TRUTH JIHAD: Russian plane disaster: State-sponsored terrorism?

The NWO is trying to pressure downing passenger jets.
The NWO is trying to pressure downing passenger jets.
The NWO is trying to pressure Putin…by downing passenger jets.

Today’s guest is VT Editor Jim Dean, co-author (with Gordon Duff) of today’s masterpiece of real investigative journalism: Exclusive Breaking Story: Bombing of Russian Plane “Highly Probable” 

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But this one is so timely and important that I’m posting it here for everyone right away.

I’m currently in Morocco, where people tune in to al-Jazeera to catch breaking international news. While watching al-Jazeera’s early coverage of the Russian jetliner disaster, I was struck by a bizarre discrepancy: Initial reports quoted “unnamed Egyptian officials” saying that the pilot had reported mechanical problems, requested permission to land, and descended several thousand feet while still in contact with air controllers. This suggested that the plane crashed due to a mechanical failure.

Then, less than 24 hours later, the story changed: There had been no such radio transmissions and no such descent, and no Egyptian officials had ever said such a thing.  The plane appears to have been blown apart in midair with no forewarning of any kind…probably by a bomb planted onboard.

It appears the false radio-transmissions story was fabricated by al-Jazeera…an intelligence-agency-linked propaganda outlet run by the NWO puppet monarchy in Qatar.

But why? VT editors Gordon Duff and Jim Dean have scooped the global media by performing a serious preliminary investigation and coming up with a plausible hypothesis. Short version: Assuming the ISIS video of the plane blowing up is real, the fake “radio transmissions” story would have been a smokescreen to buy the (Mossad/Saudi?) video crew time to escape.

As VT has pointed out, many if not most jetliner crashes are state-sponsored terrorism – generally by “the usual suspects” i.e. the New World Order axis of…well “evil” isn’t inaccurate. (I hope David Frum doesn’t sue me for plagiarism.) And this one is no exception. It’s obviously aimed at sending a message to Putin, whose intervention in Syria has shifted the global balance of power.

Dean and Duff write:

“Was the downing of the Russian passenger plane done to push Putin into making a mistake, perhaps scuttling the Vienna deal and the Minsk accords and, perhaps even the Iran nuclear deal as well? If Putin reacts to this outrage, seemingly perpetrated by US allies operating under protection of NATO, what can Obama do if Putin decides to push back hard? The choices are simple, Russia turns the other cheek, Russia hits back openly or surreptitiously or this takes the world to DEFCON 1 in a flash.”

Jim Dean says Putin’s smartest move would be to not react…just keep winning. Revenge is a dish best served cold.



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    You are quite right, Sir. The Jewish lobby, especially the international Jewish criminal George Soros, were the main actors behind the bombing of this Russian flight, by inducing Obama to bomb this plane, who then did so with Al Sisi’s help. Here is why:

    The Jewish lobby/Neocons were very upset that Russia intervened in Syria and derailed Israel’s plan for a Greater Israel and demanded that Obama confront Russia militarily, which Obama refused due to the risks involved. So they (esp Soros) demanded he at least down a passenger jet and tell ISIS to take the blame for it, to scare Russia away, and as retaliation for the arrest warrant against him.

    So Obama obliged and sought help from their ally, Egypt, which is already the 2nd biggest recipient of US foreign aid, after Israel, and contacted Al Sisi for help in letting one of their operatives enter airport baggage area and let a package into a suitcase waiting to be loaded on the Russian plane.

  2. You are correct in your initial analysis. I saw on Yahoo News [Australia] a video clip of the stricken plane falling out of the sky – the view was from its rear – when a few seconds later a bright flash where the right engine is and then out poured the smoke as the plane continued its terminal descent. So the mechanical problem – power failure is confirmed. Except no one is touching the indelible evidence that has vanished. Yahoo which usually keeps some events for a few days pulled this one quick smart. I wonder why.

  3. Me.If i were Putin id be giving a call to China and have them dump a few hundred billion if not more of UST .. Let Yellen choke on that instead of Blankfein’s knob every night. Ive always wondered why nobody has hit the epi- center of this crime cabal, which is what used to be called “the market” , that had been hijacked in 08 and transformed into a guaranteed War funding chest for the RKM (ie 4.5 Trillion in QE) . The RKM has intentionally taken part of Putin’s ability to pay for a military machine, (ie the movement of WTI from 120 to the 40s literally overnight .Figure out a way to take away their lifeline,: “market” money. I agree with the author. So far Putin hasn’t given them what they have wanted even till now, which is a first strike to justify the further demonetization of Russia. God help those people

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