Why Is ISIL Still Connected to Global Financial System?

Why Is ISIL Still Connected to Global Financial System?

TEHRAN (FNA)- There is a reason why ISIL appears to be the richest terrorist organization in the world. There are not enough efforts in the West to squeeze the terrorist group financially and/or halt its brutal rampage.

Western media outlets are right to say ISIL is not a state and that it lacks traditional economic relationships. But they are dead wrong to assume that the terrorist group only generates the vast majority of its revenue from within the territory it controls – a territory that is now in ruins.

The sources of ISIL are fully understood. It’s just that no one in the West – or in corporate media – has any desire to undermine and criticise its Arab finances, and/or block its indirect use of banks and financial exchanges in the Persian Gulf. The US administration trained and equipped ISIL fighters for years, and the group doesn’t have to raise funds to buy weapons and other supplies. It gets them for free, mainly from Saudi Arabia, Emirates, and Qatar.

How is it possible for the ISIL-controlled territories, which are now almost uninhabited and completely bankrupt, to provide the necessary funds for the terrorist group? It just doesn’t make sense. Had there been any money or job in these territories, millions of Iraqi and Syrian refugees would have never risked their lives to reach Europe via the Mediterranean Sea.

Speaking of refugees, Germany alone expects as many as a million refugees by the end of this year, with hundreds of thousands coming from Syria and Iraq. As Fortress Europe would like to suggest, these “economic migrants” are going to all lengths to get a foothold in the Western Europe. So back home these “pitiable homeless asylum seekers” have nothing, let alone a decent job/business to pay the ISIL tax collectors.

Despite the charade, the United States will never lead an international effort to disrupt trade routes, cut access to the international financial system, and impose sanctions on ISIL or the Arab regimes which assist them. ISIL – America’s own creation – doesn’t need revenue and the ability to spend that money in world markets for military equipment and other supplies like oil production gear. The sight of border oil trade, functioning pipelines and refineries, as well as brand-name vehicles and military equipment in the ISIL convoys is a sure sign that something is indeed “awry”.

According to David Cohen, former US Treasury undersecretary for terrorism and financial intelligence, “ISIL does not have the money to meet its costs.” True, there is some extortion money and oil revenues to be had. But that’s all really. It’s never enough to run the richest terrorist organization in the world.

Lest there be any doubt. it’s the American-Arab masters that manage the terrorist group’s bank account; control a huge swath of territory with millions of people; have drawn thousands of recruits from Europe and elsewhere; are waging war against sovereign states in the Middle East; and spend hundreds of millions of dollars to affect regime change in Damascus. Their loyal vassal, ISIL, is both materially and spiritually poor.

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  1. What happened to Scott Bennett? Is he not that ex Special Forces dude who has a list of all the terror financiers plus their accounts in Switzerland???


  2. So many questions, how do they get fuel, supplies, food, ammo, weapons, trucks, artillery, on such short notice, and pay their mercenaries every month, all with little infrastructure. The flow of funds, the sale of oil on the open market, delivery (where it shouldn’t be allowed for sale at all), care of wounded in Israel, the leader “Bagdadi” being Mossad, the video’s, all help explain how a group that shouldn’t be able to sustain itself, all of a sudden can?

    We saw John McLame meeting with the Mossad head of Daesh not long ago, and recently his idea to equip them with “Stingers” and other weapons via his Congressional position is treason. Do they forget that the same groups were labeled the 9/1 perps and to be hunted down to the end of earth? It’s a farce beyond explanation.

    Once you start looking at where all those supplies are coming from, then hear about accidental “Air-Drops” from the USA and Britain, you realize what a twisted, double-dealing group the WEST is and has assembled. It’s SO corrupt that it’s embarrassing to say we’re associated with the CIA and other “hacks” that have put forth this see-through treachery. Throw in the Khazarian Mafia/Rothschild’s and you have a group that doesn’t stand for ANY principles, dignity, honor, courage, sacrifice,…nothing except the murder of innocents, the theft of possessions and resources, and wanton destruction. No wonder Mr. Putin has gained such respect.

  3. I have heard by cannot confirm that the $billionaire Texas jew Tommy Friedkin is the largest Toyota distributor in the USA.

    He likely knows how ISIS gets all its Toyota Land cruisers. That is their vehicle of choice.

  4. The description of Arab oil states, including the Saudis, supporting ISIS may not be permanent. Present realities, especially the courage and prescience of Russia to intervene militarily has probably changed the Arab States financial support, and way they see what’s happening.
    With respect to the Saudi’s it is significant that the cash cost outlays they have paid for the war in Yemen as well as in Syria have caused, for the fist time this oil rich “kingdom” to go to the money markets and make a huge borrowing.No doubt, they have had to pay the Zionists a “pretty penny” to assist with nukes etc. in the Yemen war.
    They have had the credit rating to do this, and oil reserves as collateral; but its costs to wage these wars have been so expensive that even Saudi Arabia has to borrow in the money markets.
    As a result the Saudi king recently visited Washington. With Russia now active and decisive in the middle east, the Saudi’s have an incentive to stop supporting ISIS and agree to keeping Assad. The Iranian deal also will tend to make them fore agreeable to make a deal with Moscow and stop supporting ISIS. It would not be surprising to read soon of the Saudi King and Putin meeting to arrange to work together.

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