Anti-New World Order Rises



…by Jonas E. Alexis


We are at the end of 2015, and one can say that it has not been a really smooth ride for the New World Order. This is not to say that NWO agents cease to exert an enormously powerful influence on world affairs. What it does mean is that NWO agents now know that things do not usually go according to plan. They know that they cannot quickly shout victory anymore.

In October of last year, the Obama administration got tired of Benjamin Netanyahu as a pathological liar and blood sucker and ended up calling him “a chickenshit.” This move immediately put the “crisis in the U.S.-Israel relationships” back on the table.[1]

During the same year, Vladimir Putin got into to the political ring and challenged New World Order agents.[2] This eventually led to the inevitable fact that NWO agents created terrorist cells like ISIS. We now know that for the U.S. to send troops to Syria to fight ISIS is, as Jim W. Dean has recently put it, “window dressing.” He wrote:

“We have state-sponsored people backing terrorists now for years and it has now become a ‘ho-hum’ type of thing, and that is the biggest danger that we have here…that countries can continue to do this simply by saying we are “pursuing our interests.

“It is against all the international laws. It basically gives everyone else, including terrorist organizations, the right to pay no attention to the laws either. So it puts us, the public, in a bigger threat from more state-sponsored terrorism and regular terrorism.”

Putin’s move obviously took NWO agents by surprise. Chrystia Freeland of Politico noted then:

“The war between Russia and Ukraine erupted so unexpectedly and escalated so quickly that it is tempting to think the motivations of the combatants are complicated or obscure.”[3]

As a puppet of the New World Order, Freeland was so confused that she irrationally and perversely declared, “Vladimir Putin is seeking to rewrite [geopolitical] rules himself, and we don’t know what the Russian president believes the new rules should be.”[4]

Freeland could not see that Putin did not invent those geopolitical rules and practical reason but discovered them. As Kevin Barrett would have put it, Freeland could not see that Putin was just putting the fear of God in the New World Order.

Moving on to March of this year, forrmer Mossad chief Meir Dagan called Netanyahu’s Iran speech “bullshit.”[5] Dagan added that Netanyahu’s policy is actually hastening the “end of the Zionist dream.”[6]

Chrystia Freeland

Well, the New World Order continues to receive a heavy blow precisely because it is illogical, untenable, and repugnant. Some of its greatest proponents can never cease to propound one nonsense after another. Here is a classic example.

Michelle Malka Grossman of the Jerusalem Post just recently stripped herself of her political clothes when she basically reported that the Michigan city of Detroit is being anti-Semitic for displaying a billboard which reads: “America First Not Israel.”[7]

Is there something wrong with the billboard? According to the founding fathers of America, no. But according to the Zionist premise, yes. What Grossman ends up reporting is that being a true American is intrinsically anti-Semitic! According to this logic, the founding fathers were anti-Semitic as well.

Thomas Jefferson himself would have almost certainly dumped Israel. “Peace, commerce, and honest friendship with all nations – entangling alliances with none,” he said. In a similar vein, George Washington argued that there ought to be no “foreign attachments” with other nations. He added back in 1796:

The great rule of conduct for us in regard to foreign nations is in extending our commercial relations, to have with them as little political connection as possible.”

So, what would Grossman, AIPAC, the Neo-Conservatives, and the Zionist puppets say to Washington and Jefferson? How can those puppets pretend to maintain the constitution and then disregard what those founders said about a vitally important issue? Why are they picking and choosing? How can terrorist supporters and apologists such as John McCain and Lindsey Graham talk about Washington and Jefferson and then ignore what they said on foreign policy?

It simply doesn’t add up.

Grossman wrote:

“In an interview with Detroit’s WXYZ radio, a Fox News affiliate, the Anti-Defamation League’s Heidi Budaj said that the ad and its choice of location is trying to ‘drive a wedge between the American people and the State of Israel.’”[8]

Well, duh! Washington and Jefferson drove the wedge between the United States and other countries centuries ago. Putin is indirectly taking that wedge and cutting NWO agents to pieces with it. This is why they are really mad. Their plan is so diabolical that they have bombed a Russian airliner to perpetuate wars in much of the world.

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  1. Well, when one observes MSM one cannot stop himself from urging his community of false flag alert almost every time someone from State Department or from Downing street speaks or officially issues the word “strategic”. Great work mr. Alexis. Unfortunately I don’t believe in War party ever to come to its senses or even to swipe their Hegel copies for dust. Again, false flag false flag false flag ALERT!!! I don’t know anything better than that..

  2. President Putin speaks clear-cut direct truth Every American needs to hear and take in like a bitter medicine that will produce a healing, the nation stops and recognizes all the wrong has been done in your name through cunning and deceit by a list of names with addresses…… every member of congress and government and military positions needs this in front of their eyes, in print; transcribed; let the words sink in….. then we will see who remains loyal to lies

  3. Foreign entanglements are nothing new to the United States. Through most of the 20th Century it was well and truly entangled in various wars, some very major. During the Cold War and still now NATO has it tied up in knots. What about Zbig’s ‘Grand Chessboard’?

  4. grossman might need to learn “anti-criminal is NOT anti-semite!”.
    grossman might need to learn all those in the District of Criminals who signed oath to izrahell have committed TREASON and are deserving appropriate punishment for it.
    I hope that billboard shows up nationwide, I think it is disgusting we’re “national deficit” forced to hand izrahell billions annually so they can spend millions every few years to OWN all the rigged election “candidates” who swear oath to izrahell as fast as they attain office.
    anti semite myazz! WHY is a racist apartheid terrorist and terrorist supporting “state” being handed welfare-warfare checks while consistently committing crimes against humanity?!

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