Israel Lies Debunked, Russia Releases Combat Video of ISIS Strikes


8 ISIS targets hit during 20 combat flights in Syria – Russian military

Feel the Pain!!

Sukhoi Su-24 Fencer tactical bombers. © Vladimir Vyatkin
Syrian Human Rights Observatory accuses Russia of using sarin gas barrel bombs…
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  1. Mr. JD ______________

     “Human Rights Observatory”
    ___When UN ELECT SAUDI ARABIA as the New Head New Human Rights, that tell us it’s HAND PICKED by ISRAEL & its Firsters & Donkeys in CONGRESS.

    • and while you are at it Mr Putin please do not forget to sweep clean the Middle East of all Jihadis and Jahudis.

  2. RT: “NATO has voiced its concerns over the possibility that Russia’s air strikes in Syria do not target ISIS positions as well as over the lack of communication between Russia and the US.”

    NATO has it right for the wrong reason — Russia is attacking the US/Israeli supported supply lines that empower ISIS to operate.

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