Russia’s Secret War on the CIA in Syria


By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor

This morning, Fox News reported a Pentagon move to formulate a strategy to block Russia’s bombing campaign around Idlib, near the Syrian/Turkish border.  Key American assets are being slaughtered, not “moderate rebels,” but clearly, as the Pentagon states, key US backed jihadists fighting President Assad.

Senior U.S. military leaders and defense officials are debating whether military force should be used to protect Washington-backed Syrian rebels who have come under attack by Russian airstrikes in recent days.

The Associated Press reported early Friday that the question was part of a broader debate within the Pentagon about the the broader dilemma of how the administration should respond to what White House press secretary Josh Earnest described as Russia’s “indiscriminate military operations against the Syrian opposition.”

The problem is, the American “assets” are al Qaeda, the group Jabat al Nusra, which totally controls this region of Syria and spreads well into Turkey since it defeated the actual  so called “moderate rebels” and a dozen or so splinter groups early in 2015.

America’s bombing campaign in Syria has carefully avoided taking on al Nusra.  Even the press seldom mentions them though they are responsible for more civilian deaths, estimated at nearly 150,000, than any other group.  There is a reason for this.  Here, al Nusra is bombarding Syrian towns under siege using Sarin gas shells:

AQIS, al Qaeda in Syria, is primarily made of CIA recruited foreign fighters, flown into Turkey, trained by Saudi Arabia and Qatar and under continual logistical support from Erdogan’s Islamist regime in Ankara.

Today’s Russian attack on a command post killed very few al Qaeda leaders.  What it did do is kill Turkish, Saudi and Qatari officers, over a dozen, maybe more, according to Syrian reconnaissance units in the area.

The command post was hit by SU34 aircraft dropping conventional bunker buster munitions.  The post, built by Turkish engineers back in 2013, under up to 40 feet of bedrock, 3 stories deep and capable of supporting up to 300 foreign fighters and their Turkish commanders.

The bunker complex hit to day is not unlike the al Qaeda complexes the US invaded Afghanistan to find, complexes America, 15 years later, has yet to locate.

Russia really is lying, it isn’t honest, bombing al Nusra and calling them “ISIS.”  Al Nusra is ten times worse than ISIS.  With heavy artillery and mortars, an endless supply of ammunition from Turkey,  truckloads of modern American arms, Stinger and TOW missiles, safe haven bases across Turkey and endless financing from Saudi Arabia and Qatar, al Nusra has engaged in systematic slaughter of the Syrian people.

Russia’s interest in al Nusra is based on their partnership, with the extremist groups in Ukraine.  Al Nusra jihadists, up to 3000, are currently serving in Ukraine and are responsible for most of the violations of the Minsk peace accords.  The Kiev regime has openly sided with al Qaeda and, in doing so, is benefiting from the CIA’s open coffers, containers of cash used to prop up the Kiev regime while buying the governments of Romania, Bulgaria, Georgia and Azerbaijan, all of whom have provided major home bases for al Qaeda terror groups aimed at Western Europe.

This is “Gladio Two.”

All of the refugees moving toward Europe are from areas of Syria under combined Turkish – Al Nusra/al Qaeda control.  Gladio Two is, we are told, tasked with exploding the Euro Zone and setting up rightist “neo-nationalist” governments across Europe.

Then again, it doesn’t take a genius to figure this out, does it?


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  1. All those US Seal Teams and UK S.A.S. embedded with ISIS must now have a life expectancy of about two weeks. Go Russia GO.

  2. I wonder what percentage of re-supply items for CIA/MOSSAD mercenaries is flown into Incirlik USAF Base? There must be excellent aircraft routes for distributing from Incirlik to Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria, as well as truck routes to other supply points in Turkey. Warmonger leadership in the US, Israel & UK will really stark squaking when a few US, Israeli and Turkish aircraft are shot down inside Syria.

  3. by the District of Criminals own “laws”, supporting terrorists is criminal,
    that is of course unless THEY are doing it, and they even admit it!
    it is NOT helping to keep America safe at all, it gives real reason for hatred.
    that little 10 square mile country that is within OUR border, is criminal.

  4. I tell ya what dude. Study my archive (most of which cannot be found on the present internet), and get back with me. Do take your time. I have been studying this for 10+ years. The important thing in mind is remember context. Remember — context ..

    I do wish Eustace Mullins was live. You could ask him personally who created [political] Zionism. Then also do understand that he is a student of Saussy ..

  5. Listened to Mr. Putins little speech today on RT and two things caught my attention; his expression of the desire for journalists to control American politics instead of the corporate lackeys that now do. And his pointing out that it is America’s own allies uncensored by America whom are buying up the oil looted by these “Jihadists” who wear masks so that you will not see they are, strangely enough, White European “Islamic fundamentalists.” We have a journalist right here who is just the man for the job of putting America back together again and I don’t think I even have to say his name do I? And as far his second assertion I think there can be little doubt as to what “allies” Mr. Putin is referring too without pointing out of course their penchant, just like the pope, for wearing those ridiculous looking beanies, as hopefully our future president calls them…

    • Now I am not saying that AreWeProgrammed’s assertions have no validity the Christians led or should I say misled by the Jesuits (whom incidentally have probably been thrown out of more country’s than even the Jews for this sought of thing) have to go, the world and particularly Europe has seen more than enough off their depredations over the last two thousand years. I am just hoping that, since there is so many of them, they can be reprogrammed but I must tell you I have my doubts about that. Then there is Erdoğan who would look far better with a bullet hole in his head, as would the British aristocracy and their American and Canadian collaborators. Throw in everybody still working for the MSM and I think that just about covers the whole reeking cesspool, let me know if I forgot anybody, everyone should get credit for all the hard work they have done pushing the world to the brink of the third world war…

  6. The domestic side of his talk was not too shabby, however the foreign policy and gun control parts were vey silly. So I had to leave the room and read VT.

  7. Hopefully al Nusra will be forced, bombed?, into seeing the lie of the CIA’s braggadoccio promises of invincible support and ultimate victory. Just like Poroshenko i.e. useful idiot, realizing that Biden’s fantastic promises would not always be backed and were just stinkin hot air.

  8. I don’t see Jesuits in London’s Banking Center or NYC or Washington or Tel Aviv, where money interests strip mankind of essential funds to support themselves?

  9. Since Al Nursra is killing most Syrians (Civilians) Christians,other innocent bystanders, then Go Russia, Iran, Syria, Hezbolla, CCC Center !

    As far as I see, it’s very positive for humanity and must be applauded.

  10. Ideally then a leader would expose the truth of 911 and the Afghan Heroin trade. In fact the whole history of global drug trade would be nice. Nonetheless I think Russia actions are working toward a subtle improvement from what is going on in Syria Turkey Iraq. I know in the end Russia China and Iran are just after pipelines. I hope they resist the heroin trade or I hope they aren’t in on it right now. I subconsciously wish China would take over in U.S. Got pulled over by a cop in Riverside Ca yesterday and was practically arrested for questioning his right to do it. Things are very bad in U.S.

  11. Gordon, you mentioned the means (Gladio II) and the aims (right nationalist movements) here for the first time, but this development is nonetheless already underway.

    I would add to this an important part, which I cannot write on German blogs to this time, because no one would believe it.

    What I mean, is the classic strategy of using the totally clueless political left (including the no longer conservatives) to bring this to reality under the disguise of “humanity”. I don’t repeat Merkel’s totally fatal message to the refugees/immigrants here, because it is already well known.

    Later, when the opposite forces – here the right nationalists, which are beginning to organisatorical ferment now – will overtake (here Gladio comes in again with new leaders), leaving the leftist behind with stunning faces, because they are not usefull anymore for the next step of destruction from within.

    • Good points, Detlef, about the right using the clueless left. But I wouldn’t put Merkel’s invitation in the category of “clueless”. I think it’s worse. I think she knew exactly what she was doing.

    • When I blog the truth via t-online, I typically get more thumbs-down than thumbs up. I have made several blogs suggesting that a political assassination is being done on von der Leyen. Wednesday morning, I mentioned the control of German politics, mentioning a “certain religious society,” hinting Judaism. The comment was rejected and a Verwarnung was immediately displayed. Google Judaism is increasingly taking over the German internet, as BND/NSA/Jewish bloggers reject accurate info that refutes their propaganda. Übrigens, besten Gruß !

  12. Yes, and that’s also the reason why the European countries now cry wolf in the highest tones. Turkey’s game in calloboration with the Saudi’s, the Khatars, the US and Israel and the European countries through their intel agencies and their Gladio network – here especially the Turkish part – are using their Al Quaeda/Al Nusra terrorists to kill the Syrian population and destroy their civilization, including their multi-religious culture and heritage.

    I hope, Putin will continue to operate as precise as possible to destroy these terrorsits and their international handlers.

    Hollande, Merkel, Cameron cry wolf and the media amplifies their fully justified current fear, that their own agents and co-terrorist agents might be killed simultaneosly by the Russian SU’s.

    One remark, the sentense “Russia’s interest in al Nusra is based on their partnership, with the extremist groups in Ukraine.” was perhaps a bit over the top sarcastic.

  13. I wouldn’t expect Russia to divulge where and when and exactly who they’re taking out. I’m happy for them to vaporise every terrorist scum, along with the Western Commanders and their supporters, in any order.

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