When the Tables Turn – Do not embarrass your friends



By Katherine Frisk

When Edward Snowden applied for asylum in Russia, it hit the headlines that Putin had said to him:

“Do not embarrass our friends in the West.”

Many people found this to be a strange statement and even speculated that Putin was really working for Rothschild and Rockefeller. Social media went wild claiming “new boss same as the old boss” and that he was just another NWO stooge.

At this point in time I would like to remind my friends in both Russia and China, do not embarrass your friends in the West. Do not out a sense of smelling victory with the decline in the petro dollar, the decline in the dollar as international currency and the exposure of deep state criminality in the West, make your friends lose face. Russia and China have deep state criminality of their own.

But even more, do not stoop to the tactics of mutual enemies and then create a divide and conquer narrative of either/ or. You are betraying the very people who have fought so hard to overcome this evil that has ruined the world. Rather reach out to your real friends in the West and let’s all create a better planet together.

I speak from experience. During the years of Apartheid South Africa many whites fought against this system. Many whites were as terrorized, tortured and abused as black people were. If anything the price they had to pay was often more heinous than the price that black people paid for attempting to overthrow the system.

Other than white South Africans, Europeans, white people across the world took the time, money and energy to join the fight against an unjust system. They played a huge role across the European continent and North America in order to bring South Africa’s Apartheid to an end.

I would also like to remind the anti-white lobby world-wide, that it was not the Chinese, the Arabs or Africans who abolished slavery. And it was not any of these people who set up the ever developing structures that we now have today to fight for human rights, abolition of slavery and unjust and inhumane wars. This has been largely the doing of Europeans, whites.

Today in South Africa the black African youth have conveniently forgotten about the sacrifices many white people made in their defense. If anything there is now a reverse racism. The “whites”are all categorized as the evil people while the “blacks”are all good.

Good and evil, if you live long enough, you will realize has got nothing to do with gender, race, religion or nationality. There are only two types of people in this world and they are equally distributed in all genders, races, religions and nationalities. They are all either criminals or they are those who work towards the betterment of all. It really is that simple.

So to my friends in Russia and China,

“Do not embarrass your friends.”

Do not sit with your elbow at cross purposes. 

Many around the world have worked in your defense. Please do not yet again play into the Hegelian dialect and fuel the “Cold War “rhetoric yet again and in the process alienate those who like you, are working towards a world of co-operation and multi-polar unity guided by international law.

Katherine Frisk is a freelance writer, political commentator and the author of: Jesus Was A Palestinian.


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Katherine is a freelance writer, political commentator, activist and the author of Jesus Was A Palestinian
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  1. “Good and evil, if you live long enough, you will realize has got nothing to do with gender, race, religion or nationality.”

    Will have to disagree on two points.

    If a religion is inherently evil, more than the normal share of its followers will be evil. Similarly, if the population of a nation is brainwashed into believing evil is good, then they will have more evil persons than others. Gee, makes one think of a certain state in the Levant, eh?

  2. I don’t know if I can really blame Black South Africans for hating Whites. The Jewish media has done just about every possible thing imaginable to do in order to vilify White people Katherine and that is why they have forced me to become “anti Semite” even though some of the best times of my life have been spent in their company. When somebody slaps me I do not turn the other cheek. But I love your style Kathrine, you can sling some prose…

  3. forces moving together for the freeing of all nations and people must remain united…caution, warnings and reminders expressed with love …shooting the messenger helps none…well said

  4. One doesn’t have to execute his enemies to win, it is enough to arrest them, let them be prosecuted, if righteously for their redeem, if wrongfully for their shame; inmates human rights have come a long way so far, especially at Scheveningen. If cognitive memory serves them well and especially concerning Putin’s most recent UN speech, the new world balance alliance will not be likened to Ceaucescu’s firing squad, to those stepping onto Mussolini’s dead corpse’s face, to pulling the chair under Saddam, to dragging the corpse of colonel Gaddafi. China and Russia know better than that and much to the respect of the international law. The western huge surfer’s wave “woe unto the defeated” that has served anglo-american imperialism so well after WWII might be exercised only within some tribal communities of the already US gazed monarchies. Because British empire is/was much like those monarchies, they are still to this day courting each other for wealth and speaking “human rights” on the outside. Cruelty for exercise and experiment has satanically become a privilege of a very small group of world’s special forces which would otherwise in real use of combat and economic warfare be considered very brave personnel.

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