris

More and more Americans are now coming to understand that America has essentially become a province of Israel and is run out of Tel Aviv.

Now if you doubt that is true just ask yourself what it means when every sitting Member of Congress except one (Representative Walter Jones) has signed a secret AIPAC Loyalty Oath to defend Israel no matter what, placing the interests of Israel even before the interests of America, something which their Oaths of Office require them to do.

And some Americans fear that America is now faced with complete economic collapse as the World appears to be building a firewall against its vastly over-printed/over-issued privately owned US Petro Dollar.

64f3785a (2)And it is now obvious that much of the World has now come to view America as a huge terror/war machine specializing in renditions and torture as well as pre-emptive wars that are not only crimes against humanity, but are illegal, unConstitutional, undeclared and based on an out of control American military industrial complex addicted to massive war profits.

And as NATO’s Gladio Terror program (aka the left behind Nazi Secret Army) become more and more exposed and linked to the DVD, CIA and the Mossad, this accentuates the speed at which the World is turning against America and its master controller Israel.

And as the Russian Federation and China continue to build up vast military resources and seem to gain new allies all over the World, this has certainly contributed to a major shift in World power away from America and Israel.

Indications now seem clear that the ability of the US Petro Dollar to remain the World’s Reserve Currency and the main medium used for crude oil transactions is not only uncertain, but actually doomed.

Russia and other major Oil producers have begun negotiating direct trade deals without using the US Petro Dollar and it is only a matter of time until is ceases to be accepted as the World’s Reserve Currency.

End of the hegemony of the Petrodollar system?
End of the hegemony of the Petrodollar system?

These direct trade deals without the use of the US Petro Dollar of course will signal a major loss of the purchasing power of the US Dollar which is claimed to be backed by the “full faith and credit” of the USA. Actually is appears to be backed by nothing real, no silver, no gold, no real commodities. And as America continues its economic descent, the “full faith and credit” of the USA quickly is quickly diminishing with that descent.

Without the huge advantage of being the World’s Reserve Currency, American economic, political and military might will quickly become seriously reduced. Some believe that has already happened but has been kept secret from mainstream America by a Controlled Major Mass Media (CMMM). And we know that the CMMM constitutes an illegal News Monopoly best described as a News Cartel that is controlled by six Major Mass Media moguls who answer to one major parent Corporation

Even if Americans wake up in mass and boot out all the politicians that took AIPAC Loyalty Oaths to Israel and committed Treason and Sedition in the process, this may be too little, too late to save America from a coming complete economic collapse and Balkanization.

But Certainly that would be necessary as a first step in America is to survive as would be the complete shutdown of the City of London controlled and owned private Federal Reserve System with a new replacement banking system truly owned and operated by We The People.

And Americans would have to be allowed to use their own money at no interest instead of paying “money for nothing” interest to the private Federal Reserve for using what should have been their own money in the first place. This would immediately reduce the pricing in supermarkets and everywhere by 38-40% if Americans did not have to pay this pernicious usury to the private City of London Banksters are little more than bloodsucking parasites.

Can you imagine the boost that having our own public Banking System without having to pay interest to use what should be our own money would provide for the American economy?

But its like the slowly boiling frog phenomena, this destruction waged against America by the City of London private World Banksters since 1913 has been so slow and gradual over the years in small Fabian-style steps that most Americans never understood what was being been done to them. And what was done to them was that this City of London parasite has extracted their hard earned wages and wealth by covert deception, used that wealth and power to transform America into a Zionist controlled slave state with rampant debt-slavery, and then sicked America on the World to wage continuing wars and stripping of natural resources for massive profits and increased power.

As the whole World begins to view America as Israel’s slave state and gangs up on both as “joined at the hip” pariahs, you can bet that the City of London (COL) will likely drift into the background and will escape unscathed. Yes, it can now be expected that the COL will form a new partnership with the Chinese and perhaps even the Russian Federation. The COL’s history is that of covert political intrigue and World control while remaining in the background and using cutouts to do its dirty work.

We now know that once the Rothschild Banksters from Germany got control over the City of London they were able to resurrect the dying British Empire into a covert, secret Empire of power and wealth attained through the use of Fiat or phony, counterfeit money and massive financial fraud.

Major events this month of September 2015 suggest that there have been major changes in America’s World status and power.

This month there have been two significant visits by foreign dignitaries. The first one is a visit by the Pope and the second is a visit by China’s President Xi. Do these visits signal a major change in the prevailing winds of World monetary policies and economic might?

Have both the Pope as well as President Xi of China come to America to deliver suggestions which are really orders for American Political and business leaders on what the new course of America is to be now that its seems obvious that American Hegemony will soon be a thing of the past?

Is the Pope’s visit an indication that World Power has been restructured, reducing America’s political, military and economic might and is he “suggesting” that America submit to the UN policies and stop being the World’s largest arms exporter and war monger?

And is President Xi’s state visit to America and welcoming an indication that monetary might and economic power has now shifted from America to China? Is the fawning of American business moguls at his feet and acknowledgement of American’s economic demise and and attempt to try and save their own international businesses and personal wealth?

And now with the recent decision by President Putin to send Mig 31’s to Syria as well as advanced S-300’s to Syria and Iran, it is pretty obvious that America’s covert mercenary terror machine in the Mideast on Israel’s behalf is now failing and appears to have finally reached a final checkmate.

The City of London, America and Israel is the World’s new Evil Empire but it’ power economically and politically is rapidly being eroded.

Insiders know that the City of London, along with America and its slave state Israel has become the new Evil Empire. And we now know this was all done using the military, economic and monetary might of America under the direct but secret control of the City of London through Israel. And we know that Israel was set up as a slave state and disposable cutout of the City of London Rothschild Banksters. We also know that sadly America has been infiltrated and hijacked by the City of London and is functioning as its tool to asset strip Americans and much of the World, all while using America as a disposable cutout.

America’s economic demise continues thanks to the clearly illegal, unConstitutional, Treasonous, Seditious Free Trade Agreements. These disgusting Free Trade Agreements (NAFTA, CAFTA, WTO, GATT) have resulted in the exporting of almost all heavy manufacturing and most good jobs, leaving massive unemployment and underemployment for Americans who are now becoming increasing destitute and confused and the evaporation of the American dream.

Numerous economists have realized for years that a nation cannot just keep printing and issuing money and spending it all over the World while supporting various social welfare programs that would never have been necessary if America had an honest money production and distribution system in the first place. They have been making dire warnings for many years since NAFTA was first proposed, but because the CMMM is little more than an Establishment mouthpiece for Big USG Lies, false-narratives and propaganda, the truth has been kept from mainstream America.

In the meantime as America get flushed economically by the World, folks watch TV, play video games and carry on as if everything is okay. It’s like someone walking through the worst part of any urban jungle in the middle of the night and whistling as if they had nothing to worry about.

And now America has reached the point where it has saturated the World with US Petro Dollars to the point that they are destined to drop in value like a rock in a pond as soon as the major nations who hold all these excess USD start dumping them in earnestness. Some believe that China has already started dumping these USD but has been holding back to protect their export business to America and will continue to do so in larger and larger amounts as their new trade markets expand and they no longer need America.

And the big America International Corporations have been playing the Globalist game since the onset of NAFTA, and now hope that they can shift to new World Markets like China and  no longer need America as a market. They probably realize that it was only a matter of time that America’s private money system which is backed by nothing and expanding exponentially cannot last much longer because the rest of the World can only be fleeced and defrauded so long.

It is expected that this dumping of USD by Chinese will radically increase as soon as new World markets for their products fully develop in Europe, the Mideast, South America, India and Malaysia, which appears to be well under way right now.

Since it is obvious that the controlling group that created and controls America’s monetary production and distribution system is the City of London and this same mysterious entity also set up and created the country of Israel, one would expect that if America and Israel became the World Pariahs, the City of London would also be a part of that. However it doesn’t look like that is going to be the case.

The World now views America and Israel as a World Zionist complex that has been waging war, death and destruction on the World for many years, a true Pariah that must be stopped. Sadly the City of London has craftily set things up to become this and will likely just sit back and watch the rest of the World gang up on both Israel and America.

Of course some have been shocked that The City of London was one of the first to apply for charter membership in the new Chinese AIIB Bank, an obvious indicator that they will likely skate free of major correction for what they did to America and much of the World. The COL has a history of being able to reconstitute itself being the Chameleon that it is and always seems to come out on top with the World’s power is restructured.

And Netanyahu’s recent visit to Putin signals that Israel is finally starting to realize that they are now in a terrible predicament with America their main provider now going down economically. A good guess is that Netanyahu went to “beg” to President Putin to renew former ties between Israeli Intel and Russian Intel which were so prominent during the Cold War.


Baby-boomers have now become Baby-busters. Before the Free Trade began, many Baby-boomers were doing quite well economically, yielding the fruits of many years of hard work and progressive increments in success. Since NAFTA was passed there has been a giant sucking sound as Ross Perot predicted and American industry and jobs have been exported from America, often the relocation of these factories paid for by the US State Department under special grants.

These large American international corporations have been able to drastically lower their labor costs while charging about the same for their product in America, thus being able to make vastly increasing profits. Cheap Chinese goods (which are now rising in price by the day) kept the American public appeased and unaware of the dire economic descent that America had been set upon by these Free Trade Agreements.

A significant number of financial experts believe that the class baby-boomers near retirement age or in retirement age who worked hard all their lives, lived modestly and saved significantly actually lost about 40% on average of their accrued wealth during the deep recession (masked depression) which started in late 2007. And most have not recovered from this and continue to be in a  downward economic spiral unable to recover.

Many baby-boomers had nice retirement accounts and bank savings that would have provided a great worry-free retirement. But in most cases that is all gone now, sucked up by Free trade, continuing inflation and the major economic reset which began in late 2007 which has not abated. This major reset has only been masked by the private Federal Reserve System’s massive, continued issuing and printing of huge amounts of more US Dollars, known as Quantitative Easings and folks living off their bank account principals since most interest on savings and investments has now evaporated. But as the principals of these elderly retirees diminish they drop out of the middle class and are becoming a new poverty class, with many having to go back to work in part time jobs just to be able to eat and have shelter,.

In the 1950’s and 1960’s America was on a descent upward. There was talk of space travel and great hope for a strong economic future and good jobs for all. Thanks to the parasitical behavior of the private Banksters, all hope has been stripped like our jobs and savings.

No bank pays significant interest on saving anymore, dooming most Baby-boomers to constant loss of any principal no matter what they do. Inflation overrides any possible interest returns, now forcing baby-boomers to spend down their principals just to pay basic expenses, transforming these baby-boomers into what is most accurately described as Baby-busters who are hanging on for dear life.

If America ever wakes up from the CMMM mind-kontrolled stupor and fully understand what has been done to them by their phony Israeli controlled USG, the rage that will emerge and will become directed to those responsible will be shocking and will demand payback. And it is doubtful if the huge private Police State Army DHS built up and now run by the Establishment will be big enough or powerful enough to gain control and stop dissent of the American masses at all levels.

Now ponder this. September 2015 was a month with numerous major events which signal the end of both American and Israeli Hegemony as well as a major economic restructuring of the World’s monetary production and distribution systems and the coming end of the current City of London private Federal reserve Banking System which has plagued the World. Doubt this? Then just ask yourself why then Israel has not been able to manipulate America into another full scale ground and air war in the Mideast on Israel’s behalf?

Add to this the sudden resignation of Speaker of the House John Boehner. Many expect Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell to be next to go. certainly much is happening inside the Beltway this September 2015.

Yes, various US DOD factions and Israel, Saudi Arabia and Turkey have been willing to train and finance mercenaries sheep dipped as Islamic Terrorists (ISIL/ISIS/Daish/El Nusra/Al Qaeda) and has used rogue elements in the USAF to provide air support and air dropped supplies, as well as making sure that massive American weapon stocks were made available for these mercenaries. This was supposed to lead to a full scale American air and ground war against Syria and Iraq on Israel’s behalf, but this has not happened. Why? We know President Obama has been refusing and some belief his current new military advisers have been providing strong and convincing reasons not to. Some believe that Putin’s recent decision to provide Mig 31’s to Syria and other military hardware has sent a strong message not to proceed.

Some military experts believe that Putin’s decision to send military aid to his ally Syria is a major turning point and a strong indicator that Israeli/American hegemony is now dead in the Mideast.

Ponder the important events that have or will be occurring in the month of September 2015. The Pope makes a visit to America to meet with President Obama, to speak to the US Congress and to speak to the United Nations after visiting Cuba and meeting with Fidel Castro. And the Pope has suggested that America stop being the World’s biggest arms exporter as part of his message promoting World Peace. President Putin is coming to New York to participate in the UN General Assembly session September 24 and to meet privately with President Obama. It certainly seems that a major shift in World power in now taking place with America’s and Israel’s power being transferred to the United Nations, Russia and China.

It is believed that President Putin will be attempting to assemble a coalition to defeat ISIL/ISIS/Daish/El Nusra/Al Qaeda which is actually a plan to defeat the private CIA and Israeli mercenaries that have been sheep-dipped as Islamic radical terrorists. Instead most of these individuals are deeply mind-kontrolled fanatics run by Zionist team leaders. For Putin to propose this is truly a major turning point and suggests that he is close to breaking the back of the Rothschild Khazarian Mafia (RKM) and its associate the Bush Crime Cabal aka the Directorate of the CIA.

Stay tuned because it is likely things are going to get very interesting fast as the the rest of the World continues to turn against America and Israel, and the US Petro Dollar ceases to be the World’s Reserve Currency.

Mike Harris is the Veterans Today Financial Editor, VT radio host,  and was the former GOP Campaign Finance Chairman and gubernatorial candidate for Arizona. He is now a Senior Vice President at Adamus Defense Group, Switzerland.

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  1. “It certainly seems that a major shift in World power in now taking place with America’s and Israel’s power being transferred to the United Nations, Russia and China.”

    Dr. James, this brings up a nagging question I have had for years, which I will try to put into words, as you may actually have the perspective to know the answer (or an answer):

    You’re describing world events as a global puppet show. And if these apparently real and apparently very big players (“America,” “Israel,” “Russia,” “China,” the British “royals,” and others) are in reality just some of the biggest puppets . . .

    then . . .


    And from your earlier comment . . . and from other articles of yours including your Space War pieces . . . it looks like the answer could possibly be — what you refer to as the Old Black Nobility (deep-background royal families who are friends with what they believe to be, and what may may actually BE, Lucifer) . . . PLUS . . . off-planet elements ? ? ?


  2. Close but no cigar. Here’s why. Permindex was related to P2, a high Freemasonry operation. The British Royals are impostor frauds and are Germans and Cutouts (see Greg Hallett for info on this). The Rothschilds were Bauers and Hofjuden (Court Jews), basically started out as the Vatican’s Bankers.

    Some historians claim they changed their name to stand for Child of the Rock. Some researchers say this happened when they became anointed by Lucifer to run the World’s Black-magick Babylonian Talmudic “money from nothing system and picked that name to reflect such.

    True World Power appears to lie in the true Euro Bloodline families of which the British Royals are not (they are commoners impostors), actually known as the Old Black Nobility (black nobility is said to represent their working in covert, dark ways, symbolic of direct anointed Luciferian power, using ancient Black Arts of evil and Black-magick). And these true World Leaders desire to remain in very low profile, pulling the strings of World Control very quietly but firmly.

  3. The Rothschilds own the Bank of England so I don’t think the monarchy is much of a monarchy. The Rothschilds and their cabal have the real power. Of course it’s possible that the monarchy could apologize for their association with these people, educate and rally their people, and effect real change. But I doubt it. This “Pope” is more Masonic than Catholic. Thank God Putin is starting to stiffen his resistance to the RKM. ( The actual perps of 9-11 ). He needs to do more ( like take Kiev ) and hopefully he will in 2016.

  4. Pope paedophile of jewish origen, so called marran Jorge Bergoglio is just now in the USA. He has an international warrant to arrest him immediately, issued by the Central Office of the International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State (ITCCS).

    He got 25 years of prison for child trafficking, paedophilia and other crimes against humanity. I am surprised that not a single word about it in VT.

    Jews of America protect their pedo fellow, of course, like they protect the pedos of Afganistan, taking part in child abuse.

    There are some pedo events in Philadelphia now, and he is supposed to take part in ritual murders. Typical jewish sickness. Is there any from Philadelphia? Read this, of

    “If we do not act, and confront these child killers in church robes, at least four innocent children will die brutally in Ninth Circle sacrificial rituals that will be conducted in catholic churches in Washington DC on September 23, and in Philadelphia on September 26.Two of these children are Indians, a boy and a girl, who were taken from the Gila reservation in Arizona.”

  5. lets hope the world comprehends the actions of a treasonous District of Criminals to gut our once productive economy, is completely to blame. who needs a draft when young daddy timmy cant find work and is put into jail for debt aka “child support”, and is offered a “job” in the military to help spill Depleted Uranium everywhere..

    look what the “EU” has done to about every member, treasonous economic sabotage!
    Nigel Farage says they are appointed not elected, isn’t any different than the RIGGED “elections” we have here in the USA, and once installed they are magically “above the law” untouchable, near impossible to remove! corrupt doesn’t even begin to describe, multi millions being spent to get a “job” that “pays” 150-200k, and they become billionaires?!

    Holder didn’t get arrested for obstruction of justice (fast-n-furious and more!), he was given a reward phony “job” paying 700k a year for NOT doing his job when he was AG. Alberto Gonzales? Donald Rumsfeld? dismissed from the spotlight and pardoned when things started getting a little warm.. by criminals aiding criminals.

  6. Your timing is exactly on mark with a total revised website devoted to exposing not only the perverse alignment you have laid out here, but proffers a real solution to the Petro/Dollar tyranny.

    Having watched Elon Musk of Tesla Motors put together the next big thing on the planet and having seen BMW’s latest electric vehicle line out for the next decade, the handwriting is one the wall.

    However they all lack the one patent that will allow full charging while driving by kinetic and other ambient forces to set the electric vehicle into a rolling power plant capable of cross country range without stopping.

    A 20 year project now fully unveiled here;


    The content of this site reflects the solution to the Federal Reserve Bank, the Petro/Dollar Scam and the transition into the future, bringing all the parties to the table.

    In short, the revolution is happening.

  7. Creation and Existence is a miracle from God, America’s, the actual “Israel’s” named Sovereign. Once, by grace, the Beast now upon us is cast down, Our Holy Nation will “turn on a dime” and again be blessed.

  8. “Actually is appears to be backed by nothing real, no silver, no gold, no real commodities.”

    “War is a Racket,” remember? Violence is a real commodity. As Paul Krugman put it, “[The dollar is] backed by men with guns.” The only reason the Petrodollar is failing is because the “men with guns” are not working as well as they used to, but that’s nothing WW3 won’t fix… >_>;

    “Of course some have been shocked that The City of London was one of the first to apply for charter membership in the new Chinese AIIB Bank…”

    If the banking cartel’s plan is to replace the US as the top “gangster for capitalism” with China, it would be glaringly obvious. Someone is going to cry foul long before the transition is completed.

  9. Preston, Mike, please watch this ..

    Hunter actually uses the word PSYOPs .. Comments, thoughts? Things are playing down exactly like Amb. Wanta said back in Mar. As Holter says himself, nothing left but — RESET! QE1 – 3 a failure. To do QE4 would lose credibility. Fed has already admitted QE doesn’t work. NIRP is DOE. To attempt that, there would be bank runs the next day ..

  10. Looking at history of the chicanery of the City of London and the blatant ambitions of Israel for a vastly expanded greater Israel I suspect the refugee hordes are survivors of ethnic cleansing of their home countries that lie within the plans of greater Israel.

    The people of north america should realize the COL is not likely to care one bit about their fates. The creation of a vicious, ignorant police state is clearly to protect the guilty while the last shreds of value are extracted from their countries. It is a time like this when new national heroes emerge, often from outside the ranks of government.

    • I think you are correct. This shows the heartlessness of the Likudists who are probably being helped by the CIA to provide a significant amount of travel money for the refugees after Israeli run mercenaries sheep-dipped as radical Islamic terrorists drive them out of their ancestral lands, just like they are now doing to Palestinians. It seems to have become an Israeli habit.

  11. Wealth stolen does not mean wealth lost, the defrauded nations will ask for re-imbursement. Imagine if the City of London is asked to retrieve the loot from their Vatican catacombs and send it back to their rightful owners, imagine the good that would do to stimulate the world economy.

    • Imagine when the looters are forced to live in penury like how they wished on the rest of us, a thing they fear most than death itself. I can not wait to spit on their greedy and selfish faces.

  12. Dr. James, I was recently revisiting interviews on 12/3/14, 12/15/14, 12/19/14, and 3/24/15. In all these, you participated. In the first 3, Amb. Wanta was featured personally. In the final one, Wanta was again featured, personally being absent for higher priority duties.

    First you mention Perot above. On 12/15, in the 2nd hr, most poignant info is feature about Perot by Wanta. He was much more than just a biz man and pres. candidate.

    Second, above you mentioned the word “monetary” four (4) times, alluding to a “reset.” The 3/24 talk was all about that if you recall. You were there. The word then, was within 180 days. If we count from 4/1, we are t-minus ~5 (five) days.

    Now even credible guys such Greg Mannarino, Bill Holter, and the sage Jim Sinclair all term the “market” as PSYOPs, and “reset” is a mathematical certainty. They just don’t want to say when.

    In the 3/24 talk, it was mentioned that the high military cmd and intel agencies are fully behind “reset.” Is the recent Hagel move evidence of this? Forgive me, I’m more than anxious for paradigm shift. Great job you are doing. I’m just a little more curious for Wanta updates ..

    For ref: (my own little archive and PSA package I’m promoting)

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