Where is Israel in Syria conflict? According to reports from Veterans Today this question is answerable

One of dozens of Israeli air attacks


One of dozens of Israeli air attacks
One of dozens of Israeli air attacks





















What is Russia for the Syrian army, seems Israel to be for the IS-close al-Nusra. The US publication Veterans Today reports on how the “Free Syrian Army” (FSA) and the Islamist al-Nusra Front in late September launched a new offensive on the Golan Heights. The day before, the Israeli army had prepared the field by rocket fire on the positions of the Syrian government forces, writes the Contra magazine.

Thus the Israeli army supported directly the FSA and al-Nusra Front and provided the necessary groundwork to attack positions of the Syrian army in the valley Taranjah, Mazra’a Al Amil, Tal and Tal Al Hamriyah-Ahmar. Without the engagement of Israel, this attack would not have been possible. At the same time fighting 800 members of the Israel Defence Forces (IDF) alongside al-Nusra, ISIS and other groups against the government forces in Syria, reported Veterans Today.

A similar incident had already taken place in early August. At the time, should have attacked the Syrian army on the Golan Heights, Israeli forces repeatedly. The spokesman for the Israeli forces had previously reported that missiles would already be reached from the Syrian border Galilee.

Last year, Israeli forces attacked the Syrian army on the UN cease-fire border on after they claimed a missile had been fired at Israel from Al-Quneitra from. This resulted in complete control of al Qaeda near al-Nusra Front on Armistice boundary of the UN.

Another recent incident underscores Israel’s position geschehener in Syria conflict. Four F-15 had to be forced by Russian fighter jets, because they were illegally entered Syrian airspace. They turned over from Lebanese territory and returned to Israel. (dk)

Read more at:  http://www.epochtimes.de/politik/welt/kaempft-israel-seite-an-seite-mit-is-milizen-al-nusra-a1275078.html


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  1. There is no evidence as yet of S-300 of any type being active in Syria.

    On Thursday a top level Russian delegation was in Israel. Early next week more discussions are being held at a lower level. Looks like some kind of operational agreement is being hammered out.

  2. Israeli planes over Syria really need to be shot down. All the decent people of the world will cheer and they evil scum will sit and stew in their hatred. God bless Putin, God bless Russia and may God chastise those who have allowed themselves to be puppets of the Synagogue of Satan.

  3. With extreme prejudice, shoot down all zionist proxies that fly from izraHell into Syria. NO Mercy.

  4. Syria was the most stalwart foe of Israel and it were no secret that Israel wanted Syria (and Libya, Iraq, Iran…) destroyed. Where Israel is as things stand is immaterial because its mission is half accomplished anyway although chances are a most rabid foe may arise from its ashes.

    The politically senseless Jihadi have discredited themselves and whatever obscure political causes they may have by allying themselves with Israel. Imagine their eternal shamelessness and unbelievable betrayal to the cause of their Palestinian brethren who are being slaughtered by whom they mistakenly consider to be their allies while they stand shoulder to shoulder with their enemy against their Syrian brothers. No wonder Jews consider us Arabs as dogs since it is only dogs that will ally with men to kill their own kin the fox.
    But of course Russia would never take such a bold move into the Middle East without a nod from the Islamic clerics of the Near East who also happen to be Sunnis and who know the Jihadi have no right on their side.
    After all during the nascent days of Islam when the Muslims were persecuted by Meccans it were not to the Jews, who were plenty as were their treacheries, that the Muslims were told to go seek refuge but it were to the Orthodox Christian Emperor of Ethiopia did the Prophet of Islam advice his followers to go to with words such as “Go thee to the lands of Nagashi, a righteous ruler who can do no one wrong”.

    • Not only did the Prophet also marry an orthodox woman, Maria the Copt, but on his deathbed he advised his followers not to carry arms against Orthodoxy as “for they are my family”. How valid then, in the name of Islam, the fatwa currently issued by some blind cleric somewhere to go fight a ‘holy war’ against Russians is anyone’s guess but according to what I know I believe the cleric is grossly mistaken. How ???
      Well we Muslims do certain things called ‘Sunna’ meaning doing the things that the Prophet did. Now almost all Muslims would do almost everything the prophet did EXPCEPT marrying an orthodox woman like the prophet did, and if you ask this particular cleric his take on marrying a Christian chances are he will tell you it is like marrying a pig.

    • Then to go issue a fatwa for a holy war against Orthodox Christianity flies in the face of the advice of the Prophet of Islam who said do not carry arms against these people for they are my family, do you not understand ?

    • Thanks for telling us about the Prophet Muhammed marrying Maria the Copt, an Orthodox Christian. Probably none of us have heared about it before.

      I want to add, for the general knowledge of all:

      * Wahabis (Saudi type Sunnis) and Salafis (Qatar type Sunnis) are all Takfiris.
      * Takfiris are apostates = they have taken a stance against God –> they have excluded sertain parts of Islam (meaning wholeness – being One with and submitted to God).
      * Takfiris have excluded the part concerning the relationship between the human and God, the most important part in ANY faith. Thus they have reduced Islam to mearly being a set of laws; but laws no longer related to God.
      * For a fatwa to become legal it needs a MINIMUM of 17 Muslim scholars (IIRC) to issue a fatwa. Among Takfiri anti Muslims a “fatwa declaration” only needs one scholar.

  5. Dr. / Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) _____ NO-FLY ZONE IN SYRIA ‘COULD LEAD TO WORLD WAR 3’

     Madam Benghazi / Hillary Clinton & John Kerry raises SYRIA NO-FLY ZONE despite Obama’s skepticism, as if Clinton’s DISASTER in LIBYA that is still in Turmoil was not enough
     Even as Secretary of State, Clinton advocated for ARMING SYRIAN REBELS, that Cost $500M, that TRAINED (4-Rebles), long before anyone else, including VP Joe Biden & Obama AGREED to do so.
     Paul, said the idea floated by several Republican presidential candidates and by Democratic front-runner Hillary Rodham Clinton, is a “TERRIBLE IDEA” that could “LEAD TO WORLD WAR 3″
     We went 70- YEARS having open channels of communication with the Russians, trying to avoid having one side shoot down the opposite side’s plane.
     I think the people who call for a NO-FLY ZONE ARE NAIVE. Right now, RUSSIA IS actually being INVITED by (2) of the neighboring countries, by IRAQ & SYRIA. We’re going to STOP RUSSIA FROM FLYING IN THE AREA. This gets back to whether we want to diplomatically ISOLATE OURSELVES, or whether we want to diplomatically engage.”

  6. Syrian and Russian aircraft are the only two that are legal over Syrian territory. Foreign fighter jets that enter Syria deserve to be shot down, not forced to turn around and flee Syrian territory.

  7. If the attack on the jetliner over Ukraine really was, as alleged, a failed jewish attempt to to kill Putin the Russians will know and the end times are very near for Israel and its hardly worth reporting about israel because they will soon be dust and a part of history rather than just a bogus nation..

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