Brzezinski to Putin: Stop hitting OUR al-Qaeda or it’s World War III

Former US national security advisor Zbigniew Brzezinski speaks during a forum on US-Saudi relations ON April 27, 2009 at a hotel in Washington. AFP PHOTO/Mandel NGAN (Photo credit should read MANDEL NGAN/AFP/Getty Images)
Watch the interview at Press TV
Watch the interview at Press TV

Former US national security adviser Zbigniew Brzezinski’s assertion that Washington should retaliate against Moscow for Russian airstrikes against US assets in Syria is a “stunning admission” of the role America has played in the Syrian crisis, an American scholar in Wisconsin says.

Dr. Kevin Barrett, a founding member of the Muslim-Jewish-Christian Alliance, made the remarks in a phone interview with Press TV on Tuesday while commenting on Brzezinski’s latest article about Russia in the Financial Times.

Brzezinski advised President Barack Obama to attempt to disarm the Russians if they keep attacking the CIA-trained militants in Syria.

“The Russian naval and air presences in Syria are vulnerable, isolated geographically from their homeland,” Brzezinski wrote on Sunday. “They could be ‘disarmed’ if they persist in provoking the US.”

Dr. Barrett said that it is “a stunning admission from a senior high-level policy advisor here in the US that the US in fact using al-Qaeda, or perhaps the Islamic State [the Daesh/ISIL terrorist group] as well, as assets.”

“This is not something that is normally admitted by officials from Washington, DC, that is that al-Qaeda in Syria, the al-Nusra Front, is actually a US ally,” he added.

Brzezinski wrote that Moscow’s apparent decision to strike CIA’s militants “at best” reflects “Russian military incompetence,” and worst, “evidence of a dangerous desire to highlight American political impotence.” He added that if Moscow continues to target these people, then Washington should retaliate against Russians.

Commenting to Press TV, Dr. Barrett said that “the American people will be very interested to hear that just 14 years after the attacks of September 11th, 2001, which were officially blamed on al-Qaeda – which even then was called by some people al-CIA-duh, having had relationships with the US in the Afghan jihad against the Soviet Union – that this supposedly demonized enemy group that we were told was responsible for killing 3,000 Americans on September 11th, 2001 is now our ally in Syria, and we should to go war with Russia and risk a nuclear war that could end life on the planet in order to punish Russia for fighting against al-Qaeda.”

“It’s kind of mind-boggling that anyone could even imagine the US retaliating  against Russia for Russia’s attacks on al-Qaeda, but that’s precisely what Brzezinski said,” he stated.

“And Brzezinski, for better or worse, is actually considered one of the more sensible and level-headed people in Washington, DC which tells you something about other people around him, the neoconservatives who are much crazier than even he is,” said Dr. Barrett, the author of Questioning the War on Terror.

“I guess to explain this, we have just to note Brzezinski’s background; he is from a Polish nobility kind of family background which explains why he hates Russia so much, and has been trying to push aggressive policies against Russia throughout his whole life,” he pointed out.

“But it’s still stunning and disgraceful that when Russia has intervened at the behest of the Syrian government, which is fully legitimate under international law, to shore up that government against these [terrorist] groups like al-Nusra and the Islamic State in order to try to stabilize the situation and lay the groundwork for a kind of peaceful solution, that the response from Brzezinski would be that we need to attack Russia,” Dr. Barrett observed.

Dr. Kevin Barrett, a Ph.D. Arabist-Islamologist, is one of America’s best-known critics of the War on Terror.

He is host of TRUTH JIHAD RADIO; a hard driving weekly radio show funded by listener donations at and FALSE FLAG WEEKLY NEWS (FFWN); a audio-video show produced by Tony Hall, Allan Reese, and Kevin himself. FFWN is funded through FundRazr.

He also has appeared many times on Fox, CNN, PBS and other broadcast outlets, and has inspired feature stories and op-eds in the New York Times, the Christian Science Monitor, the Chicago Tribune, and other leading publications.

Dr. Barrett has taught at colleges and universities in San Francisco, Paris, and Wisconsin; where he ran for Congress in 2008. He currently works as a nonprofit organizer, author, and talk radio host.
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  1. What precisely upsets Brzenzski is that they can easily replace the loss of supplies and armaments with shipments through Benghazi into Erdogen’s Turkey but they now are having trouble finding and keeping a “few good men.” Their well trained efficient fighting force is now becoming an weakened armed rabble.

  2. I wonder how many demagogs attended the meeting that appointed their puppet, Brzezinski to make their announcement ? Also, was the meeting conducted in DC, or in Tel Aviv ?

  3. Jim Dean: “Governments all over the world have material they could use to stick it to each other. So you have to ask why don’t they use it and become instant heroes.”

    They are all with the Tribe, Putin as well. The evidence is right in front of you.

  4. The Tribe is getting a bit complacent. They used to sorta take care of things, but now they just collect the money from whatever lot is buying. It’s a mess.

  5. Brzezinski is ridiculous and laughable and joins the growing crowd of self righteous political and ex political criminal crybabies. I won’t be happy until I hear Hillary, Bill and George et al complaining that their handcuffs are too tight.

  6. Brzhenzheszhezki is the Norma Desmond of politics. He’s the last one on Earth who should be gossiping about the Russians. He hates them and never misses an opportunity to remind them and us. Worse than that, he was instrumental in the murderous success of the psychopath Pol Pot in the killings of more than a million Cambodians.

    Furthermore he has the temperament of a perennially miffed ballerina who makes imperious but unfeasable demands and then turns on her heel and storms off with a hole in her stocking. His real problem is that he believes himself to be To The Manor Born, and blames the Russians for his loss of recognition. He would be better advised to blame his Bolshevik friends, for it was their forebears who turned the world upside down.

    He has no solutions, he is part of the problem. Maybe he could still apply for a job with the Neocons. There’s still a lot of malicious mischief in that geriatric head of his.

  7. Re 9-11: Governments all over the world have material they could use to stick it to each other. So you have to ask why don’t they use it and become instant heroes. Obviously they percieve risks, of the unknown, like what the consequences would be. Sometimes the material has more long term value not being used. Mayby there has been a threat of two that it would be used in such and such a situation, although I can’t imagine that with the Russians as the warmongers have been using them as a punching bag. A lot of stuff gets leaked indirectly so that if there is major blowback the leaker that is public takes the hit. On the good side, for whatever it is worth, our offer to publicize that information if released to use was acknowledge. The February post on VT has half a million reads on it, 90,000 in the past week, and not a single call from media, government, law enforcement, or national security people about it. That’s how scared people are. They don’t want their email address of phone number so show up in our contact logs as they feel that will out them on a watch list. Welcome to the new America, where being an actor is the most common occupation and faking patriotism in the biggest field.

    • Putin’s strategy to “include” US(us lol) in his war on terror was a masterful stroke. The most effective response by the ZOG banking cabal known as the US GOV, would be to accept so as to slow down, dilute Russia’s effectiveness. Really to be a Trojan horse obstacle to protect as Obummer’s and Brzezinski’s “good terrorists. I’m sure V Putin is aware of Trojan horses, but that’s what I see US GOV doing next. When you can’t beat them, join them and pervert their cause.

  8. Absolute propaganda. It’s very obvious to me that Obama is not in control of the White House, let alone US Governmental affairs. Further: There is no need for dramatics or sensationalism, which is exactly what you have with these kinds of statements. I think even the slowest. most shut in of Americans can see that the US has had a hand in destabilization throughout the region, going back decades.

    The real tune here is something far different that threats, or suggestions from an overrated Pole. Who’s investment has just gone up in smoke? What price? Lets have some freaking names, not just a country, place, or thing. Never mind the cost of life, loss of life…..NOBODY seems to give a rats arse bout that.


  9. “The Russian naval and air presences in Syria are vulnerable, isolated geographically from their homeland,” Brzezinski wrote on Sunday. “They could be ‘disarmed’ if they persist in provoking the US.”

    Vulnerable ? ,” isolated geographically” ?
    This man has finally lost it. Not only does one mess with a nuclear armed adversary but Russia has already demonstrated its possession of previously unknown magical weapons and he still advocates ‘disarming’ Russia ?
    But the mess the world finds itself in today is mostly part of this demon’s misleading political philosophies that had been adopted as a how-to-mess-it manual by some thoughtless Think Tanks in the West.

  10. It’s quite possible Brzezinski is suffering from some sort of dementia, but in my opinion this Trilateral Commission member, the architect of the Mujahideen, has in no way ever deserved the attribution of being “level headed”. In any case, it is worrisome the entire political elite in the US seems copesectic with the idea of war with Russia. If so, we are screwed.

  11. As much as I want to believe that Putin is standing up to the bad guys (KZM), I just can’t see that as being the case. If Putin comes out and says that 9/11 was a USG/Israeli false flag then I’m on board, but not fully until then.

    • I would be amazed if Putin is gonna go get the RKM, he s very much controlled really, but he has a bit of leverage and fancied showing up the Americans most probably.

  12. Wonder if Brzezinski is starting to suffer from dementia (not unusual for someone of that age) and letting things slip out, or if the KZM figures the majority of people are too clueless to understand?

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