Russia Challenges the New World Order to Use Evidence-Based Reports



…by Jonas E. Alexis


If you have not read Hegel’s Lectures on the Philosophy of World History and his idea of “the cunning of reason” in light of current events in the Middle East, perhaps it is time to do so. Hegel argues that there is a “divine and absolute reason” that governs this world.[1]

Hegel’s cunning of reason is basically a “term for a hidden dynamic or dialectic which sums the consequences of actions in ways unforeseen by the actors.”[2]

To use the term in a modern context, New World Order agents thought that victory was within grasp when they started supporting the Syrian rebels/terrorists and ISIS, but things are changing at an astronomical rate. Things are working against them at this present moment. Surely they did not expect this heavy blowback.

Carnal men simply do not have the insight to see this “cunning of reason” because they are blinded by materialism and “scienticism,” which basically says that nature is all there is or ever will be, and that man is just a bunch of chemicals and DNA.

Yet this materialistic worldview comes to an abrupt end when one takes a serious look at logical and mathematical truths, metaphysical truths, moral and ethical truths such as the concept of freewill.[3]

Over the past five years or so, I have read numerous intellectual mush-heads such as Daniel Dennett and Sam Harris promiscuously arguing that they do not have freewill. How did they freely come to that conclusion? Well, that still remains a mystery. And if they have no freewill and are therefore robots, as Dennett perpetually argues, should a rational and moral person spend time responding to their perversion?

Materialism also proposes the view that this world was an accident and has absolutely no purpose and no design. In the words of Richard Dawkins:

“The universe observe has precisely the properties we should expect if there is, at bottom, no design, no purpose, no evil and no good, nothing but blind, pitiless indifference.”[4]

If the universe has no purpose, at least the sentence above has purpose and meaning! Dawkins is obviously no friend of philosophy, but perhaps he needs to start reading Jean Paul Sartre’s Nausea and see how Sartre came to a dead end as well. To assert that the statement the world of meaning and value is an illusion is a meaningful statement in and of itself is to make the sentence self-destructive.

Claiming that everything in the world is an illusion makes such a claim worthless, for both the words and the person who spoke them are merely illusion as well. There are other arguments we could marshal to destroy Dawkins’ materialistic worldview here, but since he is an illusion, why should we spend more time debunking him?

In contrast to the materialistic worldview, Hegel proposes something else. This world, he says, “is not prey to chance and external, contingent causes, but is governed by providence.” He moves on to say that “the world’s events are controlled by a providence, indeed by divine providence,” and this “divine providence is wisdom, coupled with infinite power, which realizes its ends, i.e., the absolute and rational design of the world…”[5]

In The Fellowship of the Ring, R. R. Tolkien has indirectly made reference to this “divine and absolute reason” which governs world affairs and which has a way of working itself out in history and world events. When Frodo realizes that Middle Earth is in an eternal and cosmic war against an enemy who wants nothing less but the extinction of the human race, he laments:

“I wish it need not have happened in my time.”

Gandalf, who is wiser than the lad, responds:

“So do I and so do all who live to see such times. But that is not for them to decide. All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us.”[6]

Frodo, who was simply an obscure young boy, ended up playing an influential role in defeating Sauron, the enemy of Middle East. Frodo himself didn’t plan on playing a major role. Hegel would have certainly called this the cunning of reason.

This cunning of reason has come back with a vengeance. Vladimir Putin has recently shown us that one country can make a difference. One country can challenge the New World Order, which feasts on lies, corruptions, covert operations, and complete fabrications.

NWO agents are already freaking out,[7] and since “The terrorists have lost over 35 percent of their militants,” NWO agents need more lies to propound their diabolical ideology.

More importantly, people are beginning to wake up. Even former French President Nicolas Sarkozy, of all people, have come out and declared his support for Putin. “Without Russia, one cannot meet the great challenges of this world,” he said. He moved on to add that Putin is “more positive than negative, despite our differences.”

There is more. Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard, though not entirely right, has also provided a devastating critique of New World Order agents in Syria. Listen to this:

Things like that obviously do not make NWO agents comfortable. They have recently come up with a genius attack on Russian forces in Syria. Russian forces, they tell us, are targeting civilians! No kidding! In response to this crazy accusation, Russian Defense Ministry deputy head Anatoly Antonov said:

“Today we invited military attaches from the US, Great Britain, France, Germany, Italy, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and the NATO bloc to ask them to give official validation to their statements, or make a rebuttal.”[8]

In logic, lies and fabrications are signs of failed arguments. Since NWO agents produce lies to marshal their diabolical plan, one can conclude that it is an infallible sign that they are failing miserably and pathetically.

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[8] “Moscow demands US-led coalition in Syria ‘prove or deny’ allegations Russia is ‘bombing civilians,’” Russia Today, October 28, 2015.

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  1. @ Amelius – How many of the 2+ billion persons without clean drinking water or proper sanitation die miserable, premature deaths from disease? Or to go further, in nature, how many animals die of old age, compared to those that die in fear and pain?

  2. “This looks more like a comment to steer VT traffic, because we have top rated commenters to another site looking for traffic, something we have always had to deal with.”

    Right Jim Dean!!!

    Paid shill 102.a., b., c., d., e., f.

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  3. I think Russia has finally given itself permision to act directly and in full view of the world given its new status as a NON-SUPER POWER. The US, Suadi Arabia, the UAE, and NATO are all SUPER POWERS in that they control the distribution of weapons as well as armies, navies, and airforces. Russia says no. So they have carte blanch to protect assets belonging to them without fear of reprisal from the global cabal that likes to play games with distribution of stuff to make proxy wars a reality. Nomenclature. Of course Russia is aiding its direct assests called Crimea and the true Ukrainians but thats not colonialism, its adherence to a Republic that needs to be protected from outside invasion. Like Syria, and Iran, and even Jordon.

    Hitler wanted to protect Germany and give Russia the what for because the USSR, (A great Super Power) threatened to envelop Germany in its collection of states. His exercise of free will and the subsequent demise of the small but powerful state

    • His exercise of free will and the subsequent demise of the small but powerful state has to be the best example of what Russia is trying to protect itself from as NATO and the US collect states previously controlled by the old and ruined USSR. This sick game of steal the little countries has to end.

  4. “Frodo himself didn’t plan on playing a major role.”

    Tolkien struggled to balance free will of his characters with deus ex machina intervention, and hid the latter from his readers. Frodo was involved because Bilbo did not just happen to find the ring on the floor of a dark goblin tunnel by accident before a goblin did, but rather was lead to it by Eru Ilúvatar (Letter #92 if I recall correctly). Similarly, the Ring story ends not by Gollum tripping, but rather being pushed by Eru Ilúvatar into the lava filled abyss of Mt. Doom.

  5. “I would ask them to simply look in the mirror and ask themselves, when was the last time they saw such a perfect accident.”

    Maybe if you asked the question of Narcissus you would get the answer you want. If there is a creator, he/she/it is either malevolent or incompetent, or life would not be “miserable, brutish, and short” for most living things.

  6. The “divine providence [that] is wisdom” that Hegel is speaking about is what others call the Holy Spirit, the Holy Ghost, the cosmic consiousness, etc.

    Hegel was probably “connected”, partially or full time, to this source and river of Truth that the Holy Ghost is. Maybe Hegel was a freemason?

    Kabbalists (freemasons, etc.) and other types of Talmudis often refer to Providence and the Eye of Providence.

    What the Talmud partially does is to teach its students on how to override the cosmic System of the Abrahamic God. What the Talmud teaches is not untrue, it’s blueprint to cheat Creation.

    And Jonas E Alexis is wrong about the NWO and Sarkozy being reactive. They have a Grand Plan and it is going their way. Read Sun Tzu’s The Art of War.

    Clue: “A prolonged war is always of detriment to the state.”

  7. Isaiah 59:19 (NKJV).

    19 So shall they fear
    The name of the Lord from the west,
    And His glory from the rising of the sun;
    When the enemy comes in like a flood,
    The Spirit of the Lord will lift up a standard against him.

  8. An excellent, insightful and even witty piece. Overall, well reasoned, with good, topically appropriate imbedded videos.

    Your premise with regard to Hegel’s “cunning of reason” is compelling, and historically ironic (in the best sense) in that Hegel’s dialectic has been a tool that the NWO has used (relied heavily on, in fact) as part of a long corrosive march against, among other things, the founding principles of the US (including the Constitution itself).

    With regard to your good mention that “ . . . lies and fabrications are signs of failed arguments. Since NWO agents produce lies to marshal their diabolical plan, one can conclude that it is an infallible sign that they are failing miserably and pathetically,” I would add that the art of prevarication is something the NWO has relied upon for quite some time. To this day, there are many who, even faced with reason and evidence, believe the disinformation. Fortunately, the Russians are wise to this, have anticipated it, in fact, and are dealing with it appropriately. Fortunately, as well, there are good pieces such as this, and others found in these pages, to guide use through the slough.

  9. If they start WWIII, then in three months the war, which actually started 1914, will come to an end. And the outcome will be a surprise.

  10. Well this is some circular reasoning. Many Americans have European roots but we are not Europeans, loyal to them, nor hostile either. Why would we when we have bigger fish to fry. The ancient history of war and political intrigues has been studied widely since we had writing, and semi-widely before that in the oral tradition.

    That modern hoods would use anything from the past that works is a given, and then to improve on that by using modern tools. This looks more like me a comment to steer VT traffic, because we have top rate commenters to another site looking for traffic, something we have always had to deal with. These constant “how many angels dance on a head of a pin” ideological disputes have almost always been a waste of time as they are often driven by the personalities, to the point where psy ops efforts on the net use them extensively exactly for that purpose, because it does waste a lot of time. We know, because it wastes a good bit of ours, and we have attracted a large readership trying to escape it.

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