General Breedlove and his “Red Menace” Fantasy

NATO commander, General Breedlove, on the phone with his publicist, Sydney Freedberg JUNIOR
NATO commander, General Breedlove, on the phone with his publicist, Sydney Freedberg JUNIOR
NATO commander, General Breedlove, on the phone with his publicist, Sydney Freedberg JUNIOR

By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor

I was awakened this morning by something frightening.  Even my computer was upset, unable to contain the stench, its little processors whining away in seeming pain.

Then I opened the mail and found the Sydney Freedberg Jr. article on the rantings of the maniacal General Breedlove, the perfect analog of General Jack Ripper of Dr. Strangelove fame.

Have I made my point?  Let’s take a look at how much crazier real life is than Stanley Kubrick’s 1960s fiction:

Russians In Syria Building A2/AD ‘Bubble’ Over Region: Breedlove

Syria Airstrike map Sept 24

WASHINGTON: In keeping with its increasingly aggressive behavior over the past two years, Russia is deploying lethal and long-ranged anti-aircraft defenses to keep Western forces out of three key regions: the Baltics, the Black Sea, and, now, the Levant. From where NATO’s top commander Gen. Philip Breedlove sits, the Russian forces flowing into Syria don’t look like counter-terrorists out to stop the Islamic State, which Vladimir Putin has said is his highest priority. They look like the first pieces of a layered “anti-access/area denial” system that could complicate US and allied operations in Syria and well beyond.

Here is an interesting point, Breedlove has now redefined anti-aircraft defenses as aggressive weapons.  Let’s get this straight, someone comes to attack you, you defend yourself, that is Breedlove’s definition of aggression.

What Breedlove is advocating, of course, is that Russia simply bend over and allow American combat aircraft to ply their skies, bombing here, strafing there as is being done in Syria, based on the American self ordained right to do as they please, invade, overthrow, kill, torture and maim at will, almost as though America were Israel itself.

And to think we still speak in hostile tones of Hitler?  It gets better:

“Anti-access/area denial, or A2/AD, is a growing problem,” Gen. Breedlove told the German Marshall Fund this afternoon, speaking just hours before Putin’s teeth-clenched meeting with President Obama on the sidelines of the UN General Assembly.

The northernmost danger zone or “bubble” is the oldest, based out of the Russian enclave of Kaliningrad between Poland and Lithuania. “Kaliningrad is a large platform for A2/AD capability,” Breedlove said. His subordinates Lt. Gen. Frank Gorenc and Lt. Gen. Ben Hodges have warned taht Kaliningrad-based missiles reach well into Polish airspace and could shut down NATO reinforcements to the Baltics in a crisis.

To the south, by contrast, Russia lacked a suitable forward base — until last year. “[Since] their occupation of Crimea, Russia has developed a very strong A2/AD capability in the Black Sea,” Breedlove said. “Essentially, their [anti-ship] cruise missiles range the entire Black Sea, and their air defense missiles range about 40 to 50 percent of the Black Sea.”

What is not being said is that the US maintains ships illegally in the Black Sea continually and moved a land based AEGIS system that covered much of Russia itself into Romania at Constanta, the ISIS resupply base.  Oh that?  OK, its true, we only tracked 3 shipments of advanced TOW missiles headed for ISIS and al Nusra to this American base and we are now calling it an ISIS resupply base.

Reminds me of the priest who complained, “You have sex with one, perhaps a few small children and pretty soon people begin to think of you as a pedophile.”

Here, Breedlove gets crazier still, batshit crazy:

Now, it seems, comes Syria. “As we see these very capable air defense [systems] beginning to show up in Syria, we’re a little worried about another A2/AD bubble being created in the Eastern Mediterranean,” Breedlove said. “We see some very sophisticated air defenses going into these airfields. We see some very sophisticated air-to-air [fighter] aircraft going into these airfields.”

The Islamic State has no air force that Russia might use such sophisticated anti-aircraft weapons to counter, Breedlove continued. “These very sophisticated air defense capabilities are not about ISIL,” he argued, despite Putin’s publicly stated priorities.

Based on the military forces Russia is actually putting in place, Breedlove said, he believes Putin’s top priority is to protect Russian access to airfields and warm water seaports in the Eastern Mediterranean. The second priority, in service to the first, is to prop up Russia’s host, the Assad regime. Then third, he said, “After all of that, I think that they will do some counter-ISIL work to legitimize their approach to Syria.”

Were idiot Breedlove or Freedberg to have listened to Putin’s press interview they might have noted that President Putin took offense with Israel’s air attacks on Syria.  You see, the pattern of these attacks indicates that ISIS really does have an air force, American planes with a Star of David on the thick part where the motor is, fuselage, where the guy with the beanie who blows up kids usually sits.

These planes have been providing an air umbrella over ISIS forces for years now and finally Putin said something.  Go ahead, get the video of the interview, it’s there.  Oh, this gets better still:

So what can NATO do about these expanding bubbles of no-go zones? First of all, in the Baltic and the Black Seas today, the alliance’s force can just go there, Breedlove said “to contest that they are not forbidden spaces” but international airspace and waters. Second, in case the shooting starts, it needs to invest in forces that can break the bubble.

“As an alliance, we need to step back and take a look at our capability in a military sense to address an A2/AD challenge,” Breedlove said. “This is about investment. This is about training.”

That investment must be across the board, Breedlove emphasized. “We have made great progress since Wales [i.e. the alliance’s 2014 summit],” he said. “We have increased the readiness and responsiveness of our NRF [NATO Response Force] and certainly the VJTF [Very High Readiness Joint Task Force]. We have given the SACEUR back authorities to alert and stage forces, etcetera….. but it’s not enough.”

“What really deters, I think, that is we increase the readiness and responsiveness of the entire NATO force structure,” Breedlove said, not just elite quick-reaction units like the NRF and VJTF. “We have to get to these investments, exercises, and training scenarios that raise the responsiveness and readiness of the whole force.”

What nobody mentioned to Breedlove or Freedberg is the idea of “sovereignty.”  As pointed out by President Putin yesterday, without a legal authority, flying over someone’s country dropping bombs is a war crime, no matter what the pretense.

You see, the US and gang never got permission from Syria.  They never went to the United Nations, instead they are cowboying the whole thing based on some imaginary moral authority based on stories the US tells its kids in school about being above the law just like the chosen people.

Then again, as President Putin pointed out, there is no Russian military buildup in Syria, no evidence of one other than from the mouth of our General Jack D. Ripper analog.

It’s time someone checked Breedlove’s precious bodily fluids.

Senior Editor , VT
Gordon Duff is a Marine combat veteran of the Vietnam War. He is a disabled veteran and has worked on veterans and POW issues for decades. Gordon is an accredited diplomat and is generally accepted as one of the top global intelligence specialists. He manages the world’s largest private intelligence organization and regularly consults with governments challenged by security issues.

Duff has traveled extensively, is published around the world and is a regular guest on TV and radio in more than “several” countries. He is also a trained chef, wine enthusiast, avid motorcyclist and gunsmith specializing in historical weapons and restoration. Business experience and interests are in energy and defense technology.

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  1. Dear Gordon and Jim,

    You know there is rumor that Iran by signing the peace treaty is already selling out Hezbollah and Syria. You really can’t trust people in the region with Babylon/Sumarian/Asyria tradition. My original intuition was that Iran will just cut up the mid-east with Israel and US. The rumor goes further that all Hezbollah military installation/position/strength were giving to Israel. No wonder our supreme leader “prince of Peace” is so relax in giving UN speech because he has the ace card in his hand. I suspect Putin is aware of these and attempts to save Syria by talking to all parties-Iran, KSA, Bibi (the little god), and Prince of Peace. I wish your efforts are worthwhile, and WWIII will not start before the end of his term.

  2. “It’s time someone checked Breedlove’s precious bodily fluids.”

    That’s the problem with guys like Breedlove. The entire American military machine runs security for him now and even after Americas city’s lay in smoldering ruins he will be deep within the sanctuary’s provided by Bechtel and will never have to answer for his actions. He just doesn’t care. But tribesman like Freedberg that’s a whole other story. He needs to get his just like a prepaid cell phone plan…

  3. Dr. Notsobreedreptilien is of the lowest form of moral ethics, he lies like the air he breaths in and out daily, spewing his reptelian venum in due time,

  4. Detlef,

    Was at Ramstein 3 days ago with 4 German highschool seniors (girls). We spent a few hours buying Halloween candy, about a ton of it, and then they found out that Germany has no Halloween.

    They had to eat it all on the way home.

    • Your story makes me laugh a bit about these highschool girls. In a way they seem to be quite innocent. But on the other side, we already have “Halloween Nights” at Kindergardens with gruesome storytelling at many places.

      You know, we live in a time, were religion is successfully replaced with some forms of whichcraft and strange monster mystics – look at childrens books or Walt Disney.

      I’m glad to be old enough. By the way, I live in a town in Schleswig-Holstein, were the US had it’s cold war nuclear bunkers and nuclear weaopons storage, but now they are gone and some 500 people from the middle east and the Balkan has populated that area, it’s quite amazing how things change.

  5. As one of the billions who would just love to see America turned into a radio active dead zone ,the response of Americas leaders to Putin’s speech is perfect! More belligerence. Having seen Russian military technology in action taking out the west’s best aircraft at the rate of nine to one seeing the Aegis system completely blocked on the Donald Cook in the black sea the rust buckets called Littoral warships and

    the useless Aircraft carriers being sunk in drills , please America go to war with Russia I will cheer as your country is turned into that dead zone iterated above !

  6. Jim, I can tell you and the readers that we had around 1000 protesters at the Ramstein base. They know what is currently on the table. I’m also happy that Gordon catched up the Kaliningrad thing, because there is something going on in the background for quite a while.

    These protesters did their honest protest against these first strike nuclear weapons, but no one in the MSM said a peep about it, only in the internet it was caught up.

    The political correctness rope is steadily tightened here, we now have a definite insane minister of inferior (Social Democrat), who wants 24/7 criminalization of “Hate Speech”, because Merkel could otherwise be thrown out of office. “Their” fear is also steadily growing, because they already notice the deep wave of disgust and anger about an unconstitutional and unlegal mass immigration. They simply try to shut down all mass communication channels, but even there some official slip through the net and begin to tell the truth.

    Meanwhile we are standing tall for the US and Israel. After this they look under the table if they can find something they could do for their own people, but sorrily everything was already cleaned before, because of “German Gründlichkeit”.

    So, Jim, there is nothing really new from this country.

  7. Oh Gordon, what a joy it is to start the day with my coffee and see that if nothing else is posted on VT today we/you have done a good days work. We will talk later about the Marshall Fund and how all of the major military brass Western aggression gets to use the Marshall “shadow gov” folks as a launch pad, almost as if these officers were proteges whose careers had been assisted by them for some time. I am continually surprised how the world’s investigative journalism community never seem to see any of these long time Cold War platforms doing pre-staging for the next war. Dear Detlef, please let us know what the German media is saying about this.

  8. To begin with a bad joke, I’m happy that the planned delivery of modern first stike nukes into Germany (against it outspoken Bundestag majority protest in 2010) makes this country not a A2/AD zone but a wonderful nuclear combat zone.

    Thanks for this clear voice of intellectual sanity, Gordon. This man has to be put in trial for permanently violating international treaties and international law.

    Some actual additions here. Israel just bought 4 new fregattes from Germany for about 450Mill €, from which Germany kindly pays a third. In returnfor the friendly contract, Germany buys Israeli weapons (not known what kind to this day) for roughly 150Mill €.

    We, as a country and as a nation, are doomed and we are proud of it, because Israel is our best friend and will ever be. Sorry, I forgot to mention the USA, which is really our best and lovely friend, always caring about our well being as a totally laugheable slave state.

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