Iraq: US Supplying ISIS, Bombing Campaign a Hoax


Senior Iraqi MP: US-Led Coalition Members Plan to Defect to Quadrilateral Anti-ISIL Alliance


“The international coalition led by the US still sends aid and military equipment to the ISIL terrorists in Iraq through air,” Kamil al-Zaidi told FNA on Sunday.

“Therefore, we are entitled to distrust the US-led coalition and find a new strategic partner and that partner can be the quadrilateral coalition,” he added.

Zaidi said some members are ready to withdraw from the US-led coalition to join the quadrilateral coalition which has shown its creditability and good will by effective attacks against ISIL positions.

In relevant remarks on Thursday, a prominent analyst blasted the US for violating its security pact with Iraq by procrastinating airstrikes on ISIL command centers and targets.

“The US has not complied with any of its undertakings stated in the pact and inflicted a major loss and damage on Iraq,” Ahmad al-Sharifi told FNA.

He underlined that the US controversial anti-ISIL operations in Iraq showed that it doesn’t want to weaken the terrorists.

Asked about Iran-Russia-Syria-Iraq cooperation in the anti-terrorism campaign, Sharifi said the quadrilateral coalition has already prevented infiltration of many terrorist groups from Syria into Iraq.

Washington has not replied to Baghdad’s call for serious fight against the ISIL in action, while Moscow, Tehran and Damascus are still the most important supporters of Iraq in the fight against the ISIL; unlike Washington that is trying to weaken the Iraqi volunteer forces in their fight against the ISIL, Russia, Iran and Syria reiterate strengthening the volunteer forces.

The US government has in a message to Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi voiced Obama’s dissatisfaction with Baghdad’s inclination towards Tehran, Moscow and Damascus.

In the meantime, the Iraqi groups, specially the volunteer forces, believe the quadrilateral coalition has provided actual aid and backup to Iraq, while the US coalition did not, and this has resulted in Iraq’s inclination towards Iran, Russia and Syria.

Iraq’s Former National Security Adviser Mowaffak al-Rubaie underlined the necessity for replacing Washington with Moscow for joint war on terrorist groups.

“The parliament fractions are calling on the Iraqi government to request Russian airstrikes and use it to attack the ISIL military bases and oil centers,” Rubaie, who is now a senior legislator at the Iraqi parliament, told FNA on Tuesday.

“The US air force doesn’t cooperate with Iraq’s federal government and security and armed forces and refrains from providing any intelligence on ISIL’s concentration and field camps,” he added.

Rubaie complained that in every 10 flight missions conducted by the US-led coalition planes, ISIL positions come under attack in only two missions, while nothing special happens in the remaining 8 missions.


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  1. And this just after General Dunford gloated the Iraqi Government will not ask the Russians to bomb ISIS position in Iraq. But that’s just what Iraq did!! It doesn’t get any better than this. Christmas in October.

  2. What is daft beyond stupidity?

    To entrust the US after it starved and refused medicin to 1 million Iraqis during the 90’s?
    To entrust the US after it invaded Iraq illegitimately in 2003?
    To entrust the US after it continously is plundering the Iraqis of their natural and cultural resources?
    To entrust the US after Blackwater types (including SAS) created a Sunni-Shia-Kurdish sectarian devide by masking themselves as Arabs killing Arabs – “Green on civilian” shootings?
    To entrust the US after years of improper training of the Iraqi military, and in refusing of equipping them propperly?
    To entrust the US after they tricked Iraq to invade Quwait so to sequre the allegience of the Quwaiti royals?

    This daftness beyond stupidity is not an Iraqi trait, it is prevailent in every goodhearted suit – administrative bureaucrat, politician and officer.

    That said, the stupidity of Iraqi officials make the Kremlins seem smart, but on the other hand, the Iraqis don’t have the whole Humanity in their hands; no UNSC seat they claim right to.

    • …To entrust the US after knowing for moths, Februari at least, that they are supplying ISIS?
      …To entrust the US after they allowed ISIS to be created out of nowhere and grow massive in less than a handful of years?

      This pandemic of daftness beyond stupidity is obviously innate to our Liberal Democratic systems; officials without competence.

      …Would you take your child in need of a cardiologist to an orthopedic?
      …How about let a $5k silk suit operate on the societal body; one that is immensely more complex than the human body?

  3. shame everyone knows the real game empire of chaos never want to help anyone, these big head fat ass american do’t realize when every thing is over the whole world will never ever want to have anything to do with them ever again.

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