Jim W. Dean Interview: Putin has put West’s false claims in spotlight

2718375 13.10.2015 13 октября 2015. Президент России Владимир Путин на форуме ВТБ Капитал "Россия зовет!" в Центре международной торговли в Москве. Владимир Астапкович/РИА Новости

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by  Jim W. Dean, VT Editor,    …with Press TV,  Tehran

[ Note: Putin continues to slay Western propaganda and leadership reputations almost every time he gives a talk. While the prepared ones are a bit stiff, as they are written by staff people, when he does questions and answers with the press he has no match on the planet.

He never stumbles, never fakes it. He never talks down to people, over their heads, gets angry, rude or crude. Despite all the torment that Russia and Putin have gotten from the West, this was the nastiest thing that he said this week at the Valdia conference in Sochi, and with his polished twist of humor:

Russia could also declare the necessity to democratize the USA, but that would, at a minimum, be impolite.

Baghdad Bob - before Western media picked up his routine
Baghdad Bob – before Western media picked up his routine

Mr. Putin is now becoming the West’s mortal enemy, purely from the contrast that he provides with his detractors who are not fit to shine his shoes.

The Russians have never left any flank open for the barrage of false charges to stick, that the controlled media seem so happy to sling with no thought to their killing whatever positive reputation they might still have left.

In terms of content now, VT is out performing CNN on the war coverage. US coverage on Putin seems to have to be approved by a State Department or CIA desk officer before it gets published in the West.

Our own government spokesmen all seem to be vying for the “Baghdad Bob” award, for those of you who remember his daily reports during Gulf War I on how the Iraqi Army was crushing the invading US coalition.

I shall talk to Gordon about our making such an award to the appropriate news entity of the week. In could be a lot of fun and readers are already sending us suggestions. There just ain’t no end to doing good! …JD ]


– First aired  …  October 23, 2015

[ Update: The Pentagon released his name today, with the usual denial that there are no boots on the ground. They have to say this due to the Congressional approval for funding the advisory force, but of which Special Ops people are not a part. They are funded under the general budget, and much of their work is secret and never disclosed. This creates a cover for contractors running their own “Special Ops” work under the guise that it is officially part of the US command and secret, hence they are not beholden to disclose anything about what they do.


The American soldier killed in a purported rescue mission in Iraq on Thursday against the Daesh (ISIL) terrorist group has been identified as a 39-year-old special operations commando, according to the US Defense Department.

The Pentagon said on Friday that Master Sergeant Joshua Wheeler of Roland, Oklahoma, was killed during an overnight special operations raid to rescue hostages held by Daesh militants in Iraq’s Kirkuk province.

Iraqi officials say that Kurdish and Iraqi forces were also involved in the rescue operation during which 69 hostages were freed from an ISIL prison located about 7 kilometers (4 miles) north of the town of Hawijah.

Wheeler became the first American to die in ground combat since Washington began its military campaign against Daesh in August 2014.

Wheeler was assigned to the US Army Special Operations Command headquarters at Fort Bragg, North Carolina., the Pentagon said.


Press TV has conducted an interview with Jim W. Dean, managing editor of the Veterans Today from Atlanta, to discuss the recent remarks by Russian President Vladimir Putin about Iran’s nuclear program and the fight on terror in the Russian resort city of Sochi.

The following is a rough transcription of the interview.

Press TV: What do you think about the Russian president’s speech in Sochi and about the fact that US President Barack Obama earlier in Prague declared that there is no need for a missile system if Iran’s so-called nuclear threat is eliminated?

Dean: Well, once again cool Mr. Putin is playing his diplomatic cards very well, never making a mistake. He is doubling down [on the West]. We have just come through the Iranian nuclear talks when the over one-decade hoax of the secret Iranian nuclear weapons program was exposed for a complete hoax which the media did not cover very much. (It) is one of the big outcomes of all those negotiations because neither the US or Israel ever put any evidence that they claimed to have that Iran had a nuclear weapons program.

And consequently, as we are now, that was the basis they wanted to put the missile shield program in. We know that was a hoax, also. So Putin now is reminding everybody of this history that the US and the allied NATO and EU have created these threats to enable to back up, make their public fearful so that they would support the military moves that they do not want to do [if they knew the truth].

Press TV: Well, you are calling it a “hoax” Jim, when then we are seeing the United States using all these pretexts for attacking different countries, for leveling sanctions against them, for doing all these embargoes against different countries and yet we are seeing them fund what they call “moderate terrorist groups” as opposed to non-moderate terrorist groups. So what is the US actually pursuing in the Middle East and elsewhere in the world when it comes to its foreign policy?

Dean: Every cab driver in the planet, even in the most third world country in the smallest town, is now aware of the Western game of these hoax terrorist movements. They create threats that require them to, supposedly under security reasons, have to do regime changes so that they have a friend in those governments. This is completely being exposed now because when Putin is winning in Syria, he offers to cooperate with the West, everybody.

He has offered anybody that wants to join,”Let’s join hands about this ISIS problem; it is a problem for all of us; we need to work together,” and he was rejected, rejected, rejected by everybody other than on the airplane coordination of not running in each other.

And as the program has been successful, rather than being happy, you are seeing NATO, Turkey, all of those countries that are supporting terrorism are very unhappy. So he has put them in the spotlight. Everybody knows now who has been using terrorism to support regime change and who the real threat is.

So I think you are going to be seeing others rallying around Putin. His approval rating is up to 90 percent in Russia now and that would probably be 95 percent in the world. He is by far the most popular world leader now and he may be the most popular one in the past 50 years.



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  1. It sure sounds like nothing much is being done any differently in Iraq today than when Richard was presiding over the White House resident. Still sticking it to the ever shrinking tax base for huge profits. What would a nearly 40 year old be doing on rescue runs. Why waste his knowledge like that, if that’s what really went down. Putin is running a clean machine whilst DC perps continues to get caught with their pants down, and for all the wrong reasons too….

  2. “AreWeProgrammed” is a “hardworking” Hasbara. Normally these trolls say all of it the other way around (Newspeak), but this one calls the Bushes murderers and thieves. That was probably not easy.

  3. “Why doesn’t VT realize a true leader wouldn’t need bombs to solve problems?” – Because your way failed to convince the terrorists and their supporters to surrender. And folks like you aren’t much use when they come to town. Your wives and daughters get sold as slaves and they pay for your “superior” morals. We live in the real world, and when confronted with tough decisions we make them. In this case we reporting the story, and focusing on Putin due the censorship in much of the Western Press. Our readers can make of it what they choose. The people want to pick and choose what to believe like they were at the mall, real intelligence analysis does not work that way because it would be worthless.

  4. Not that I am without serious critisism against Putin, the whole Kremlin, and Beijing as well, but in inviting NATO to cooperate against ISIS Putin has unarmed them, at least to a bit.

    The End Game of the Kabbalists and Talmudis is to fullfill the prophesy of the Book of Revelation. To do this they have to lure Russia in to the M.E. but Putin’s careful play all these years and his equally low-profile character does not make him fit to be the bogey man of Revelation – the Antichrist.

    We are soooo lucky WWIII that the Kabbalists have fished for it since first half of 2012 has not broken out yet.

  5. Excellent work here Jim, as usual. Putin has truly out-shined anyone in the USG and exposed so many lies it is difficult to now believe anything the USG says. He has made the Beltway politicians looks like complete buffoons, serial liars and sociopaths, which is what they have turned out to be.

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