Ultimate News Taboos


By Preston James


Move right along now, nothing to see here.

Certainly the biggest elephant in the living room that no mainstream media news outlet ever dares to report on or even mention is the fact that America has been infiltrated and hijacked.

And the entity that has done so is the world’s biggest organized crime syndicate, the Rothschild Khazarian Mafia (*RKM).

These RKM folks have serious Western money power because they own and control the manufacturing and distribution of American FIAT money, with absolutely no oversight by the US government (USG).

This means the RKM Banksters can print or issue all the money they need to feed the out of control elastic expenditures of the US Congress which has no direct accountability to the taxpayers and no need to balance the US budget with these expenditures matched to incoming tax revenues. Their method of accounting is a joke and would break any family budget in a few months if We The People operated like they did. Their agenda is tax us a lot and then spend even more, but borrow the balance needed from the crooked FRS at pernicious usury. How dumb can we be to allow this grand theft of our hard earned income?

The American People can only be duped and defrauded like this when their Major Mass Media is completely corrupt and owned by the RKM  Banksters who pay them well to tell big lies, spread false narratives and lots of blatantly false propaganda designed to deceive and mind-kontrol. Edward Bernays would continue to be proud of this manipulation of the masses by the RKM’s Controlled major Mass Media (CMMM).

In providing this endless supply of money which is given as credit but directly increases the so-called national debt, the FRS charges interest and requires regular interest payments to be paid by the US Taxpayers on this ever expanding phony debt. But the interest payments by US Taxpayers provided by tax revenues are not nearly enough to cover the rapidly accruing interest or the principal owed, so this phony US National Debt just keeps increasing.

These RKM Banksters are in the business of making money from nothing and charging Americans pernicious usury to use what should have been their own money in the first place. This is a brilliant racket that would make any shakedown artist proud.

But why has this World’s largest financial fraud and largest Ponzi scheme in history never been exposed to the average American so they can take decisive political action to get this immediately stopped because it has been bleeding us of all our hard earned income and most wealth?

The answer is hidden right in plain sight, but in short any discussion of the subject, the World’s largest Ponzi scheme (the FRS), is prohibited in the CMMM because there is a strong Taboo against it.

6corps-320x316This CMMM News Taboo has helped keep this subject about the FRS shrouded in secrecy. The CMMM is actually controlled by RKM, the World’s largest organized crime syndicate. And the RKM also owns and controls the American private Federal Reserve System (FRS) through Cutouts.

The FRS is neither Federal or a Reserve, but is a private entity that manufactures and distributes money and charges pernicious usury for Americans to use what should have been their own in the first place.

And once in awhile, a secondary news source reports on some of these taboo stories, but they never go network and are quickly suppressed by the Establishment which is controlled by RKM secret power.

Woodrow Wilson himself spoke once of this secret money power of the Rothschild Khazarian Mafia (RKM).

“Since I entered politics, I have chiefly had men’s views confided to me privately. Some of the biggest men in the United States, in the field of commerce and manufacture, are afraid of something. They know that there is a power somewhere so organized, so subtle, so watchful, so interlocked, so complete, so pervasive, that they better not speak above their breath when they speak in condemnation of it.” –– President Woodrow Wilson.

This Federal Reserve System (FRS) is the World’s largest Ponzi scheme of course and is the greatest financial fraud ever perpetrated in history, one that continues even to this day.

The good news is that for the first time the FRS is being frequently exposed and blamed for most of what is wrong in America today by the alternative news of the Worldwide Internet, the new Gutenberg Press. The Internet’s alternative media does not yet have the reach of the CMMM, but it is growing daily as more and more folks turn to it for news and turn off the TV and radio Network News.

The RKM Banksters are responsible for engineering all major wars and make huge profits from doing this. The RKM Banksters are basically evil money junkies and parasites that are addicted to stealing other people’s hard earned wages and wealth.

The FRS is a massive, world’s largest Ponzi scheme, franchised from the City of London RKM private central FIAT Banksters. And it is now reaching its end point, where it is completely breaking down and beginning to become obvious to all, like all Ponzi schemes must do.

This exposure of the world’s largest Ponzi scheme based on counterfeit, so-called FIAT money, backed by nothing of course, has now become exacerbated by the RKM’s invocation of so-called Free Trade Agreements. And as many are now starting to realize, these Agreements have resulted in the export of most American heavy industry and manufacturing along with most American good job opportunities.

Recognition of this grim reality the average American faces today usually leads to the question, why would our leaders ever do this to us? The answer becomes obvious to those who think this through a bit and understand how American politicians receive massive funding from special interests.

Our politicians are for the most part bought and controlled by RKM Bankster-provided money in vast amounts, along with other massive perks, such as consulting positions, Board positions of major corporations, revolving door jobs, and massive “set-aside allocations” in foreign offshore banks in numbered accounts.

Yes, the RKM owns the money manufacturing machine and can distribute it to anyone they choose in any amount it decides to. And this is what they have done by buying and controlling almost every single sitting member of Congress.

The RKM has done this through their American espionage arm, AIPAC, which distributes a lot of money to members of Congress, as long as they agree to sign AIPAC’s loyalty Oath to Israel. Signing such an Oath to a foreign based espionage group and a foreign power is a complete violation of one’s Oath of Office and technically now Treason.

Why is this Treason you might ask?

2-303x320Very simply: aiding and abetting a foreign enemy of the USA is Treason. And, we now know for certain that Israel secretly attacked America on 9-11-01 and placed mini-nukes in the Twin Towers, which were reprocessed from nuclear material stolen out the back door at Pantex in Texas with a wink and a nod from traitors in the USG.

The proof that Israel ran the attack on America on 9-11-01 is simply overwhelming, but because the RKM owns and controls the CMMM through six cutouts who work for one large investment group, this story can only be brought to mainstream America by the alternative media provided by the Internet. And as we now know, the use of the CMMM is dropping by the month among the younger masses, and alternative media use is radically increased.

Since we now know for certain Israel has a large nuclear weapons stockpile, it is actually illegal for the USA to send any financial or military aid to Israel because they did not sign the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Agreement, which is a requirement. In order for the US Congress to do its Constitutionally-required job to uphold their individual Oaths of Office, it will be necessary to fully expose them and publicly shame them for their acceptance of massive political contributions (technically bribes) for signing the AIPAC Loyalty Oath to Israel.

This trend of exposing the RKM, its FRS and its CMMM has already beginning to occur in the Alternative Media of the Internet. There is every indication that this trend will continue as the American economy continues to worsen and the unemployment also continues to increase.

A new development has shown that easily bought traitors in Congress (which is almost everyone) can be quite easily turned has recently become evident over President Obama’s decision to approve the P5+1 Nuclear Power Agreement with Iran. Israel and AIPAC had never pushed harder to prevent this and expected members of Congress to honor their AIPAC Oaths to place Israel first, even before America. But this time, many of the members of Congress betrayed their AIPAC Oaths and decided to support President Obama’s decision to approve this P5+1 Agreement.

This is really a first timer that AIPAC Oath Takers have violated their Oaths in mass to place Israel first. The Israeli lobby which is actually a foreign espionage front for America that should have been busted long ago is now in disarray, confused and is losing power by the day.

AIPAC’s prior veiled threats to make sure any member of Congress who didn’t sign the AIPAC Loyalty Oath to Israel would be voted out of office has also been now weakened. It worked when Rep. Cynthia McKinney refused to sign it. Her support base was redistricted, and her opponent received massive support. But it did not work with Representative Walter Jones who refused to sign the AIPAC Loyalty Oath to Israel, and he was able to get re-elected to office.

And when Russian Federation President Vladimir Putin just recently checkmated ISIS in an incredibly bold and well thought out move, it was really checkmating the RKM Banksters and their puppets in the Pentagon, Israel, Saudi Arabia and Turkey. This is the first time the RKM and their puppets have ever been stopped cold and Putin deserves great credit for checkmating the RKM monster, the most evil organization in history and the fountainhead of all isms including Bolshevism, Communism, Fascism, Nazi-ism, and Maoism.

Of course what we have now in America is out of control super-Fascism. Fascism is the merger of the Corporation and the State. Super-Fascism is when the corporation absorbs the state in secret through massive privatization. This allows the visible government to maintain the appearance of control while it has actually been yielded to the largest private corporations which are basically controlled by the RKM Banksters.

This arrangement also provides near complete deniability for the visible government and so-called “national security” is almost continually invoked to prevent the public from ever understanding how far this privatization has gone and what exactly these large RKM associated and controlled corporations are actually doing to America and the World.

The result of all this super-Fascism is that in America we have a large national security state which is run by the RKM Banksters and used to do all its dirty work, while oppressing any dissent or major efforts by Americans to change things or to expose this complete perversion of what was supposed to be a Constitutional Republic.

There are plenty of other News Taboos too.

Take all the recent mass-shootings. Some have been real with real dead victims, but quite a few have been fake with no dead victims. One thing they all have in common is never mentioned in the CMMM because is a News taboo. This is that most of these events (almost all) are engineered, staged False-flag attacks on the Second Amendment, with the rest remaining one “copy-cat” crimes.

The real elephant in the living room with these mass shootings, whether real or virtual, is that all the shooters are MK-ultra type mind-kontrolled Patsies. You will never find any Major Mass media outlet, broadcaster of newspaper ever mentioning this even though it a prominent feature of all these mass-shootings, real or virtual (faked).

Of course there have been thousands of good articles written on MK-Ultra and various types of CIA and USG mind-kontrol, programs and many can be accessed on the Internet. But no mainstream media in America will ever cover them. But you can do some detailed Internet searches, and you can watch the numerous good videos on www.youtube.com about MK-ultra and learn a lot to share with others.

But what about all the other important News Taboos such as the JFK Assassination? How disgusting it is that the CMMM is still claiming that Oswald did it and was a lone nut assassin, a provable obvious lie that the CMMM often regurgitates. We now have the death bed confession of CIA Officer E. Howard Hunt who clearly stated and was recorded saying it was done by LBJ and the CIA. We have a written description by Hunt too.

Professor Jim Fetzer has run three major research projects on the JFK Assassination and has published more articles on this subject than anyone else. Fetzer assembled teams of the World top experts and their findings clearly show that Oswald did not even fire in Dealey Plaza, that there were multiple shooters and there was a massive criminal conspiracy and cover-up involving the USG and American Intel. Any reasonable person that studies all the available evidence from all the fine researchers like Jim Fetzer, Jim Marrs and so many more easily concludes that JFK was murdered by a massive criminal conspiracy at the highest levels of the USG.

Or what about all the various incidents where the CIA was caught trafficking massive amounts of illegal narcotics into America for black ops money such as in Los Angeles with Freeway Ricky Ross or in Mena, Arkansas in the Iran Contra “guns out for drugs in” affair?

Or what about the subject of how Free Trade has resulted in the export of most American heavy industry and manufacturing out of America and created massive unemployment? You will not find the CMMM allowing an honest discussion of this subject which was first reported by Ross Perot but quickly ignored by the CMMM. There can be no doubt that this so-called Free Trade is destroying America’s economy and is completely illegal and unConstitutional.

Or what about the subject of how the RKM is mandating massive illegal immigration to destroy the fabric of America and make it easier to asset strip and destroy? You won’t find any truthful stories about this in the CMMM or any honest reporting because such truthful presentation is a strong News Taboo.

And what about the big story from Collegeville, Minnesota about St. John’s Abbey, which has been the World’s biggest collection of pedophile priests ever assembled under one roof? There have been hundreds of their victims and ruined lives over many years, and even accusations of some alleged murders have been made. The Pedophile Priests responsible have never been brought to justice because of their deep political connections and well funded “money bag” used for payoffs. Some have already died of old age and must face justice in a higher court. There was a series at TV Station in the Twin Cities that started reporting this, but it was discontinued and the reporters no longer work there. The video’d evidence collected for this series should have been used in prosecutions and was damning, but it is all now buried and suppressed. The local police have always refused to investigate. A little digging and some deep Internet research will show some very interesting history of these pedophile priests at St. John’s Abbey which is under the direct control of the Vatican and not the American Catholic Church. This story was just briefly and peripherally driven into the mainstream media but then died out because of a lawsuit which was settled. If there was ever a complete investigation, deep Intel connections would be discovered and would go all the way back to Nazi ratlines and sheep-dipped Nazis.

Not only does the CMMM refuse to cover the most important stories, but it often substitutes phony stories to mislead comprised of false-narratives, big USG lies and USG propaganda. Much of the evening network news is now known to be purchased by special interest groups including large corporations and the USG and presented as real news when it is really purchased and disguised public relations.

Why are so many US Congressmen involved in RKM pedophile honey-traps and why won’t the CMMM report on this?

For example, the fact that so many male Members of the US Congress are pedophiles, human compromised and blackmailed by the RKM Banksters to do their will is purely disgusting and must be fully exposed and stopped. Denny Hastert is the poster boy of all this and his exposure may be a major turning point in this CMMM massive cover-up. This is a good example of how important stories which are usually covered up can be driven into the CMMM if they become difficult to deny as with a public indictment and a witness who has come forth.

The Franklin Cover-up and the Craig Spence/Barney Frank pedophile White House tours scandal were both exposed in a secondary news source, but never taken mainstream because such disclosures are taboo and would expose the RKM’s need to foment perversion at the highest level in order to human compromise, blackmail and control members of Congress and USG officials. This same process is used to control corporate leaders and bring them into line; and this is also kept secret.

Or for example the fact that a large Satanic Cult is allowed to run lose in America and is ignored by the police and the the alphabets. Why would this ever be allowed and how could this be kept out of the media? The answer is that every major Police Department and all Alphabets have a high official with US National Security credentials (usually CIA) who runs interference and quashes any investigations of publicity. This is done by invoking “national security”.

US national security is invoked to protect the Cult and all these News Taboos and is invoked to keep the CMMM in line to conform with the needs of the RKM and its Establishment associates.

How could providing cover for such evil be so important to US national security you might ask? Well it isn’t, but a large and powerful Satanic cult has been anointed by the RKM, and it is used by various US Intel Agencies and the RKM to do various errands for them that could not otherwise be done. Plus the RKM always wants to use US Intel to infiltrate and join any underworld organized crime organization, in order to use it when needed, and to stay on top of all things at every level in society.

This CMMM exposure of Hastert suggests a major turning point in America has now been reached. And we know that the defeat of AIPAC over the Nuclear Power Agreement with Iran that has Israel and its American espionage fronts like AIPAC in a complete tizzy fit. Netanyahu has had a complete meltdown over this Iran Agreement. This suggest that a turning point has been reached and the RKM is likely losing its vast power.

Many are wondering if Netanyahu will soon give the order to activate the Samson Option 100% as many feel Israel might do if completely checked as they have been by President Obama and Congress over Iran, and now by Putin and the Russian Federation in the Mideast.

Sleep well tonight, American Nuclear Snake-eaters are on duty 24/7 and they do their job very well.

What if Netanyahu gives this order to set off every one of his 25 nukes Israel planted inside large America Cities with more in Europe’s major cities? My guess is that first he wouldn’t dare, because he now realizes that the US Military High Command will retaliate with massive force against Israel’s nuclear stockpile and those responsible, turning them to glass or vapor.

And second, America is blessed with a secret group which insiders call the “Nuclear Snake-eaters”. This is the super elite American group that disarmed and removed the large nuke planted near London during the Olympics that UK Barrister Michael Shrimpton blew the whistle on and was persecuted for. They work in abject secrecy, but have the best sensing equipment made using the latest Helium 3 sensors.

These new ultra high tech sensors are necessary because gamma ray detectors are no longer sufficient, due to advanced shielding and cloaking available now which Israel has probably been using to shield their device emissions. These high tech sensors are necessary for sensing neutron or other types of nuclear particle emissions that still penetrate shielding and cloaking up to a certain distance.

It is believed that Israel has stored many of these nukes in their Embassies. America has satellites that will pick up gamma ray emissions and flies special aircraft and drives special trucks with sensors to pick up any gamma ray emissions. Every airport has these as does any shipping port in America. But these sensors are not capable in most cases of picking up super high tech devices which are shielded as in “inter-dimensionally cloaked”.

The Nuclear Snake-eaters, one of the most elite groups ever assembled, has new sensors which can pick up even devices shielded with the latest high tech cloaking. A good guess would be that if Netanyahu orders his operatives to detonate these devices, at least the ones inside America will not detonate because certain ultra high-tech measures have likely been taken to render them inoperable.

The Bottom line to all this.

The bottom line is this. There is a new faction inside the American Military High Command which is gaining power right now. This group knows that Israel and some traitors in the Administration, the JCS, NORAD and the FAA helped Israel and its PNACers, Top Neocons and Israeli-American “Israeli-first” Dual Citizens attack America on 9-11-01.

This group wants payback and is now in the process of manipulating events to get that. Do not underestimate their capability, although they may not be doing things the way you would prefer. The fact that the Iran Nuclear Power Agreement is now in place and the fact that the RKM has now been stopped cold in the Mideast, along with the fact that America has not entered any more major air and ground wars there is proof of this major power shift in America.

They also realize that nuclear devices were detonated in this secret 9-11-01 attack on America which was orchestrated to be wrongly attributed to Osama Bin Laden, Afghanistan, and Saddam Hussein and Iraq, two major Israeli targets in order to manipulate America into destroying these two sovereign nations for Israel and the RKM.

64f3785a (2)Pre-emptive war based on known lies is of course a major war crime and in this case resulted in thousand of dead, wounded and disabled American soldiers and their grieving families. This is disgusting beyond words and there are no statute of limitations for war crimes, mass-murder or crimes against humanity.

Of course this subject is another big News Taboo like so many important subjects. But there will be no peace in America until these perps are fully prosecuted and brought to justice for what they have done to us all and this includes for their crimes of torture.

And anyone who brings up the truth in the presence of your typical CMMM mind-kontrolled person, will immediately be rejected and treated as a conspiracy nut or crazy crackpot. This is what happens when folks are continually lied to and mind-kontrolled by the CMMM.

The CIA which was hijacked by the Bush Crime Cabal and supports the RKM agenda while deeply associated with the DVD (Fourth Reich control group) has now been forced into a checkmate situation along with the RKM in the Mideast by President Putin and the Russian Federation.

As the RKM’s power wanes, so will the power of the FRS, the CIA and especially the DHS. DHS is the RKM’s own internal police state army set up inside America and designed to create complete tyrannical control for the RKM. It too is now checkmated and many working for it are sandbagging and keeping their jobs to keep a paycheck coming in but have lost all respect for DHS thanks to the previous sexual perversions and weird games in the top management.

Stay tuned, this is probably going to get quite interesting.

Stay tuned, this is likely to get very interesting in the weeks and months ahead as the RKM’s system continues to unravel and crumble. And there is always the possibility that the new kid on the block will have to bring the RKM Banksters system crashing down in order to break their back. This could be a painful transition, and it is hoped it won’t come to that. But if it does, it will be important to get a new system up and running quickly, one that is owned and operated by Americans and without charging them interest for using their own money.

* RKM is an abbreviation to represent the Rothschild Khazarian Mafia, a term coined by VT Financial Editor Mike Harris after extensively researching the true but hidden history of the nation of Khazaria and its connection to Rothschild World Zionism now centered in the City of London. The RKM operates out of the City of London, a separate nation inside the UK which has its own police force and diplomats and pays no taxes to the UK government, like the Vatican. The RKM has deeply infiltrated America and hijacked its manufacturing and distribution of money and most of its institutions of government, uses the US Military to fight its proxy wars for massive profits and uses its Intel agencies to traffick in illegal narcotics, also for massive profits.

The modern state of Israel was a creation of the RKM as a safe-haven and action-agent for World Zionism and serves as its main Cutout along with America and most European nations, many of which are now attempting to separate themselves the the RKM Worldwide web of debt and deceit. The private American Federal Reserve System, is a franchisee of the City of London RKM Banksters and is their main source of World money power using the US Petro Dollar as the World’s Reserve Currency.

Much of the World is now organizing and forming coalitions to form major firewalls against this US Petro Dollar hegemony and are well on their way to weakening it and eliminating it as the World’s Reserve Currency. Right now Russia and President Putin are spearheading a major checkmate against the World Hegemony of the RKM.


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  1. Wjabbe: A most interesting comment. I would add that the corporate media works together with the government to spread and reinforce the government’s lies. The persons staging these hoax attacks can create any fictional scenario they want because they can depend on the corporate media to back them up completely.

  2. Oh sorry ,the train reference was the one in Europe the msm claimed was hijacked by someone and 4 Americans punched his ticket. The msm claims one of them to attend the college in Oregon that was the scene of another shooting that appears orchestrated by cut outs of the RKM. Apologies Dr. James for the confusion.

  3. Just once again a timely and informative. Knowing that we the people are working to end this nightmare of the terrible few is uplifting and as always us worker bees are posting daily on the internet and exposing the false junk,

  4. Those are the fire- walls that held the false system at bay and the folks who tore them down should go to prison, Baily, Grimm, Clinton signed it being the Glass Stragall Act. The others are equally important names would be great.

  5. One of the 4 “heroes” on the train apparently is on dancing with the stars, and claims he attends classes at the Oregon school you mention wjabbe. Something like inside edition or one of those goofy tabloids of that genre stated yesterday. Very telling of who does these things.

  6. Dr. James, I’m a little perplexed. RE: to the conversation, broadcasted live on 3/24/15, that you engaged in with Lon Gibby and others, for Amb. Wanta. Since the release and announcement of the new Wanta bio, there has been utter silence.

    In this piece you just published, no mention of Wanta. In many cases you cite here, no credit to Wanta. On being Col. Tim Osman’s primary handler. On exposing and confirming the DVD. On literally bringing down the USSR, and probably instrumental in bringing Putin to power. Putin was a vice-chairman of some org at the signing of the General Agreement on Cooperation (1990) between the US and the RF.

    Just my observations and thoughts. The last article on or mentioning Wanta was in June. (Gordon’s piece on 6/18; Mastermind: Wanta! Black Swan White Hat on Amazon Now) I had a phone conversation with Mike Harris in July. Actually it was on the air on his show for about 30 minutes. We talked about Wanta quite a bit. So that is the last I have been able to get any info from any VT staffer. IDK; it seems there is some kind of official gag order going on. Again, just my observations and thoughts ..

    • Stay confused. This is a troll, stooge type comment. This article is not a report on Lee Wanta’s program and I have covered it as needed. I already mentioned that a movie about his life and his program to rejuvenate America is coming in early 2016.

  7. James, considering the RKM fiat money problems in America, there are separate solutions offered by both Lee Wanta and Karen Hudas. Have you covered either of these two people and their proposed solutions in past articles (ones that I may have missed), and do you know where each of them stands today with regard to being an integral part of the solution to the American money problem? Or have they both failed in their efforts?

    • Obviously you don’t follow VT articles closely. This is a provocative question like we usually see from sockpuppets or trolls. I am up to speed on Lee Wanta and have covered his effective solutions in many articles in the past and his book is readily available at a cheap price. I ignore Hudes because she has made off the wall statements about things that imo she knows nothing about. She is a good licensed attorney very overspecialized in World Banking, but imo her parameters of knowledge are limited to that and she is not qualified to speak out on many of the subjects she has chosen to. Besides I don’t listen to anyone who works for the World Bank, IMF or has in the past.

      The effective solutions are a no-brainer and were proposed by the Founding Fathers, President Andrew Jackson, President Abe Lincoln, President John Kennedy, and Rep. Ron Paul: End the Fed, claw back all their assets, set up a publicly “We The People” owned US Bank, issue our own money and DO NOT charge any interest to use our own issued US Currency. This would immediately lower prices 38-40% and if all so-called Free Trade Agreements were immediately rescinded and suitable tariffs put in place, industry would return to America with plenty of jobs and a booming economy.

  8. The USA has the highest corporate taxes in the world, with 35% Federal tax then state corporate taxes putting it up to over 40%.

    If you want an economy to boom, lower taxes.

    • Yes, but stop allowing these major corporations to have the legal rights of persons, limit their licensing to one year at a time and require that they have their home office here and run all revenues through the US system, or pay steep protective tariffs. If the FRS was revoked, and all assets clawed back, every American would be due a huge payment for stolen wealth over the years and most prices would immediately drop 38-40%. That is how much we Americans are being ripped off (parasitized) by these RKM Banksters whatever they are.

      They certainly would have a hard time proving they were humans with normal DNA in an honest court of law where they should all be tried for RICO, money-structuring, fraud, grand larceny, fomenting wars and terrorism, crimes against humanity, etc. It’s a very long list and so far their is little evidence they even have real human souls because of their parasitism and mass death they inflict on humanity.

      But for the economy to really boom, we must cancel all so-called Free-trade Agreements and institute a strong Tariff system to reward and elicit more American manufacturing.

    • Hi Mr James. You certainly have some fire in your belly. My point is that most people do not know that the government already taxes companies at a much higher rate than other industrial countries. The result is that if you want to start a new company you are least likely to choose America to start it in.

      High taxes but rising deficits. It doesn’t look good.

  9. ‘Nuclear Snake Eaters’? Leave it to the Americans to give birth to new catchy names! But that aside, it is very comforting to know that such a team is in place and has prevented huge catastrophes.
    Thought yesterday about the 2012 Olympics and in particular of Michael Shrimpton. Maybe write a little article about him? If you can? Hope he will be back soon!

    If I may, I have here a very good interview (19 min) with Nikolai Starikov, a Russian geopolitical analyst about the Gladio II Operation the Western intelligence agencies are unleashing on Europe, which I think fits in this overall picture we starting to see:


    Great to see you back, Doc. Hope you doing well!


    • Yes, its a strange name but this top secret group is the best out there and are working hard 24/7 to keep us all safe using the highest most advanced technology available anywhere. They are not involved in politics and just committed to very high standards of professionalism.

    • This is not their official name I do not know if they even gave it to themselves. This is a nickname insiders who work near them use for them. I have no idea of the origin, but I do know these folks are very, very effective and take their jobs very seriously keeping us safe 24/7 from nukes planted by Israel or any other terrorist nation or group on behalf of the RKM.

  10. Knowledge is power and you get my humblest appreciation for what you’ve taught us over time about so much Dr. James. Do you recall the money printed that had some bright red ink lettering? Was that done by president Kennedy, or as a twisted RKM victory dance?

    • JFK signed an executive order for the direct issuing of US Dollars, owned by We The People and not by the private Federal Reserve System. This is one of the main reasons the CIA assassinated him at the direction of LBJ, GHWB, Alan Dulles and the JCS as ordered by the RKM. These dollars went into circulation a short time before he was murdered in Dallas on Nov. 22, 1963. LBJ immediately cancelled this JFK PDD soon after being sworn in.

      Obviously these US Dollars are very rare and worth a great deal as collectors items. If JFK had not be murdered, he was planning on exposing the secret societies behind the RKM and was going to shut down the FRS and substitute our own USG Treasury based system. By the way his USD did not require interest to be paid for their use just like coinage.

      Here is some info and some photos of the JFK USD.

  11. Many excellent point here. And you make perfect sense on these assertions. Keep up the good work.

  12. Good points as usual. And yes, these Taboos are no under fire but not yet broken. Hopefully that will come before the US Petro Dollar crashes and ceases to be the World’s Reserve Currency.

  13. I have covered this explicitly in many numerous prior articles on VT. For a pretty good analysis of how money power and the secret Cabal of RKM Banksters started and ran WW1 and 2 and much more, Michael Rivero has done a great job with his video All Wars are Bankers Wars. You can find this video which is now a respected classic on youtube: https://youtu.be/SKnF1HEUwuo

    But there is a most sinister side to the RKM Banking. It is a scam, a large Ponzi scheme, a huge fraud because it charges Americans interest to use what should be their own money. But even worse this group has deep occult connections with the “Dark Side”. They are eugenicists of the worst sort, believing their job is to thin the herd and create a one world Luciferian tyranny with them at the top and a world population reduced by 90% (and they have put this in writing in stone).

    It was the City of London bribery and human compromising of American politicians using their own greed and human weakness to manipulate the USG into allowing a foreign private bank. The RKM owns this phony central Fiat banking system but is dedicated to destroying America after it has asset stripped it bones bare and reduced America to a third world nation. And unless stopped now this is what will occur.

  14. Pretty much sums up the dismal state of affairs we face in America.

    About the only thing that remains in question, once the other team suits up and gets on the field to remedy these abominations, is selecting the proper round to be chambered and used by the firing squad detachments.

    7.62 NATO or .223 American?

    Mass or Velocity?

    • The energy formula, E=M*V*V (or E=MVsquared), shows that a small increase in velocity generates far more energy than a small increase in mass. The problem with the .223 is limited range – the energy diminishes quite quickly over distance.

  15. Thanks for this very useful general summary of treason in America. I wish the “nuclear snake-eaters”-especially- great success, but if we have proof Israel has hidden nukes in American cities, why does Israel still exist?

    • Israel is the Cutout and action-agent badboy for the RKM, it was created as the World’s largest mass mind-kontrol experiment by the RKM. Remember the RKM has had all the money it needs, bought up, human compromised and blackmailed 5 supreme court judges and most members of congress, most presidents, most of the Pentagon, American Intel, as well as most USG and state institutions.

      The new boys on the block are using brilliant covert means to bring the actual top perps to justice by exposure in the alternative media on the Internet and by geopolitical corrections. You may not prefer their methods but they have actually already achieved a great deal. These means may seem subtle but they are powerful and are attaining results, so stay tuned and watch the powerful evil ones fall from grace in the weeks and months to come.

  16. I recommend Professor Carroll Quigley’s books, ”The Anglo American Establishment”, and ”Tragedy and Hope, A History of the World in Our Time”. You may find them somewhat suppressed.
    A new book is ”Hidden History, The Secret Origins of the First World War” by Gerry Docherty and Jim Macgregor. This also covers the men of the cabal known variously as “The Money Power”, “The Hidden Power” or “the men behind the curtain”. Also, the Secret Elite. Rothschild, Ceceil Rhodes, one Milner, who caused the Boer war, a royal functionary, and the usual Brit perverts. Half a dozen more were at its formation in 1898.

    • As I have said many times, VT readers are the smartest, best read, best informed folks anywhere and they come from all over the World from many different nations. The information you have referenced is very important history and explains a great deal. You are correct in your suggestions.

  17. Yes, Gary Webb paid with his life, but the publication was second tier and the CMMM quickly in unison published numerous stories attempting to discredit this truth.

  18. “Or what about all the various incidents where the CIA was caught trafficking massive amounts of illegal narcotics into America for black ops money such as in Los Angeles with Freeway Ricky Ross…”

    Gary Webb did report that in a mainstream newspaper, and of course paid first with his career, then his life.

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