Saudis and Israeli’s Stage Hajj Stampede in Terror Plot



Exclusive – Gordon Duff and Nahed Al Husaini VT Bureau Chief Damascus     

Dozens of diplomats, scientists and political leaders from Iran, Iraq, Syria and Lebanon are missing, presumed dead or kidnapped from Saudi Arabia after this year’s Hajj as part of a joint terror plot by Israel and Saudi Arabia that killed thousands.

Ghadanfar Rukin Abadi

Officials sources from both Iraq and Iran are accusing Saudi Arabia, in concert with the security services of the State of Israel, for staging the Mina stampede during this year’s Hajj.  Despite Saudi claims to the contrary, no estimate of the dead and “missing” totals less than 3500 with the current comprehensive list of missing reaching nearly 9000.

High level security sources tell of how Saudi Arabia and Israel screened visa applications months in advance in order to single out targeted individuals.

From an anonymous security source: “Some were picked up before the the Mina incident while others were kidnapped at hotels or the airport.  When the chaos began, teams of Saudi and Israeli security officials disguised as pilgrims equipped small canisters a poisonous gas or liquid, began taking down predetermined victims by the score.”

The bodies of the murdered where picked up from various locations with many dumped like so much dirty laundry with the stampede victims.  From the UK Independent:

In his bestselling book, Gordon Thomas, author of Gideon Spies: The Secret History of the Mossad, gives a chilling and detailed account of how the Mossad uses Biochemists and genetic scientists in order to develop lethal cocktails as bottled agents of death.

This includes the development of nerve agents, choking agents, blood agents, and blister agents – including Tuban (virtually odorless and invisible when dispensed in aerosol or vapor form), Soman (the last of the Nazi nerve gasses to be discovered which also has a slightly fruity odour and is invincible in vapour format), blister agents (which include chlorine, phosgene and diphosgene, and smell of new-mown grass) and blood agents (including those with a cyanide base).


A report issued today by the European Department for Security and Information in direct consultation with the security services of the Islamic Republics of Iraq and Iran stresses the danger to the region of continued Saudi and Israeli unwillingness to answer for the fate of those now known to be the targets of this act of terrorism.

(DESI) European Department for Security and Information: Saudi Arabia and Israel plotted against Iranian and Iraqi officials in the pilgrimage, What the Iranian reaction would be?


The European Department for Security and Information Secretary General Ambassador Dr. Haitham Bou Said underscores today that the unfortunate ” Mina ” Incident that occurred lately in Saudi Arabia will not come to an end unless the fate of the missing Iranian and Iraqis security officers and diplomats is revealed.

Dozens of high-ranking officials disappeared when they were performing their religious rituals in Mecca. The Saudi authorities claimed that the large number of people were missing as a result of stampede in the pilgrimage makes it impossible for them to account for the missing VIPs.

Among the most important missing Iranians are:

Iranian Ambassador to Lebanon Ghadanfar Rukin Abadi, Iranian Ambassaor to Lebanon, Abdullah Zeighami, deputy head of the Intelligence DEPT. affiliated with the Revolutionary guard, Dr Ali Asghar Foldghar, Head of the Research Strategic Centre of the Revolutionary Guards, Ahmad Fheem, Foreign ministry top official, and many others.

Ahmad Fahema

Two bodies were found: one belongs to the Iranian Ambassador to Slovenia Mohammad Rahim Aqayyi Boor and the other to the Iraqi General Isamil Hamid Zaer, Head of Crimes Department in the Interior Ministry.

Hassam Amir Abdullahyan, Iranian Foreign Minister Deputy, asked the Saudi authorities to determine the fates of 344 missing Iranians from the Iranian pilgrimage mission.

“The Organization began to collect evidence and testimony, in coordination with other international organizations in order to unearth the truth,” Bou Said stated, adding “there is evidence of an Israeli security apparatus which was inside Saudi Arabia during the Hajj targeting Iranian, Hezbollah, and Iraqi delegates who went to the pilgrimage, to execute secret kidnapping and arrest operations in cooperation with the Saudi Authorities.”     

Hassan Hussaini
Hassan Hussaini

Also, the DESI has documented reports and videos indicating the stampede that killed eight thousand six hundred and thirty-four people (8634) was purposefully staged by Saudi secruity.  A considerable number of the dead were never retrieved and may have been hauled to public landfills instead of receiving required funeral rites.

Mohammad Rahim Aqayyi Bor
Mohammad Rahim Aqayyi Bor

DESI indicates that additional lists of missing from Iraq and Lebanon’s Hezbollah organization are being withheld for security reasons.

Syrians living inside Syria are not allowed to visit Saudi Arabia even for religious purposes.



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  1. Superb and shocking article that shows the depth of the Likudist evil and their secret agenda to use up mercenaries and radicals and then dispose of them. Of course their Greater Israel plan requires them to completely destroy Islam and then Christianity if possible, (but now we know it won’t be).

    Makes me wonder if the original RKM/Israeli plan was to build up ISIS, destabilize and destroy Syria and Iran with it and then use the American Military to destroy it. Now Putin has thrown a very unexpected monkey wrench in such plans. The Likudist response is perhaps to eliminate ISIS even sooner because now they likely fear ISIS will turn on Israel as revenge for being abandoned. Remember ISIS still has some mini and micro-nukes given them by the Likudists to use in Iran, Yemen and in Syria. Soon perhaps the chickens will come home to roost for the RKMers, Dual Citizens in America and the Likudists thanks to Putin and the Russian Federation’s precision air war in Syria against ISIS.

  2. Gordon, to be quite honest, I commented this development a few weeks ago in a previous post on this site right after it had just happened. At the most, no more than two days later when some other sites had already leaked out some indescretions regarding the incident. The disconcerting thing now is that Jim Dean,himself, responded to me saying that internal security services would never let such a large number of “high-worth” individuals travel together in one place. And now this? What gives?

  3. How can the Iranian and Iraqi secret service be so naive to think their people will be safe in Saudi Arabia, travelling by themselves?

    I think they’re not that naive, and this story holds little truth.

    • The same way, they were naive supporting Al-CIAda rebels disguised as true Muslims, to overthrow the most Anti-Zionist leader, Gaddafi, of the African continent. They never learn how beyond EVIL is the Talmudic NWO, do they? This is blindness due to religion, in many ways, unfortunately.

      Wouldn’t be even surprised if man of those they supported in Libya, are fighting them now, in Syria

  4. Sure thing. “Important” Iranians, Syrians, Chechens, and other decent Muslims shouldn’t go to Mecca. (as long as) It is “ISIS” occupied territory.

  5. Maybe it’s just the sheer audacity of the operation. I mean, surely important anti-NWO Muslims have been visiting Zio Arabia for a while without something this severe happening…

  6. Why Hajj Mass Murder happened:

    1. To blame Crown Prince Mohammad Ibn Nayef who is responsible for Hajj Management. Disqualifying him while Crown-Crown prince (son of king, Mohammad Ibn Salman) gets all the attention and ‘glory’ because he is appointed as commander of important war with SHIAS (Yemen). Therefore Malik Salman is preparing Saudi Arabia to accept his own son as crown prince (he couldn’t pick his son as crown prince directly, other princes would not have allowed him and as you know Saudi princes are now demanding Malik Salman to step down! They are realizing what’s going on). It is very important to read this:

    2. It happened during Stoning of Satan Hajj event. A perfect place for mass sacrifice of innocents by Satan worshipers. The same people who sacrificed 3000 Americans on 9/11. (Hajj Stampede happened a few days after September 11th 2015 when their first mass sacrifice attempts -crane collapse in Mekka which killed 107 and fire in Mekka hotel which made 1500 pilgrims evacuate- failed to kill enough for their and Israeli’s god, Satan).

    There are many video clips of survivors of Hajj stampede, most if not all, agreeing this was a crime and on purpose, not accident.

  7. I read about this from “Jim Stone” days after it happened. In his report, he a Saudi prince and his body guards of over 250 fired tear gas canisters (I think) at the crowed that began the stampede where Israhell and Saudi scum were waiting for mostly the Iranian officials. He claimed most were taken back to that Israhell torture to get info on Iran’s missiles. Apparently Saudi officials wouldn’t let medicals teams near the victims for over 6 hours.

    I hope both of these arse hole states pay the price.

    • Actually Stone is around 50/50 IMO. But, I like comparing what he writes.

      I didn’t know Gordon had anything to say about him as I’ve been visiting VT for a year or so now.
      Thank you.

  8. Some native American had summed it up nicely – if heaven is a placed where ya fella go then I aint interested.

    To be frank those Iranians were fools – first to go to hajj and second to be at same place to be buldozered over easily.

    BTW, Israel is wiping out all archeological treasures so that future generation will never know truth about abrahamic made up religion. Those 7 countries were not for oil. Oil you can buy simply by printing $. All these wars are to erase archeological proof – is it surprising that first thing after “mission accomplished” was looting of museums?

  9. There were similiar occurences when “unpleasing” politicians and others have made or make their pilgrimages to the crattle of fake democracy, the UN, it goes covert and quiet. It is very reminiscent of the old Ottoman days when you send in the negotiator and get something decapitated in return.

  10. It would be counter to reason to conclude that two nations, hosts of the obvious most holy places on earth, would engage in such anti-tourist activity (in another world reality they would be religious tourism havens), but as article mentions it, stampedes are regular occurence during Hajj and Syrians are not allowed in these days, which makes a perfect getaway plan. I am still struggling to learn in what ways have political Israel and political Saudi Arabia profited from 9/11 since the whole world is learning day-by-day of their shady cooperation, based on rabid Zionist territorialism and some shared anti-shia sentiment. Such widespread available knowledge completely takes down 9/11 as a “brilliant” operation. And in words of mr. Kerry everybody through MSM learned recently that “you can’t bomb (that) knowledge away…”

  11. If and only if the Iranians allowed their scientists go to S.Arabia as reported, then it’s another sign that the Iranians don’t know their enemy.

    The Saudi elites are Kabbalists = Lucifarian-Satanist practitioners of the Talmud.

    The “stampede”, or rather the plowing through pilgrims with a +350 man convoy in cars, occured during a cerimony called ‘Stoning the Devil’.

    Sun Tzu said ‘Know Your Enemy’.

  12. Alright I made this comment before but it got lost in cyber space, it’s a little off topic anyway but it it needs to be said and Mr. Duff brings it up. The National socialists invented tabun, sarin and soman the most lethal nerve agents known to man. Why would they have to use Zyclon B, a bug spray, to dispatch jews?

  13. I have waited for this to be published on VT. It has to, because the committed mass murder and mass capture was just too horrendeous not to be reported.

    The evidence piled up over the last weeks from growingly diverse sources and I noticed it calmly, taking everything I could get into my own file stack. Thanks Gordon for your courage, it had to be done sooner or later.

    The famous “Samson Option” is in full spin for some time now through the covered up use tactical nukes in Syria, Yemen, Lebanon and elsewhere in the past, the false flag poison plot against Assad, which could easily have formented the beginning of a hot WWIII, the conspiratorial and long time support, weaponizing and logistically and military leading of ISIS, AlNusra and other Takfiri terrorists, the long time infiltration, corruption and forcely pressing of western governments into actions against the interests of their own people, in taking the international finanze under their strict regime to loot the whole world continuosly without any restraint, to corrupt science at every level imaginable and now the “Big Samson” in cohort with the ever willing and from the early beginnings totally morally corrupted Saudi tribe to use the holiest site of Islam for a carefully mass murder of innocent muslims and rapture of key figures from Shiite Iran and Irak.

    My own shameful country is a long time supporter of this policy and I know, they know very well, with whom they are in cohort for the furthering of their own shameful acts of lies, betrayal, weaponizing, war, suffering and shameful hiding behind their masters back.

    I start beginning to realize, why Russia is so effective in Syria and in the future in Irak as well.

    May all these criminals rott in hell forever. The world will have to face and must learn the truth.

  14. Forgive me if this is a little off topic but its a question we need to be asking and it doesn’t seem like anybody is asking why if the National Socialists invented tabun, sarin and soman, which they did, were they using bug spray, which is what Zyclon B is, on the “six million poor innocent saintly Jews they murdered in the concentration camps?”

  15. One day the rest of the arab world will realize who the real enemy of Islam is, and they will rise up against the house of Saud and that will be the inglorious end to those psychopathic butchers.

  16. I have been Muslim since 1993. But I won’t do hajj as long as the holy places are in the hands of Satanists. Fellow Muslims: Your first obligation is to liberate the holy places. Pilgrimage under these conditions is not valid. Travel there ONLY to liberate the place. THEN do hajj.

    The demonic regime occupying Jerusalem, Mecca and Medina must be erased from the pages of time.

  17. Wow! Things seem to never be slowing down. That a lot of high level people were missing was mentioned in the beginning, and it seemed strange that their bodies could not be located within several days among the 700ish figure initially put out. And then the circus began over the Saudi just stiff arming the Muslim world on accounting for the missing people, when it seemed that it would be a huge loss of prestige for them, but they seemed totally unconcerned about that. This seems to indicate why…they had bigger fish to fry in terms of keeping the lid on.

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