By Preston James


In one of the craftiest acts of diplomacy and statesmanship in history, Vladimir Putin has called America’s bluff over ISIS which is now being referred to as the Islamic State.

And in the process President Putin has created a complete checkmate against the secret mercenary army ISIS which is attacking Syria and the Kurds on behalf of secret Intel factions in America, Israel, the Saudi Arabia, and Turkey.

And the result? The Establishment disguised as the USG and its secret terrorist CIA mercenary army called ISIS have been caught and are now trapped in their own big lies with no easy way out. And this amazing checkmate created by Russian Federation President Vladimir Putin is generating more and more exposure of Big USG Lies by the day. Unless this CIA mercenary army is immediately evacuated it will be completely decimated in the coming days and weeks along with Israeli and Saudi mercenaries who are also part of ISIS.

As soon as ISIS becomes a real embarrassment to the CIA, you can bet they will then aid in their quick disposal to prevent exposure. But this time it could be different. Some ISIS squad leaders may escape to European nations and come forth and squeal on Israel, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and America who set them up, trained them, supplied them and paid them laying out everything on the Internet for the whole World to read about.

Putin has done all this by announcing the formation of a broad international coalition to fight ISIS in Syria and Iraq and by taking the initiative of sending significant military aid to Assad’s forces in Syria.

During his visit to America this last week President Putin has just ask President Obama to bring America into this international coalition. So far President Obama has neglected to pledge the American Military to join while instead continuing to call Assad a tyrant who drops barrel bombs on his own people, now proven to be a Big USG Lie.

And in the meantime Putin has sent advanced high tech arms to Syria including MIG-31’s to help in President Assad’s battle to defeat ISIS and make certain he is not displaced by ISIS on Israel’s behalf.

Russian Federation’s MIG-31 interceptor

Putin believes that the people of Syria elected Assad in a free election and want him to stay in power and that Assad is the legitimate leader of Syria.

And the Chinese have apparently also just announced they are sending military aid to Assad in his fight against ISIS, and we have at least one report that French air power has successfully attacked ISIS on the ground.

Up until now the only ones fighting ISIS were Assad’s military and the Kurds. Although the US claimed to be dropping supplies to anti-ISIS forces, it is now apparent that almost all of these equipment and arms drops went to CIA backed ISIS mercenaries. Purely a coincidental mistake I’m sure.

And on more than one occasion Israel has attacked Syrian forces instead of attacking ISIS as you would think they would want to do since they claim that this new Islamic state is their arch enemy. This is as suspicious of ISIS working for them as can be. Of course what Israel’s leaders really desire is to manipulate America into fighting ISIS as just another war for Israel as a part of its secret “Greater Israel” master expansion plan.

The USG and Israeli officials have been harping for months now that strong action must be taken to stop ISIS. And yet as we now know for certain ISIS itself was set up by Israel and American Intel, with help from the Saudis and the Turks in a sort of secret factional coalition.

We also know that ISIS was supplied by the American Army with large ammo and equipment dumps in Iraq that were purposely left behind and made conveniently available to this group of mercenaries.

Yes, ISIS (aka ISIL, Daesh, El Nusra, etc.) like Al Qaeda (aka Al CIA Duh) is actually a group of mercenaries assembled, trained, paid for and supplied by a secret coalition of American, Israeli, Saudi and Turkish Intel factions.

General Wesley Clark has revealed that the US DOD has had a secret agenda to take out seven Mideast nations. ISIS is a part of that Agenda which is really an extension of the *RKM’s World Zionist Agenda which has unfortunately infiltrated and hijacked much of the Pentagon, the US Congress and the US Administration.

Fortunately there are some new folks in the American High Military Command and American Intel that refuse to continue to allow America to be used as Israel’s war machine and they are making sure that this incriminating information is being leaked and used to checkmate this illegal, unConstitutional and treasonous use of the American Military to fight any more wars for Israel and the RKM World Zionists.

The secret but powerful influence of this new group of American heroes over the US Administration is now evident to all in President Obama’s refusal to deploy American Military Forces into a full scale war against ISIS.

Were President Obama ever to allow the RKM stooges in the Pentagon to proceed with their intended air and ground war in Iraq, Syria and Iran, it would actually be phony cover used to actually take out Assad, Syria, the Kurds and then Iran, as the RKM and the Likudists have been pushing him to do.

Some American Intel insiders have claimed that ISIS has been deeply aided by Senator John McCain and at least three retired US Generals, and point to actual photographs of some of these individuals consorting with ISIS commanders. If true, this is a very serious offense and a serious threat to real American National Security. Many would call it Treason, a capital offense.

In reality ISIS was masterminded by the RKM World Zionists and the Likudists whose strategy has been to create a strong need for American and European intervention against ISIS, but with the actual goal of manipulating America into waging a major air and ground war against ISIS as a disguise for eliminating Assad and destroying Syria, the Kurds and then Iran.

This massive immigration to Europe of civilians displaced from ISIS war zones has been orchestrated and financed by these same entities under RKM control and their objective is to manipulate Europeans to turn against Islamics in general. And to support a major effort to stop the claimed cause of this displacement of persons from the Mideast, Islam and stop a growing European movement supporting the idea of a free independent Palestine without Israeli settlements, back to the original 1947 boundaries.

Some insiders believe that this mass immigration to Europe from the Mideast has been engineered as a punishment against European nations which are participating in the boycotting, divestiture and sanctioning of Israel (BDS movement) over its Apartheid, blockade, imprisonment, torture and genocide against Palestinians. The numerous movies now being watched by many in the Europeans on the Internet showing IDF snipers shooting unarmed, harmless little Palestinian children has been a major factor in the formation of this European BDS movement which is now spreading to America, Canada and the whole World, as did information about the cold blooded murder of Rachel Corrie by an Israeli bulldozer driver.

After all, it was the RKM controllers that ordered ISIS into these areas to mass-murder and oppress innocent civilians. And it was also these same controllers that made sure the immigrants were provided with travel money to take the dangerous journey northward to Europe.

It is now obvious that Israeli, CIA, Saudi and Turkish mercenary forces (referred to as ISIS, ISIL, Daesh, Al Nusra, Al Qaeda) have now painted themselves into a corner with no easy way out. Israel, America, Saudi Arabia and Turkey have entrapped themselves in a classic diplomatic “double bind” with no easy exit. Essentially they are damned if they do and also damned if they don’t. “They” here refers to Israel, America, Saudi Arabia and Turkey.

If “they” do which means joining in the new International Coalition to fight and destroy ISIS on the ground in Syria and Iraq, they will be helping destroy their secret mercenary armies which they spent billions of dollars on and many years recruiting as young orphans off the streets of Saudi Arabia and other Mideast nations and training in special mind-kontrol terrorist training camps run by Israelis. This could set off some serious “revenge” attacks by these mercenaries against Israel and Saudi Arabia once they figure out they are being abandoned and set up for destruction by their main supporters and controllers.

If “they” don’t which means refusing to join in the International Coalition to fight and destroy ISIS on the ground in Syria and Iraq, of if they strongly suggest Putin withdraws support from Assad, or perhaps even sending in air power to attack Russian provided aircraft which are attacking ISIS, they will be exposing their secret plan to destroy Assad and take down Syria and Iran. They will also be exposing their total hypocrisy for the whole World to see and understand, and this includes their own constituents and previous supporters. Remember, Israel and the RKM’s “owned” USG officials have been harping for many months on how serious an international terror problem these ISIS folks are and have labeled them as major World Terrorists that must be eliminated by a big ground war (with the secret agenda of turning it against Assad, Syria and then Iran in the process). So when they now have a serious opportunity to aid the destruction of this supposedly great enemy of theirs, the Islamic State or ISIS, how incriminating it is that they do not immediately join Putin’s International Coalition to destroy ISIS. This hesitation and refusal clearly shows their complete hypocrisy and their secret hidden agenda as RKM stooges, owned and manipulated by AIPAC to serve as Israel’s war machine in the Mideast.

Of course their secret agenda all along right from the start has been to build up ISIS and use it to eliminate the legitimate governments of Syria and Iran in the process of claiming they are destroying ISIS, and even up until now they continue to secretly support ISIS and build it up in its fight against Assad, Syria and Iran.

Yes, they planned to pretend to be fighting ISIS while aiding it and fighting with it against Syria and Iran, thus using a phony war against ISIS as deceptive political cover, all the while claiming Syria and Iran are supporting and training ISIS, one of the biggest lies ever told in history.

Let’s be clear about this. ISIS is actually a secret RKM/Israeli/Saudi/CIA(BCC) proxy army created, trained and supported and supplied to destroy Syria and then Iran. All in order to fulfill the secret RKM World Zionist plan for what is called “Greater Israel”, which engulfs almost the whole Middle East. This plan calls for genocide of all nations that are targeted fro destruction, including Palestinians, Syrians, Kurds, Iraqis, and Iranians, all to be either mass-murdered or driven from their ancestral homes. Certainly this is about an evil a motive for the construction of greater Israel by the RKM that could ever be imagined or conceived, an obvious attempt to create mass death and pure Hell on Earth for the whole Middle East.

Now with the Russians and perhaps the Chinese military involved in this International Coalition to destroy ISIS, this using a phony war against ISIS to take down Syria, the Kurds, Irag and Iran is now just about impossible to continue. This hard cold fact of Putin’s big trap and checkmate of course is now driving Bibi Netanyahu, the Likudists and their America Zionists in the USG and Pentagon crazy, but they just don’t know what to do because there is no longer any clear way out. Their “kings” have been craftily placed in checkmate by master-statesman and master-chess-player Vladimir Putin.

It certainly looks like it’s going to soon be bye-bye time for ISIS mercenaries and the previously unmitigated, out of control power of the RKMers, the Likudists, Saudis and American Zios in the USG and AIPAC, and as well the CIA (aka known as the Bush Crime cabal BCC). Stay tuned this is going to get very interesting fast.



When President Putin refers to assembling an international coalition to fight and defeat ISIS, what this really means is a new international effort spearheaded by Russian Federation and Chinese might to create a complete checkmate against RKM World Zionist power and their cutouts Israel and the American CIA (aka the Bush Crime Cabal BCC).

This master statesman President Putin has now clearly trapped President Obama, the CIA, Israel, Saudi Arabia and Turkey in their own monster lies about ISIS. If President Obama really believed what he stated about ISIS, he would jump at the opportunity to join and participate in the new international Coalition now being assembled against ISIS.

What this major checkmate means in real terms is the certain coming end of City of London, RKM, and World Zionist Hegemony, including their Cutouts the Likudists, the Saudis, and the Bush Crime Cabal (aka the CIA), as well as American Homeland Security (DHS), the private police State Stasi-style army inside America.

Along with this checkmate expect to see the end of the US Petro Dollar as the World’s Reserve Currency and the eventual dis-empowerment and end of the private Federal Reserve System which is the main money power source of the RKM World Zionist system.

Yes, it is now obvious that the master statesman Vladimir Putin has fully exposed Israel, America, Saudi Arabia and Turkey for its blatant lies about ISIS and terrorism in general. Soon all the World will know that all terrorism is synthetically engineered by the RKM and its surrogates and cutouts (Israel, America, Saudi Arabia and Turkey) to drag the whole World into wars, chaos and mass death, all for massive profits for the RKM and its soulless associates.

ISIS, ISIL, Daesh, Al Nusra, Al Qaeda etc. are all engineered false-flag constructs of Israel, America, Saudi Arabia and other Intel factions and are designed to serve as provocations to justify illegal, unprovoked wars for profit and access to other nations’ natural resources and land.

Obviously the whole ISIS, ISIL, Daesh, Al Nusra, Al Qaeda phenomena is nothing more but secret false-flag terror, but this time the perps have gotten trapped, caught, and exposed in their own lies by a very crafty master statesman, Vladimir Putin.

This is the age-old secret state tactic of creating terror attacks against one’s own nation or an allied nation, wrongly blaming it on one’s enemy, and using it as an excuse to go into a completely illegal, unjustified war against that “framed” enemy.

This is what the 9-11-01 attack on America was, simply a false-flag attack done by Israel and Traitors in the USAF, JCS, NORAD, the FAA, and the US Administration and Pentagon as a false frame on Osama Bin Laden (Col. Tim Osman), and Afghanistan, and Saddam Hussein and Iraq. The true perps have so far skated but more and more American High Military Command learn this as each day passes. And the foreign press is now beginning to cover this story truthfully.

Never before in recent US history has such massive hypocrisy of the CIA (BCC) and American leaders been so clearly exposed for all the World, including Americans, to see. By any estimate, President Putin has now hit a grand-slam home-run. This one will go down in the history books as one of the greatest acts of statesmanship and diplomacy ever attained by any World leader.

Could we expect less from a man who is a master chess player and black belt in martial arts? Perhaps it’s time for America’s leaders to get serious about separating themselves from the RKM and Israel and stop allowing to them use America as their surrogate and provider.

This means no more Members of the US Congress taking AIPAC Loyalty Oaths to Israel anymore and a refusal to honor any previously taken ones.

Certainly Bibi Netanyahu and the AIPAC Directors must be furious that so many Members of Congress already chose to violate their illegal, treasonous AIPAC Oaths to Israel by siding with President Obama in his approval and support of the P5 + 1 Iran Nuclear Power Agreement.

What less could Bibi really expect from your typical Two-faced bought and sold, human compromised Member of Congress who can’t even keep their original Oaths of Office?

syria_1239573_439139399532839_1526373832_n (2)* RKM is an abbreviation to represent the Rothschild Khazarian Mafia, a term coined by VT Financial Editor Mike Harris after extensively researching the true but hidden history of the nation of Khazaria and its connection to Rothschild World Zionism now centered in the City of London. The RKM operates out of the City of London, a separate nation inside the UK which has its own police force and diplomats and pays no taxes to the UK government, like the Vatican. The RKM has deeply infiltrated America and hijacked its manufacturing and distribution of money and most of its institutions of government, uses the US Military to fight its proxy wars for massive profits and uses its Intel agencies to traffick in illegal narcotics, also for massive profits.

The modern state of Israel was a creation of the RKM as a safe-haven and action-agent for World Zionism and serves as its main Cutout along with America and most European nations, many of which are now attempting to separate themselves the the RKM Worldwide web of debt and deceit. The private American Federal Reserve System, is a franchisee of the City of London RKM Banksters and is their main source of World money power using the US Petro Dollar as the World’s Reserve Currency.

Much of the World is now organizing and forming coalitions to form major firewalls against this US Petro Dollar hegemony and are well on their way to weakening it and eliminating it as the World’s Reserve Currency. Right now Russia and President Putin are spearheading a major checkmate against the World Hegemony of the RKM.


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  1. This article is a masterpiece that needs circulating until every American has read it. This blase’ attitude could only mean ignorance. Even these responses about Israel’s wonderful CIA is total ignorant. We are dying for them to take over countries. Israel is using us to bring about their NWO where we will be chipped slaves!! Putin did every person a favor this time around! Putin saved the day, and if you don’t see that then

  2. Good point. They are two-faced liars and great deceivers, pretending to be good while wolves in sheep”s clothing. Keep in mind however that thanks to the Worldwide Internet, the New Gutenberg Press, much of the World is now catching on to these two-faced RKM and Tribal controlled monsters who display a nice external image, with evil beyond imagination inside.

    The RKMers made three fatal mistakes and are checkmated. First they got too greedy printing and issuing their private phony (counterfeit) pernicious usury bearing “money”. Second they went for broke attacking America with nukes on 9-11-01 and never dreamed they had even a slight chance of being exposed for this, which has now happened with certain “good-guy” factions in the US Military High Command and Intel now understanding how they, the US Congress and American People have been played, suckered and used. Thirdly they thought they could play their two-faced game in Iraq, Syria and Iran and once again sucker We The People into fighting more wars for the RKM, Israel and the Sherf’s CIA (aka the BCC, DVD Fourth Reich) in order to create “greater Israel”. These RKMers have been used to getting away with such absurd acts of secret evil in the past, they have gotten sloppy and underestimated how the Internet would bring millions of new researchers into play that would expose them to the whole World for what they do to create Hell on earth.

  3. I’m so glad the Market is positive yet again on a day with such good international news. Gives me ever so much praise for Bibi and CNBC et al. I mean Why Worry with all TPTB in charge ? So nice to know my pension fund is in strong hands. Only I wish I didn’t really know where Syria was on a map. Oh Well.

  4. We all can remember the pictures of Senator John McCain schmoozing with the ISIS leaders.Now the USG is arresting Americans for wanting to join the IS military.I would hope that those arrested and their lawyers use this a part of their defense.If it is good enough for John M. then it is right for all to follow their hearts.

    • Great point. If true he has committed treason at least 2X. First over the cover up of the Israeli false-flag attack on the USS Liberty ship and now over ISIS. Some who were with him as POWs in the Hanoi Hilton claim he betrayed secret American Air Force practices, freely made anti-USA propaganda videos and therefore committed treason which a POW. It true he should be tried #X for treason, convicted and then hung by the neck until dead 3X, once for each offense which is capital (of course, all three are capital offenses if true).

  5. Yes, the Likudists and their master controllers the RKM are very, very crafty and love to punish goyim when they start turning against Israel as they are with their BDS movement because of Israeli Apartheid and genocide against Palestinians, 80% of are true Semites because they carry heavy doses of ancient Hebrew Blood and have an ancestral right to the land when 97.5% of Israelis do not meet this biological criteria. Stay tuned this is bound to get very, very interesting soon.

    If I was a betting man I would bet that unless Israelis wise up quickly and boot out Bibi and his Likudist RKM Zionist fanatics and make peace by giving Palestine their own nation with the settlements returned, Israel will be taken completely down economically, become a third World nation and will be Balkanized with all stolen Palestinian land return to Palestinians.

    Seems to me the handwriting is on the wall as more and more of the masses around the World including inside America learn that Israel was the main perp in the attack on America on 9-1-01 which was nuclear and how they have been nuclear blackmailing many nations of the World for many years. Steps are now being taken to counter this nuclear blackmail effectively and soon their Samson Option will be no more.

  6. Great leaders seize opportunity, this is exactly what is going on here and now in Syria. The NWO Goons have blinked and before they could circle their wagons Putin has moved a Knight into a strong position. Now he will simply sit back and wait for the opponents to blunder. Given these past months that blunder will be sooner than later.

    Washington has no choice but to align itself with Putin or risk further embarrassment by being associated with a supporter of terror, rather than an opponent. This is purely my opinion but it looks to be the case given all the BS articles hitting the web today in regard to Russian ideas over the Syrian thing. Surely there is more in play here but, the west and it’s backers have been severely crippled through superior political tactics not seen in decades. Thumbs up and long long overdue.


    • Sociopaths are unable to be embarrassed and they are incapable of ever feeling any emotions or empathy towards other beings. Not that I put everyone in DC in this category, but most of them have been initiated into the “club” with threats, bribes, or some kind of pictures or videos of them in a compromising position being held in a secret file somewhere that will suddenly surface if they don’t follow orders. Besides that, some of them are preoccupied with illicit sex and/or pedophilia preventing them from paying much attention to anything other than what is in it for them.

      For that reason, I believe in what a few of you are saying….
      time for reset button. However, this must be done very carefully because of the possible backlash they have already assembled in their bag of tricks.

      The upper level DUMBS although mostly cleaned out, would be a perfect place for them to be coaxed into, believing they were going
      to a safe haven, but would be actually be trapped liked rats.

      Now we just need a reason to get them to go in…

  7. I’m with you. We the people no longer own anything, we aren’t free at all, so let it happen, hit the reset button. I just hope that it doesn’t go nuclear.

  8. A great article. One thing that may have not been addressed is the insane mind-set of the neo-cons. How can one rationally predict what a fanatical religious – if one can call Satanism a religion – group of rabid dogs will do?

    • Correct. They are always a wild card. However, they “may” have been told that any such act to start WW3 will trigger their complete nuclear annihilation, above ground or underground. DUMBs have ALL been rigged up and the human ones were built this way from the very start as part of a Third Force unexpected future “correction” to “clear the slate” for the final deception.

    • Dear Dr. James please explain these two listed statements made by you.

      have ALL been rigged up and the human ones – HUMAN ONES? please explain – were built this way from the very start as part of a Third Force unexpected future “correction” to “clear the slate” for the final deception FINAL DECEPTION? please explain.

  9. yepp, there is a little bit of a checkmate feeling, let’s hope the psychopaths realizes that they’ve lost, very soon…

  10. WOW What a brilliant heart-lifting essay , just earnestly hope it’s all right and the predictions come about, good news is more than overdue.

  11. RKM’s msm and the USG has been twisting truth and adding barrel bombs of disinfo to Amerika’s people for so long and Holly Weird owners have been coming at us from the other direction. Pun not intended, as they front for the same establishment. Dr. do you think the Ukraine fracas was RKM’s attempt to keep Putin off balance, thus stopping Russia from helping Assad? If so a huge miscalculation, far larger than any they’ve made demonstrates the last several years of their carelessness. Including 911 and before.

  12. Someone needs to step up and go to war with ISIS. This administration sure isn’t going to. Why destroy what you have created?

  13. Whilst there is growing photographic evidence of increasing numbers of Russian aircraft in Syria, especially from a French film crew on the ground, whilst there are Su-30SM, Su-24 and Su-25 and many helicopters the MiG-31 mentioned, although it was the first ‘Russian planes in Syria’ is conspicuous by its invisibility. It may not be there (yet?). The French pictures appear to show a row of unguided bombs beside one of the Su-24s. Also now that these are pictures taken on the ground it is clear that the aircraft have had their Russian tailplane markings removed. The latest rumor is that Su-34 are there as well (where the Su-24 is comparable to a F-111B), the Su-34 is the just entered service replacement. If true the Russians will be capable of hitting anywhere that IS is, in Syria or Iraq, very hard.

    Anyone running a sweepstake on when Syria declares a no fly zone and only allows US/NATO planes in when agreed by the new targeting cell in Baghdad?

    IS could be about to get a nasty shock when they start getting hit instead of nearly hit.

  14. whole nations and millions of lives are at stake on paths chosen now… President Obama can continue his assigned role by the RKM standing at the edge of a precipice or about face with Vladimir Putin and heroically lead our planet out of the quagmire they would have us all floundering in … embracing on the threshold of the new… the choice is clear for those who see….and the blind will lead the blind…let it not be pride that gets in the way

  15. Let me be the first to say…”most excellent article”!

    I have known for quite a while that Putin is a calm, smart, stand up leader and nemesis of NWO, and because the Russians have converted from Communism to Christianity for the most part, the satanists are in convulsions. Assad, another good leader has been framed and CMM promotes the lies about both he and Putin.

    Now with ISIS/ISIL exposed as the Zionists’ last ditched effort to start WW3, I hope the new Military High Command can make significant maneuvers to outsmart the psychopaths.

    Putin is most definitely a “master statesman” and deserves a lot of respect for seeing through the manipulation of the Zionist Agenda. Plan interrupted….

  16. Thank you Preston, for your article. I can underwrite most of what you said, but there is one important addition. ISIS is not simply a mecenary tool of the USG, but an fundamentalist religious/ideological force in its own right. We have to achnowlegde, that ISIS needs Wahabism/Salafism on its religious front and the Muslim Brotherhood on his ideological front, both are tightly wooven together to be effective.

    I might offend Kevin Barrett in stating this, but its too important not to be mentioned. The multi hundred millions $ business of the Saudia/Khathar/Kuwaity international wahabbi Moshee conglomerat cannot be left out of the whole thing. The Taliban were systematically recruted from the wahabbi Moshees and religious schools mostly in Pakistani/Afghani border regions (Durand line), same was done in Tchechnia, Kosovo, in parts in Albania, Libya, Marokko, Algeria, Tunesia, Egypt, Nigeria, Sudan, Syria, Indonesia,…

    The head of the snake sits savely in Khatar under tight oberservation and directioning of those criminal forces from several western countries you mentioned.

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