The Russian Crash in Sinai, ISIS Claims “Shoot Down” – Updates


Why did they lie about the pilot reporting technical problems?

Why did they lie about the pilot asking to make an emergency landing in Cairo?

… by  Gordon Duff, VT Sr. Senior Editor

[ Note: This story began with an airline crash and many suspicions.  Now we have a claim by ISIS in Sinai, a shadowy group organized by Saudi intelligence with full complicity of Israel, opening the border into Negev for a peek-a-boo war, like ISIS in Syria/Daar’a Province.

The video is not confirmed and is being carried by Iranian media and hosted by VT.  I just got off the phone with our resident airline security expert, Lt. Col. Stephen Avery.  He flew the Airbus 321 when a pilot and head of security for US Air.  Pay close attention to what he says here:

“The Airbus a321 can make a higher altitude towards the end of the flight as the fuel is being burned off.  The Airbus 319 and 320 have no problems unless you have a nut pilot in the cockpit with the door locked from the inside.The strongest headwinds that I have ever seen happened to me over Cairo headed up to Sig, Sicily.”

He says the plane won’t do 31,000 feet, the wing and engines too small, one of the worst commercial airliners in history.  He claims it could never have reached this altitude without endless coaxing, which adds credence to the ISIS video.  We will keep updatingGD ]

Update on this plane

This  specific jet was involved in an actual tail strike earlier in a landing at Cairo (several years ago from Beirut to Cairo).  Significant damage occurred at that time. This aircraft the AB 321 is not liked by pilots due to its length causing tail strikes on takeoff and landings.  The tail could have come off as well if it was not repaired correctly earlier especially in Egypt.

The pilots had to have had the power to max to gain that much altitude in such a short time, especially when it was full of passengers and their baggage and cargo! Probably max fuel needed going into the wind (hearsay). 

Again I don’t know anything about turbulence, strong headwinds, etc. Again, pilots don’t like this specific model (AB 321) , but it looks great! J The 318, 319 and 320 are great aircraft though.  This is all hearsay and not verified.  This is just my two cents worth as a retired pilot.  Stephen Avery


[ Update 1 : 2 pm EST –  Egyptian authorities are still reporting pilot contact regarding technical problems and request to land. Rescue teams had to hike 4 miles to the crash site.  They are reporting all bodies recovers and mostly burn from impact firesJD ]


[ Update 2 : 3:05pm EST – Moscow and Cairo have denied claims by the Daesh Takfiri group’s Egyptian affiliate to have downed a Russian aircraft that crashed in North Sinai with more than 200 passengers on board.

“Now in various media there is assorted information that the Russian passenger (plane)… was supposedly shot down by an anti-aircraft missile, fired by terrorists. This information can’t be considered accurate,” Russian Transport Minister Maksim Sokolov said on Saturday.

“We are in close contact with our Egyptian colleagues and aviation authorities in the country. At present, they have no information that would confirm such insinuations,” he added.

Meanwhile, Mohamed Samir, Egypt’s army spokesman, also refuted the claim by the Takfiri group, saying that “the army sees no authenticity” to the terrorists claims or videos.

“They can put out whatever statements they want but there is no proof at this point that terrorists were responsible for this plane crash” he said.

“We will know the true reasons when the civil aviation authority in coordination with Russian authorities completes its investigation,” he added.


[ Update 3 : 4:30 pm ESTThere is input now from Egypt that refutes earlier statements that the pilot reported technical problems and wanted to land, so this has made it a messy day. Now the aviation minister refutes that categorically.

Both black boxes of the plane had been found, Mohamed Hossam Kemal, the civil aviation minister, told a news conference.

Kemal said communications between the plane and air traffic control before the crash had been normal and that nothing irregular had occurred before the accident.”The plane did not request a change of route,” he said.

We are also getting some on the scene reports:

“I now see a tragic scene,” an Egyptian security officer at the site told Reuters by telephone. “A lot of dead on the ground and many who died whilst strapped to their seats. “The plane split into two, a small part on the tail end that burned and a larger part that crashed into a rockface. We have extracted at least 100 bodies and the rest are still inside,” the officer, who requested anonymity, said.

We will continue to post new develops as we get themJD ]


Siani shoot down_crop

Family members wait though nothing they want to hear will ever be said
Family members wait though nothing they want to hear will ever be said

Yesterday, we received warnings that an American plane would be shot down over Syria and blamed on the Russians accompanied by a transcript of the plans being made.  

Today a Russian airliner carrying over 200 passengers plunged to the ground after reading 31,000 feet, something atypical for airline crashes.  Planes seldom hit cruising altitude and develop mechanical problems.

The plane had just flown over Israeli/ISIS controlled territory when the mishap developed.  There are still mechanical problems with planes, this one an 18 year old, not that old, an Airbus 321 filled with Russian vacationers returning from Egyptian beaches to St. Petersburg.

However, there are lots of ways to bring down aircraft, hacks, little explosive devices and such and a recent history filled with games tied to aircraft crashes, particularly involving Malaysian Airlines as everyone is aware. From al Alam in Tehran:

According to Flight Radar 24, the jet was plunging at 5,760 feet per minute at 30,000 feet when it lost contact with air traffic controllers.

Here is the rub, bringing down aircraft filled with innocent civilians is a typical form of state terrorism.  America has used it against Iran, we are told Libya used it against the US (and Scotland) but that issue has never been settled to anyone’s satisfaction.  We lost a Polish president on a crash over Russia which Russia has been accused of causing though the political upheavals in the region would put my money on NATO as the culprit, opinion only.



Russia brought down a Korean airlines 747, we could go on forever, simply mentioning the crashes and “downings” that we are supposed to know of.

Never take an airline crash at face value.  Never take an airline crash near a combat zone at face value.  Always look for an angry nation state “player” looking for revenge, Israel certainly qualifies but with the current command bifurcation in the US, they aren’t above involvement either.

How many times have civilians been sacrificed for geopolitical gain
How many times have civilians been sacrificed for geopolitical gain

If one were to look at the airport personnel at Sharm el Sheikh, where the ill fated flight began, would one find penetration by foreign intelligence services or Egyptian personnel on the payroll of Saudi Arabia?

Let’s take a look at Saudi Arabia.  The Saudi king and Saudi foreign minister are continually either visiting Moscow or on the phone with Putin or Lavrov.  Yesterday’s conference in Vienna which put Iran and Saudi Arabia at the same table didn’t come up with a comprehensive settlement but the items that were settled went very much the wrong way for Saudi Arabia.

All of the groups the Saudis are supporting with cash and advanced weapons will be on the terror list and subject to obliteration by the 19 nation coalition.  When Saudi continues sending in weapons, and they will certainly do that, eventually they will run afoul of Russia for certain and, weak though this has become, public opinion around the world.

The holocaust in Yemen has already stained Saudi Arabia beyond redemption anyway.

Would they have plotted against Russia and brought down this aircraft?  The answer is a resounding yes.  Are there factions in Saudi Arabia that would use this against not only Russia but the current king who is seen as incompetent and sickly?  The answer again is yes.

The second player is Israel.  Russia has, during the last week, bombed Israeli backed terrorists on Golan Heights, right under Israeli air defenses, an area where the Israeli Air Force has openly attacked Syrian forces in the past, though inside Syria.

Now the rules have changed and the terrorists, mostly al Nusra, but some FSA “moderate terrorists” as well, though there has yet to be anyone to prove the FSA is still active inside Syria, are being bombed out of existence.  Their only choice is to flee to Israel across the demilitarized zone policed by the United Nations or to sneak into Jordan where the government there has begun only recently rounding up terrorists.

Is this enough to enrage Israel into another of its endless crazed “USS Liberty” type acts of state terror? Then again, did the plan crash on its own?

Today Russian investigators will be flooding into Cairo.  Those who waited with baited breath for the MH17 report to come from the Dutch, believing this would go somewhere and that NATO could engineer though state terror adequate moral highground to justify US military intervention in Ukraine, may have their day in reverse.

Now Russia gets to report and can take all the time they need.  Will Russia take advantage of this reversal of fortune?


Report from Tehran first:

Another bad day for the families
Another bad day for the families

The wreckage of a Russian Airbus A321 plane, which apparently crashed while en route from Sharm el-Sheikh to St. Petersburg on Oct. 31, has been discovered in Egypt.

Earlier in the morning the Russian Federal Air Transport Agency (Rosaviatsiya) possesses information indicating that an Airbus A321 plane en route from Egypt to St. Petersburg disappeared from radar screens. The plane was carrying 224 people, including 217 passengers and 7 crewmembers.

All passengers on board a Kolavia aircraft are Russian citizens, the Govorit Moskva radio station reported with reference to a source from the Russian embassy to Egypt. The Irish-owned aircraft was leased by a Russian airline. It crashed in the Hassana area, south of Arish.

Reports suggest the pilot had warned air traffic controllers of a technical issue on board the aircraft. Weather conditions were said to be poor at the time of the crash.

Egyptian security officials have found the wreckage in a remote mountainous region which has large numbers of ISIS-affiliated terrorists, although they are not thought to possess any weapons which could hit a passenger jet at its 35,000 feet cruising altitude, Daily Mail Reports according to Egyptian security sources.

Egyptian security officials confirmed that there are unlikely to be any survivors following the accident.

The plane went down in a mountainous area in central Sinai and poor weather conditions have made it difficult for rescue crews to get to the scene, the officer said. Survivors and bodies of those on board will be flown to Cairo, the security source said.

According to Russian news agencies, the aircraft was an Airbus A-321 operated by Kogalymavia Aircraft. Egyptian emergency authorities have sent 45 ambulances to the scene to help with the rescue efforts. There were no indications the aircraft was shot down, according to Egyptian security sources.

The aircraft went down in an area where pilots are warned against flying at less than 24,000 feet because of the danger of ‘dedicated anti-aircraft weapons’.

– See more at:


…from Russia Today

Russian passenger aircraft with 220 onboard crashes over Egypt

Kolavia Flight 7K9268, an Airbus A321, went off radar 23 minutes after taking off from Sharm El-Sheikh International Airport, Sergey Izvolskiy told the media citing preliminary data. The plane was carrying 217 passengers and 7 crewmembers, he added. Seventeen of the passengers were children.

The Russian embassy in Egypt initially said all on board were Russian citizens. Later, the Belorussian embassy said one of the passengers was Belorussian. Egyptian authorities said three of the victims were Ukrainian, but Kiev didn’t immediately confirm that.

Egyptian Prime Minister Sherif Ismail confirmed that the Russian plane did go missing over Sinai and said a cabinet-level crisis committee has been convened to deal with the incident. The crash site was discovered hours later in a desolate mountainous area of central Sinai, Egypt’s aviation ministry reported.

The plane was destroyed and all passengers and crewmembers were killed in the crash, Egyptian military and rescue officials told AP. Earlier, media reports suggested there might have been some survivors.

The Egyptian military told RT access to the crash site may be difficult for the press due to the volatile security situation in the Sinai. Large parts of the peninsula are dangerous due to the presence of militants, with only coastal areas in the north and south adequately guarded by security forces. The crash site is in the Hassana area 35 km south of Arish, the largest city in the Sinai.

The flight was traveling from the Egyptian resort to St. Petersburg. It belonged to the Kogalymavia airline, which also uses the brand name Metrojet, an operator popular among Russian tourists going to Egypt. The plane was supposed to contact air traffic in Turkish Cyprus’ Larnaca after leaving Egypt’s airspace, but failed to do so.

The tourist operator Brisco charted the ill-fated flight. The company is a business affiliate of Metrojet and they said the captain of the Airbus was an experienced pilot familiar with the aircraft.

“The captain was Velary Nemov, who has 12,000 flight hours under his belt, so he is definitely an experienced man. Of those, some 3,800 hours he spent piloting Airbus 320s. So we don’t have any reason to suspect human error from the crew,” a spokesman for Brisco said.

The plane climbed to its designated altitude of over 10,000 meters before rapidly losing speed, dropping and then vanishing from radar. Some reports in the Egyptian media cited eyewitnesses as saying the plane was on fire as it fell.

A source at Sharm El-Sheikh Airport told RIA Novosti the pilot of the missing plane requested a change of course, saying the jet would have to land in Cairo. The source said the crew of the crashed plane had complained to the airport’s technical service that the jet had engine problems.

The rapid drop the Airbus 321 reportedly experienced before crashing indicates pretty unusual circumstances and would suggest an emergency descent maneuver conducted by the crew, Captain Richard Woodward, former vice-president of the Australian and International Pilots’ Association (AIPA), told RT.

“If engines had failed, that would give you a dramatic loss of speed initially, but the crew would have lowered the nose and commit what is called a glide descent,” he explained. “My initial thought was that it might have been an emergency descent by the crew because they had a pressurization problem or dare I say perhaps a bomb on board.”

Russia has declared Sunday a day of national mourning for the crash victims.

Metrojet had a fatal incident in 2011, when one of its planes caught fire on a runway in Surgut Airport in Russia’s Urals. Three people died and 40 were injured as the plane burned out in just 10 minutes.

The last large-scale Russian airline incident happened in November 2013, when Tatarstan Airlines Flight 363 crashed at Kazan International Airport while attempting to land. Fifty people died in the incident.


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  1. If bodies and parts of the airplane are scattered in aa range of 4-8 kilometers (depending on the direction), it very strongly suggests that there was some kind of explosion happening. Bodies which simply fall down, don’t scatter that much apart.

    If a bomb was placed or a missile shot, we can’t know. What makes me very suspicious is the nearness of the flight route to Israel. It just happened that Israel did a major military exercise nearby on its soil, which was watched by NATO personal. I cannot help, but this fact alone makes my brain cells somewhat very active, because I automatically think of the possibility some form of electronic interference.

    We should notice, that the Rusian Airplaine was flown by Wire when all this started and its a well known fact that the A321 can fall down in midair like a stone if during Fly by Wire the controll mechanisms get wront data because of (possibly) frozen sensors (happened before).

    The absence of any recorded pilot reactions may have to do with the uncontrolled and extreme fast fall down of the airplane – or did someone meddle inbetween?

  2. Another possibility worthy of serious consideration concerns the F-22, which does not register on “normal” radar. The F-22 has been used in “combat” missions in Syria since November 2014, perhaps earlier, per_ The F-22 could have fired off an air to air missile at Airbus A321 without having been either discerned by the crew of the A321 or detected by radar, and returned to wherever via in-air refueling. The event would not have been published by wiki, the Air Force Times, or the major news media. Who devised the “7 countries in 5 years” plan ? – wasn´t Russia.

  3. Gennady & Lidiya: Since you grew up in Ukraine, lived in Russia before now-Putin and now live in France under Hollande, your biases & blindness to history and current events are understandable. You yearn for a world that never existed (even when you lived there) — and certainly no longer exists. Open your mind.

    You talk Ukrainian-type propaganda about Russians killing civilians in Ukraine & Syria, while ignoring U.S. F16s bombing Aleppo electric & water plants (depriving 2.5+ million of essential services, increasing refugee flows and playing brinksmanship with Russia) — just as the Russia-led coalition retakes Aleppo.

    You spout irrelevant statistics on the Ukrainian election of Pornoshenko, while ignoring Neo-Nazi support for the violent coup ousting the very corrupt but elected leader of Ukraine. By the way, the Neo-Nazis are both in Ukraine and in Washington DC (e.g., Victoria Nuland). Did you prefer Timoshenko?

    You also ignore the Crimean referendum strongly favoring re-integration with Russia and the fact that Russia NEVER invaded Ukraine after the U.S./NATO/Neo-Nazi coup against Ukraine’s elected leader.

    What almost everyone (and you) misses is that anti-Kiev rebels won in Donbas and the Russia-led coalition will win in Syria due to Russian A2AD technologies (A2AD = Anti-Access Area Denial).

    Awaken from your slumber, Gennady & Lidiya! The Paris wines are good, but don’t drink too much.

  4. Sorcha Faal, is that you? Excuse me while I snooze even before reading your totally unsourced “Before It’s Snooze” linked story. Your Russian tactical nukes can then be my alarm clock in Damascus.


    Yes, the not-so-sweet-smelling cologne of Netanyahu/RKM, the Saudi d-rooler and the McCain/Betray-U.S. bifurcated U.S. military command structure is still in the air — even if Russia’s Sinai A321 is not. Although Duff laid it bare better than the best, others and you also agree.

    However, as more than hinted in Kevin Barrett’s Truth Jihad radio show with Duff and in Kevin’s follow-on show, those who control the game are more occult (or hidden) than most may realize.

    Just as black may be new orange and as Medieval+ monarchs sponsored pirates, now supra-national oligarchs sponsor national monarchs as the new pirates — all with incredulous plausible deniability.

    Israelis, Saudis & Bush/NeoCons are our current whipping boys. However, as said, it’s bigger than that. Even bigger than the 2000-year-old Babylonian-bankster Rothschild Khazarian Mafia villains du juor.

    So, as The Bear and we bare down on atrocity perpetrators du juor, we may want to pity poor Petraeus, McCain, Netanyahu, Salman and Rothschild, whom The Bear and we may be ready to ravage.

  6. Oct 30-31 is a favored date for satanists to commit murder, especially if it’s revenge. And just 1 year ago, on Oct 31, 2014, Virgin Galactic’s SpaceShipTwo broke up catastrophically in-flight, killing the co-pilot. I don’t believe that either of these events was an accident.

  7. DaveE: Your “facts” pulled from thin air are amusing. Unless you’re trying to impersonate Edgar Cayce.

  8. Another possibility worthy of serious consideration concerns the F-22, stationed at Spangdahlem USAF base, 10 miles west of Bitburg, Germany, 10 miles north of the former Hahn AFB, Germany. The F-22 does not register on “normal” radar. The F-22 has been used in “combat” missions in Syria since Novermber 2014, perhaps earlier. Raptor “Four F-22s were deployed to Spangdahlem Air Base in Germany in August and Lask Air Base in Poland and Amari Air Base in Estonia in September 2015 to train with NATO allies.”
    The F-22 could have fired off an air to air missile at Airbus A321 without having been detected by radar, and returned to Incirlik USAF base. Certainly, the event would not have been published in the Air Force Times, your local TV station or the major news media. After all, the USmilitary is led thru the nose by Israeli 1sts, whose leadership want to spread the 1948 land-grant boundaries into Syria. Who is more vindictive than Israeli genociders ? Or more deceitful? Who devised the “7 countries in 5 years” plan ? -wasnt Russia.

  9. One of the top Russian investigators has said they have confirmed the plane broke apart in the air, in two main pieces, with the debris spread over 20kms. The photos we saw yesterday where some of the main pieces fell. Catastrophic structural failures are extremely rare and would be a huge failure of those responsible for maintenance and safety. We saw no visual evidence of a missile strike on the larger pieces, shrapnel or burn marks. It is was caused by a bomb then explosives testing will reveal that quickly. Either way will will find out what happened here, and much quicker than the last major crashes have were much more challenging physically.

    • Gennady & Lidiya: As you too may know, there are simple chemical tests for any chemical agents that may have caused structural damage to the plane. In addition, no chemical agent that I know can reliably & predictably cause the type of structural damage that we have seen in part on that A321. A prior “tail down” hard landing may have played a role. Russians already know to look for that.

  10. If this was indeed a shoot-down or bomb-in-plane by agents of the RKM and covert retribution is planned
    ……better keep an official version of an accident… IMO that is what an ex Lt Colonel of the KGB would do….

  11. I saw picture on rt I suppose and it doesn’t make sense to me either.
    Say landing attempt was made: in this case nose dives into ground because landing gear would give up. There would also be lots of survivors.
    Say it fell: then the piece would be broken really badly
    I too didn’t see any ‘mountain’ :-/

    Something is not adding up

  12. ISIS in Sinai means Israel…See Putin? This is what you get for playing Mr. Nice Guy…next time Talmudia sends fighter jets over Syria SHOOT THEM DOWN!!!

  13. This picture is becoming clearer by the hour. As I’ve posted before The US is concerned about one thing on the surface and another behind the current scene…Right now the US is building up forces within Turkey…
    F-15’s are now in route to joins the recent arrival of the A-10 attack aircraft..all in supposed support of NATO…..So I’m starting to think this downed plane will be used as an excuse to increase this build up. A Pentagon thing for sure…Someone is afraid of the Russian influence and it’s growing confidence within the region, including Europe…Never mind sanctions…Germany and the rest MUST have Russian energy to survive, period. Europe is on a time schedule and time is quickly running out.

    Is the US afraid of Europe telling Washington to BUTT out? I think so and Turkey is a huge ploy..As I’ve said..Poland is what they are after….look at a map. Poland is a huge blocking force toward so called ” Russian aggression “.. Turkey is the gateway. So who would send a message via downed plane?

    Germany aligns with Russia for keeps and it’s a massive game changer.


  14. Davey: Just as black may be new orange and as Medieval+ monarchs sponsored pirates, supra-national oligarchs now sponsor national monarchs as the new pirates — all with incredulous plausible deniability.

    Israel & Netanyahu are our current whipping boys & scapegoats. However, as said, it’s bigger than that. Even bigger than the 2000-year-old Babylonian-bankster Rothschild Khazarian Mafia (the villains du juor).

  15. gonna agree and disagree both.. kinda..
    overall, aircraft arent very heavy for their size but do have a lot of structural integrity going for them too. I would think freefall speed can be less than 100 mph, they take off and land at sub 100 mph speeds, kinda makes sense to me anyway. a powered dive into soft ground will definitely crater and twist up a lot of metal, aluminum can be pretty springy flexible if it’s not slammed HARD, it can also crumple where it takes a hit with the majority behind it deflected and intact (like slamming a pop can into a brick, taking a dent and bouncing away).

  16. Amelius: McCain & General Betray-U.S. didn’t need to ask anyone to do this. Manpads were already there. The 2012 David Ignatius “Libyan Missiles on the Loose” WaPo OpEd was only a limited hang-out.

  17. Amelius: Just being the whacky Saudi king is its own punishment. His own princes will soon depose him.

    Yemeni crickets have chirped in with Scud missiles raining on a Saudi air base, killing elite Saudi pilots & destroying US$2+ billion in U.S. warplanes that KSA used to rain on wedding parties in Yemen. With ever-dwindling oil revenues needed to pay for amphetamine-like drugs for IS-U.S./Nusra “moderate terrorists” and throw-away Syrian sex slaves, the KSA CMFIC cannot afford any additional humiliation.

    In Vienna, Lavrov, Kerry & others gave added humiliating impetus to moves to depose the Saudi d-ruler when most Syrian peace parlay pickers defiantly defeated almost all Saudi choices on Syria.

    That cry-baby putz in Israel is hanging onto his death rattle by a thin electoral thread, almost severed now that no-show Israel also defeated in Vienna and an Israeli intel Colonel was captured while commanding IS-U.S. buccaneers in Iraq. May they all drown in bacon grease! Allah willing and the Creek don’t rise.

  18. HI everyone, Israel has offered their services to help investigators in Egypt, sounds like the criminal returning to the scene of the crime. rest assured Spetznatz probably has the are secured. Many pictures from space tells a story that only VT will discuss.

  19. Just more drama to get the NWO govt’s what they want…another war for depopulation and a world wide great depression that will cause us all to suffer greatly while the wealthy psychopathic elite sit back and watch. Guess what? Putin is part of the NWO club!

  20. Gennady & Lidiya: Being born & raised in Ukraine (now with pity for Pornoshenko & his U.S./Neo-Nazi enablers), we understand why you might say things that are contrary to relatively well-known facts.

    FYI, in 2001, rejecting Qatar, Assad signed a pipeline deal with Iran for cheap gas for Europe. Gennady, were you hoping to get a Ukrainian welding job on that now-defunct Qatari pipeline?

    Although Bush & Blair planted seeds for IS-U.S. while fomenting Sunni-Shiite violence during Iraq War, IS-U.S. did not come into existence until needed to try now-also-defunct regime change against Assad.

    Did Russia’s bombing of Syrian IS-U.S. motivate IS-U.S. to get Russian orders to down Russia’s plane?

    Unfortunately, almost everyone had forgotten about MH17 long before the Dutch cover-up report. By the way, U.S. coup-puppet Poroshenko conceded defeat (“de-escalation”) on March 17, which ended any possibility that NATO & Co. could start World War 3 by destabilizing Russia & derailing BRICS with a 3-front war (Ukraine, Syria & sanctions, all 3 of which have now blown back onto their NATO initiators).

    A big matter achieved would be for you, Gennady & Lidiya, to move from Paris back to Kiev, where lonely Pornoshenko would welcome you with open arms!

  21. DaveE:
    I think you are right. You have keen eyes.
    When I saw the first wreckage photo Duff uploaded, which he then quickly removed, I also saw many unusual features of the wreckage scene that I had hard time believing were debris of the airplane that fell from 35,000 ft altitude. The report said the plane plunged into a mountainous area; yet the photo showed a large flat and clean ground area where a dozen ambulances were staying with the wreckage which had its top portions blown up black but the bottom part was extremely clean and perfectly well preserved. How could that many ambulances gather at such a “remote mountainous area” that fast? How could the plane sit there perfectly well? I also thought the photo was a staged one, not an actual wreckage scene. So…this is a false flag op again to force Russia into a full-blown war?

  22. Dave, there was no ground displacement in Ukraine either. Displacement requires dive speed with the engines pumping. And we don’t know how hard this ground was. But not to worry. “The Russians are coming”…They are on the ground as I type, and the Egyptians will work closely with them. So there is another story brewing here, about another Russian team up with a Mid East country to put on display how to do an airline crash investigation. Anyone want to bet that it takes a lot less time than the last few with those wanting to bill long hours have been charging??

  23. You are sick as rabid junkyard dogs. Warmongering, Freedom killer, porky-the-pig-shenko, embraces you.

  24. Who (what inhuman things) had the means, opportunity and motive? Stinks like genocidal zionists in izraHell. If not directly, then indirectly through proxies.

  25. To DaveE

    Excellent post. This war is against a Medusa with many serpent heads that has the ability to transform and reappear and infiltrate and commit the most horrendous of crimes and cover their tracks. Like the many movies produced by Jews, they seems to foretell how society is behaving, with most believing it is just entertainment and pure fantasy. The tactics of Mafia are employed at State level with the public being too revolted by such a revelation that they simply dismiss it as conspiracy theory. We really do have aliens amongst us, in respect to our sense of decency at any rate.

  26. This event makes me feel very unworthy of the things I have, let alone those which I too often, take for granted.


  27. ISIS takes advantage of someone’s dirty deed to enhance their falling recruiting image. NWO retaliation for Russia freeing Syria and helping the Kurds. I would suspect super high tech weaponry on this airliner downing similar to that of MH370 and the Virgin, consistently proven safe and stable, Spacecraft destruction when it was just going into an escape orbit without having an “approved” security clearance and everyone signing total secrecy papers.

  28. Assuming it wasn’t an accident although this is still remotely possible…

    I think there is no bigger tragedy than sacrificing lives for petty political and military maneuvering. Especially when it backfires immediately, giving Putin nothing short but a major political and diplomatic joker.
    There won’t be any kind of direct military response by Russia for sure, but i’d really like to evesdrop on some international communications right now – and the next few weeks are bound to bring some interesting changes in the power build-up in the middle east.

    That being said, now for the most important part:
    My sincere and honest condolences to everybody linked to this catastrophe in any possible way, from relatives to business partners to friends to even that unknown technician who checked the plane prior to takeoff, found nothing wrong and now feels guilty.

    Earlier in these comments someone felt really bad, saying so because the deceased were of russian and slavic origin.
    I do not hope to offend anyone when i say that those people were my brothers and sisters and children and parents also, regardless of any ethnical or religious origins.
    If there was ever a time we needed to stand together, it is now.

    • There will be a response if the plane was indeed shot down, either by conventional or unconventional means. Now whether you hear about it in the press or not, is another kettle of fish altogether. Your post is inspiring and I just want to say thank you for that. Much appreciated. It’s sad that we’re reminded of life and what it has to offer amid such senselessness.


  29. no expert here but yeah a bomb onboard makes the most sense. radio jamming could have been set to happen once cruising altitude was reached or shortly after with delay timer.
    a lot of “airport security” or other personnel may be izrahelli, who tell “ISIS” to claim shooting it down as diversion and threat to Russian aircraft in Syria they havent begun to hit yet..

    it’s just what makes the most sense to me, again no expert here!

  30. If the Russians get a sniff of any involvement by any of the terrorist countries involved in Syria then God help them .
    Russian Retribution will be terrible. But you know the bastards deserve it.

    • Dr. Jones: There are ways to ‘take out’ the not-so-kosher garbage without ‘taking out’ all the Jews.

  31. RT is tacking up photos of debris. Looks like the event took place at altitude causing plane to break apart. No way it was a crash due to failure unless something other than bombs can cause cabin compromise that the Capt would not have had time to communicate or attempt to arrest.


  32. I see where Yahoo news, one of the “news for jews” outlets is saiyng israel is volunteering to send investigators to the scene. Kind of like offereing to remove the evidence on 9/11 by selling the debris to China. If Israel did it Russia will find out and Israel will pay. As putin said,” if war is inevitable go to war first.” Bye bye Tel Aviv.

  33. Live reports are saying that Russian Ministry and investigators are in the air headed to Cairo with another group getting ready to depart. Waiting for ISIS to officially deny involvement which would really set the stage for things a bit above tactical’s, guns, and Turkish made knives.

    These terrorist and their backer’s, only though that the shit had hit the fan in late Sept… I think they ain’t seen nothing yet. Not sure if there are many White horses left in that region but now would be a real good time to have one trot into town with the rider holding something more than just a severed head.


    • IS-U.S./Sinai has now ‘officially’ said that the catchy A321-downing music video is a “fake.”

      When Putin initiated what he did on 30 September, Putin knew that there would be days like this.

      In fact, Putin counted on the reactive tactical stupidity of his opponents to achieve Russia’s goals.

  34. Just not real sure what to say, so sad. If this shoot down theory is in fact true, then this is a massive game changer. What a sick and twisted game these cowards play. Payback, in this instance, will end the lives of not only terrorists, but those who handle and fund as well. This is a guarantee. No way to escape it now.

    Waiting patiently for the leaders to start calling for press conferences as the conflict starts to bust at the seams. Only fools would try to run from this if it’s proven to be true, and only bought and paid for puppets would ever try to get out front of it!!!


  35. If Russian investigations confirm it was ISIS, it could set off a massive retaliation to the country(s) who organised this. It does smell of Israhell Saudi terrorists.

  36. ISIS boldly declares a war against Russia…on Halloween…

    The U.S. and Israel, like the U.K. before, support radical fundamentalist Islam over secular nationalism, and ISIS is an extremist offshoot of Saudi Wahabi/Salafi doctrines and uses vast Saudi oil resources to spread their radical Islam teachings.

    Ominous signs…and reminiscent of WW1 in many chilling ways.

  37. Timing definitely screams intentional. Especially considering the intell, big kudos for that grab.
    These types of attacks are cowardice, arrogance, and short sighted psychopathy.
    Retaliation will be swift and precise. It was a horrible move.

    • Israel more than any other country has a reputation for this type of duplicity, cowardice and murder. Surely the Russian bear has been poked to the extent that an equivalent of Guantonimo can be created in some part of Siberia to interrogate ISIS or Israeli captives to come clean on who ISIS really is, and who was behind this callus air crash. Most probably that has already been done and the Russian response is being, or has already been formulated.

      It beggars belief that the U.S. is prepared to risk WW3 for Israel and their world banks and for their own complicit congress stooges. I am still hanging on the hope that the Obama administration and Russia, have done a deal and that the combat troops the U.S. are sending is for show only and will do nothing to interfere with Russian and Iranian advances against ISIS. The taking back of the Golan Heights by Syria and her supporters, will be a game changer and give indication to the real game plan, if it were to happen.

    • Robert: Obama’s +/-50 combat advisers began to work with Kurds+ to close the Syrian border with Turkey — virtually sealing the fate of Turkish MusBro sultan Erdogan as his party stands for elections today (Sunday). Erdogan was already slated to lose due to anti-Russian sanctions tubing the Turk economy.

      Obama is no longer willing to risk WW3 for anyone. Obama is covertly working in parallel with Putin — together but independently.

      After McCain buddies in Ukraine apparently got caught planning a false flag to shoot down a U.S. jet near Russia’s base in Latakia, those who want to derail Syria-Mideast peace may have resorted to “Plan B”: downing a Sinai-overflying Russian passenger plane and casting aspersions on Israelis, Saudis & U.S.

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