Jim Dean on America’s Disinformation War on Russia

VT's A-Team in Damascus - Dec 01, 2014 - Jim Dean Archives
VT’s A-Team (center) in Damascus – Dec 01, 2014 – Jim Dean Archives

by  Jim W. Dean, VT Editor  …from  Sputnik and New Eastern Outlook, Moscow

It seems that the new counterterrorism coalition consisting of Syria, Russia, Iraq, Iran and China has stepped in at the right moment: the world has put into question the true reason behind the US-led “phony” coalition’s involvement in the Syrian conflict, US columnist Jim W. Dean underscores.

America’s geo-strategists have been evidently outstripped by their Russian counterparts in Syria: by its swift and professional strikes against ISIL terrorists Moscow has dealt a blow to Zbigniew Brzezinski’s idea that “the US had to move quickly to ‘arrest’ the Russia air and naval campaign to reestablish itself as the supreme power in the region,” US columnist and managing editor for Veterans Today Jim W. Dean notes.

“It has been quite a show watching panic set in at the Pentagon, White House and NATO, as the modest Russian air campaign began tearing up the terrorist infrastructure in northern Syria. Forty percent is claimed to have been destroyed the first week in preparation for a Syrian ground offensive, which has now started,” Dean narrated in his article for New Eastern Outlook.

In response, Washington’s tame media sources unleashed a real “disinformation terror war,” banging the drums over Russia’s strikes against what they called “non-ISIL” targets and “moderate” Syrian rebels.

“Defense chief Ashland Carter made a huge mistake in charging the Russian air campaign with attacking civilians and moderate rebels. The discussions of the Pentagon using all the al-Qaeda affiliates against Islamic State because they were the only ground force available had already been published,” the US columnist remarked.

To make matters even worse, the Pentagon’s $500 million Free Syrian Army training program has proved completely inefficient, causing suspicion that it has been “nothing more than a ruse to funnel manpower and weapons to America’s new al-Qaeda terrorist army.

“Incredible as it may seem “the American people and the world [have been] told that the Russian-Syrian campaign is destabilizing the region because it might eliminate too many terrorists,” Dean noted. “If we let them continue lying to us on this scale it just puts us all in more danger,” he warned.

 The American columnist called attention to the fact that only the US coalition countries have raised their voices against Russia’s Syrian campaign, while France, for instance, has already signaled it sees “nothing wrong with ALL terrorist groups in Syria being targeted.” Furthermore, Polish social network users have also expressed their approval of Russian strikes in Syria and slammed Warsaw’s anti-Russian stance.


“My gut feeling is that the new counter-terror coalition of Syria, Russia, Iraq, Iran and China feels the time is right, that the world will support it for challenging the phony US coalition, which only wants to have its former unchallenged control over its regime change terror forces with no competitors,” Dean pointed out.

“If Islamic State agreed to serve US interests tomorrow, the US response would be, ‘What piece of Syria would you like?'” he added with a touch of grim irony.

You can read the full NEO article in its magazine VT format here.


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  1. Germany is completely on board and behind Russia 100%. At the root of this is the EU and it’s movement toward the BRICS and away from US backed interests within the region. This has been talked about for months now…one reason why Germany has requested it’s gold back. This has sparked conversation as to whether it even exists…to date some 40% or so, has been relocated back to German banks vaults.

    Regardless of what MSM outfits are spewing…Germany needs Russia, and as has already been said France is more than willing. What will never be openly reported is that the US is losing it’s influence via policy…..but who’s policy is it?


  2. Sheldon Adelson is an Israeli-American Zionist (with Lithuanian, Ukrainian, Jewish Ancestry)
     Adelson — “Spent more than $100 Million on 12 REPUBLICAN CANDIDATES during the 2012
    Campaign & and has been aggressively courted by most would-be Republican nominees ONLY (1) WON.
     After Rubio set-up a meeting in Adelson’s offices at Venetian Las Vegas with Rubio’s Campaign Manager, Terry Sullivan & Senior Adelson Advisers, Rob Goldstein & Patrick Dumont, the 82-year-old “Las Vegas Mafia” said that momentum had strongly shifted to the Florida Senator Marco Rubio.”

  3. Mr. JD__AT NO TIME__ IN THE HISTORY OF WORLD LEADERS’ EXISTENCE THE WORLD has never seen an Exposed to these Extent of ___Leaders’ Incompetence, Ignorance, Dumbness & Helplessness.

     Now, Russian President Vladimir Putin is WINNING THE WAR IN SYRIA, his Approval “is __86%, with the economy down due to Western Sanctions, falling oil prices, the Ruble has lost a lot of its value in the 12- months, and the government expects the economy to shrink this year, the first drop since 2009.”
     Russia started pumping Gas to Ukraine__after it made advance payment for October from the $500M it received from the EU. But The Evil Ukrainian Government said, starting 10/25/15, we won’t allow Russian Flights over Ukraine. They must be up to something. EU told them to have Election 12/15 now__ it’s 2/16
     Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko, a “Buddy of Russian President Vladimir Putin” has won his 5th Term with a Landslide 83.5% of the vote. None of three other candidates in Sunday’s election achieved more than 5%. The Turnout was 86.75%. EU also, unfrizzed the Sanctions it imposed on Belarus. When are they unfrizzed Russia’s Sanctions?

  4. A very informative and insightful article that exposes America’s phony war on terror and the absurdities of the propaganda, big lies and false-narratives dispensed by the Controlled Major Mass Media about it which are presented to mislead everyone from the real truth. It has now become only too obvious to the whole World that USG officials have been lying through their teeth and instead of fighting ISIS they have been supporting them and providing weapons to attack Syria and Assad’s army and cities with. When America supports foreign terrorists who are attacking a free nation such as Syria and a duly elected leader such as Assad, this is an act of war and any continued support for ISIS that results in Russian casualties will be a direct act of war against the Russian Federation.

  5. I agree it’s going to get very bad and very soon, because the insufferable policy twits in DC are operating domestically and geopolitically from a grossly flawed model of reality. Their policy, aka political correctness, is intended no less than to deracinate not only America, but the entire planet into a one-world, two-tiered NWO, with global power passing seamlessly from Washington to Jerusalem in time. And all this based on a financial and economic house of cards about to collapse and a world awakening to the unfathomable evil emanating from DC, which will as soon cause the slaughter of hundreds of millions once again, but in this century under Bolshevism 2.0. They won’t ever accept the possibility the moral destruction and slaughter of even our own nation is wrong because human life is essentially meaningless to these freaks. It can’t last, and so it won’t.

  6. The Pentagram, State, the Nut House, various Congressional Committees, and screwball think tanks had four solid years of uninterrupted control over the Syrian takedown on the pretext of regime change and democracy.

    Fail. Fail. Fail. Fail.

    Four murderous years and 250,000 dead Syrians later, the Ruskies step in and pistol whip the $#%& out of the terrorists, and how does DC react? Like a gaggle of crabby old ladies gossiping about someone who keeps showing them up. In one week ISIS is getting smoked and survivors are on the run, and instead of being glad that they have been fumigated off the Earth, what do we get from DC? More cranky women. Is the water in DC spiked with estrogen? Are there any real men in left DC or have they all been Bolshevized, feminized, and reduced to NWO concubines?

    Two world wars and a string of other conflicts costing millions of lives were planned in that cesspool. It cannot continue. Most of the problem is that we are governed by “leaders” who are not identifiably American, so they have no loyalty but their bankbooks. They are akin to marauders in pinstripes. They cannot be allowed to continue raining death on other people at will. It’s bad enough that we’re stuck with them but they’re our monsters, we will have to quell them. Until then foreigners should do what they must to protect themselves from our psychos.

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