Why Palestinian Davids will defeat the Zionist Goliath

Max Blumenthal isn't the only one noticing which side is the bully and which is the underdog.
Max Blumenthal isn't the only one noticing which side is the bully and which is the underdog.
Max Blumenthal isn’t the only one noticing which side is the bully and which is the underdog. In this case, bet on the underdog.

By Kevin Barrett, Veterans Today Editor

I was recently interviewed by the Islamic Republic of Iran News Network about the new intifada in Occupied Palestine. Below is a link and transcript.

Watch the interview (warning - it's in Farsi, though you may be able to make out my voice in English)
Watch the interview (warning – it’s in Farsi, though you may be able to make out my voice in English)

Gradually different dimensions of the Palestinian uprising are revealing themselves. What are the roots of the recent developments in Palestine?

41uHIQKkcHL._SX315_BO1,204,203,200_The current outbreak of what looks to become the Third Intifada is rooted in the belligerent, uncompromising, expansionist and genocidal policies of the state of Israel, which have continued regardless of what the Palestinians do. We’ve seen the Israelis “mowing the lawn in Gaza” every few years, killing thousands of innocent civilians. We see ongoing brutalization of the Palestinian population that is clearly designed to make life unlivable for the Palestinians.  And this amounts to genocide, as professor Lawrence Davidson of West Chester University has said. He is from a Jewish background himself. And he is far from the only person from a Jewish background who recognizes that the current policies of the Israeli government amount to genocide. So given that there has been absolutely no progress on the political front, and given that the Zionist leadership is under the domination of a certified psychopath, Benjamin Netanyahu, one of the principle authors of the September 11th Zionist coup d’état in the United States, it is clear that the only way the Palestinians have any hope of maintaining their struggle over the long term, which is what is required, is to admit that negotiations currently are not possible – and to opt for military resistance.

The third intifada is supported by Palestinian political groups including Hamas and Islamic Jihad. How do you evaluate this convergence?

The policies of the Israeli government under Netanyahu and some even more extremist psychopathic elements is so unreasonable that essentially no Palestinian who cares about the interests of the Palestinian people could possibly take any other route. So the Zionists have brought this on themselves, just as they have brought virtually unanimous international condemnation on themselves. They are losing their reputation in the West and around the world. And they are losing their ability to prevent Palestinians from turning to military resistance. So this is a situation in which virtually all Palestinians are going to be coming together and supporting the struggle.

Al- Zahar, one of the leaders of Palestinian intifada, believes that the uprising must enter the military operation phase against Zionist regime. What are the reasons behind such an approach? And to what extent military operation will lead to realization of Palestinian people rights?

The Zionist leadership is dedicated to suppressing the Palestinian people in every possible way. And they do have military superiority in the conventional arena. But if one studies historical conflicts between two groups in which one side has conventional military superiority, or any kind of superiority – one can extend this to sporting contests and other kinds of struggles – the underdog, that is the group that is less likely to win, based on an analysis of conventional military strength, does win about one third of the time. And when they win they always win by refusing to play by the same rules as their opponents. They don’t engage on the conventional military battlefield if they are disadvantaged there. Instead, they would use various unconventional means.


And that is what the Palestinians have been forced to do – with rather great success militarily. Many objective American military analysts have remarked that the Palestinians have actually won the last several conflicts (in which thousands of Palestinian civilians have been killed) because they have demonstrated their ability to persist. And the Zionist regime has continued to accelerate its process of discrediting itself. So today we’re seeing a kind of unconventional military resistance, in which rather than organizing an army, which of course is impossible in Occupied Palestine – meaning a conventional army that would have a chance against the Israelis – Palestinians are resorting to a kind of individual armed resistance. And this requires tremendous courage. It requires willingness to sacrifice oneself for a just cause. And this is something that the Palestinians have and the Israelis do not. The Zionists recognize, unconsciously at least, that their cause is unjust. And therefore they have very little willingness to sacrifice themselves in their unjust cause; while the Palestinians know that their cause is just, and therefore they have that willingness to sacrifice themselves.

Ultimately this is the level or dimension of this conflict that is going to lead to a Palestinian victory in the foreseeable future. And by using this kind of completely unconventional military resistance, the Palestinians are demonstrating that they will not go away, they will not surrender. And they are forcing the Zionists into an uncomfortable position in which their increasing brutality is going to backfire in the court of world public opinion. So even though the Zionists control the media today, and therefore dominate the narrative that reaches global public opinion, an ever-growing segment of that public opinion is turning to the alternative media and learning about this conflict between David and Goliath. And they are increasingly sympathizing with David.

The heroic operation of Palestinian young man in Beersheba shaken the Zionist circles and security sectors of this regime to the extent that Netanyahu may cancel his travel to Germany. Why this operation is so significant?

Netanyahu is a quintessential narcissistic psychopath who believes the world revolves around him. And he is a clever politician, let’s grant him that. And clearly when he is forced to cancel his trip to Germany due to the Palestinian resistance, there is a wave of fear in Israel that events are spiraling out of control, and that he is going to have to try to figure out an answer to this. So it is a sign that this heroic resistance of people who are willing to sacrifice themselves in a just cause is shaking the Zionists’ confidence.

The Zionist regime has lost $2.5 billion since the beginning of the Palestinian Intifada. What will be the consequences of continuation of this uprising?

The cost of the Zionist occupation of Palestine is getting higher and higher. Here in the United States, more and more Americans are waking up and realizing that since the coup of September 11th, which about one-third of Americans realize was an inside job, the United States has spent trillions of dollars  – as much as four or five trillion dollars according to some counts – in wars designed to destabilize Israel’s enemies, and to ultimately work for the interests of Israel, not the United States. So the costs of the Zionist project have reached a ridiculous level. The economy of the United States has been crippled by the 9/11 wars for Israel. This (asymmetry) is perhaps the most important dimension of the asymmetric struggle between the Palestinians and the Zionists. The Zionists have to spend millions of millions of dollars to try to defend against what the Palestinians can do with a two dollar knife or a ten dollar per month internet connection.

The truth is the ultimate force multiplier here. And I think it’s the truth, more than any kind of weapon of violence, that is going to ensure the triumph of the Palestinians.


  1. “Their lives are dedicated to world conquest, but they also know that it is necessary that the war should continue everlastingly and without victory… by becoming continuous, war has fundamentally changed its character.”
    ~ “1984,” George Orwell

  2. The last battle in Gaza had the Palestinians on the win. Their tunnel systems were very successful against the conventional tactics of the idf. Reuven Schossen explained it perfectly.

  3. This is what that asshole netanyahu has to say about America: “If we get caught they will just replace us with persons of the same cloth. So it doesn’t matter what you do, America is a Golden Calf and we will suck it dry, chop it up, and sell it off piece by piece until there is nothing left but the World’s biggest welfare state that we will create and control.
    Why? Because it’s god’s will and America is big enough to take the hit so we can do it again, again and again. This is what we do to countries that we hate. We destroy them very slowly and make them suffer for refusing to be our slaves.” Quote by Bibi Netanyahu in 1990 at Finks Bar in Jerusalem as the following transcript from his voice recording will show. This recording was witnessed by senior Intel Officers who were surveilling him.

  4. 10/22/15____ The Twin Brother & The Brain Child of Adolf Hitler Benjamin Net-any-a-hu speaking at Paris synagogue: … Germany Responsible For Holocaust, Angela Merkel Clarifies After Benjamin Netanyahu’s Controversial Remarks
     Netanyahu set off a controversy earlier Wednesday when he said, that Hitler ONLY wanted to EXPEL Jews, and that their EXTERMINATION was the idea of World War II-era Grand Mufti of Jerusalem and Nazi sympathizer Haj Amin al-Husseini. While Netanyahu tried to tone down the controversy before the Germans, the 66-year-old stood by his comments.
     Netanyahu made the comments just ahead of a trip to Berlin. But at a joint press conference with Netanyahu, German Chancellor Angela Merkel reaffirmed that responsibility for the Holocaust lay with the Germans.

  5.  “Net-any-a-hu’s” opposition to a Bi-National State leads to a clear conclusion:__________ As long as “Israel’s control of the area” continues, millions of Palestinians in the territories will remain in the inferior status of subjects devoid of civil rights. Their settler neighbors, meanwhile, enjoy such rights unhampered.”
     “The regime described in Netanyahu’s vision has a name – it’s called apartheid. There is no other term for two populations living in the same area, one with political rights and the other under perennial military occupation.” No security argument or warnings about the effects of Islam can whitewash the implications of this vision. Netanyahu’s words should shock anyone who is concerned about the justice of Israel’s cause and the country’s future. Concerned people should unite and form a national salvation front that will work to replace this government.” HAARETZ EDITORIAL http://www.haaretz.com/opinion/1.682912

  6. truth disintegrates lies, the very foundations of israel are built upon them…. pull down its flag staking its false claims on Jerusalem and surround it with the flags of all nations… all humanity can unite and advance by determining in their hearts to hear and see truth and move accordingly towards it

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