Busted ! Russians Catch US in Fake Bombing Campaign


This territory has never been in the hands of the Islamic State, deputy chief of the Russian General Staff Andrey Kartapolov points out


[ Editor’s note:  During the Vietnam War, the US Air Force would fly missions out of DaNang, dozens each day, taking off with a full bomb load and either dropping it at the end of the runway, that famous area that looks like the moon, or dumping napalm on side of Charlie Ridge, a nearby hill.
Thousands of missions were faked, medals given, great successes claimed.  I was stuck there in the mountains, looking down on DaNang, watching the planes in the distance, take off, bomb and land, over and over all day long, playing that game.
We seem to be doing the same thing in Syria and Iraq, anything not to risk harming our CIA and Mossad fed partners, ISIS, al Nusra, the FSA and others.  The game worked until Russian satellites and drones figured it out... Gordon ]

MOSCOW, October 16. /TASS/. Traces of airstrikes against household buildings have been found at the Syria-Jordan border, where Russian warplanes have performed no missions, deputy chief of the Russian General Staff Andrey Kartapolov said on Friday.

“We have spotted ruins of household buildings destroyed by bombing near the settlement of Kherbet Ghazala at the Syrian-Jordan border,” he told a briefing for foreign military attaches and journalists.

“Russian warplanes have never performed any missions there and, as far as we know, the Syrian aviation has not been used there either,” he stressed. “This territory has never been in the hands of the Islamic State. Moreover, this area has been controlled by the Free Syrian Army since 2013.”

He demonstrated photos of the area featuring bomb-destroyed buildings. “You can see on these photos that there are no signs of military activity around these cottages, there are no military hardware, not even signs of military hardware. These are regular gardens and fields with buildings to keep farming tools,” he said.

“Why destroy these buildings? It looks like somebody’s pilots were just training their skills or dropped bombs to report to their command about completed mission,” Kartapolov said.

Airstikes by US-led coalition in Syria increase refugee flow to Europe

Airstrikes of US-led coalition on civilian facilities on the Syrian territory lead to increasing refugee flows to the European Union, Kartapolov went on to say.

“Over the last two weeks, we have provided enough video materials confirming the precision of [Russian] airstrikes. Our jets deliver airstrikes at facilities located outside of settlements,” Kartapolov said.

“It is not in our rules to advise colleagues on where to deliver their airstrikes. However, on October 11, near the settlement of Tel-Alam, the coalition’s jets destroyed by airstrikes a thermal power plant and transformer substation,” he added. As a result, hospitals and schools in Aleppo were left without electricity. Water pumping stations and sewage also stopped working which can be very harmful in the conditions of high temperatures.

“I think that it is unlikely that our partners did not know that the thermal power plant worked only eight hours per day. Airstrikes were delivered for several days, and on October 11, the power station was completely destroyed. One might get an impression that someone is deliberately destroying infrastructure in settlements, thus making the life of local population impossible. Because of that, civilians leave these settlements after losing living conditions and increase the refugee flow to Europe,” Kartapolov noted.


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  1. These inhumane monsters are inhuman, NOT human. They genocide Humankind more than disgrace us. Can’t count them among our numbers. They’re the devil’s/satan’s monster offspring.

    “By their fruits ye shall know them.” — Jesus Christ

    Bombing missions do take special training. We called practice a “Bomb-ex” — “ex” = exercise

  2. Hell is too good for these inhuman, anti-life monsters.

    They need to be fed a piece of themselves daily. Cut off some finger, toe, ear, nose, hand, foot, a slice of flesh, etc. and cauterize the wound with red-hot iron so the monster can’t bleed to death. Want to do it again tomorrow. That is food.

    And make it drink its urine and consume its excrement.

    When it’s near its end, put it in stockades in the Public Square so We, Its Victims, can pelt it with rotten food. Next day, public stoning ~ but not to death. Next day, interactive public hanging with audience participation. We can throw, shoot or propel any projectile (target practice) at the monster as it twists from a noose.

    Afterwards, behead it so that it can’t be re-animated by demonic possession. Cremate, no, totally incinerate all remains. Don’t want any frozen-in-amber “Jurassic Park” style resurrections of these ghouls.

    Lastly, peg a likeness of its despicable, vile, evil, filthy head to the front door where it committed treasons. To forewarn and foreshadow the fates of other wannabe monsters.

    Splendid farewell party. Any part(s) destined for hell will get there. Cosmic Justice.

  3. Reminiscent of “Bomber” Harris and Curtis Lemay in WW2 and modern Israel in Palestine. Kill the women and children.

  4. Thank you Gordon, is very necessary to expose those war criminals to the mankind.
    Russians will solve that for sure.

  5. Cynthia, these people believe they are God’s replacements, quite literally, now directing human evolution toward a planetary totalitarian regime in which there will be no ethnic nation states but one. The nation smashing and mass immigration is intended to preclude an ethnic, racial, religious, or cultural majority arising at any time anywhere in the future, and tragically the significance of this is lost on most people. America has rolled over, led astray by not only the MSM but by the phony opposition as well, and now only a resurgent Christian Russia stands in the way. These horrors–bombing hospitals and simple farmsteads–mean nothing to the elites, military leadership, or political class, who intend on reducing the world’s population by billions while enslaving the rest. One thing’s for sure. If the “opposition” gets even one minute of airtime in the MSM, it’s Bolshevism 2.0 and nothing else.

  6. People just think what the U$ 6 trillion that went to waste other people’s lives actually is, if this kind of cash is stacked sideways around the equator it would encircle the planet 470 times. Imagine the kind of development this kind of cash would have achieved.

  7. Thinking of it, an increased flow of refugees towards my good old Europe is actually good news for two reasons:

    For one, the situation over here will go critical in a few weeks due to winter coming and the total inability of local authorities to keep things under control.
    So Syrians – most of them informed enough to make that trip towards “the enemy” anyway – will most likely help to moderate the situation especially when things go to hell.

    Secondly, with all those bad guys and tourists we got already coupled with a propaganda campaign by mainstream media aiming at destabilizing the situation further, it will be most refreshing to hear about what is really going on in the middle east by first grade witnesses.

    With some luck all that stress and induced fear which is going to hit most Euros soon – will be enough to break through the walls of lethargy of most people, causing a chain reaction just maybe strong enough to make a real change.
    Well, maybe i’m expecting too much… we shall see around February 2016.

  8. So do we have to wait till 2017 for the 2nd American revolution as Clif High predicts? Or can you guys speed things up, pls? My popcorn needs to be used up before then.

  9. How exactly do we stop them, in practical terms? Any concrete ideas? I’m sincerely interested in what would help stop it.

  10. The U.S. can do whatever it wants because the MSM is still in control of the worldwide news. It doesn’t matter at all what really happened. Not many are going to find out the truth.

  11. The more we find out the more clear it is that the Israeli-American Terror Machine which has hijacked the Pentagon war machine is not only committing incredibly serious crimes against humanity, but is out of control and out of their minds.

    It’s revealing articles like this that blow their cover and they will not be able to last long without being able to maintain abject secrecy for their unimaginable evil, destruction and mass-murder. A good, informed guess is that their total exposure to the whole World and judgment lies just around the corner. cannot get this kind of information anywhere right now but VT.

    • Heh! It’s logic not luck, TRAINING? Yeah, I’m going out on a limb here with that……the Russ have had their shite together as long as I remember? Alas, I have to remember as well, almost all people do not study engineering, war, or how to fight one. The smartest find ways to avoid war while showing the potential enemy how succinct one can fight one in this case baby. Sun Tzu anyone? Any retard “Murican” out there want to argue about it? I was THE first one on this website EVER to tout who Putin was after he kicked out Brezinski Bush’ Sir Rothschilde, AND KISSINGERS Oligarchs out of Russia’s finances AAAAAA LOOOOONNNNGGGGG TIME AGOOOOOOO. Yeah, you’re all intelligence ‘ass’ ets’ all right. Here ya go kiddies, something these kids won’t tell you. That Wanta money, all tied into Bush I, Rothschide, etc. Lies….If they print this I’ll go have sex with a dolphin, they are out side the door….

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