Secret US Attack, Cited by Putin Part of Pentagon BioWarfare Plan (UPDATED)



By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor

Update:  America has launched a second attack on the Aleppo power plants (read below)

They say an animal is most dangerous when cornered

Last week two American F-16s attacked the city of Aleppo in Syria, a city of 2.5 million people, one of the oldest inhabited cities on earth.  Russia’s President Putin called the attack “strange” and questioned America’s motives.  In the aftermath of the attack, the reasoning behind the seemingly bizarre assault has become clear, America is trying to bring down the Assad government using germ warfare.

Syria’s natural water supply, the Euphrates River, carries cholera of course, but also dozens of waterborne illnesses totally resistant to antibiotics where even the best palliative care is unlikely to guarantee a favorable outcome.

Back in 2013, Aleppo was under a similar assault, Sarin gas, blamed on the Damascus government, a “red line” that nearly brought on an American air assault against Syria.  When it was discovered that the Sarin gas had been produced by an American research facility in Tbilisi, Georgia, later subject of a Russia Today documentary banned in the US,  and smuggled into Syria witnessed by a Press TV film crew headed by Serena Shim (murdered in Turkey), America stood down.

The current attack, coinciding with both the refugee crisis in Europe and the large scale military operations that are cleansing Aleppo Province of coalition backed “moderate terrorists,” is in all probability what brought the Pentagon to the point of taking out Aleppo’s water purification facilities.  America’s goal was to start a cholera epidemic in one of the largest cities in the Middle East, driving tens of thousands of refugees into the middle of a massive military operation against terror groups the Pentagon has been playing with for some time.

Thus far, however, the Pentagon plan has been a failure.  Were it more successful, up to 100,000 refugees may have fled into Hatay Province, Turkey, infecting up to a million more there in a region clogged with refugees.

You see, cholera is a “gift that keeps on giving,” a massively infectious disease.  A dozen cholera patients can overburden any clinic or even regional hospital.  A dozen cholera carriers can, within days and under the right conditions, war and refugees for instance, recreate conditions not seen since the Middle Ages.

Coinciding with the America attack has been a total blackout of all reports from the region, including Twitter and Facebook postings, a total cleansing of all reports of the American bombing with the exception of Veterans Today, TASS and Russia Today. Even the statements of President Putin, and he mentions the American attack on 3 occasions, are banned from all western press and cleansed from the internet.

The Pentagon plan is specifically biological warfare and not the first time it has been used in Syria.  The Free Syrian Army, with both Israeli and American special operations advisors with every unit, has targeted water supplies across Syria, particularly Damascus.

From EMedicine on biological warfare:


Cholera is an acute and potentially severe gastrointestinal disease (stomach andintestines) caused by the bacteria Vibrio cholerae. This agent has been investigated in the past as a biological weapon. Cholera does not spread easily from human to human, so it appears that major drinking water supplies would have to be profusely contaminated for this agent to be effective as a biological weapon.

Cholera normally can infect water or food that becomes contaminated by human bowel waste. The organism can survive for up to 24 hours in sewage and as long as six weeks in certain types of relatively impure water containing organic matter. It can withstand freezing for three to four days, but it is killed readily by dry heat, steam, boiling, short-term exposure to ordinary disinfectants, and chlorination of water.

The toxin causes a person’s intestines to create massive amounts of fluid that then produces thin, grayish brown diarrhea.

We know of the Pentagon plan to destroy Aleppo’s chlorination facility.  The Euphrates River with its endless supply of human waste would do the rest.

Anyone who doesn’t believe the Pentagon and CIA are capable of this is a fool.


Update:  Warplanes of US-led alliance attack power plant in Aleppo

A military source told SANA that warplanes of the Washington alliance violated Syrian airspace and attacked civilian infrastructure in Mare’a, Tal Sha’er, and al-Bab in Aleppo countryside on Sunday.

The source added that the warplanes attacked the biggest electric power plant that feeds Aleppo city, which resulted in cutting off power from most neighborhoods in Aleppo city.

This transgression comes only 8 days after two F-16 warplanes belonging to the alliance targeted two power plants in al-Radwaniye area east of Aleppo city, cutting off power from the area.

Hazem Sabbagh


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  1. Actually a lot of Americans respect Putin and consider the US government of the ‘indispensable and exceptional’ to be bloodthirsty lunatics.

  2. There is a meaning to this terrible suffering: the last five hundred years of Western dominance over others (with all its brutality, cruelty, and greed) is coming to its end.

    The East has drawn a line in Syria saying ‘no more’. The East is checkmating the West.

    Will the West listen or will it double down leading to a catastrophic world war?

  3. Now what have them nasty Dragon soldiers been up too? If only Cholera was the only thing in their bag of tricks, commenters seem to have no idea, outside of Orage but he ain’t telling, yet…

  4. this second attack on powerplants completely verifies Putin’s allegations. they are trying to punish and kill Syrians for Assad agreeing to Russian assistance against their pet mercenary terrorists. it’s not “officially” a war, but this is a definite war crime!

    smile in your face stab ya in the back kerry wants to TALK?

  5. agree LC, the “favor” should be returned. anything flying in Syrian airspace that isn’t Russian or Syrian should be shot down, and the airbases they came from destroyed. it’s not about “escalation” or “retaliation”, it is about preventative measures in Syria’s defense!

  6. I called my congressman this afternoon when the story broke and was told it is in Israel on a trade mission. This must be an important mission to risk confrontation with Russia. Those wacky neo-cons do “strange” things all the time though. Not much need to worry it will probably fall apart on them and with a little luck won’t start WW3.

  7. CHOLERA is dangerous only due to the loss of water and body salts leading to severe dehydration and general weakness. No treatment is required besides replacements of those.

    If i were in Syria right now – an elderly healthy army medic not used to the local living conditions – i’d stock up on clean water, say buying or cooking around 15 gallons (50 liters).
    So if the disease broke out i’d have enough for a few days, being pretty sure i would not need anything else. Besides a toilet of course.
    And if i were one of the lucky ones to be infected without showing symptoms, i could give that water to someone in need.
    Talking about luck, only about 15% of infected people actually show symptoms – but that number is from the last believable source i know which is actually over 30 years old. Might be higher these days when almost no one is healthy anymore.

    Oh, and if you’re thinking about getting a vaccine shot… don’t.

  8. These sociopaths in DOD spray lithium over Oregon and northern California. They broadcast an insidiously damaging EMF designed to inhibit the function of your hypothalamus, squashing spacial perception, and preventing cortical function. What Mr. Engdahl noted here as an opeeen air EMF prison camp. You folks sleeping well with those smart meter emissions? No.

    • Talking about bad sleep, i got a crazy proposition for you:

      Try to turn off any radio transmitters in your home before you get to sleep.
      That’s smartphones, routers, W-LAN, anything wireless.
      Do this for two or three days, and if your sleep has not improved by then, forget about it.

      But be assured that if the only thing you got out of that experiment was morning weariness, it actually worked because your body needs that newly available restful sleep.

      (Fur further inquiry i suggest you query youtube for a doctor m.d. Klinghardt. That guy, born in Germany and working in the US, might teach you a few interesting things…)

  9. I am surprised (and needless to say glad) that there are no cries among the commenters to “support the troops…” and justifications like “they’re just doing their job…”.

    If you know a pilot, kill him, and save Humanity from the Biblical End Times that are planned and executed by the Kabbalists.

    The Book of Revelation was planted in the Bible about 500 A.D. and therefore a Satanic construct.

  10. washington d.c.: the world’s largest insane asylum.
    and all the presidential candidates are personality disordered. why is not a psychological screening by a panel of doctors required? of course, the elites would find away to buy off/ circumvent that kind of vetting, too.

  11. Agree, fortunately, that there is, among some, a better awareness due to articles such as this, along with those who won’t accept the government line at face value. The script will play out, however, which underscores the lengths the “establishment” is willing to go to. That they have underestimated Russian resolve and capabilities, as well as the fact that the Russians have become especially adroit at countering Western propaganda and misinformation is actually frightening (“stooges” is a polite term for those involved). It’s extremely dangerous to underestimate the capabilities of any power considered to be a “foe,” which is the position regarding Russia that the US government and MSM push every day. Knowing something of those who make such “miscalculations,” they don’t admit mistakes well, and accept setbacks with, at best, denial. That their plan is, indeed, a shambles makes it all the more likely, therefore, that they will, in fact push the envelop with insidious strategies as stated above regarding Aleppo, and that the tactics will become even more desperate, especially as the success of the Russia plan continues to be realized.

  12. A backgrounder, without mentioning the bombings “The water crisis is the catastrophe,” said 28-year-old Darwish, who left government-held Aleppo for Turkey just weeks ago.
    “Can you imagine life without electricity? Well, we’ve tried that. We managed to adapt to all kinds of shortages and risks. But water is a different issue – how can you possibly live without it?” she said, speaking to Reuters over the internet.
    Residents have resorted to digging makeshift wells, she said. But water drawn from them may be unfit for consumption. Her brother, who drank well water, contracted a kidney illness. A worker for UN children’s fund UNICEF said cases of typhoid and salmonella had been reported from polluted water.

  13. 09:46 GMT Syrian military advances on rebel forces in Aleppo province
    Oct 18, 2015 Warplanes of US-led alliance attack power plant in Aleppo
    01:29 GMT Russian-backed Syrian military advances on rebels in Aleppo province
    Oct 18, 2015 US Jets Attack Syrian Electric Grid, for a second time
    10:01 GMT US-Led Airstrikes Darken Aleppo
    Oct 17, 2015 Turkey Energy Deals: Moscow’s Increased Intervention In Syrian War Is Putting Economic Accords With Ankara At Risk
    Oct 13, 2015 Putin puzzled by U.S. bombing of Aleppo Robot site by David Rothstein

  14. The Russians should immediately level Incirlik US Air base make a funeral pyre of the Septic’s based there!

  15. The stage has been well set. With the complicity of the Western main stream media alleging that Russian airstrikes, reportedly targeting “moderate” rebels, have had the effect of aiding ISIL in the Aleppo theater, recent reports of ISIL moving toward Aleppo (apparently undeterred by any US backed air campaign), discussions in the UK Commons regarding the use of force in the Syrian theater for “humanitarian” purposes (with even Corbyn indicating he may support such a move), destroying civilian infrastructure would be in line with the strategy proffered in this excellent article. Were this to play out as indicated, the MSM would state that Russian bombing and/or Russian triggered fighting in the area (and the routing of the “moderates”) triggered a humanitarian crisis. Reports that the US destroyed the plants would be ignored or labeled as Russian propaganda. In the UK, Corbyn would be forced to back intervention or face public outcry. In the US, the government and presidential candidates would gloat that Putin “didn’t know what he was getting into,” and would be further charged with backing a brutal dictator. At the very least, after Aleppo is cleared by the Russian backed forces, significant work will be required on the infrastructure. Power transmission components are in worldwide short supply. Obtaining them and installing same in a war zone would be especially difficult.

  16. I think one can well educate himself about post-middle-ages biological warfare doing interviews and studying the north-american natives. It is the same politics and reign still in charge of world and middle-eastern affairs. It is the same politics that organized League of Nations and United Nations. Zionism or Wahhabism, Nazism or Stalinism don’t come even close. “Anyone who doesn’t believe the Pentagon and CIA are capable of this is a fool.” well, apparently pretty much of the entire UN staff and ambassadors are beyond fools, too busy of exploring the menus at East River.
    “State sponsored terrorism as the biggest security risk we all face” that sums it up, well put by mr. Dean
    Something like that “application of the national security pretext measures has become number one national security issue.”

  17. About time that Syria declared the airspace over Aleppo as ‘restricted’ just like other areas in the west of the country seem to have been.

  18. The US Military is asking why the Russian SAM’s? ISIS doesn’t have any planes!

    Here is one good reason, to protect millions of innocent people, both in SYRIA and Turkey.

  19. absolutely disgusting!! oh keep up the blackout MSM-DC by all means.. it wont matter when someone DOES send hit squads in retaliation that you’ll try to pass off as “terrorism”, crimes THAT nasty are completely deserving of retribution and you are NOT “keeping us safe” when you do such dastardly deeds to people in other countries.
    it -IS- “terrorism” and it -IS- crimes against humanity when YOU do it!

  20. The idea of our military creating a contaminated water situation in Syria is so repugnant. It is as repugnant as the Doctors Without Borders hospital bombing if not worse as it affects millions of people.

    Thinking about their strategy, they have really wanted to remove any form of Sovereignty from the Middle East. Why wasn’t an emergency meeting called at the UN Security Council. If someone bombed a water treatment plant in San Diego, surely, there would have been a reaction. We have treated Middle Eastern civilians like cannon fodder for manipulation in their game.

    How many “mistakes” can we make? For some reason this brought to mind when the Iraqi police were fired/disbanded. The moment there could be forward movement, and the criminals sabotaged it. They are just tools working for the destruction of America ultimately and taking numerous lives in their path. They want all sovereignty gone. It is completely sick. I truly suspect they keep Americans uninformed as silent consent for their bidding until the day of retribution. I hope that day never comes, and these saboteurs must be charged. The people must be made aware of their crimes. We pay for this stuff.

  21. If you are willing to bomb a well known hospital in Afghanistan operaterd by Docters without borders then you are capable of anything. Organized crime obviously now owns America from a safe house called israel.

  22. Haiti, a country with no cholera history, was attacked in the same way after the un-natural earthquake a few years back. And guess WHO was tasked in smuggling the disease into the country ? The UN of course.
    They initially denied doing so but when confronted with the strain analysis the issue was blacked out.

  23. HOW evil is evil? , especially coming from the beacon of demon-cracy , now I have leant enough to hate the us stooges and their khazarian sewer masters .. how can the world look up to this evil rogue entity is beyond comprehension..

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