Khazar World Order in the Headlights!


By Katherine Frisk

A Russian friend once explained the Russian mindset to me. This is how it goes. While taking insult after

The seven golden domes of St. Petersburg
The seven golden domes of St. Petersburg

insult, even a couple of blows, the Russian remains silent. Then one day when you least expect it, and you think you have put him in his place so that he knows exactly who is boss, he will turn around and punch your lights out. You will never see it coming.

I remember the very first boxing match I ever watched. It was between Arnold Taylor and Mexico’s Romeo Anaya. Bantam weight. My grandfather was a bantam weight boxer.( Yes it runs in the genes.) Anyways, little Arnold took blow after blow until round fourteen. Battered, seemingly on the complete losing end, he turned around and punched Anaya’s  lights out. As they were doing the count down he walked away and said: “He’s gone!” He knew the punch had hit home. The fight is often referred to as “the bloodiest fight in South African boxing history.” Very Russian!

Napoleon got his lights punched out by the Russians. So did Hitler.

Today the Russians, according to the Western Media, are on the ropes. The war on their border in Ukraine. The over 1 million refugees who fled to Russia. The manipulated drop in value of their currency. The drop in the oil price. Their failing economy. Their so-called isolation from the rest of the world. Their “guilt” for shooting down MH17 when we all know very well it was a Kiev military jet. The list of headlines prodding the bear into submission are endless.

All this while the Nuclear deal was being negotiated between Iran and the P5 + 1, which was successful and finally concluded. Opposed by, surprise, surprise, the Christian/Zionists, Israel and Saudi Arabia.

All this while both Russia and then China celebrated the 70th anniversary, with much pomp and ceremony, of their victory over fascism which was unattended by leading dignitaries of their previous allies in World War 11. In that war Russia lost over twenty million people and China not much less. These figures are not mentioned in the history books of Western schools.

Department of State's Victoria Nuland putting the fix in with Ukraine's Maidan coup politicians
Department of State’s Victoria Nuland putting the fix in with Ukraine’s Maidan coup politicians

In 2014 the Nazi Avov battaleon, the advocates of Stepan Bandera, terrorized Russian speaking Ukrainians in Donbass. Nazi thugs raped and burnt to death Russian speaking Ukranians in the Trade Centre building in Odessa. These Nazis have had the financial support of millionaire Kolomoisky, a Jew.

The Kiev coup was instigated and led by Victoria Nuland a Jew, whose ancestors came from Eastern Ukraine. Sheldon Adelson, a major funder of the Republican party who advocates bombing Iran and does not like journalists, also comes from Eastern Europe. So does Dov Zakheim of Booz, Allen & Hamilton. The Kiev coup was also instigated and led by Joe Biden and John McCain, Christian/Zionists. The best, apparently, that the USA has to offer the political establishment.

Edward Snowden whose grandfather was in the Pentagon on 9/11 when the missile struck the building, is now in Russia. Snowden as we know, not only worked for Booz, Allen & Hamilton but also for the NSA. He took those secrets with him.

We have been so bombarded by stories of the Holocaust in World War 11 and the death of six million Jews at the hands of the Nazis, that this strange marriage between Jews and Nazis today in Ukraine is unfathomable. What is also unfathomable is that the so-called ISIS terrorists that the West has been “fighting,” are now being imported into Ukraine to fight on the side of the Kiev Junta against the Russians. Where is the connection?

The Khazars who converted to Judaism have always been at odds with the Russians. When the Russians chased them out and into Ukraine, the Polish nobility made a pact and in return for fighting Russians they gave the Ashkenazis land rights at a time when feudalism meant that all property was owned by the landed gentry.

The Polish nobility were Roman Catholic who had long been in confrontation with the Russians who converted to Orthodox Christianity in the 8th century A.D. After the Latin Church sacked the Hagia Sophia in Constantinople in the 13thcentury and then the Turks sacked it again in the 15th, a natural affiliation grew between the Turks, the Ashkenazi Jews and the Roman Catholics in Eastern Europe developed, an affiliation that to this day has Russia in its cross hairs. The Turks were Khazars from Anatolia who converted to Islam. The Ottoman Empire ensured that Orthodox Christianity and Russia would never again rise in Eastern Europe and challenge the Vatican’s autonomy .

Over the centuries, the Khazars have infiltrated the Roman Catholic Church, Judaism and Islam. The Khazar creed was to adopt the culture and religion of the society into which they integrated but at the same time hold true to their Khazar origins. As I pointed out in a previous article, the Saudi Royal Family was founded by a Khazar who had converted to Judaism, then went to Arabia, married an Arab woman and then converted to Islam.

For now, let’s return to the present.

In early August 2015, rumours flew around that Putin had called the Turkish ambassador into his office and told him that if he persisted in supporting ISIS then Russia would bring Stalingrad to Syria. Some believed these rumours, many didn’t.

On the 28th of September Putin gave his now historic speech to the United Nations. On the 30th of September the Russians turned around and delivered a knock out punch. The Russians legally and within United Nations guidelines entered the war in Syria and started bombing ISIS strongholds.

Lavrov quoted from a well-known and often used American phrase:

“If it walks like a terrorist, talks like a terrorist and behaves like a terrorist. Then it is a terrorist. “

No more “kicking the can down the round” for the Russians. Anyone who kills unarmed civilians no matter what they might call themselves, is in their cross hairs.

The world changed overnight. But has it really changed? Or are we seeing the same old playbook over, and over and over again?

Seventy years ago the Nazis were in collusion with the Muslim Brotherhood to get the British out of

Osama bin-Laden (Col. Tim Osman) with Ziggy Brzezinski
Osama bin-Laden (Col. Tim Osman) with Ziggy Brzezinski

the Middle East. Fast forward to 1979 and we have Brzezinski in Afghanistan supporting and training al Qaeda in order to get the Russians out of the Middle East.

Obama who has strong ties to the Muslim Brotherhood, was put into office with the support of  Brzezinski. The Americans supported the rise of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, which has since been overthrown by General Sisi.

The state of Israel was created by Ashkenazi Jews from Ukraine and Russia. Israel has been supporting ISIS on the Golan Heights. Many have questioned why ISIS has not attacked Israel. Because Israel is only too happy to support ISIS and the overthrow of Assad thereby ensuring the balkanization of Syria and Israels illegal occupation going unchallenged on the Golan Heights.

What we have here is: BZ, a Vatican agent. Obama, a Muslim Brotherhood supporter and Bibi a Zionist, all of whom I strongly suspect have their origins in Khazarian political, social and religious foundations that go back in history to over 1,000 years ago.

A recent comment on a blog from a still deluded Westerner who actually believes everything spewed by CNN, after seeing the Russians put paid to ISIS in Syria in barely two weeks asked:

“But… what have the Americans been doing in Syria for four years?”

To which another blogger replied:

“Creating ISIS.”

Most people cannot get their heads around this reality. And many do not understand their history.

After World War 11 the top ranking Nazis were given safe haven in America, which is not surprising as many Americans funded and supported Hitler and the rise of fascism in Europe.

Prescott Bush, the father of George Bush senior, along with Allen Dulles, a Nazi, were some of the founders of the CIA. The CIA in turn since the end of World War 11 has been a major instigator and engineer in the rise of fascist dictators in both South America and Africa. The current Pope Francis is a Jesuit and has been linked with human rights abuses in Argentina during the military dictatorship in Argentina between 1976-1983.

Brzezinski comes from Ukraine, a small town that once was part of Poland. He is from the black nobility, trained at a Jesuit College in Canada and is a Nazi. He has been a very influential figure in American politics over the last sixty years, famous for his tome, The Grand Chessboard.

Soon after Russia started making mince meat out of ISIS in Syria in October 2015, Brzezinski came out with his statement:

 Stop hitting OUR al-Qaeda or it’s World War III

The plan has been to create Islamic extremists. This time not to get the British out of the Middle East, but to finally conquer Russia through Ukraine, Afghanistan, Pakistan and the Caucasus and bring about the culmination of the Grand Chessboard. Fascist control of Eurasia.

Today the USA is a fascist police state. Israel is a fascist police state. Saudi Arabia is a fascist police state. Or should we rather say a tyrannical, hegemonic, racist, sexist, Khazar police state? An Ashkenazi, Jesuit, Muslim Brotherhood alliance?

Recent headlines in the last week have been:

In Major Shift, Obama Cancels US Troop Withdrawal From Afghanistan 

Obama to deploy 300 US troops to Cameroon to fight Boko Haram

Fighting Takfiri “terrorists” in Afghanistan or creating them? Fighting Boko Harem “terrorists” in Cameroon or creating them? If the last four years are anything to go by, the answer is clear.

It has never been about the Middle East. The Middle East is merely a pawn in the game. Cannon fodder to use in order to attain the main prize. It has never been about freedom and democracy and protecting American interests, Americans are mere pawns in the game in order to conquer Russia. It has never been about the state of Israel, it has always been about creating an Ashkenazi outpost to finally overthrow Russian domination in Eastern Europe and then take control of Russia itself.

It has always been about Russia. What was Napoleon’s main objective? To subjugate Russia. What was World War 1 about with the alliance between Turkey and Germany? To subjugate Russia. What was Hitler and World War 11 about? To subjugate Russia. What is World War 111 about…

No prizes for the correct answer.

Katherine Frisk is a freelance writer, political commentator and author of Jesus Was A Palestinian.


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  1. Great find in that photo, Saheike. Incredible. Any context? Why was the Pope kissing up to those psychopaths? (his bosses, probably).

  2. This article is as good as gold and 100% accurate on the hidden history of the Khazarians obsession with subjugating Russia. There are incredible natural resources in Russia that the RKM would like to get complete access to. It’s not going to be possible as long as Putin and his staff use such intelligent, crafty statesmanship. They have obtained the first major checkmate against the RKM in history and this likely indicates the complete public exposure and the beginning of the end of the RKM’s power all over the World.
    More of this kind of fine investigative journalism please.

  3. Exactly, Amelius. It’s like when that little pinhead GWB said “we must not ever tolerate ‘outrageous’ conspiracy theories concerning the attacks of Sept.11th.”

    Well, if they’re just “outrageous conspiracy theories,” why are you so worried about “tolerating” them? What’s the big concern? They tell on themselves if you read between the lines.

  4. Very well written article, not to long and easily understood, and equally well in content.

    But I have to add a piece in the puzzle:
    The Muslim Brotherhood was created by the British; probably the nobility/Conservatives (and hence Cabbalist) as opposed to the Mercantilists/Liberals/Banksters (and thus Talmudi).

    MUST read:

    Since Muhammed Mursi is of the MB Cabbal, then al-Sisi is Talmudi. Among fake-a-jews there are both Cabbalists and Talmudis, and both study the Talmud. Al-Sisi’s mothers name is Malika al-Titani, a fake-a-jew, and the Titans are the Greek name for what in the Book of Enoch (that is part of the Torah but is veiled from the Bible) is called the Nephilim race.

    In an apple there are seeds, and it was those sperms that the Abrahamitic God forbade us from “eating” – having intercourse with ‘trees’ rooted in foreign planets; the constellation Orion and Pleiades (the latter being the great love of the New Age Order elites).

    There is obviously an antagonism between the two (or more extraterrestrial decended) elites, but when it comes to defeating Humanity they cooperate as much as possible.

    Wayne Hershel has done some absolutely fantastic genealogic research of these elites:
    4min clip:

  5. It is a head scratcher that only about 200,000 Jews died in the German labor camps, but the lie that it was 6,000,000 has been believed so long.

  6. Several good points, but also some oversimplifications, I think. Napoleon and Hitler weren’t so much defeated by the Russians as the Russian winter. Had Russia invaded France or Germany in those times, the result would have been the opposite. And the wars mentioned, Napoleonic, WWI, and WWII, were about more than simply subjugating Russia. Many other factors and purposes were involved, especially in the first two of these three.

    • Smart strategy uses the tools at hand. Russians always deploy “winter” and “geography” as a battle tactic. Russians don’t make a habit of invading other nations. Why bother? They have more land and resources than they needed. So it was never an issue.

      There’s only one avaricious diaspora who historically covets what any other has. And stupid Anglos share in their greed. Tsk-tsk.

  7. “almost leads one to believe we’ve have been infected with some evil alien species.”
    The subject of aliens good or bad has been quashed, reviled, dismissed, considered a “national security” threat. Why?

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