ISIS, Created by the West as a Block to Russia and China


Translated by Kristina Rus


Russian author, historian and politician Nikolay Starikov explains what happened today like no one else at today’s meeting with fans and supporters. 
Even cats don’t get born on their own and such high-profile terrorist organisations, packaged with beautiful Hollywood promos don’t appear on their own. Of course, it is a project, the same project of the global banking elite. as once was Adolf Hitler, and before that where the Bolsheviks-Trotskyists, who have destroyed the Russian empire and were going to crush the neighboring states.
Islamic state is a can opener in the hands of the global elite, with which it was planning to destroy the world order, as it is.
You know, often when we talk about WWII, a question comes to mind, why did the English have to bring Hitler to power, if they were the strongest ones? Well, in order to be the strongest, you must destroy your competition. And Hitler was brought to power in order to destroy the USSR, which not only grew economically, but presented an alternative of a social order, which was a death sentence.
Lets remember the post-war USSR, when there was a constant dropping of prices which completely contradicts the market economy. Stalin did it, And did it yearly. And he would strangle this financially oriented economy with his price drops. It had to be prevented. This was Hitler’s task.
Today’s Islamic State is a tool to prevent the growth of China, Russia, and Europe getting out of control.
A big war is needed. Chaos is needed. It will help solve the problem of dropping consumption in the entire world.
War is needed for many reasons. Americans create the Islamic state.
Note, two years ago no one knew about this Islamic state. There was Al Qaida  and Syrian opposition. Remember the Free Syrian Army, where is it today? Is it so free, that it has dissipated on its own?
Imagine, you have the Bandera “Forest brothers” in the woods, and suddenly they self-organize in the woods and become “The Red Guard.” It is impossible. Either they are the “Forest brothers” or the “Red Guard”.  They can be one thing or the other. One cannot transform into the other on its own.
In order to create this instrument of destroying the world order you must destroy statehood.
First the destruction of states is a standard path of the global banking elite, which I am writing about in my book “Power”.
Second, how can you create this force, if you have states everywhere? You have the states of Iraq and Syria. You cannot create 100 thousand militants on the territory of Iraq. Therefore you have to get rid of the Iraqi state. Either it has to be completely absent as in Lybia, or be nominal, occupying two blocks in Baghdad. It is weakened and destroyed.
And here is Syria. It also has to be destroyed, but it doesn’t surrender. This is where the hate towards Assad comes from. This is why they keep repeating, Assad must go – in order to destroy the state.
Instead they create a quazi-state structure, which they pump with money and weapons and sent it towards Afghanistan. By the way there is fighting going on right now for Kunduz, which is on the border with Tajikistahn. They are preparing a bridgehead for the invasion. Everything is going according to plan.
They have to finish off Assad.
100 thousand fled to Europe, and how many refugees are in the camps?  A few million. If they cannot get to Europe, where will they go? You can hire them for cheap into your army, for example ISIS. People have no options, the infrastructure has been destroyed, there is nowhere to live, and here you are offered a salary!
This mess they want to send through Afghanistan to Central Asia. To destroy the Central Asian states. Which I and many others wrote about several years ago.
Further they will strike Russia and China.
Today several thousand Uighur militants are fighting for ISIS. This is the force that will be blowing up China.
You have to understand the logic of the Unites States. They gave birth to this instrument, but they need to let it grow.
They say “We are going to fight it”. They create a coalition, and as a result of this battle ISIS spreads to a huge territory.
Here is a question, are they fighting them?
In Afghanistan they were fighting with drugs. As a result the drug production grew 42 times. So ISIS will grow 42 times too. They are not fighting themselves, and not letting anyone fight it.
What are American strikes on the positions of militants? Do we know who they are bombing? I hope they know who they are bombing. They could be bombing the Syrian army. And if anything, they will say: “Ooops, sorry”. We said, we are sorry!
When they are there, ISIS can freely grow.
What is Russia doing? Understating, that this threat is coming for us, of course we have to fight there, but how? Not by bringing ground troops. Instructors, heavy equipment, aviation, but no ground troops. There are Syrian and Kurd ground troops.
The surrounding states see what’s going on. They are not stupid. They understand that his hurricane will sweep all the sovereign states. In Saudi Arabia there is a war on the border.
Do you think Saudi Arabia is happy, no they would rather drink cocktails and pump oil. At that moment comes Russia and says, guys we will clean this up, fold ISIS, we will pretend we don’t know it was created by the US. But we will liquidate it. All we want from you is help.
A week before Putin’s speech the Israeli prime minister, the Saudi king, the king of Jordan, why did they all fly to Putin? Because the fire is under their feet.
Everyone pretends they don’t know where ISIS came from.
When we brought our instructors and weapons there, Americans ended up in a difficult situation. Their monopoly on fighting ISIS was destroyed. We said let’s fight it, and they say, we are already fighting, we will not
Why are you flying here, bombing whatever you want?
If you don’t do that, we will fight ISIS ourselves.
Americans lost the opportunity to bomb anyone they want on the Syrian territory. If they fly they can get shot down, saying “Why din’t you coordinate with us? You flew into the territory of the Syrian army and they shot down your plane. We would have told you the Syrian army is there
Now they will try to torpedo this. If someone starts to pound the bandits, they are in a situation as if England and France were forced to destroy Hitler in 1938. Russia is forcing them to destroy their own project. This is the essence of it.
Today’s approval of our Federation Council to use force abroad is simply a legal formality. It doesn’t mean our troops will go there. They would love to suck us into a ground war, but we won’t go for it. We will get money from the surrounding states. Syria will give us the soldiers. And everyone will be happy to get over with this ISIS. And Americans will be forced to repeat, yes, what a terrible organization.
We buried their project before it has entered a mature stage.
This is what’s happening there today.

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  1. Putin has taken away the US neo-cons’ (really, new communists, “neo-comms”) excuses to fail in a false war against their own zionist ISIS, their US-equipped & armed mercenary proxy military.

    Keenly smart of Putin. Expose enough Truth to leave zio snakes no slimy way to slither out clean.

    zio political terrorists deliberately-murdered the now-defunct, former USA. It’s now their zionist-owned, criminal usssssssa godvernment; the Un-free Soviet Socialist Satanic Soulless Savage-like Slave States of Amerikka

    Such zionist Frankensteins dare not defeat their own ISIS Frankenstein. It would impede world-domination schemes of ghoulish top zionists.
    GHOULS = Globalist Hegemony of Oligarchic Utopianists and Licentious Satanic Supremacists
    These monstrous super-parasites suck the life and wealth out of Humankind. GHOULS are banksters and captains of the Genocide (“war forever”) Industry. ISIS is one of their mass-murder tools.

  2. Because of lazyness, most of the people are not much interested in the true history of Turkey throughout the past 150 years.

    A deeper investigation might bring some light in their involvement of many conflicts till today. The “great Ottomans” were eager to get their femaly slaves from wild attacs of Krim Tatars against the now Ukrainian people. They captured the most beautiful wifes from there and brought them to the Sultan. This was common practice for a long time.

    From where and whom did you hear similar things happening? As Sufi teacher “Scheik Imran Hussein” would say: “They took them for a ride”.

    The author Christopher Bjerkenes, who now sadly is gone totally crazy, has written a PDF-book about the Turkish Donmeh and their connection to many events in the past and present. This might cure some idealistic people from too much wishful thinking.

  3. “Russia is forcing them to destroy their own project. This is the essence of it. ”

    Imagine the frustration at McCain and Assoc. May there will be some heart attacks.

  4. It certainly shows that Russians have learned the lesson from previous godless conflicts imposed on them. I just hope that Germany has managed to learn that lesson too. Because there is no possible false-flag event that could cause these two to collide ever again. If British and American war parties once again opt for another global war it will be to the bane of their own existence. People in Europe see today who is pushing them into war and who puts their puppet governments in place. And people in Europe are sick of war and sick of those who preach war and point to enemies. British and American circles of power should know better.

  5. Of the hundreds of articles I’ve read here through the years, this one is by far and away one of the very best. This is exactly the kind/type of story line that must be told because it is most likely the nearest to the absolute truth. I will stand by my comments on other similar threads. Russia, Putin, have forced the US into a corner, cut them off at the knees, and are now doing what needed to be done. No chest thumping because they realize the embarrassment caused by this action is enough to cripple the US and neutralize any immediate action, other than the usual verbal banter.


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