America’s Sad Terror Confession



…by  Gordon Duff, Senior Editor

The Russians are doing a lot with a little due to Syrian Army coordination, which the West chose not to do
The Russians are doing a lot with a little, due to Syrian Army coordination, which the West chose not to do

[ Editor’s NoteLet us be the first to warn you that this Afghanistan bombing, coming so quickly on the heels of the US’ sloppy, silly, and phony media psyop on the Russian bombing campaign killing civilians has been a huge boomerang.

Usually these made up smear campaigns have been a no lose program, due to the American public’s sad record of lapping up whatever slop is thrown down in front of them. When was the last major 100,000 plus veterans’ protest in Washington over the disinformation terror campaign against the American people, much of it from the Pentagon?

This has created a very dangerous situation, as the Special Ops command could be called upon to do one of its nasties, blowing up something with a lot of civilians in it to blame on the Russians, with the cameras rolling and lots of prepared eyewitnesses. Yes folks, we do live in that nasty of a world, and no… don’t expect to see any mass resignations in the military, if such a false flag attack would happen again.

The mass media anti-Russian campaign has been generally subcontracted to the usual suspects, the tribal folks who have so much experience. But they must have been given a tiny budget, because their using outdated photos was uncovered quickly.

And you notice that the scam being exposed is not getting big corporate media play. Cross your fingers that someone high enough would stop something from this from happeningJim W. Dean ]


Will Americans ever protest what is going on?

America has spoken but no one is listening. America has confessed, has explained why its bombing campaign has done nothing or worse than nothing. Obama made it clear, if Russia bombs ISIS, it is support for Assad and will allow Syria to move against the remaining US backed rebels and leave ISIS to the Russians.

What Obama really said is this:

We haven’t bombed ISIS at all, only acted as place holders, keeping ISIS strong, so that we maintain leverage in Iraq against Iran and allow ISIS to butcher Syrians, flood Europe with refugees and fight our proxy war against Russia in a second country, not just Ukraine.

All that is left is for the US to admit, finally, that it founded ISIS, something no responsible individual could find exception to.

The other question is simple, will Obama finally shut his mouth about Russians hitting the wrong targets after the US slaughtered its 3rd consecutive hospital full of doctors, some Americans, and patients who were burned to death in their beds.

Doctors Without Borders has requested a war crimes tribunal against the US. We wholly support them in this.

Here is a hypothesis recently presented to me:

It wasn’t the Jews or the Rothschilds, it wasn’t AIPAC. The Mossad and the Saudis, who were the real actors in 9/11 as is indicated by the 2003 classified investigation, were only hired. It was the Pentagon that did 9/11.

Is the Pentagon ruled by a cult that has been involved in narcotics since the 19th century? Was Vietnam about heroin? Afghanistan was and is certainly about nothing else, and the Pentagon has to be behind it all. No one in the Pentagon has said a word about Afghan heroin (not opium).

This much is clear, we can no longer afford the Pentagon. Their weapons don’t work, they give us nothing and eat half of America’s GNP. We can’t trust them. They lose every war; they lobby for more wars to lose; they kill our kids; slaughter innocent people around the world and impoverish the United States.

They lobby for a new cold war against the non-enemies, Iran, Russia, China and whomever. The Pentagon is a nest of rats and needs to be cleaned out. The Pentagon runs ISIS.

To beat ISIS, we only need to show up there with a mile-long parade of paddy wagons and fire hoses. Dave Hackworth called them “the perfumed princes of the Pentagon.”

Time has come for the real criminals to begin doing time. Close it all down.


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  1. It is funny that so many people talk about Israel and 911, justifiably so, but talking about the US military involvement is deemed “impolite.” I respect you for coming out and saying that straight out Gordon, thanks.

  2. While the Israeli hospitals patch up the US-backed moderate rebels, the US bombs the hospitals on the other side. America has no moral authority left. And so it goes…

  3. Several years back, I read that in the late 1970s a USAF intelligence female said that the Russians would do the world a favor, by lobbing a 6-meg onto the Pentagon.
    Theoretically speaking, if it happened nowadays, we know the responsible “nation,” we know that Iran and Russia would be blamed, and we know that the only folk murdered would be genuine Americans who were not notified to get out of the greater DC area on that day _ _ . Only theoretical, of course.

    • The woman was probably a member of former USAF colonel L. Fletcher Prouty´s unit. She would have been a gofer for Prouty and would have had access to him and the information in his semi- autobiography. Prouty was not CIA and could not be suppressed by the CIA. Thus, the CIA bought all copies of the initial publication and suppressed further publication for over ten years. The current printing contains additional information and is available from various sources. “The Secret Team: the CIA and Its Allies in Control of the United States and the World.”
      An interesting interview with colonel Prouty is online at :

  4. The Pentagon is an inanimate building and does not make decisions. I guess the next step is to start naming the names of the people in that building, starting with those, who should have been there, but were absent from the Pentagon on 9/11, or else knew they were in a safe part of the building when the missile/aircraft hit.

    • The committee assigned to discover the 2.3 trillion $$ missing from Pentagon books were killed. All their records were also destroyed. The BGM 109 Tomahawk did not do the job, thus the following explosion that demolished everything from the ground to the roof and persons within the aea.

  5. My prayer is that Gordon will announce as a ‘law and order’ candidate for the presidency of the United States, either party. The American Public is ready for a strong, truthful leader of the Putin mold. Or is Putin of the Duff mold?
    In any case the time has come. There is no real leadership at the top; and all the pretenders are deeply compromised. Trump proved one thing: The public is ready for Duff. God bless you.

  6. “this story seems to speak of a deeper network within the Pentagon that is pure KhaZioNazi.”

    This has already been identified by ………… same author as this article:

    I guess the next question becomes, once we clean the place out (ground breaking on SEPTEMBER 11, 1941) ………….. what to do with that building? What other function can any building shaped purposely as a Pentagram provide?

    I say, demolish it. Turn it into a public park. Provide a museum of what once was. The museum can be a virtual realty kiosk. It is the 21st century, right? We must not forget history. We certainly cannot ignore it. We do not want to repeat mistakes of the past ..

    Then what? Do we resurrect the Dept. of War? Utilize the old building? Maintain it with a skeleton crew, like an I&I staff in peace time. The office of SECWAR only to be authorized by Congress, upon declaration of war by said Congress? Same for the Joint Chiefs. The JCS only becomes active upon order of the SECWAR. The Constitution does provide for a full-time Navy. The USN and USMC can handle most “real” threats they may come up on our future. Don’t you think?

  7. Starting to get real around here Mr. Duff, haven’t felt this alive myself in 25 years, I wonder if any of them will ever really appreciate just how far out there you put yourself for them, but then I’ve already told you that…

  8. Amoral men devoid of human conscience who play for profit with millions of human lives causing indescribable physical suffering with mass mental trauma are dead men walking ……..that there are good people throughout the Pentagon I have no doubt, they have learned war, not peace…when truth is out in the open the course is clear … eyes are on President Obama to participate with the real path to peace and profitable for every man woman and child on the planet… bringing to ruin those ruining the earth

  9. Thanks Gordon.
    It would seem that the higher military too are all politicians. A general is just a senator with a uniform. From that prospective you would need to double the patty wagon order and send a few to 1600 and to the hill and roll’em all up.
    On a side note,
    Any mass shooting is a most unfortunate incident, and very tragic. It’s worthy of emotion but for Obama get emotional with a shooting when his foreign policy is comparable to a mass shooting daily if not hourly shows his clear detachment from operating with any true respect for human life. A most disappointing display. The UN show was pretty telling.

  10. President Putin is showing the entire world what a ‘real’ leader looks and sounds like. Putin has exposed the “moderate” opposition in Syria for what it really is. There is no such thing as a “moderate terrorist” and whatever degree the US wants to use to describe them, it is still pure and simple treason that our government has been assisting this opposition. It is time to respond to this situation here in America. The USG needs to be on trial for war crimes internationally and treason domestically. But, you’ll get the usual “ho hum” from your next door neighbor. Thanks, g, and all the VT team for doing your best to inform and educate. However, it was only a few weeks ago that you penned an article about how absurd it was, and I recall you even calling it a “hoax,” that anyone would believe the Ruskies were actually going to jump in with air support. I am thrilled that you were so wrong, and I’ll admit that I understand you could have been wrong for the right reasons. That’s your job and you do it quite well. Putin for President!

    • I forgot to add that all of this Russian confidence in their otherwise invisible military capability has been quite a remarkable show for me, at least. I still cannot help but wonder if they don’t have some “game changing” technology that is behind this confidence. I am not sure if it is propaganda, but the ‘Magrav technology’ brought to the International table several years ago by Mehran Keshe, a nuclear scientist from Iran, and offered to the world (even though he has many signs of being a flake) has been given the credit for the hypothetical sinking of the USS Theodore Roosevelt in war games and the actual disabling of the USS Donald Cook by a Russian jet in the Black Sea. Perhaps there is something to this? VT needs to take a look-see, me thinks. Thanks VT!

  11. In the past you have said Benjamin Netanyahu and Edgar Bronfman were two of the planners of 9/11. Neither worked for the Pentagon?

  12. Makes sense: empires ARE military dictatorships. That’s why the great resistance–until recently, and even now–to seeing ourselves as an empire.

  13. What if the Pentagon realized how the Bankers were blowing up the stock market and all their loved one’s pensions were ready to go poof under a ‘derivative resettlement plan’. I mean the Pentagon has the nucs after all. Yes it’s fun to imagine where such nucs could be set down.

    • What if the Pentagon, headquarters of the DoD, were the largest and most corrupt bureaucracy in DC, and maybe the world for that matter, and had no more concern for the welfare of the American people than the bought-and-paid-for stooges in congress have? What if it’s run indirectly by the neocons through their think tanks and that its civilian and military-costumed bureaucrats at the assistant secretary level are at the beck and call of those neocons and are bureaucratic hacks who got where they are mainly because they sold out their country to Wall Street and the MIC? Such would explain Gen Clark’s whining in public that it was proving more difficult than he thought it would be to earn millions trading on his military career. Obviously those murdered in the Pentagon on 911 and the likes of patriots such as Lt Col Kwiatkowski weren’t in on 911, but those in the secretary’s office almost certainly had to be, if not in the planning then in the cover up, as are all those working there today.

  14. The subheading of this article is offensive to anyone who has ever kept domestic rats – they are as clean, friendly, and peaceful as the Guinea pigs Mr. Duff has.

  15. This caricaturist assembled the actual situation in one nice picture:

    Let’s see, when John McCain and his allied criminals from the CIA, the Pentagon and many others will be trialed for their horrendeous crimes.

  16. Sounds convincing, so lets name names and more:

    “There will be no WWIII”:

    I’m sorry for the dumb European leaders, who set on the wrong horse. I alwys emphasize on the organization behind, the muslim brotherhood. It’s mostly completely forgotten, but without it, nothing of all this destroying and murdering would have happened.

    It always aligned with the most reactionary forces in Europe and the USA, whereby always suggesting that it would hole heatedly fight against them. The above cited article names some of the UDS key people wwho worked for this destruction to make the brotherhoods phoenix possible.

    Eventually, they failed and with them all the criminals in the western countries who supported and managed them.

  17. A brilliant and true analysis. Insiders have known for years that the Pentagon is the Pentagram, run by a secret international organized crime cabal aligned best referred to as the Rothschild Khazarian Mafia super-elite leaders (run by a few top Policy Makers). This RKM crime cabal is also called the “Process” which is now intertwined with MI-6 and its members have been John Dee, Aleister Crowley, Jack Parsons, Alice Bailey and such. They use High Freemasonry and animal right group as their cover and yes they have always run drugs. Their stateside associate is the Skull and Bones (Russell Trust of Opium War fame) and the Council of Foreign Relations (top leaders there are the only ones who know).

    These same top Policy Makers prefer to keep a low profile and are the hidden hand running the UN too. Some call this group the “Synagogue of Satan” because it is based on Sabbatteanism, Salafism, Frankism, etc. aka pure evil through and through. It’s mission is to create chaos and hell on Earth in order to bring in a new worldwide Satanic order which they will run. They want to create a new race of transhumans, part machine and part flesh, controlled remotely by them and then get rid of all humans. This secret cult believes they are directly empowered by Lucifer and his “fallen ones”. They believe that they must thin the human herd by 90% initially to purify it into a small remnant which then be transhumanized.

    • Let me add to your comment a few facts from the last days in Europe:

      1. All the Grand lodges of Europe have placed an article on a french paper in which they openly pushed for mass immigration.

      2. The chief Rabbi of Paris recently was commenting on the “refugee crisis” and didn’t restrict his great joy about this happening.

      3. With the help of some unknown whistleblowers, it now comes to light that some suspicious holding, called USR, is one of the greatist profiteur in this refugee tsunami. This company, through very strange and complicated front companies can be traced back to the english Barcleys Bank, which – as you know – is the main Rothschild bank in UK.

      4. The “leader” of the German Jewish communities spoke with chancellour Merkel and raised his concernes about a growing structural antisemitism, emerging from the influx of unrestricted amounts of muslims with a profound part of fundamentalists. He also stated, that the jews applause Merkel in her heartly welcoming the refugeees, which – as he also stated – should be taken care of and “integrated” into the society, as this will diminish their antisemitism.

      Sounds familiar, doesn’t it?

  18. I really think this needs to be submitted as a petition and call to the Presidential Candidates to comment on their stand here. Putin can’t do it alone, but he’s keeping the PNAC Zionists at bay for now….thanks for all your earnest efforts on keeping America a Democracy Gordon…..

  19. great stuff . it is in fact an offense deparment, noone has ever actually attacked USA so that it should be defended.

  20. “perfumed princes of the Pentagon” really good one as well as the article. Noone in the world can believe that the most scientifically and technologically progressive country in history has used the cream of its brainstormers and firsters predominantly on how to enhance its war machine and ruin nations for their wealth. Even Putin himself has stated that he admires the individual creativity of the Americans but obviously as everyone else fails to recognize their peace and democracy efforts. If US was smart they would break away from the pure vulture Commonwealth ideology before it is too late for them.

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