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By Jeff Smith, Science Editor

For those who struggled through this very interesting piece of work:
“You are correct. The vacuum of free space is filled with a solid transparent substance called Aether. What it is we don’t know for sure. Maby it is sub atomic particles, maby not, but it does exist. A transverse wave requires a solid substance in order to travel through it. But light will not pass through opaque solids such as limestone ect. So something is amiss???

However we do know that it is non magnetic. It is a dielectric with a constant of one. It is a perfect transfer of energy with no loss or gain in energy. It does not heat up or cool down and it has no apparent measurable mass. Gravity does not effect it. It is transparent. It acts like a solid to transverse waves otherwise it acts like a liquid. It has massive tensile strength but is totally flexible. You can move through it like a fish through water with no drag. It does not do work. You cannot push aginst it. It only reacts with electrons. It is non radioactive. It also does not combine with any other matter or atoms to form matter.In conclusion the only possibilities are that it is either made up wholly of free electrons or it consists of hydrogen gas sitting at about 10 degrees above zero.At this temperature it will act like as solid and support transverse wave action. However Light can be polarized and or reflected by very strong magnetic fields as in the Zeman effect etc. In a vacuum cathode rays are shielded by the gas surounding them until a certian vacuum level is achieved, after that they are very easily deflected by both electrostatic and electromagnetic fields. (J.J. Thompson). So on that basis the Aether appears to be an ocean full of free electrons that are the smallest known particles to exist and can never be created or destroyed. Also the velocity of light is fixed so it has to have a mass even though ever so small. Cavitation of the particle based on its size sets its velosity as a constant. 300,000,000 mps. A ship can never travel faster than the wake that it makes. This is due to hydrodynamic cavitation process. The same in light or Aether. It cavitates at a certain speed called “C”. A particle canot move or oscillate faster than its own diameter. Especially if its vibration is transverse.”

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  1. I totally did struggle through it, so thanks for the synopsis. I had to look up dielectric, and that provides a critical link between spiritual practices and science. Often if a person is suffering from illness due to negative energy being sent toward them from a strong person, it can be fatal. Through a process that can be described as “detaching the thread”, the energy is immediately redirected or mirrored back to the sender often with near fatal or fatal results. this is the science of “what you send out, comes back”.
    I have witnessed healing where this is performed and have seen the results. Just as science may keep secrets due to potential impacts on the populace, so do elders or shaman. When these two groups get to the place of exchange, the world will change. Sometimes, it only takes a few people to alter the polarization of particular trends, but never is it human alone. There are conscious intelligent energies which can be identified by function, each with it’s own area of expertise. This knowledge is most often corrupted by power seekers, but is best kept by the well intended with pure intentions.
    The watery nature of it is referenced over the ages as well as instantaneous response. Thoughts in our own heads can be from another person or an invisible source. The transfer is instantaneous. Flash mobs come to mind.

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