Confirmed: F16s Flying from US Base in Turkey Attack Aleppo



By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor and Nahed al Hussaini, Damascus

Two American aircraft have attacked the city of Aleppo.  The story carried by Syrian television and official media has not yet been fully confirmed.

If we can confirm this, it would be “smoking gun” evidence of a long suspected US Air Force move against the Obama presidency.

Conformation received from Syrian Intelligence, 5:40PM EST Sunday.

This bizarre story was initially carried in USA Today and by SANA in Damascus.  10AM Saturday morning, Damascus time, two US built F 16 aircraft crossed the Turkish border into Syria at low altitude.  Their bomb loads were dropped on power plants east of Aleppo with collateral damage in a nearby neighborhoods killing up to 5 and injuring as many as a dozen more.

The aircraft flew from Incirlik Air Force Base, home to America’s 10th Air Wing.  This is the first coalition attack officially directed against civilian infrastructure targets.  The US bombing campaign which began in 2014,  has “accidentally” destroyed a number of key Syrian infrastructure projects including water purification and power facilities.

As with the recent bombing in Afghanistan that destroyed a Doctors Without Borders hospital there, American officials are giving out no information on the pilots who flew the aircraft or what unannounced policy change by the Obama government would allow what is a dangerous provocation.  From SANA:

Damascus, SANA-Two F16 aircrafts belonging to the so-called US-led coalition violated the Syrian airspace on Saturday, targeting the infrastructure and destroying two power plants in al-Rudwaniya area to the east of Aleppo city, a military source said.

According to the source, the two aircrafts violated the Syrian airspace at 10:00 AM Saturday morning.

The source considered the incident a “breach of the international law.”

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The attack caused power outage in the targeted area, the source added.


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  1. I second that the purpose of this transformer & electrical plant bombing primarily was a means to fish for a Gulf of Tonkin (as claimed but proven false) type of incident.

    London sending in Tornados equipped with air-2-air missiles underbuilds this assessment.

    As for the bombing, Putin is baffeled by its lack of logic:

  2. One wonders if the pilots of the F-16s were wearing flight-suits of the Iranian Air Force, just in case one crashed ?

  3. Two tentative conclusions are justified.
    1. A message was sent to “Doctors Without Borders,” who are treating indigenous folk, rather than wounded ISIS mercenaries, thus violating the intent of Israel.
    2. The directive for the attack was issued by McCain, who has threatened such actions: His allegiance is traced to his funding agency, not the USA.
    (Directives from furtive sources, for such actions, are explained in the semi-autobiography by former USAF colonel, L. Fletcher Prouty, “The Secret Team: the CIA and Its Allies in Control of the United States and the World,” pp 303-304. The book is available from amazon and other sources. )

    • Ben referred to another attack by Israeli F16s, to which Russia may have responded with cruise missiles from Caspian Sea destroyers — occurring before the 11-Oct. F16 Aleppo electric power plant bombings.

  4. The United States Armed Forces have been cursed with the worst leaders that could ever be stuffed into a uniform. The Pentagram no longer serves America, it serves the NWO. They work for the other side. That these fops would use our forces for the purpose of abusing Syria as chum to pick a fight with people who really know how to fight indicates how vapid they are. They are willfully oblivious to history.

    Yet they will not themselves be caught leading a charge. That is why they will lose. It’s all nintendo to them. They train and equip servicemen for combat, putting them in mortal danger while they watch from a safe distance. The Ruskies will win because they fight like Romans, with their Generals in the midst of them. That place will be very quiet when they’re done. ISIS, Daesh, FSA, and assorted misfits are being painfully schooled about who they can play with and who they can’t. If the Ruskies need assistance they should send in the Chechens. They would make the Ruskies look mild by comparison.

  5. if it’s confirmed, Syria DOES have every right to bomb the hell out of that airstrip in turkey.
    yeah the “MSM” would disinfo us to death about the facts of things, so it’d probably be a better move to tell the “Nazi Allied Terrorist Organization” (NATO) to get the hell out and that they will start shooting down anything that isn’t Syrian or Russian, period!

  6. There is no way that the hospital was attacked by mistake. The planners knew very well that it was there, for how long, and what type of care was provided. The question is what or who was it that drew their attention to the hospital.

    This article says foreign doctors were asked to leave beforehand. If this is true it makes the attacks even worse.

    The departing doctors may have been led to believe that they were leaving for some other reason. For it is unlikely that they would willingly participate in the murders of their colleagues and patients, and destruction of the hospital where they voluntarily worked under such harsh and dangerous conditions.

  7. Like I said the tajectory towards total war is following an exponential curve. The headline says “confirmed”, but this has not been reported anywhere else-as far as I know, In any case, the attack suggest Obama has lost control of the military or is a silent player. The general situation is a nightmare and it is past time for the good folkes who are in a position to make a difference to make their stand.

  8. Hard to wrap your head around this but I guess if you will do the USS LIberty and 9/11 you will do anything.

    Clearly the people behind the CIA, Israeli, Turkey ,Saudi Cartel have identical values to those running the Mexican drug cartels. Maybe the same people?

    We do need names, internet trials and addresses.

  9. I love the Utah Phillips quote that VT has recently posted.

    “The Earth is not dying, it’s being killed.
    And the the people killing it have names and addresses.”

    There is a turning point. In the legal field it is called piercing the corporate veil. Once the bag is open the names will come out. Pilots, generals and senators will fry for the damage they cause. It’s coming.

  10. Is the media going to at least cover the destruction of this power plant ( w/o naming those responsible since they wouldn’t be allowed to ) that people in Aleppo depended on? Russia would have been well within their rights to shoot down those planes on their way in and MUCH more so on their way out after committing this terrorist act of destruction.

  11. So even “our” terrorists had enough sense not to destroy a power plant but the USAF took it out? It’s the same type of terror from above that the poor Germans endured from ’43-’45. ( Followed by Jewish torture from ’45-’49 ).

  12. Why hit two power plants in a city controlled by Allied terrorists?

    Is the US counting on Aleppo to fall within the comming weeks and are acting preemptively – against the Syrian people?

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