Obama Goes Potty at UN



By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor

Obama walked into the UN thinking it was 2011, the year America opened its coffers and bought itself a civil war in Syria, paying off military leaders, booking al Qaeda terrorists and manufacturing an axis of evil that spread from Ukraine to Northern Nigeria and the maniacs of Boko Haram.

Obama hit a low note attacking Syria’s President Assad using the tired and ultra-fictional branded lie, the “barrel bomb.”  Were it not for Obama being burned back in 2013 when he planned to carpet bomb Damascus over phony claims of Sarin gas use, a repeat of the Bush era lies that pushed America into two losing wars that killed nearly 3 million so far, he would have tried to push that fairy tale to the UN also.

Putin to Obama:  “Do you realize what you have done?”

Mind you, Cameron and Merkel have abandoned Obama’s position on Syria and joined Putin as have so many other nations, the count is difficult to keep straight.

Putin to Netanyahu:  “We are deeply concerned about Israeli airstrikes against Syria”

Obama’s mistake is that he has lived with fantasy for so long, surrounded himself with weak people, has allowed intelligence agencies still controlled by Bush holdovers to lie to him daily.  Obama has been flying totally blind since taking office, with no understanding of intelligence, of the corruption he inherited and too gutless to clean out the 16 agencies that helped manufacture the War on Terror, turning America into the global advocate of kidnapping, torture and assassination.

What is John Kerry telling us?
What is John Kerry telling us?

Let’s get a few points out early on.  Obama came to New York with dirty hands.  It isn’t just the resignation of General Allen and the $500 million dollar farce that has, thus far, turned American trainees into al Qaeda cadres with first line American weapons being publicly turned over to terrorists at war with the United States.  Though this was done on television, Obama and Kerry have chosen to ignore their failure and are, of course, doomed to continue arming terrorists who will eventually use the weapons the US gave them against American targets including commercial airliners.

Yes, the US has given al Qaeda dozens of newer Stinger missiles capable of ranges above 15,000 feet, capable of downing airliners under the right circumstances.

Obama had been warned by everyone that there was no moderate opposition and that attempting to recruit Syrian fighters to be trained in Turkey in bases shared by al Nusra/al Qaeda cadres was going to blow up in his face.  Obama’s bluster about the “tyrant” Assad just isn’t going to gain anything.

This again is Obama advisors who read Huffington Post and Bloomberg and think they are dealing with high level analysis done by failed chatroom bloggers.

Last month, VT caught the Pentagon peddling a number of absolute hoaxes through its “Earlybird” news service.  Totally false articles were planted by unfriendly foreign intelligence services specifically to be channeled into Pentagon information circles by highly paid contracting firms that use taxpayer dollars to misinform and propagandize America’s military.

Another point is the “ratline” of advanced weapons going to ISIS and al Nusra, sworn enemies of the US.  The most dangerous weapons are the TOW and Stinger missiles that are being used against the Syrian army and the Kurdish allies of the United States.  Additionally, these same American weapons are used in Iraq, in particular against the Iraqi army in the fall of Ramadi earlier this year.

The missiles going to ISIS and al Nusra are airlifted from the United States to the American airbase in Constanta, Romania. The missiles, both TOW and Stinger, are part of a CIA program to arm the Kiev junta against a possible Russian confrontation.  Congress had blocked the use of these weapons by Ukraine but the CIA had “dark funded” and “greenlighted” the program.  Problem is, the weapons were sold to ISIS and company by Ukraine and openly transshipped by American aircraft to Tbilisi, Georgia from which they were trucked into Turkey and later to terrorists in Syria.

VT personnel on the ground tracked the entire transaction, observing the loaded trucks, owned by British Petroleum and Bechtel Corporation, driven inside Georgia by Turkish intelligence personnel.  We saw the trucks, talked to the drivers and observed the crated cargos heading into Turkey.

This is quite different than “accidentally” spending hundreds of millions for the public humiliations dealt America through the defections of its “moderate rebel” trainees.

This is the US sending advanced weapons to ISIS and company to attack the Kurds, the Iraqi Army and Syria.

Let’s find another huge Obama gaff.  Back in May 2015, America supposedly sent the Delta Force into Syria, to Der Ezzor, to capture the ISIS oil baron.  First of all, anyone who wanted to stop ISIS oil revenue only needs to look to Spring, Texas where Exxon Corporation is located.  Exxon and British Petroleum have purchased over 80% of the stolen oil from Syria with the rest going to small refineries inside Turkey.

The May 2015 attack was supposed to signal a new American program of “lightning strikes” inside Syria, mean to cripple ISIS capabilities.  Problem is this was the only attack, there were no more attacks, there was no program of “lighting strikes.”  Our intelligence, based on documents seized by Syrian Spetznaz indicated that the US sent in the Delta Force when America found out that a retired US Army General, commanding ISIS forces in both Iraq and Syria, had been located and was facing capture by Damascus led forces.

Let’s take a second here to look at one of the biggest stories in the Middle East today, one totally boycotted and censored by the western press.  This isn’t just a “blogger/conspiracy theorist” issue.  It starts with documents recovered by the Syrians when the Delta Force blocked their attempt to capture the American commanding ISIS operations from Palmyra to Baghdad.

The documents recovered included emails from an Israeli command center asking ISIS forces in Palmyra to look for the “2nd Temple of Solomon” and to blow it up.  That temple, supposedly built by superhumans, perhaps aliens or even angels, is said to be tied to the first temple in Jerusalem.  The stories filling the press in the Middle East and even discussed by national leaders, stories verified in these captured documents, says that once the temple in Tadmoor or “Palmyra” is destroyed, Israel will mount an offensive on the al Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem.

Veterans Today published this in May and, as the world well knows, several temples in Palmyra have been destroyed and Israel has begun the attacks on the al Aqsa mosque.  The hypothesis is the American general, a religious extremist tied to Fox News, agreed to serve on the ground inside Syria directing ISIS operations, in order to accomplish the destruction of Palmyra.  This is well beyond conjecture.

There is one more Obama failure, one of nightmarish proportions and one quite unforgivable.  Veterans Today nuclear specialists including top level weapons design personnel and IAEA NNP (International Atomic Energy Agency Nuclear Non-Proliferation) specialists are preparing a White Paper outlining advances in nuclear weapons design from the late 1950s onward.  These new weapons, 4th and 5th generation nukes, use up nearly all their fuel unlike the earlier weapons which used as little as 5%.  These weapons leave no residual radiation.

Under directives from the Nixon era, directives directly from Henry Kissinger, America has empowered field commanders with the authority to freely use tactical nuclear weapons.  Conventional weapons have no flash, no mushroom cloud, no ball lightning.  Veterans Today has discovered inexorable evidence that the US has used tactical nuclear weapons against Serbia, Iraq and Afghanistan and that Israeli and Saudi nuclear weapons have been used against Syria and Yemen.  Further, we have access to classified US investigation findings that show that terror organizations directly under the control of national intelligence agencies have full and open access to nuclear weapons.

Here is the criteria, simply put, for knowing you are nuked:

  • Any explosion with a “flash” that is said to have hit a fertilizer or chemical plant, an arms depot or “missile storage center” is really a tactical nuclear weapon.
  • Any explosion of more than 4000 lbs of TNT in a combat environment where no plane can carry larger munitions is a nuclear weapon.
  • Any explosion that leaves a hard surface crater larger than 6 feet across “may” be assumed to be a nuclear weapon.

Undeniable proof exists that Syria was nuked by Israel on May 4, 2013.  Veterans Today, in meetings in Damascus that included representatives of Washington’s legal community, confirmed this attack.  The question to examine is why Syria and Russia remained silent.

The other issue is why and how President Obama has the nerve to pretend he has a bully pulpit with Iran or others when it can be safely assumed that Israel would not have used nuclear weapons without approval of President Obama.

This makes every word said by Obama since then a bare faced lie.  Top Syrian officials admitted to me that they were the victim of nuclear terrorism.  The United States is capable of detecting even the smallest nuclear event through its VELA satellite system.  On September 22, 1979, on Prince Edward Island south of Capetown, South Africa, America detected an Israeli nuclear test and remained silent, claiming a sensor error.

It is no minor thing allowing nuclear terrorism and still pushing the finger of blame in the world’s face as though America weren’t totally complicit in real nuclear terrorism on a massive scale.

No one doubts America’s nuclear attack on the Baghdad airport in 2003.  It was “allowed” as retribution for 9/11, a terror act where Iraq was, perhaps, the least complicit of any actor in the world.

Let me reiterate, America has been using tactical nuclear weapons for decades, dozens, perhaps more all the while pretending to take the moral high ground.  To American commanders, the tactical nuke is the “go to” solution where large airstrikes might be simply “inconvenient.”  We stand ready to prove all of this using open source documentation.  It is that easy and we continue to wonder why no one else has bothered?  We all know the answer to that one, don’t we.

Watching Obama talk about “tyrants” and “barrel bombs” turns my stomach.  America runs ISIS, let’s all admit it.  America planted the brutal dictatorship in Kiev and has been warmongering against Russia since.

America knows its thugs downed MH17 and America has been totally responsible for the coverup and quite likely for the act itself.

America and Turkey have staged the refugee disaster that is crippling Europe today, part of a global strategy planned at the Rand Corporation by failed academics and “hangers on.”

There are very few opportunities like today where President Obama could have risen out of the filth and ignorance of his predecessors and spoken truth.  What was he thinking?

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  1. It seems that the only way to deal with the astonishing insanity of American leadership is to laugh.
    Simply put, the fictionalized discourse that passes for political debate cannot be taken seriously, nor can those who mouth it. The jaw jacking used to be empty bloviating, issued forth by those incapable of anything beyond lining their own pockets. Today this practice is embellished by aping whatever nutcase proclamation is least believable.
    Nutcases with nukes, banks, and a religion with almost two millennia of warped genocidal mind control behind it.
    It is a tragic comedy of epic proportions.

  2. I think we all agree the President’s performance at the UN constitutes a national disaster which is still unfolding. We ought to be very afraid because the world is heading into some terrible, dark place–because this President (and the people behind him) are insane! Obama’s speech was complete disconnet from reality, while Putin gave voice to some essential truths. But the UN is hardly a forum for anything. It has long ceased to function as intended. There is no peace in the world. The world is dying. Peolple are dying in the millions. Putin’s words are wasted in the UN because no one is really listening. We ought to be afraid, because the President gives no indication he understands where his policies are taking us.

  3. This is why I read VT! Gordon, crucial to see you mention Kissinger’s role in this horrific mess. Kissinger has a lot to answer for in the ME as well as other countries. Read KISSINGER’S SHADOW: The Long Reach of America’s Most Controversial Statesman, although I have trouble with calling him a “statesman”…”war crimes’ criminal” is more appropriate. Ask our Vietnam vets…

  4. I’d like to see your evidence…. no shock about the nuke’s, when you look at the advanced aircraft flying in “secrete” these programs have been going on long before Nixon. The triangle between the east coast, southern, then a drop in Nevada have been going on since then too.

    Hard to stay quiet, (lol) as if I ever tried, but the way they are doing our boys both outland and then when they get home, the hair on the back of my neck is starting to raise.

  5. If Putin spoke english and lived in New Hampshire, he would win the POTUS election by a landslide.
    The difference between established naturally formed countries as opposed to installed satellites is glaring at the podium. Putin has incredible patience and he is bonded with his land and his people.
    Here on misfit island, where external forces feed off of our labor and trick us into unnecessary wars, we have a pretend leadership. We are a satellite striving to be independent. Occasionally it seems like we have it, but then our Potus goes potty and all is revealed. Going potty is his legacy. His big stamp is the ability to be creative with the signs we have on our potty entrances. Its a potus potty. We have a two potty system.

    • Mr. Odell, I would refer you to the CNN interview where Putin DID and DOES speak English.

      However his address was to the Russian Federation and NOT the World. This is also why Putin who’s branded as KGB by Western Media has one of the highest ratings in the world as a (TRUE) LEADER.

      Personally I hate all politicians and if I ever voted it would be for my Dog! As Dogs are LOYAL.

  6. He Tony: thought everyone here knew about Retired General Paul E. Vallely, being the one whisked away by the Delta boys. That was very naughty of the Delta Boys!!


  7. Obama fired his last salvo for his masters in that comical speech. Maybe the propaganda machine can rewrite history to glorify him as our saviour from the Daesh plague.
    Here’s a thought. What if someone knew the Russians were coming with a big stick for a united Middle Eastern effort to squash the Daesh and a quick exit was required to prevent the finger being pointed directly at those responsible for the murder of hundreds of thousands of people, mostly civilians.
    What if the refugee crisis impacting Europe was deliberately caused by the perpetrators of this carnage to provide cover for the dispersal of Daesh terrorist cells over the European Continent, or to retrieve their operatives. Serbia has observed small groups of athletic, young, clean cut males carrying multiple passports, mobile phones and no shortage of cash appearing at the same time as the alleged refugees.
    I Share and understand your frustrations and so too should the rest of the planet. There is no doubt now as to the expected outcome. Obama is in limbo. The Lords of war are simply buying time. We’ve moved into the all or nothing stage.

    • @maca001
      In thesae melee there also was a middle-aged man, holding a young girl, whose head was busted by a baton and he was bleeding all over. In those news clips I saw the only nasty people were the border police who were treating the refugees like dogs.

    • But as my country has firmly closed its doors on ANY refugees guess I do not have the moral right to say what I just said.

  8. I was expecting a walk out. I guess the truth wasn’t that absurd compared to President Ahmadinejad’s blistering expose of US government corruption at that very microphone. President’s Putin, Rouhini and Pope Francis giving the same sermon in less than a week. Wheres China to put the icing on the cake?

    • I wasn’t even paying attention to the actual article. He was really slick up to the beginning of the year than slid to the same one liners and repeated talking points Clinton uses. Did he just give up?

  9. Sounds like we need to send in the Marines to the District of Criminals to shut down agencies that report to the banksters, the CIA and DHS in particular.

    Pardon Obama as long as he comes clean on who has been giving the orders.

  10. the New World Order script in the light of the truth is nothing but nonsense covering heinous crimes…a verbal assault on truth and a path that leads to more human suffering … if he means what he says President Obama needs enlightenment, his words prove he is either in the dark or with the dark…. he doesnt need to look hard to find truth, it right here

  11. What a miss for Obama! And what’s with the big pope distraction? I think the throw the pope out there as Pavlovian chum. They like to get the sheep all whipped up before they put on a UN shit-show like this. What a joke. Just when you think Obama is on the right track. Remember the bail outs. He was a tool on his way in, he’s a tool on his way out.

  12. Sounds like Mr. Duff did not get off that plane in a good mood. Anybody still want to call him an Obama Sycophant?

  13. A great article Gordon – once again. Mr Putin is sounding more and more like John F Kennedy every day with his brutally honest (and accurate) appraisals – and his fearless accusations of malign interference – pointed squarely at those responsible for the current global chaos.

    I have no doubt that the enemies of all mankind would dearly love to murder this man – just as they did Mr Kennedy – who in no small part has been scuppering the implementation of their unending global domination schemes.

  14. As much as I appreciate the information, Mr. Duff, these revelations are quite terrifying. I don’t think I’ve ever trusted the CIA, but had no idea they were that far off the reservation. They make Francis Ford Coppola’s Colonel Kurtz in “Apocalypse Now” look like a scout master (and I don’t mean the Dennis Hastert variety). Once again, and as always, thank you for fighting the good fight.

  15. Great job as always Mr. Duff. Sadly, this man Obama has done more to crush Hope and bring catastrophic change to many more people in this world than just those people of his own nation. Thank you for all you at VT do to illuminate this dark passage.

  16. There is more evidence for Obama being more of a “tyrant” than Assad. Obama is right in saying the U.S. can’t fix the world because that’s all the U.S. has done, is to put the world in a fix. His holier than thou posturing is really one of the emperor has no clothes on with a shit eating grin on his face. The very same outfit was worn by B. Clinton for 8 years and Billy just wore it again on TV today. CNBC

  17. Excellent posting, Mr. Duff.
    Obama has shown himself a puffed-up baffoon liar, shifty eyes et al., double down loser, clearly isolated from even the American people (U.S. Congress and military must confront and dispose the real enemy). Putin must be gleefully chuckling, playing him like a cat does a mouse.

    Donald Trump just said that he (Putin) is a nicer person than he (Trump) is. Credit to both.

  18. If you don’t understand President Obama, Uncle Duff, how am I going to figure him out?

    What in the world? The way I see it, I would come clean totally, and he is not doing it. Why? He has the opportunity and he is just not doing it.

    Is the black mail hold that terrible? Is he who he says he is? What can be so horrible that he is not doing his job for America? Is he mind controlled?
    MK-Ultra? Puppet? His wife? What???


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