Breaking: Israeli General Commanding ISIS Captured in Iraq

What Israeli general's number is 34356578765Az231434 ?
It is none of those above, it is Brig. Gen. Yussi Elon Shahak, and his ID  number is 34356578765Az231434 

US-Russia showdown imminent but postponed  –  Zionists within the US Administration fiddle behind the scenes  –  Israeli officer captured by Iraqi popular army via DESI Intel

…by Nahed Al Husaini VT Damascus Bureau Chief



Another power plants that feeds the city of in Aleppo was struck by US fighter jets. Reliable source, who spoke with VT,  said “ hidden hands within the Administration have an “axe-to-grind to attack civilian installations in Syria, in light of continuous Russian airstrikes against ISIS and its subsidiaries.”

US planes attacked civilian infrastructure in Mare’a, Tal Sha’er, and al-Bab in Aleppo countryside on Sunday. The attack resulted  in cutting off power from most neighborhoods in Aleppo city.

This transgression comes only 8 days after two F-16 warplanes belonging to US lead coalition targeted two power plants in al-Radwaniyeh  area, east of Aleppo city, cutting off power from the area. The important question here is “who ordered the planes to fly and destroy Syrian infrastructures?”

The source is of the belief that US-Russian conformation is imminent but now postponed. The Russians are aware of the fact that,

“Zionist elements are working on tensing up US-Russian relations, via instructing their Partisans to severe any feasible cooperation between the two world powers on Syria and the Region.”

Batmen, operating in the darkness, are saving no efforts to spoil the smooth personal relationship established between US president Barack Obama and his Russian Counterpart Vladimir Putin. It is no secret that Obama is currently not in full control of the military. There are insiders who have an agenda of their own not compatible with the codes normally followed by the US army.

The Foreign Affairs High Representative at the USA Parliament and Secretary General of the “DESI” European Department for Security and Information Ambassador Dr. HAISSAM BOU-SAID confirmed that Iraqi popular Army captured an Israeli officer whose name is Yussi Elon Shahak, based on the Intel provided by the “US international Parliament and European Department for Security and Information.” The officer’s rank is Brigadier and his military No is  Re 34356578765Az231434. This reminds us of the Israeli Brigadier killed in the Syrian city of Quneitra, while meeting with the leaders of the terrorist groups.

Bou Said also revealed that there were mass executions of more than ninety-five ISIS leaders from  the “elite unit,” mostly Chechens, in addition to a small number of Iraqis,  in Al “SAYNIEH Region” adjacent to Mosel. They were indicted for communicating  with the enemy .

“A group of Chechen and foreigners that entered Russia from Ukraine coming from Mosel were caught by the local authority,” Bou Said stated. The Intel was confirmed by the Quartet Security committee comprised of Russia, Syria, Iran and Iraq. It is believed that others groups are still positioned in Ukraine to undertake terrorist activities against Moscow. The men in charge are electronic and bombing experts.



  1. “The Foreign Affairs High Representative at the USA Parliament”

    The quality of English in this article undermines its veracity. If Veterans Today want’s to be taken seriously it should know that papers written by Interns have better spelling.

  2. There’s some weird and scary stuff happening fast in that part of the world, the aircraft may have been made in America and even had American markings but until one is brought down no one knows who is piloting them, there are some deceitful peoples nearby and it’s a prime spot for those same people to throw petrol on the flames, not saying I disagree with the article, just that hard evidence is badly needed.

  3. TARGETS for torture, execution and bloodline/DNA total extinction = monsters and their owners
    Work up “the chain of command”, torturing to reveal all owners above it to its ultimate inhuman monster(s).
    We, Their Victims, have to identify, capture, torture and kill whatever thing(s) sanctioned the fighter jet bombings of:
    –doctors without frontiers hospital
    –power plant that feeds Aleppo
    –two power plants in al-Radwaniyeh
    NO MERCY. These inhuman, soulless terrorists do NOT represent or serve real Americans. I’d like personally to end them. With great joy, a baseball bat, a cue ball in a sock, and a hammer.

  4. Why has not Iran covered Syria with contemporary SAMs?
    Iran has the industrial capability to do so, and as the leader of the Axis of Resistance they should. Mirror this with how NATO acts in “defence” of Turkey..

    As for Obama’s complicity and intentions one should look at what his hands have done in the past 7 years. He has proliferated GWB’s neocon policies. Why? Because they they don’t care about political “colour”, they both worship the godess ISIS and thus funtion after the Spiritual Dimensional Level as opposed to the ideological Superstructural Level.

    If Obama was good – like you guys here – he would have blown the whistle on the NWO; just like you guys here do…

  5. Elements of the US Miltary Command in open rebellion against the President. How is this possible without the full complicity of Joint Chiefs Chairman General Joesph Dunford and, for that matter, Defense Secretary Ash Carter? What is the role in all this of CIA Director John Brennan? Why is the Congress silent on the issue of the President having lost control of the military? When does the President lose complete control of the military? We are talking about treason here, but apparently none dare call it treason…

  6. Change is coming, if you pay attention you can see the MSM landscape slowly turning color. Starting to see some questions in regard to certain issues. Sure some may be controlled in nature but at least they are starting to appear i far more public arenas.

    It’s very obvious to me that someone, entity, group, or body within the Pentagon is trying in desperation, to scuttle any political chance in Syria and surrounding areas. This makes Obama look the fool, as he says one things while this ( thing ) does the other. You must remember and try to never forget that, it used to be Communism that was used as a tool of fear and a whip to influence policy and sway public opinion, now it’s Islam. Same trick different pony. They myth is that if left unchecked they will take over the world.


  7. oh big surprise about izrahelli military commanding ISIS.. not. one of the biggest supporters of these terrorists isnt mentioned in the MSM at all, no surprise there either.

    what IS surprising is after USAF destroyed the first power plant and water treatment plant, is that Putin and Assad havent told them “GET THE HELL OUT OR SUFFER!”
    they are using military for surgical terrorist strikes claiming to be the good guys, is BS.

  8. WE GOT RID OF HIM, Now, he is back Big Time to Destroy USA___ Paula Broadwell_ Blackmail Again?

    Petraeus BETS BIG ON ISRAELI TECH CO. Advising NYSE to ship USA Data to ISRAEL

    “That’s where Windward enters the picture. The Israeli company uses Big Data to provide surveillance on the world’s oceans, giving valuable intelligence on everything from terrorist activity to oil shipments.”

    “The level of visibility their data provides on suspicious activities at sea, even with no prior intelligence, is unprecedented,” Petraeus said.

    “Petraeus said, he visited Windward’s Tel Aviv Headquarters earlier this year and was so struck by the company’s technology that he later made a personal investment.”

    “Windward says Iran is hiding lots of oil at sea: Petraeus is betting Wall Street will be lured by Windward’s ability to collect and analyze maritime data. He said the platform could be a “GAME CHANGER” for commodity traders who track the flow of raw materials like oil as well as hedge fund managers seeking an edge on the latest cargo shipment activity.”

    • Total Ruse…..not necessary with such SATT coverage. Like many startups pie in the sky that must be sold to IB’s and private… how is it that they track such shipments now? Anyway the world is full of useless whores…It’s my opinion that, that, may to far to kind in terms of the general.


  9. ” It is no secret that Obama is currently not in full control of the military. There are insiders who have an agenda of their own not compatible with the codes normally followed by the US army.”

    Well, if the “codes” followed by the US Army are anything like they have been for the last 100 years, they are performing right up to speed. However, with more information and useful and truthful speculation, most of America would really hope this appraisal is correct. We will be watching with hopeful eyes and hearts as the Russians and their leader take a critical lead in these world affairs. However, even if President Obama is truly this cunning and daring, it could not justify all of the murder, mayhem, torture and malfeasance that has occurred under his watch. I’m NOT ready to give him or any President of the US a pass since they executed JFK in Dallas on November 22, 1963. That is a day that will live in infamy when all of the lies are unravelled. And unravelling, they are. Peace on you all!

  10. Syria, Iraq, Iran should create an Abu Ghraib style prison and start filling it up. Brigadier General in Cell number 1.

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