Erdogan Complicit in Massive Industrial Theft from Syria

Justice Minister with American Delegration September 2015 (photo by GDuff)
Justice Minister with American Delegration September 2015 (photo by GDuff)
Justice Minister with Veterans Today American Delegration September 2015 (photo by Gordon Duff)

… by  Gordon Duff, VT Senior Editor

The Syrian Minister of Justice, Najm al Ahmad, has begun an unprecedented process. He is using legal authority and international courts to address what has been the invisible dark side of Turkish intervention in Syria, the systematic looting of Syria’s industrial base.

Between 2012 and 2014, dozens of industrial facilities including automobile assembly plants from Aleppo and Idleb province were systematically dismantled and transported into Turkey including all machinery, parts inventories, even the light fixtures.

This wasn’t destruction, these factories were moved into Turkey, piece by piece, transported by heavy trucks where over an estimated $3 billion of Syria’s industrial base was given out, according to sources, to Turkish President Erdogan’s political supporters, members of the Turkish military and US backed “moderate rebels” whose leadership is believed to be fully complicit in what can only be termed “piracy” on an unprecedented scale.

Syria has had untold religious relics destroyed and looted without a single prosecution so far. Grand Mufti says goodbye to VT delegation – Jim Dean Archives

Northern Syria’s considerable industrial base is now in Turkey or sold off across Europe, concealed in the endless line of trucks that haul  goods from Turkey, the “sweatshop of Europe,” into the markets of Frankfurt, London and Paris.

From SANA:

Justice Minister Najm al-Ahmad issued a decision on Friday on expanding the tasks of the legal committee formed in August to prepare legal action against the terrorist gangs that dismantled industrial facilities in Aleppo and Idleb provinces and smuggled them to Turkey.

The new resolutions stipulates that, in addition to its original tasks of prosecuting any legal or natural persons that contributed to the aforementioned stealing of facilities, the committee is now tasked with preparing legal action on the cases related to the dismantling of industrial facilities in the provinces of Deir Ezzor, Raqqa, Hasaka, and Qamishli, and/or the stealing of any materials and equipment imported for facilities within Syria within the same provinces, and transporting them to Turkey.

Turkish “looting brigades” aided by Turkish military operating deep inside Syria and in full coordination with the Free Syrian Army, ISIS, Jabat al Nusra along with many leaders of Turkey’s business community.

Sources inside Turkey claim that President Erdogan was personally involved and received regular updates and a full accounting of goods stolen and how they were distributed because of his concern for “corruption.”

[ Editor’s Note: International media, despite this act of massive theft, not against Assad family wealth, but unfortunate Syrian families, is widely know through out the civilian and military intelligence and diplomatic communities. has not printed anything about it, nor has the UN or the ICC lifted a finger to put the spotlight on it.  And no, aliens did not steal it, earthlings did. You just can’t make this stuf up!… Jim W. Dean ]



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  1. yes Jim. I CAN understand being bum-rush panicked into signing it right after the STAGED 911 EVENT, but every “reauthorization” ever since is pure treason. they dont think so because that little 10 square mile foreign country residing within OUR borders has it’s own “laws”, and has ZERO right to dictate anything to the 50 States it wages warfare against. it is unfortunate that people dont comprehend any of it, from being built on ley lines to being permeated with demonic symbols, or the differences between OUR flag vs the gold fringed ones..
    I sure dont confuse “the US” or “USA” with that “District of Criminals” needing arrest.

  2. I hope it is that for the “Nazi Allied Terrorist Organization” and the “United NAZI-ons” as well. they have both been terrorist organizations more often than not and aid terrorists by turning a blind eye to it or deliberate abuse of “special veto power”. everywhere they go gets dope, prostitution (child too!), murder, sterilization, “depleted uranium”.. what a nice bunch!

  3. I don’t know about you but I get this “righteous” attitude from NATO’s membership, as if they are protecting all that’s good in the “World” against all those countries who would take that away. Turkey is a member (yes/no)? and should therefore benefit from an attack against it by the other NATO Members coming to their aid.

    But how can you come to grips with Turkey attacking their neighbor Syria (they’ve been the aggressors) first, then systematically going into Syria and dismantling entire factories, stealing everything and taking it back to Turkey and setting it up there? All the while they know Syria (there closest neighbor) is suffering immensely? They have continued to support ISIS in every way to the detriment of Syria. How in view of this can NATO be taking their side, lets say against Russia, who is actually doing something beneficial to stop this?

  4. LS, the video talks about 86 dead,
    In the Dutch media there is talk about ‘at least twenty’.


  5. this so called leader should be made return all the stolen goods and should be also made to pay for the re-installation and loss of earnings.this is the lowest of the low and DONT LET HIM GET AWAY WITH IT.peace and justice for ALL. mylo

  6. Yes, you got it, and the evidence will not be difficult to gather. The problem, as always, is having a real judicial forum to put this in front of that cannot be compromise with a single “national security lettter”, which has become the magic “stay out of jail card” which our corrupt Congress slipped into the Patriot Act. So we have a situation of having to get a new law passed here that renounces state immunity or bogus national security claims that perpetuate these crimes on the scale we are seeing. This has been done to put on display to any country wanting to be “independent”, what the cost of that can be, compliments of the USA and its gang of thugs.

  7. In addition the CIA and Israelis, as ISIS’s main backers, have destroyed Syria’s ancient monuments to ruin all possiblities of a revival of Syria’s tourist industry. Nasty stuff indeed.

    There must be payback – at the very minumim the destruction of all Jewish religious monuments and self pitying holocaust museums everywhere in the world.

    Its a tit for tat time and the Syrians now have every right to do to the israelis what the israelis have already done to them.

    I cannot help but wonder if the Russian cruise missile attacks are just to test their cruise missiles in the middle east environment, and now that they know they work perfectly, it might be the start of something big. Big things have small beginnings.

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