Putin’s Wild Card in Syria

Russian President Vladimir Putin gives an interview at the Novo-Ogaryovo state residence outside Moscow September 3, 2013. Putin said Russia may approve a military operation in Syria if Damascus is proven to have carried out chemical weapons attacks, but such an operation can only be conducted with U.N. approval. In an interview with AP and Russia's First Channel, posted on the Kremlin web site on Wednesday, he also said Russia will fulfill its arms contracts with Syria. Picture taken September 3, 2013. REUTERS/Alexei Druzhinin/RIA Novosti/Kremlin (RUSSIA - Tags: MILITARY POLITICS CONFLICT) THIS IMAGE HAS BEEN SUPPLIED BY A THIRD PARTY. IT IS DISTRIBUTED, EXACTLY AS RECEIVED BY REUTERS, AS A SERVICE TO CLIENTS - RTX136KN

by Preston James

Note:  Even though some of the Veterans Today Directors may have Beyond-black Secret Space War clearances, none of the Secret Space War material in this article was sourced by them or through them and comes from independent outside sources. If you are not up to speed on Secret Space War matters you are probably wasting your time reading this article. The best readily available good source of background information on most Secret Space War matters and the massive secrecy surrounding them is the highly respected researcher and notably popular author Richard Dolan. One who has read his books, especially his latest one and has watched his www.youtube.com presentations will have obtained a pretty good background on these most highly classified matters. This is a long article and those who want a quick summary can read the caps and get a pretty good overview.


In one of the most unexpected turn of events in recent history, Putin and the Russian Federation, at the request of his ally Syria, moved Russian aircraft into Syria and deployed high tech cruise missiles from a thousand miles away to rapidly decimate over 40% of ISIS.

This bold, unexpected lightning defense of his long term ally, Syria, has decimated ISIS, but is really a checkmate against the whole *RKM and has sent shock-waves around the world, leaving the Pentagon in complete disarray and the CIA completely discredited as a major Terror Operation in the Mideast.

It has also left the Likudists, Netanyahu and their stateside Cutouts shocked and dismayed and so angry they are now coming unglued. Israelis are becoming increasingly paranoid by the minute, buying guns at a rapid rate, and expecting an invasion from all sides at any time. Payback is a real bitch and all the hell-on-earth that these Likudists have created for Palestinians is now coming home to Israel.

Unless we clean up our RKM corrupt, infiltrated Pentagon and disband the CIA, DHS, and the Federal Reserve System it is likely that Americans will find themselves being treated by the Palestinians by this Israeli-American Terror Machine which is now gearing up to fight a major internal war against the American People. Their agenda? To stifle all dissent and continue unchallenged and unabated in their quest to transform America into GAZA II, the World’s newest and largest open-air prison camp and make us all their new Palestinians, after of course they have asset stripped us bare and made us into penniless serfs and slaves.

Israelis have been misled by their leaders to believe that Russia is now after them, but this couldn’t be further from the truth, it’s the RKM and their leaders who have been after the non-Khazarian Russians for many, many years. These paranoid beliefs in this case are “psychological projections”, a by-product of the process of accusing others of what you have secretly been doing but refuse to admit to yourself or others, a psychological mechanism the RKM and many Israeli leaders have become known for and one that protects them from the truth at all costs, even their own future payback.

This is unnecessary because all they have to do is boot out Netanyahu and the Likudist Terrorists and get on with the peace process that should have been concluded many years ago with the return of all the settlements to Palestinians back to the 1947 borders. Sadly the peacemakers in Israel have been ignored for years and marginalized by the RKM owned war hawks who are incredibly paranoid and always favor an early first-strike strategy. This time they never saw Putin’s defense of Syria materializing and were caught completely off guard.

They thought their puppet the pentagon would never allow such a move as what Putin did. they couldn’t have been more mistaken because the Pentagon has been surpassed by the latest super high-tech Russian weapons system that really work as claimed and this has now defanged the Pentagon.

Right now the Pentagon is pointing fingers at the CIA accusing them of being bumblers, and the CIA is blaming the Pentagon. Both have been functioning under the spell and control of the RKM and Israel, aided and abetted by the Israeli-American “Israeli-first” Dual Citizen Traitors. And for the first time, thanks to the recognition of who did the 9-11-01 attack on America, most are getting to know who these folks are by name (the PNACers, the top Neocons and their Cutouts who have been bought and sold by the RKM and its espionage fronts in America like AIPAC).

It is likely that this unexpected checkmate of the RKM in Syria is going to lead to the RKM’s complete dis-empowerment, failure of its “Greater Israel Plan” to occupy the whole Mideast and then the whole world, including failure in using NATO and its Cutouts the Pentagon and CIA mercenary armies to surround Russia and Balkanize it.

The final result of checkmate in Syria is a cascade of exposure and failure for the RKM which has been brought on by this Russian Federation’s unexpected decimation of the RKM’s ISIS in Syria will likely end up being the complete collapse of the RKM’s Evil Empire all over the world and its ugly parasitical hold on America’s key institutions and private fake central banking, the biggest financial fraud in history.

This checkmate and exposure of the RKM is also likely to eventually result complete boycotting, sanctioning and divestiture of Israel by the World and its Balkanization. Every day more and more folks all over the Wold come to understand that Israel is now considered the main operative source of RKM False-flag terror in the Mideast and all over the World including the attack on America on 9-11-01 and the bombing of the Murrah Building as well as the bombing of the Khobar Towers.

The last US Carrier group in the Mideast was called home, and this alone has confused many who thought the American nuclear carriers and their state-of-the-art Aegis missile defense shield were invincible and should stay put in order to stop ISIS.

But, we now know that ISIS is an Israeli-American Terror Machine creation for the RKM and it is senseless for the Pentagon to continuing aiding and abetting the RKM’s terror and mercenary proxy wars in the Mideast, or serving as the defender of the RKM and Israel by deploying Navy Carriers. The US Administration now clearly understands that American carriers are highly vulnerable to these new super advanced Russian Federation anti-ship missiles and its protective dome of complete electronic blocking of any one else’s radar, satellite observation, electronics and much more. Some insiders claim this is the same system Dr. Keshe invented for Iran. Here is a diagram of the Russian Federations electronic warfare dome of protection.


Some top weapons experts believe that this new Russian ultra high-tech weaponry can temporarily deactivate the electrical supply systems and electronics of US ships, including their radar and sonar systems as well as their Aegis missile defense systems. There are even reports that the new Russian Federation anti-ship missiles can put most carriers and ships to the bottom within 4-5 minutes after impact. So far it appears that the US ships are completely defenseless against these new Russian Federation advanced weapons systems.

Kaiser_249This aggressive Russian Federation defense of Syria from ISIS actually immediately placed the Israeli-American Terror machine in checkmate for the first time in history. But it also exposed those who created ISIS, ISIL, Daesh, Al Qaeda and Al Nusra and the like in the first place and have been supplying them and paying them.

It is now clear to the whole world that ISIS, ISIL, Daesh, Al Qaeda and Al Nusra and the like are little more than paid mercenaries of the Israeli-American Terror Machine, and are synthetically-created, engineered and deployed Gladio-style terror, all done to further the NWO Globalist Agenda of the Rothschild Khazarian Mafia (*RKM).

In fact we now know for sure that this Israeli-American Terror machine is deeply involved with NATO and is an extension of the old Gladio “left behind Nazi army” set up as a bulwark against spreading communism, but which was morphed into an agent of international terror deployed to further the City of London RKM NWO Globalist Agenda.

The RKM works through well paid, mind-kontrolled, completely compromised action-agents and cutouts. The top RKM Policy-makers prefer to remain in the shadows but their fingerprints are everywhere when this Gladio based Israeli-American Terror Machine rears its ugly head such as in Iraq and Syria with ISIS, ISIL, Daesh, Al Nusra and the like.

This Israeli-American Terror Machine is comprised of the Israeli War machine and its infiltrated, captive servant the Pentagon which now specializes in using remote control Global hawk aircraft to transport opium from Afghanistan into America and other nations for massive “off the books” income to finance much of these terror operations.

We now know for certain that this RKM Israeli-American Terror machine has been deployed to destabilize sovereign nation states, either to destroy their independent non-RKM banking systems that arise independent of the RKM private FIAT system, or to provide access to steal all their natural resources for their associated corporations. But it is also deployed to destroy any political threat any of these sovereign nations could ever pose to the expansion of the RKM empire, a secret hidden empire that operates through an ever expanding  supply of FIAT “counterfeit money” backed by nothing, along with bought-and-owned elected and appointed Cutouts.

When the British Empire’s Colonial System started to crumble, crafty RKM top policy-makers decided to take the RKM Empire covert through a secret RKM Banking Empire. Thus the RKM decided to cooperate with and control moves for independence in many of the colonies that wished to become independent. But all the while they engendered many cutouts in each new independent nation which would maintain their secret financial hold on each new independent nation. So technically, we have never seen a real end to the RKM or British Crown Empire, in fact it is even stronger than ever.

The top Policy-makers of the RKM Empire were furious when the Russians interfered with the Revolutionary War and then decided they would have to take America back later through various means. The Civil War was another effort to gain control over America once again for the RKM, but once again, because of Russian interference, the RKM failed miserably. By the way, the RKM was working both sides to try and create as much discord between the North and South as possible as part of their usual strategy to destabilize through divide and conquer.

The RKM’s fall back routine to secretly re-colonize America has always been their default strategy to make America part of their secret Banking Empire. But this too had failed miserably, and President Andrew Jackson fully exposed this and completely routed out the RKM Banksters who were trying to hijack the American monetary production and distribution system.

The RKM ordered the assassination of President Lincoln for the same reason it ordered its Cutouts in the JCS and CIA to assassinate JFK, because each had decided to print and issue true US Money, charging no interest for its use. When Lincoln had negotiated with the RKM Banksters for financing for his initial Civil War expenditures, he was allegedly quoted an interest rate of 39%. He immediately rejected this and began printing and issuing greenback US Dollars at no interest charged for their use. This enraged the RKM Banksters, who immediately began to plot his murder. Those that were hung were only the peripheral members.

Booth was allowed to escape because the Secretary of War was likely part of a secret British Freemasonry plot, which went right to the top and involved  completely compromised presidential security, just like the Secret Servicemen who withdrew normal protection of JFK and were part of his murder as accessories, especially the driver Greer, and who also participated in the cover-up because they were afraid of being clipped. Big RKM money has always been used to infiltrate and buy Cutouts deep within the USG and the Pentagon. A patsy was killed in the barn which was torched and Booth lived.

This smoldering inter-generational RKM rage was finally taken out on Russia and the Czar in 1917 when the RKM Banksters (including some large Wall Street Banks) financed and created Bolshevism and used their brothers and sisters, the Khazarian “fake Hebrews”, to run a revolt and seize Russia in order to torture and mass-murder over 20 million Russians initially, and up to 100 million total. Before this RKM operation could be deployed, there were massive psyops, using the paid political action groups, payoffs, and handbills to mind-kontrol members of the Russian Military to go along.

But the Bolshevik system in Russia failed because everything the RKM does eventually turns to ruin because of their own narrow-minded greed and parasitical hatred of humanity, and their continuing commitment to create perpetual wars and mass-death and destruction in order to gain more wealth and power.

We now have gained an understanding of how the RKM Evil Empire originated and developed and how their tactics are played out through bought and owned Cutouts. The RKM is a group of Khazarian Families who have absolutely no ancient Hebrew Blood at all, but who have pretended they do in order to play the holocaust card (that they set up) and pretend they are a persecuted racial minority (when they are not), all done in order to defer any criticism and correction of their ways.

We now understand that the RKM is a group of strong inter-generational “Cain Bloodline Families” that often use advanced occult and trauma based mind-kontrol, extreme violence and sexual abuse to fracture the minds of their children and create subconscious multiple sub-personalities under their control which can be called out at will by the child’s controller.

These “Bloodline Families” are known to use High Freemasonry as cover and also a Worldwide Satanic cult system called the process, based on John Dee and Aleister Crowley’s teaching and others such as Alice Bailey, Jack Parsons, and Colonel Michael Aquino.

The Draco, the official guardian of the City of London Financial District, a separate nation-state with its own diplomats. Could this statue represent more than fables, the Draco alien ET reptilians?

Aleister Crowley visited Egypt, and when he was inside a pyramid, a large alien gray walked through the wall and appeared to him. This entity’s name was Seth, and later the Temple of Set was created in association with these large Gray Alien ETs. It was Aleister Crowley with whom we can first document a clear association between the occult and large Gray Alien ETs, which we now know are working subservient to the Dracos.

Later on it was rumored that the Nazi high command went kinky on occult Black Reich rituals at Wewelsburg Castle and developed an association with Alien ETs who shared technology with them. Because Hitler often overruled the recommendations of his military High Command and released the British and French at Dunkirk to flee, his High Command plotted to surrender all their Alien ET secrets to the American Intel in exchange for complete immunity and consulting jobs setting up American Intel to be used against Stalin’s Bolsheviks.

Thus American Intel ended up with the Nazi Bell and other very advanced weapon systems, including advanced aircraft designs and plans for ICBM, as well as a significant quantity of refined plutonium which was used in the nuking of Japan, but also ended up with their advanced trauma-based Mind-kontrol developed by Dr. Joseph Mengele and his team.

We also now understand that these RKM families carry strong revenge commitment against any group that has blocked their progress and are completely committed to arranging for their complete destruction after stealing every single bit of property and accrued wealth they have obtained, just like they did in Russia in 1917 with their Bolshevik Khazarian Cutouts.

The RKM still blames Russia and Persia (now called Iran) for destroying the nation of Khazaria in about 1,000 AD for refusing to stop their lying, cheating, road warrior ways. The Khazarians built a reputation for robbing and murdering travelers and assuming their identities. Basically, the surrounding nations, Russia and Persia, warned them to stop in 700 AD and demanded that the nation of Khazaria convert to some type of Abrahamic religion in order to become better people with morality and character.

The RKM, aka the “Evil Empire” is the World’s largest Death Cult. It has held the World in its unimaginably evil grip ever since the early 1800’s, largely through control over its private central FIAT and pernicious usury banking system. It has used Babylonian Money-Magick and continuing wars and mass-death to increase its power and wealth. But thanks to the advent of the new Worldwide Internet, a truly revolutionary invention, best referred to as the New Gutenberg Press, all secrecy is ending and the World is catching on to all the evil secrets that empower the RKM. Without abject secrecy the RKM is becoming fully exposed and is now being disassembled by the whole World, one piece at a time. The Russian Federation checkmate in Syria against the RKM has already delivered severe damage to the RKM and fully exposed the Israeli-American Terror machine, a major tool of the RKM used to extend its power and ability to access invaded nations natural resources and wealth for next to nothing with the American taxpayer footing the bill. This evil Israeli-American Terror Machine has been fomenting needless mass death, endless human misery and suffering merely to increase the power and profits of the RKM and their associated banks and large international corporations. many nations around the World are now building group firewalls against the RKM and the US Petro Dollar its key means to rob wealth from everyone who uses it. Soon the US Petro Dollar will fall from grace and will cease to be the World’s Reserve currency. This will mean the breakup of the Saudi government which will probably get a whole new populist government, and likely the same for Israel,  Turkey and even the USA.

The King of Khazaria chose Judaism, but selected secret Babylonian Talmudism style Judaism, the type based on charms and occult based Luciferian (Baal) Black-magick, secret assassinations using poisons, and two-faced evil with a nice face, as well as the ancient secret Babylonian art of making “money from nothing”, using an occult black-magick occult scheme of pernicious usury and fake counterfeit Fiat money.

When the road warrior behavior of the Khazarians continued unabated, finally the Russian and Persians could tolerate it no more and attacked and destroyed Khazaria. The top Khazarian leaders fled before they were caught and took vast fortunes with them to set up the RKM and become the European Money-changers, later becoming the RKM Banksters centered in the City of London Financial District.

To this very day, the RKM continues its blood lust to destroy the Russian people and the New Russian Federation, which is rapidly decoupling from the RKM private central Bankster system and taking much of the world with it. Putin is well aware of this and has actually been authorized to take a stand against the RKM expansionism that uses paid terror mercenaries hired by their cutout the Israeli-American Terror Machine.

President Putin is a Russian patriot, populist and nationalist, and a seasoned black belt in multiple martial arts and an experienced chess-player, who fully understands that the RKM is the eternal enemy of the Russian People and a Free Russia. He also knows that the RKM is now gunning for Russia once again, since it has become an independent Federation free of Bolshevism, which was 100% under RKM control. Russia is working hard to set up a real monetary production and distribution system where users are not charged interest to use their own money.

Putin is also well aware that the RKM is using pernicious usury from lending their private un-backed money to users that they skim off about 38-40% of the retail prices where their money is “rented”.

Here in America these illegal, unConstitutional so-called Free Trade Agreements that passed because of RKM bribery have resulted in 100 million able American workers unable to find work, have broken their hearts and broken their spirits. This is disgustingly evil and must be immediately remedied if the USA is even to survive as a nation.

And the RKM’s hijacking of the Pentagon and the CIA and use of its main action-agent Israel to form the Israeli-American Terror machine has resulted in many millions of unnecessary deaths through illegal, unConstitutional wars using the American Military as its mad dog of aggressive wars.

Thankfully Putin and the Russian Federation have now checkmated the RKM in Syria, and we have a substantial number of American Intel Cowboy Heroes who are taking the RKM and its stateside Cutout covertly apart piece by piece by exposing the hidden evil the RKM is doing and other non-violent covert operations.

A very unexpected turn of events has placed Putin and Russia in the driver’s seat in Syria and the Mideast.

Sources deep within Russia have reported that the Russian Federation has signed a treaty with a certain Alien ET group, and this particular Alien ET group has a long conflict with another certain group that has allegedly been “advising and running” the top RKM Policy-makers who have served as their agent for taking over the whole world.

Part of their assigned duties of this other certain group are to advance this particular Alien ET Agenda, which involves a NWO Globalist plan to use perpetual wars and mass-death to destroy and radically depopulate the world, thus terra-form it and prepare it for a new artificial alien ET/human hybrid race to colonize the Earth without humans.

Other articles have been written about this Secret Space War, but the subject became so esoteric due to the extreme secrecy associated that it tends to usually make any such article seem self-discrediting. The best information available suggests that the RKM is basically directed and energized by the Dracos, an incredibly evil race of cosmic predators that are large and powerful human inter-dimensional cosmic parasites that love to control, murder, torture and consume human flesh. The group of Alien ETs the Russians have allegedly made a treaty with are the Tall-whites, who are arch enemies of the Dracos and seem to have the inclination and ability.

At this time it is unknown what their long term agenda is, but so far they have equipped the Russian Federation with some astoundingly powerful weapons, especially ultra-high tech electronics which can temporarily shut off the electrical systems of whole ships or carriers and even aircraft and all group, air and satellite radar systems. Putin has allegedly been told that he should go ahead and checkmate the RKM and its Terrorists cutouts in Syria and Iran and not worry, because this Alien ET group now has his back.

During Ronald Reagan’s presidency, a secret treaty was made between the USA, Russia and NATO members that any secret space war weapons developed would only be deployed to defend against Alien ETs that were attacking and not be used as weapons of war. Just as with the Nuclear Non-proliferation treaty, the RKM and Israel never signed this.

We now know that the RKM has deployed some advanced Draco weapons in the first Gulf war in Iraq when they used the “Voice of God” psychotronic weapons that entrained a representation of Allah’s voice in the brains of the Iraqi soldiers, who thought they were doing what Allah asked them to when they surrendered, allowing themselves to be bulldozed alive into trenches and killed in mass.

In the second Iraq war, the Israeli-American Terror machine deployed some lessor psychotronics called “poppers”, circular globes on top of buildings. These not only failed to pacify and mind-kontrol the population, but gave American soldiers headaches. Some insiders believe that the Israeli-American Terror Machine has now deployed more subtle “voice of God” psychotronics to entrain thoughts in America masses, with over one million specifically targets, some because they are dissidents, and others as controls who have done nothing.

President Putin is well aware of all this because he has good Intel and some top advisers who have every notable alternative and mainstream new document translated and read, and who deliver detailed summaries to him usually on a daily basis. He knows the RKM is using their Israeli-American Terror machine through the NATO/DVD Cutouts to surround Russia in another attempt to destroy it. What few realize is that President Putin and the Russian Federation have now been “authorized” to checkmate the RKM in Syria and Iran and take it down if they don’t start backing down.

Putin is also well aware that the RKM has infiltrated and hijacked much of the Pentagon and the US Administration, as well as NATO. Much of the Pentagon has been usually operating as the RKM’s bitch, by starting illegal, unConstitutional, unprovoked, undeclared, perpetual, unwinnable wars of aggression for the RKM Empire of Evil. By the way, there is a certain group of Intel officials from all over the World that is part of a Alien ET/UFO advisory Board, and many of them want to see the RKM checkmated and completely disempowered, and may be doing many covert interceptions that are highly sophisticated and do not entail violence. Some of the Russians’ most potent advanced technology is oriented only to the actual defending of Russia without doing violence or making aggressive attacks on other nations. Some believe that this technology has already been shared with scientists in Syria and Iraq and must only be used for defense, never aggression.

Neutralizing the RKM’s extensive mind-kontrol by exposing the public to the truth about the RKM operations is but one important part of these interceptions. Without abject secrecy and complete control of the Major Mass Media and the Internet, the RKM cannot sustain its evil grip on the world, and the RKM Evil Empire’s days are now limited because they just cannot succeed in that goal. Right now they are going for broke with the TPP, which is a covert means to completely censor and restrict the Internet, essentially using perverted interpretations of International Copyright law to remove every single alternative News website. This too is doomed to failure. Doubt me, just wait and see what happens, and how this effort is blocked, despite the fact it seems completely imminent right now.

Some high officials in the American Secret Shadow Government who run beyond-black unacknowledged programs have been reported to have formed a working arrangement with the Tall Whites and will refuse to let Pentagon Cutouts for the Israeli-American Terror Machine deploy any major US Secret Space War weapons in any Mideast Wars. And because the RKM Cutouts in America have been using advanced psychotronics to entrain moods in order to suppress dissidence, a new and upcoming group of current and former High Intel Officials are now working hard to derail the RKM’s hold on America and its politicians.

Putin also realizes that if the American Masses ever found out that much of the Pentagon and the CIA had been infiltrated and hijacked, contrary to US Law and the US Constitution, and is completely illegitimate, they would become furious and want these infiltrators driven out and punished.

Some of Putin’s secret space war weapons are shocking in their actual capabilities. One was tested on an America ship, the USS Donald Cook, last April 2014. As two Russian fighters flew over, the ship’s electric supply was disrupted, shutting down all radar and Aegis defense systems. It was reported that the top officers were so upset that some of them resigned their commissions and left the Navy, feeling they could not even defend their own ships and crews anymore against such ultra high-tech weapons.

What exactly do the Russians now have as far as ultra high-tech weaponry? The list is long, but includes supersonic torpedoes, which create their own ability to travel through matter surrounding their path using inter-dimensional cloaking. Russia has missiles which, after launch, operate as if they are “hived” and use inter-dimensional entangled communication to evade interception, to regroup and to re-target, taking strange flight patterns which can change from straight to spirals to semi circles and more.

Some insiders believe that the Russians now have the ability to generate inter-dimensional cloaking of some of their stealth aircraft and missiles, making them for the most part undetectable in flight and even shut-off spy satellites. Anyone who wants to spend some time doing some deep Internet research on new Russian weapons can get a pretty good idea just how advanced they have become.

Because Russia has never signed an agreement with the RKM not to use their Secret Space War weapons, Putin is free to use them if the RKM continues their war against Syria, which will mean they would be attacking Russian Federation Aircraft, soldiers and technicians, since they are now in Syria at Syria’s official request. And insiders believe that the RKM’s weapons are far short of anything Putin and the Russian Federation now have and can use if necessary to defeat the RKM if it persists in trying to surround Russia and take out its allies in the Mideast. It is legal under International Law for any nation to invite one of their allies to assist in their own defense against an aggressor, which the RKM is through its Israeli-American Terror Machine.

And we now know that the American weapons systems have built-in problems and obsolescence designed to keep USG contracts going for perpetuity, to keep the profits going to the RKM-associated defense investors. Take the F-22, the best platform we have. This had contamination problems with their foreign-made oxygen system and was taken out of production because of the efforts of Traitor Senator John McCain, Chairman of the Senate Committee on Armed Services. McCain is the man who blocked retrieval of POWS and MIAs after the Vietnam War ended, and pushed for the new F-35, which has so many operational problems it may take 20 years to fix. It is supposed to do everything for all services, but excels at nothing. American fighters and interceptors used to be the best, but have been slipping lately.

“The American defense Contracting System is really a large corporate welfare system for making continuing profits. American weapon systems are plagued with problems and need constant upgrades and repairs. After the end of the Cold War, the Russians were short of money, and their defense contractors had to make weapons that actually worked reliably at the least cost. This has led to a very efficient Russian defense contracting system that makes weapon systems that work well.”

–Quotation from Veterans Today Financial Editor Mike Harris


If the RKM persists and continues using ISIS and others of their Israeli-American terror-machine trained, supplied and paid mercenaries to attack and attempt to invade and balkanize Syria and now Russia or Iran, they will likely be annihilated. If the RKM Cutouts in the Pentagon somehow arrange a first strike nuclear launch, it is doubtful they will be successful and will likely be annihilated.

And if the Pentagon or Israel is stupid enough to get involved and take on Russia in Syria, they will pay a terrible price, because Putin is under no agreement to prevent him from deploying all his secret space war weapons against this RKM monster parasite, which is attempting to depopulate and destroy the whole world and is working to use its cutouts to surround Russia and eventually destroy it. It is unlikely that the American Secret Space War system will be deployed to protect the RKM and its cutouts in the Pentagon because they consider their treaty with the Russian Federation not to do so binding and valid. Why does this seem certain? Because right now a part of the deep-black American secret space war program at secret bases in the Western US involves working together with the Russian and Chinese scientists to develop more advanced anti-gravity craft and more. And this is being done under the authority of an international group responsible for these matters. This group does not include folks who are linked to or operatives of the RKM or any Dual Citizens.

Now for the first time, the RKM is completely checkmated. What will they do? Are they desperate and misguided enough to attempt to manipulate the Pentagon or Israel into to starting WW3 with a full scale nuclear exchange? Is Netanyahu so angry about losing his grip on the World as the RKM’s main action-agent that he will order the use of the Samson Option System in total? Only time will tell, but my best guess is that, although there may be a few setbacks and some very difficult times ahead for America and Europe as the US Petro Dollar eventually crashes and burns, the Israeli-American Terror Machine is finally checkmated for good, and in time will be thrown on the trash heap of history.

All this talk about climate change and passing and obeying mandatory climate control, such as regulating and selling carbon credits is all RKM NWO Globalist propaganda to enhance the RKM Banksters’ System, the secret RKM Evil Empire. But it is actually even more, as it is the Dracos using Blackmail against most of the world’s leaders. It is not nuclear blackmail like their Cutout and main servants the RKMers have been using, but it is the threat to destroy the whole Earth if leaders don’t tow the mark. Actually this is an empty threat, because the Dracos and every other Alien ET group that are visiting Planet Earth know that there are Cosmic Rules of Play that were set in place by God Almighty, aka the Creator or first cause of the Universe and all material and human life.

They know that they cannot take over Planet Earth unless they do it one person at a time, and steal a person’s soul using the draw of the fleshly instincts such as money, greed, sex, etc. to cause individuals to lose their souls and cease to function as upright moral beings. The Draco Agenda is to depopulate the Earth, leaving the 10% that serve them temporarily until they can finish their development of a new Draco/human hybrid that has a soul. They have conned the top RKMers into believing they will be successfully trans-humanized, combining iron and clay to make them AI human machine hybrids. This is a big lie to keep the RKMers conned until they are no longer needed and will be destroyed by the Dracos.

And the top RKM Policy-makers and their their top Cutouts in America who are deeply involved in the Secret Shadow Government have been mind-kontrolled to become obsessed with building underground tunnel systems connected with high speed trains. There are now two separate systems of deep underground bases, one from the US secret Shadow Government (SSG) and the other built and used exclusively by the Dracos.

tunnel_boring_machine_256These deep underground bases for humans have been planned to be used by the Dracos to keep these RKM Cutouts and super-elites (many are top ranking elected officials) conned and distracted. When they seek protection down there as the Dracos make their move to radically depopulate the Earth, the Dracos expect to rapidly dispense with these RKM Cutouts, because they will not be needed anymore. You can guess that perhaps all the underground bases for humans have been booby-trapped with special biological and radiation devices by the Dracos.

Some on the inside who know about the actual conflicts between Alien ETs believe that the Dracos’ technology is no match for the weaponry of the Tall Whites, which is oriented more to “total defense”, and final complete judgment is coming for the Dracos because of their abject evil for centuries.

tunnel_boring_machine_48These Dracos and their tall grey servant/drones are working with a specific beyond-black USAF private defense contractor at the infamous Dulce underground base using kidnapped and abducted humans to experiment on, and even worse, to sacrifice for increased power and sometimes even to eat.

So far they have failed in their experiments to develop a synthetic human soul, and their hybrids have drastically shortened lives. Their hubris, stubbornness and addiction to occult Luciferian evil prevents them from understanding that they too will be completely destroyed and will cease to exist in any form when final judgment is delivered to them as an evil species, which by the way is not too far off, as the history of Planet Earth as we have known it comes to a close.

By the way, very few of us would like to believe anything in this article written about Secret Space War or Alien ETs is true, including me. The problem is that there is a great deal of completely incontrovertible evidence to the contrary, including the Disclosure Project based on the testimony of over 100 witnesses with documented, validated backgrounds in US defense and high national security space war related matters. But even more, we actually have a declassified KGB video of small gray Alien ETs and the “death bed” testimony of a high ranking CIA man who worked closely with such matters, personally made to Richard Dolan.

So before you conclude that all this talk of Alien ETs, Tall Grays and Tall Whites is pure bunk, watch the following videos, check out other videos with Richard Dolan, and spend some time watching the Disclosure Project videos that are available on www.youtube.com.


Dr. Michael Salla has written an interesting article about Corey Goode’s conclusions that the World is under siege by the Dracos and the Russian Federation have receive Alien ET technologies to counter this. Because right now all Secret Space War matters are so highly classified and tightly contained in highly compartmented unacknowledged programs even within the USG, the Pentagon or the private Defense Contractors where they exist, it is exceedingly difficult to get any information about these matters. At some point this dam of secrecy will break and then much of this information will become public much to the astonishment of mainstream America and many folks working in the Military Industrial complex, most of whom have no idea about these matters. Until then we must do our best assembling the pieces that are leaked from sources with integrity.




* RKM is an abbreviation to represent the Rothschild Khazarian Mafia, a term coined by VT Financial Editor Mike Harris whose VT radio show is on Tuesdays and Thursdays 7-9 PM CST. Mike Harris started using this descriptive term Rothschild Khazarian Mafia (RKM) after extensively researching the true but hidden history of the nation of Khazaria and its connection to Rothschild World Zionism now centered in the City of London. He also discovered the long held hatred that the RKM has harbored since 700 AD for the non-Khazarian Russians that is still a major motive for the RKM today in its quest to encircle and once again destroy Russia, once again steal all its assets like in 1917, and enslave the Russians that remain alive also just like when the Khazarians (aka the Bolsheviks) took over in 1917.

The RKM operates out of the City of London, a separate nation inside the UK which has its own police force and diplomats and pays no taxes to the UK government, like the Vatican, but has worldwide power through its private central banking system which uses FIAT money issued and placed in circulation (lent out for use at interest/pernicious usury).

The RKM has deeply infiltrated America and hijacked its manufacturing and distribution of money and most of its institutions of government, uses the US Military to fight its proxy wars for Israel and to earn massive profits. The RKM uses UK, Israeli and American Intel factions and especially the Pentagon to traffick in massive quantities of illegal narcotics to generate massive “off the books” money for black ops and payoffs to politicians and government officials they “own”.

And it has now been recently disclosed by former Representative Cynthia McKinney (a true stand up American Hero) that any newly elected member of Congress receives a visit from AIPAC and must sign a Loyalty Oath to place Israel’s security first even before America’s or they will be denied political funding and AIPAC will make a well funded effort to vote them out of office. Obviously until Members of Congress stop taking and obeying these illegal, unConstitutional, treasonous and seditious oaths to Israel, the USA will remain little more than an Israeli/RKM provincial territory and servant.



  1. The fight between this two opposing forces is what keeps the balance of the whole creation. This friction creates a “third force” to which -according to Gurdjieff -we are blind: the arising of consciousness. No force can win over the other, or this balance will be broken. Nature is only interested in the “specie” as a whole, no on a particular race, country or individual. See The Law of Three or triamazikano.

  2. The only way the US was going to get control of Syria was by using terrorists such as ISIL to try and get rid of Assad and destroy the country.

    The events of 9/11 were going to give the Saudis the opportunity to have a gas pipeline into Europe via Syria, Iraq and Turkey and in return it also meant that the Europeans could be used by Saudi Arabia and Israel to fight wars against countries such as Iran. Now, all is lost because the Russians are standing in the way.

  3. @ jensingr :

    “Yes, after he read it here…”

    Well, if he really is who he claims to be (spokesperson of a so-called Resistance Movement), I guess he would have other intel and/or sources than Dr James has.
    He often uses links to many different online references kind of to illustrate some of his (often previous) claims.

    There are so many possible sources online, he is just another one.
    And as for each one of them, I take what I find credible, or makes sense to me, or I see corroborated elsewhere by other sources, and discard what for some reason doesn’t fit the whole picture.

    “I would caution you to use the discernment you seem to have.”

    Always 🙂

    “While I don’t care to elaborate here, there are three major things mentioned in one interview alone that go completely against what I know to be true.”

    You mean one of Cobra’s regular monthly interviews?

    “I would recommend that you read the related articles of Preston James which give a complete picture of the Alien agenda.”

    Believe I’ve read them all. I’m a big fan, if we can call it that way.

    I don’t always agree with 100%. When I get different vues or interpretations from other likewise trustworthy sources, I have to go with my own intuition I guess, and it doesn’t always match what I read, be it from Dr. James, as with all other sources.

  4. “He just published an article on his Blog exactly about this we are discussing here”

    Yes, after he read it here…
    I would caution you to use the discernment you seem to have.

    While I don’t care to elaborate here, there are three major things mentioned in one interview alone that go completely against what I know to be true.

    I would recommend that you read the related articles of Preston James which give a complete picture of the Alien agenda. I contribute what I can as I do have some expertise this area.

  5. @ jensingr :

    “Also there is a possibility that it is either the Pleaidians or Tall Whites that are helping the Russians.”

    The main reason I tend to easily imagine the Pleiadians, at least some of them, supporting Putin, is because they are almost always seen as a Benevolent ET race (together with Syrians, Arcturians, some Andromedan…) .
    The Tall Whites, as far as I know, are not mentioned anywhere else, nor by anyone else, but Charles Hall. From his description they seem ok, but not exactly a Benevolent ET race.
    They don’t seem to be a very Evolved race (obviously much more than Earthlings, but not comparable to other much more Evolved races), in all different aspects of Evolution with a major “E”, rather quite evolved technologically, but that would be it.
    Have never, ever, read them mentioned on New Age stuff, Esoteric stuff, UFO/ET stuff, as being for example part of a larger group of Benevolent ETs (that most probably now rules “Operation Earth”).

    “On the other hand, the Pleaidians have appealed to many countries including the U.S. but were turned away. They may have found someone who will listen…. Mr. Putin.”

    Indeed 😉

  6. @ jensingr :

    “the Tall Whites have been located at Tonopah for quite sometime and in cahoots with some factions of the shadow space program and shadow military, but have become very disgusted by the treatment they have observed of some of those involved and so they may have decided to go elsewhere.”

    I have no further info about the Tall Whites but what Charles Hall tells about them on his Millennial Hospitality series of books.
    I wouldn’t be surprised thought, that at some point they might have been disgusted by the American military they had agreements with… From Hall’s descriptions about them, one of their main characteristics seems to be “once you gave your word, you have to stick to it no matter what” (my words), so if at any point the US military failed… (which wouldn’t be a surprise, they do it again & again for ages with the rest of the World) they may have moved somewhere else, who knows?

    Sadly, with no evidence, we can only speculate.

    • I would like to clarify that I am referring to the aboveblack shadow military… NOT the regular military in reference to the statement regarding the Tall Whites being disgusted. It has to do with the decadent behavior and conduct unbecoming of certain groups that because of their positions were given carte blanche to do as they please.

    • @ jensingr :

      “It has to do with the decadent behavior and conduct unbecoming of certain groups that because of their positions were given carte blanche to do as they please.”

      Could only be that way I guess.
      Since the beginning compartmentalization has always existed in the cover-up regarding the ET issue.
      It seems that problems between “aliens” and some of such compartmentalized military groups happened/still happens quite regularly, there are other known cases.

  7. When Crowley opened himself up to the demonic world, the negative ET’s that abide in lower 4D and the lower astral plane, also received the invitation. The negative ET’s can walk through walls as well as change the molecular structure of a human in order to transport them. They are inter-dimensional beings. Demons have never had bodies and can only “occupy” a body if invited in but both are enamored by human beings and have their agendas.

  8. You probably shouldn’t have posted that ludicrous video of aliens at the bottom of the article, if you want to sustain long term credibility. If you can’t see how fake that footage is (especially of the aliens themselves), you are lost.

    • Abydos, you are coming off as a troll/sock-puppet. I really don’t need any help from you for credibility. Work on your own because you have none with your comment.

  9. Dr. James, I believe that the creator of the term & concept of Exopolitics, was in fact Dr. Salla’s predecessor as Director of the Exopolitics Institute, Dr. Alfred L. Webre.

    “To Cesar what belongs to Cesar” 😉

  10. Dr. James, thank you for such a great article.

    As opposed to other commenters, I think that bringing the “alien” and/or ET question into the public discussion, is a added-value. Imo, when discussing such issues as the ones that make the subject of this article, inserting it into a much larger context, not to bring the “alien” and/or ET question to the table would be a crime of disinfo, or at least a serious omission of a substantial (and probably a much more important one that most uninformed people think about) part of the whole truth.
    Thank you for doing this!

    I do have a couple of questions, maybe you can help me with.
    Or maybe there is (as I think there is) some kind of misidentification, with two names of the “alien” and/or ET races mentioned above, the Draco and the Tall White.

    • As far as I know, the only source claiming to have had contact with an ET race, that he calls the Tall White, is Millennial Hospitality series of books, Dr. Charles Hall.
      Hall created the term Tall Whites to refer specifically to the ET race that according to him had a kind of spaceport close to the Nellis AFB, Nevada, at least when he was assigned there, from 1965 to 1967.
      As far as I know the term was never used before to refer to an “alien” and/or ET race, it is Charles Hall’s creation.

      What happens very often is that some people use Tall Whites to refer to other ET races, such as the Nordics and in some cases some Pleiadians. I believe the only reason for this confusion is because despite they are all 3 different ET races, they all share some common characteristics, such as being humanoid, tall, and most of the time blond with blue eyes.

      The Nordics are most of the time associated with nazi Germany.

      The Pleiadians are well known from Billy Meier’s testimonies, but there’s a whole lot of other people claiming contact with some Pleiadians.

      From all these 3 ET races, if there is one now helping Putin (and personally I believe it is a strong possibility), it would be some Pleiadians. But definitely not Tall Whites.

    • As for the Draco.
      From all info available online, the Draco are a Reptilian race (apparently extremely aggressive and a very war-like species indeed, very much focused on royal bloodlines and hierarchy, totally focused on war & domination), not “human inter-dimensional cosmic parasites”.
      The Draco are the ones in control of the Grays and other Reptilian races, including one allegedly originating from Earth. They would control the “human” top of the pyramid of the RKM.

      Parts of the description you make for the Draco, as a matter fact match other possible inter-dimensional entities described by some of the Montauk Project witnesses & testimonies.
      And parts of the same description also seem to describe yet another species, the Archon. As far as I know the Archon are the ones who have for a very long time been in control of most of the Etheric dimension (according to some sources they are loosing that control in favor of the Benevolent ET races & species now in control of what I like to call Operation Earth), but I don’t think the Archon incarnate on physical shapes, as the Draco do.

      Thank you.

    • I agree that bringing in ET’s into the articles is important. It is part of the equation that we are dealing with. If some who read here don’t want to understand the “hierarchy” of what is going on and the chain of command… then maybe they should just look away when that part is included. If you were doing a mathematical formula for quantum mechanics you wouldn’t exclude part of it.. you would want the whole equation and calculations. You can’t leave out material just because it offends some when you are trying to expose the truth!

    • Also there is a possibility that it is either the Pleaidians or Tall Whites that are helping the
      Russians. I say this because yes, the Tall Whites have been located at Tonopah for quite sometime and in cahoots with some factions of the shadow space program and shadow military, but have become very disgusted by the treatment they have observed of some of those involved and so they may have decided to go elsewhere. On the other hand, the Pleaidians have appealed to many countries including the U.S. but were turned away. They may have found someone who will listen…. Mr. Putin.

  11. Dr. Salla, although we do not always agree on all secret space war matters, I do like and respect you as a person and your credentials are well established. Plus, I believe you were the first one I ever heard of using the new term Exopolitics publicly, which is quite appropriate to the new situation with all the secret space war buildup by the major nations of the World. I assumed you coined the term or were the first to use it publicly at least. Anyhow, keep up the good work. There is a lot of very interesting information on your web site. I read your new article and it is very well done, see the addendum I added above.

  12. Don’t misquote me, I never said he was good guy. You are coming off like a troll/sock-puppet/shill. Go back in your cave.

  13. Connecting the dots Dr James, well done. I would add that ‘The key’ here is that the spirit that owns the body, has the power to create. If the spirit (spirits) give up that right, all manner of beings may use the body for their own pleasure and /or desire. Hence, the MKultra techniques used individually and collectively using pain and threat to intimidate the owner of the body from actually taking control of their situation. (ie. reinforced by television, media, education and religious systems all contain a level of hypnosis within them. Some are more susceptible than others to this ploy). Ask a trained psychic if your curious.

    The treatment of Palestinians, the Ukraine activity, The Taliban, the Al Qaeda, the Saudis, The Gladio 1,2,3 activities, the early years of empire against the indigenous cultures around the world, and the Drone program, and homeland ‘security’ and recent police behavior all present the same MO. CONTROL thru controlled agents. Thru intimidation, threat, and assassination and attacking innocent civilian populations. The Snakes run the spiders but they are all in collusion. The frequency they run on can be jammed, reversed, or eliminated with a little imagination. All People are powerful spirits once shaken out of the slumber.

  14. Good point but Crowley wrote and drew pictures of the tall gray that walked through the wall of the Pyramid when he went to Egypt and communicated with him. This alien ET told him his name was Seth.

  15. The RKM ordered the assassination of President Lincoln for the same reason it ordered its Cutouts in the JCS and CIA to assassinate JFK, because each had decided to print and issue true US Money, charging no interest for its use.
    This is completely Wrong. Lincoln was given gold by the banks, and re payed them back with fiat currency.This was illegal Paper money called greenbacks that were basically worthless. The people rejected the greenback out of hand, relying on Constitutional gold and silver, the greenback became so inflated it was taken out of circulation by non use. The glorifying of Lincoln has to stop, he was of the Rothschild lineage, so his demise at the hands of the central bankers is questionable.
    He was the most hated president of all time by both sides of the war by the way. He imprisoned over 15 thousand dissenters who did not agree with his un necessary war in the North, including the son of Francis Scott key in Ft McHenry, which by ironic coincidence is the place that inspired the star spangled banner.
    That is why the Statists love Lincoln, he ended the republic with that mindless war which was about installing a Central Government in place of individual states sovereignty.
    Of course the ignorant will tell you it was about ending slavery.

  16. No doubt the Khazar has made a very dangerous enemy in the Russian people Dr. James but I think at this point he may have even bigger problems.I wouldn’t want to be Jewish right now for all the roman gold in Asia.

    by Rudyard Kipling

    It was not part of their blood,
    It came to them very late,
    With long arrears to make good,
    When the Saxon began to hate.

    They were not easily moved,
    They were icy — willing to wait
    Till every count should be proved,
    Ere the Saxon began to hate.

    Their voices were even and low.
    Their eyes were level and straight.
    There was neither sign nor show
    When the Saxon began to hate.

    It was not preached to the crowd.
    It was not taught by the state.
    No man spoke it aloud
    When the Saxon began to hate.

    It was not suddently bred.
    It will not swiftly abate.
    Through the chilled years ahead,
    When Time shall count from the date
    That the Saxon began to hate.

  17. naww, I didn’t take it you thought Lincoln a hero there. I know the South was set up as Brit textile slave op 100+ years before there was ever a USA, and “New York” their financial playground. the proposed taxation and South’s resistance was all their chess games for getting kicked out of the power seats. London RKM same thing, since Napoleon especially when fake “news” he’d won panicked the Brit stock market and Rothschild bought everything for pennies. “royalty” could have declared it FRAUD and told Rothschild “get bent”, but they didnt!
    back to “civil” war, yeah the “media” made “slavery” the issue instead of the politics of money and greed. slavery is WRONG of course, and oh they were “freed”.. homeless illiterate begging stealing (wth were they supposed to do?!) and cursed for it to make the ideas and acts of “racism” even WORSE! the taxes and tariffs is why the South wanted to secede.. I guess today theyed try to politely call it “sanctions” (hah). I really dont think this nation has ever been out of RKM control for more than a decade or two, ever. we’re handed a LOT of fairytales about everything, and its gotta stop one way or another.

  18. Great encapsulation of the predicament in which we find ourselves at this moment. It’s difficult to get to the compartmentalized worker bees contributing unbeknownst to the dark side, but this should go far toward convincing my beloved brother, an old Vietnam USN flying ace, who hangs on to the notion that someday his efforts will be appreciated. Thank you, Dr. James and the whole VT staff for your expertise and willingness to jump into the quagmire.

    • I don’t agree. The RKM strategy is to occupy and take control of any rising movement that could become opposition and then attempt to hijack it and guide it. If they are convinced disclosure is coming then they would have taken long term actions to take control over that and pretend to be the good guys. Despite the RKM agenda to control or even create the opposition they feel is imminent, the facts of these witnesses remain the facts and in no way effects their validity. Besides there is far too much evidence now being leaked.

      And besides the RKM has deep beliefs in strong competition and the dialectic and periodically sets up opposing teams with one team doing its best to defeat the good-guy team that uses facts and playing the good guy role. The RKM top Policy-makers believe that they are anointed with the teaming power of Lucifer and his power will enable them to defeat even the righteous team. They set up the good teams in society, control them and then manage their benign defeat. They believe the adage, let everyone be inoculated with the truth early before it has any connection to their immediate situational mindset and then it will quickly pass and become benign history which they will later ignore.

      A current example of this is the law firm in Dallas where even to this day they have two floors of retired CIA and FBI, one floor squad A releasing a continual stream of ghost written books still “proving” Oswald was the lone shooter and publishing lots of weird books and articles with nonsensical hypotheses to confound everyone. The other floor Team B, works hard leaking actual facts that prove JFK was assassinated by the CIA and USG and covered up by the USG. Their overall purpose is to keep the JFK Assassination industry going and create massive “king’s new clothes” cognitive dissonance in the American People which causes most to eventually just give up and go away in quiet desperation, seeing no hope for the USG ever to admit the truth.

      Nice try but no cigar.

  19. I dont think of Lincoln as any kind of hero, he could have proclaimed “slaves” free and mandated education, issued land grants to “go west” with, for any desiring it. the media made “slavery” the big issue, but the real issue was new york inc (just like old york = brits) wanted to tax the hell out of the South.. so Abe declares a war and goes to the banksters who understood the plan was insane, but couldn’t insult THE PRESIDENT, so they proposed a crazy interest rate to fund a crazy plan that had Americans killing Americans on a huge scale. the emancipation proclamation technically reduced citizens to slave status, when Lincoln SHOULD have just took a constitutional stand that we are ALL created equal in the first place to abolished the slavery. indentured servitude contracts reviewed etc..

    not saying I like banksters or their fiat “money” at all, but Lincoln going ahead to print the greenbacks to fund such an insane plan just might be the real reason they contracted the hit on him. not arguing here, just a different viewpoint for consideration. that “civil” war about demolished the textile industry, it’s profits, and potential taxes too, so to me it’s kinda understandable how a lot of people would hold a pretty deep grudge for it..

    • back to Putin, it’s simple,
      I trust him far more than I’d trust the District of Criminals, who are terrorists supporting terrorism while pretending WE are all potential terrorists after sabotaging OUR real economy and importing-distributing TONS of dope, poisoning us and mandating HELLthcare..

    • I hope I didn’t appear to imply that I believe Lincoln was a hero. he suffered from the same fatal genetic disease that Col. Tim Ossman did and he had his own agenda which was NOT anti-slavery, an issue only used later. But he did understand that the Civil war was a byproduct of British run RKM high Freemasonry through the Knights of the Golden Circle and he did want to preserve the Union even though it had been abusing the South in various ways.

    • Dr. James: You seem reluctant to attribute the actual source of Lincoln’s assassination to the Jesuit’s, who Ambassador Samuel Morse wrote Lincoln telling him of the plots being hatched at the vatican. The Knights of the Golden Circle was a Jesuit ‘secret society’ out of Baltimore. All the conspirators were members. John Surrat was whisked out of the country to Canada, where the church harbored him until he could be moved to Rome. The Rothschild’s work FOR the vatican.

    • Ossman = OBL, marfans. there is a lot of history very distorted.. “follow the money” and “que bono” sure sorts a lot of it. industrialized North cant sell machines to a South that has labor was part of that too.. but enuf of that atm anyhow.. Engdhal’s article explaining how Putin is exposing the District of Criminals, great stuff! Russia DOES have some technology now that the DC gang cant deal with. heck, I hope they hijack all the satellite broadcasts and interrupt everything with real 911 truth, I dont think THIS nation will end but the little 10 square mile foreign country residing within our borders sure might! China showed they can kill a satellite a couple years ago too, we know who handed them the keys to be able to do that (DC!).

  20. Great comment and there are more than a few folks close to the Royals that have claimed the second statement you made to be true in some form.

  21. Milona the 3rd inhabited Planet in our Sol System was destroyed in a civil war in 195,960BC and is now the asteroid belt. That explosion threw Mars out of orbit and lost 10s of millions of inhabitants, water and most atmosphere. Ancient Mars ruins nasa Orbiter photos on Richard Hoagland’s enterprisemission site. Accurate info on our past and the 100 billion year history of humankind in this Dern Universe in The Pleiadian Mission by Randolph Winters.

  22. Dr. James, what are your thoughts about the asteroid belt. Could these people have destroyed a planet in that orbital position, because these “fragments still seem to honor an orbit round the sun..

    • The answer is that in 195,960BC, the 3rd inhabited Planet in our Sol System, Milona, is now the asteroid belt, was destroyed in a massive civil war.

      Mars was thrown out of it’s orbit and lost 10s of millions of inhabitants and most of it’s water and atmosphere. Nasa Orbiter photos of intelligently built structures on Mars in Hoagland’s enterprisemission website.

      Get much more data in the Pleiadian mission by Randolph Winters, who spent 3 months with BEAM in Switzerland. BEAM has been in contact with a race of et with whom many share common ancestry, the Plejarans. They have given us 20K+ pages of data!! BEAMS site is http://www.theyfly.com.

      6 US investigators spent decades trying to debunk BEAM but failed, Here’s their analysis of the investigation.


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