Pravda: Russia welcomes Iran’s participation in ground operation in Syria


Russia welcomes Iran's participation in ground operation in Syria. Iran joins Russia in Syria

Source: Pravda.Ru photo archive

Reportedly, Russian aerospace forces, the Iranian infantry, the Syrian army and Hezbollah group are preparing for a major offensive on the Islamic State militants in the area of ​​the Syrian city of Aleppo. Thousands of Iranian troops have arrived for the operation, Pravda.Ru reports with reference to Reuters.

At the same time, Tehran does not officially confirm the presence of the Iranian army in Syria. Military expert of the Association of Political Scientists, Doctor of Political Sciences, Andrey Koshkin, commented the situation for Pravda.Ru.

“Iran is a member of the coordinating council in Damascus that also includes Russia, Syria and Iraq. The information about the direct involvement of the Iranian military in combat will become clear in the next few days. We can only welcome this move of Iran, because Vladimir Putin has called on all forces in the world to unite to struggle against the Islamic State. The countries that take part in the anti-terrorist operation are the states that show concern about global security and global threat of terrorism,” said the expert.

Speaking about the military capabilities of the Syrian government army, Andrei Koshkin said that the army was in need of strong support. The Russian operations against the Islamic State raised the morale of the Syrian military and created conditions were created for offensive operations.

Andrei Koshkin reminded that the operation in Syria would not be a protracted campaign for Russia, as President Putin had stated before. The Russian Air Force has clear tasks to execute.

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  1. Sure Allesandro they were all jihadi mercenaries hireb y Israel and Saudi’s. I’m also sure that all the 2.5 Syrian refugees in Turkey, including the one million in Europe seeking refuge in Europe, are NOT really Syrian refugees, but Israeli secret agents and merceneries disguise as Syrians. Thanks for the info, though.

    • These fugitives (many fortune seekers among them) are probably a bit confused, also by Hasbara trolls like “per”, otherwise they would have gone to Iran, stayed in their own country, or (when from Syria) gone to western parts of Syria.

  2. Salam.
    There aren’t 50000 Iranians in Syria. This is what Satanyahu wants the world to believe that Iran intervenes in other countries militarily. There are only Iranian military advisers there (I’m Iranian). But soon there might be some military action from Iran because Saudi Arabia killed 464 Iranian Hajj pilgrims on purpose and Iran knows this (no, Hajj stampede was no accident and even now Iran is gathering all the evidence). We Iranians will soon respond harshly (after we get back our 64 so called ‘missing’ remaining hajj pilgrims). Iran simply WON’T let Zionist Arabia get away with this mass murder. NOT THIS TIME.

    • Actually there are more than 50,000 Iranian soldiers (well, you cannot really call them “soldiers” but terrorist organization called Revolutionary Army) helping their terrorist brother Assad to stay in power. But will be gone, so will the Mullahs in Iran. By they ways, who said that Saudis killed the Iranian prilgrims? Where did you get this information? By the way, you may called Israel Zionist state or Cancerous State as that IS Leader, Khomeiny, called the country. Or call the US the Great Satan, or all the other nonsenses you Iranians are used to say. Iran is super corrupt and terrorist country, Iranian people hate them, and the mullahs know that. Their end is near.

  3. China sent their Aircraft Carrier to Tartus. What are their plans to help Syria, anyone know? I heard the ship arrived without planes, and that planes would be flown in from China later (maybe now).

  4. Iran has been involved in Syria for the past four years. There are about 50,000 Iranian troops already stationed in Syria, defending Assad and fighting for the man who has murdered more than 300,000 Syrians. They all are gathering together and preparing to take on Israel – Ayatollahs dream. With Obama caving in, I wonder how Israel will continue to exist among all the devils surrounding them.

    • He hasn’t killed 300,000 and most of those killed are NOT Syrian but mercenaries hired by the Saudi’s and others including Israel.

    • Israel has never been a legitimate state, and should not exist. Regarding the Khazarian invaders, as Helen Thomas said, they can go to Hell.

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