Putin Cites US Bombing Attack on Aleppo Power Station as “Strange”

Power plant bombed by US F16s from Incirlik Air Force Base
Power plant bombed by US F16s from Incirlik Air Force Base
Power plant bombed by US F16s from Incirlik Air Force Base

Earlier the American aviation bombed out an electrical power plant and a transformer in Aleppo

MOSCOW, October 13. /TASS/. Russian President Vladimir Putin has expressed bewilderment on Tuesday over the targets of US airstrikes in Syria.

“On Sunday, the American aviation bombed out an electrical power plant and a transformer in Aleppo. Why have they done this? Whom have they punished there? What’s the point? Nobody knows,” the president said at a meeting with the Russian government members.

The report published by Veterans Today after confirmation by Syrian intelligence cites two American F16s flying at low levels across the Turkish border into Syria, bombing not only the thermal power plant and transformer grid but hitting a local residential area as well.

The attack cut electricity to 2.5 million Syrians.

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  1. Well, Carnaptious, you sure got my attention. I laughed til I cried at your rendition of the hat trick that is the war on terrorism. It is no laughing matter of couse, but I have great confidence that Putin’s jujitsu is the perfect remedy to clarify confusion. A true warrior has taken his seat!

  2. As has already been shown, Russia is three steps ahead. We can expect Syria will (soon enough) enforce it’s Sovereign Airspace with Russian help. Any Nation’s violating it will be taken out and they’ll will have no legal standing. Once the Syria’s Airspace is enforced, creating a false flag won’t be as easy as they think.


    Russia & China are following F16s bombing Aleppo power plants very closely (as is VT – from beginning).

    VT has now CONFIRMED F16s bombing Aleppo electric power plants — at highest levels in Syria etc.

    Turks, Saudis and Israelis also have F16s and could fly from/through Incirlik Air Base to Aleppo.

    Putin will NOT declare Syria “No Fly Zone,” but Russia may jam F16/etc. targeting & defenses.

    Russia now providing assurances & incentives for Turks, Saudis, Israelis & others to stand down.

    Even GCC now favors U.S. & Russia anti-ISIS coalitions working together — as do EU nations etc.

    Obama talks groupthink bluster in public, but Obama is slowly but surely favoring FULL deconfliction.

    Even as NeoCon empire bombers, NeoLib R2P humanitarian bombers, Saudis, Qataris, Turks, Israelis & others (plus Rotten-Childs/Bushes etc.) do stupid & desperate stuff to provoke Russia-U.S. confrontation … Russia, China, Iran, Iraq, Syria, BRICS, GCC, EU & others are blocking ALL roads to World War 3.

  4. Definitely Russia MUST declare ALL of Syria a NO FLY ZONE except for Syrian and Russian aircraft. But it’s like the Lusitania: these bastards will sacrifice lives in the hope of getting a bigger war. Putin needs to take Kiev NOW and really throw these bastards off-balance. McCain will be running around like his ass is on fire and his head’s catching.

    • No Bill, Russia will NOT declare a “no fly zone.” Putin is more subtle and effective than that would be.

      Ukraine is a perfect example. In Crimea, +/-90%+ voted to rejoin Russia. In Donbas, give rope to NATO.

      “Crackers” McCain, NeoCons & NeoLibs now show themselves to be who they are. Punishment enough.

      Although instant gratification may take too long for you, be patient. Karma is ruthless. Putin knows this.

  5. This is an act of war by the nation that sent in these aircraft against Syria and against the Russian Federation if any Russians were killed. The Russians were invited by the legitimate Syrian Government. The first step must be to find out who sent this. Have these aircraft been repainted by Israel or the Saudi’s as an attempt to set off WW3 between the USA and Russia (a false-flag). Or did the CIA send these aircraft in using traitors in the USAF without President Obama’s success. In any case this needs to be completely investigated and the pilots responsible as well as those who ordered them to do this must be named and exposed and prosecuted for acts of international terror. This needs to be traced all the way back to its origin, what the aircraft were, who owned them, and who deployed them.

    • Good to see you writing again Dr James. I would include knowing who lived or hid in that residential area and their possible connections to the cartel. Also be prepared for a hit by israel, turkey, and the rogue US actors using the darkened area as a diversion. Their logic smells of old men in walkers and is as bad as an old john wayne movie.

    • Preston,
      I’m guessing Russia already knows exactly who and why those terrorists supporters bombed the Aleppo Power Station.

  6. Highly unlikely local power needed, these radar units are designed to work in fields in the middle of nowhere.

    As to local power use, Aleppo is nearly 150 miles from the airfield at Latakia, the other side of mountains, so it is unlikely that the Russians are using power from that Aleppo.

  7. why? it was DELIBERATE that’s why.
    the District of Criminals think they can do another Libya, now Russia is involved and this act will kill thousands of Syrians without having to pay mercenary terrorists!
    elderly who NEED electricity, food spoiling for lack of refrigeration electricity etc.
    there is ZERO excuse for such an action, they KNOW what is where and what they targeted.

  8. Is it possible that Russian radar is dependent upon local power supply, or even the Electronic warfare units?

    Fuel pumping and service and machine shops to keep aircraft operational. No doubt Russia has generators; But it is early days, is Russia as yet, independent of local power resources? Given the need for good lighting and working EW systems in a hostile region.

  9. The one thing I can think about this is that the Syrian people were rooting the Russians on watching TV. Their consciousness has power as has been noted in many studies. By taking out the electrical grid, it took down the internet, TV and consciousness of the Syrian people rooting on the Russian stikes which has had a potential profound effect on their campaign. It was also a way to bring the people back into a state of darkness and fear. It was a very sad, cowardly act.

  10. Because you explicitely mentioned this in an earlier artcle, Gordon, I suggest that this is simply a form of “practical satanism”.

    This kind of general punishment with no military or strategic relevance at all only hints to those US/Israeli militars who think that everybody who doesn’t want Assad toppled and murdered and who also doesn’t agree with the destruction of this ancient civilization systematically destroyed, must be punished – even if it is not popular in the western countries.

    If they can’t grap Assad, they produce as much evil destruction as possible, may it be against the people, their infrastructure or their ancient cultural surroundings. Bomb it, bomb it all!

    This was no fault, this was bomber Harris – in action again. Col. Michael Aquino might laugh like a devil, as he might also laugh about the “not reportet war and mayham” in Yemen.

    We, as sane people, should get ready for more of this.

  11. I want those pilots front and center. I have some questions for them. This was not an attack on ISIS. These were attacks on a sovereign country’s infrastructure. This is an act of war. Depriving 2.5 million civilians of power? Bombing a civilian neighborhood with precision weapons? This is an act of terrorism. Now we know who the terrorists are. Who’s in charge at the DoD? We have a Marine at CJCS. A former CMC. As a Marine veteran, I want some answers! Anyone in Congress hear my outrage?

  12. Because the USAF at the moment is run through the Hiitler Doctrine, with an addendum perhaps of the Dresdener Winston Churchill doctrine?

    These two fine specimens of western warfare strategy, there must be gold to reap in Damascus.

    So let’s hope mister Putin is more fearful of the prospect that these hordes could make a left turn inwards into his Russian homeland than he is afraid about something really stupid that might truly explode in the present Middle East.

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