Russian Source: Saudi Intelligence Responsible for Airline Bomb


…by  Gordon Duff and Jim W. Dean, VT Editors with Nahed al Husaini in Damascus

A source with Russian intelligence just confirmed that the Russian government will not announce its preliminary findings on the A321 crash in Sinai.

However, their intelligence solidly names Saudi Arabia as responsible for the bombing which killed 244.  Egyptian intelligence was fully complicit in the terror attack.  The sources stated:

“Half the Egyptians work for Israel, the other half for Saudi Arabia anyway, Egypt has no security services, only paid foreign spies.”

Sources in Moscow say there no doubts whatsoever.

Would the Saudis attempt something like this in Israel’s backyard without involving them somehow? What do you think? Would they do it without the US knowing, when we have guaranteed to protect their security? Inquiring minds would like do know.


Below is our second story on the Russian plane crash, complied soon after the possible bomb on board reports started coming in, and the early Egyptian reports were putting out false information, which is never done casually in an event like this. ..JD

A developing story:   The morning news brought a growing consensus for a bomb having caused the plane to break up in the air. This was not based on  potential evidence at the crash scene, but by elimination of the other possibilities.

Was the downing of the Russian passenger plane done to push Putin into making a mistake, perhaps scuttling the Vienna deal and the Minsk accords and, perhaps even the Iran nuclear deal as well?

If Putin reacts to this outrage, seemingly perpetrated by US allies operating under protection of NATO, what can Obama do if Putin decides to push back hard?

The choices are simple, Russia turns the other cheek, Russia hits back openly or surreptitiously or this takes the world to DEFCON 1 in a flash.


Egypt's Prime Minister Sherif Ismail (C) and Egypt's Defense Minister Sedki Sobhi (2nd L) arrive at the crash scene
Egypt’s Prime Minister Sherif Ismail (C) and Egypt’s Defense Minister Sedki Sobhi (2nd L)
arrive at the crash scene

The only real evidence involves impossible errors, the initial story of radio calls never made, emergency landings planned for in an imaginary world, confirmed by Al Jazeera with Egyptian officials that never existed.

Then there is the video of the “ISIS shoot down,” easily debunked as a “shoot down” video but an extremely telling piece of evidence.

Team  leader Jim Dean was quick to point out that the video of a plane flying up to 500 miles per hour is hard enough without timing the plane being overhead at the exact moment of a catastrophic mishap.  This is where issues of “structural failure” are quickly dismissed.

Additionally, larger missiles like the BUK, which we are told that Kiev is furnishing to ISIS, leave a contrail that can be seen for hours from a hundred miles away in the clear skies of Sinai or Ukraine.  There was no such contrail, no visible signs of a missile attack.


Wreckage evidence under cursory examination has to be set aside as there is a long history of this kind of evidence being photoshopped as with 9/11 or doctored as with the Dutch investigation of MH17.

This leaves a bomb planted at Sharm el Sheikh airport, one that could be accurately predicted, not just based on time and altitude but both and perhaps speed as well or even remotely activated through penetration of one of the planes communications systems. This requires a high degree of sophistication, setting off a bomb directly over a video crew.

The key to our investigation was location of the video crew’s position. It required backtracking from the crash site, following the suggested descent time tied to the radar data supplied, based on speed, altitude and deceleration algorithms.

This is an example of how wide open the territory is, with no one around
This is an example of how wide open the territory is at the video site, with no one around


This backtracked us approximately 24 miles to the only reachable location, an abandoned Wadi with direct highway ties to well used infiltration routes to Jordan, routes routinely used by Israeli and Saudi special operations units working with terrorists in Sinai.

An early airline bomb making kit - trial photo from the Heathrow plane attempts
An early airline bomb making kit – trial photo from the Heathrow plane attempts

Then again, we return to the issue of the extreme sophistication of the bomb, it we are talking about a bomb, which is more and more likely.  Familiarity with advanced avionics are key, and this cuts the list of potential players down to few, perhaps even one only.

From here, we look at the issue of “team egress,” how those who planted the bomb, again we note “if it was a bomb,” at the Sharm el Sheikh airport and the additional team responsible for the video.

Both groups would have to get out of Egypt quickly, which can only be done by water. The reason for this is simple.

ISIS receives half of its supplies through Turkey.  The rest are brought through Israel to Jordan, primarily through Aqaba, where barges take them on the very short run, only a few miles, to the rail head inside Jordan which runs them quickly to the Syrian and Iraqi borders and directly to ISIS units in the field.

Thus, the boats needed, the crews, the paid off customs officials, Jordan, Egypt, plus the special operations teams, Israel or Saudi for instance, if those are who can be considered, if a bomb is the real culprit here, make this all more than possible but probable, highly probable.


Then we look to the story that Al Jazeera planted, which held up Egypt closing her border crossings and ports looking for agents of foreign security services who would have been otherwise sought.  Al Jazeera is controlled by the government of Qatar, very much a party to the funding of ISIS and operations inside Syria against that nation and now Russia as well.

Why? There were two big reasons. First is that to video the plane blowing up required knowing when the bomb was going to trigger and approximately where, to be in a position to get the video shot. Gordon and I can tell you that is not something that a rump group of jihadis could do, only a major intelligence agency (or several).

ISIL video _moment of impact shows no missile plume
ISIL video – first frame of explosion shows no missile plume

The video also eliminated a possible missile strike as there was no plume. There would have to have been one as the missiles that go that high have to carry a good bit of fuel to deliver 30 pounds of steel shrapnel for a proximity fuse one like the BUK, large and impossible to sneak around in the desert, even with a large sheet over it.

That left only a bomb. So next was a quick update on security at the resort town, which gets a log grade due to the huge number of foreign workers going in and out on all the resort construction projects and the history of bribes to circumvent any regulation imaginable. This included infiltrating a team in to do something nasty, but where getting the out is still a trick.

So that had us concentrating at looking how we would have gotten in to shoot the video, if it is real. First up was the location which thanks to our un-volunteered partner Google Earth we were able to find the approximate position required to match up to the camera angles and the radar recordings of where then plane was struck. Then came doing the math on the debris coming down where it did.

We have that spot marked above as the probable location, and just above it to the right the approximate position of the plane to fit the radar reports and camera angle. There is still an anomaly on the cell phone camera being faked as even at full zoom we do not see how an I- phone could hold a plane at 31,000 feet in frame, being hand held. From my camera experience with my $500 fluid head it would have taken some professional equipment to record this, and then dumbed down to look like a cell phone camera.

More analysis will confirm, or not, hence we are not claiming “who done it”, just a “most probable at” this point. If we were working for a government it would be asking for an early assessment on the most likely suspect. We are sharing some of the analysis behind what would typically be done, the logistics analysis.

Next came looking for how a video team would have gotten and, and then even harder, getting out. We first focused on the two Israel border crossings to the East as they were closest and Israel is always a top suspect in operations like this, especially where children are killed as they have a lot track record for going it.

But the low traffic between the two countries at these crossings is riskier for being noticed, going in, and more so, going out. So although we did find roads from the east that allowed access from Israel, we backed up and looked for alternates. We then spotted the main east-west road from Aqaba, Jordan, with lots of traffic where it is easy to blend in.

That road was a good bit south of the crash so we next had to zoom quite a bit to find a viable road going north…and found one, a lightly use one, straight as an arrow through what appeared to be a few abandoned facilities, the perfect set up to have put a team in the day before to be ready in the morning. We are showing one of those below.

Best pre-staging overnight position for a video team
Wadi Geryed, Sinia,  pre-staging overnight position for a video team – one we would have picked with some “view blocking” facilities

Aqaba is the city version of Rick’s Cafe from the movie Casablanca, one of the most active espionage transit centers in the Mideast. You have the huge CIA facility in Jordan, and the Saudi one, too. And then Israel’s border border ends their, also.

The ferry from Jordan was the most attractive route as it connects to the main east-west highway with lots of traffic to blend into and where any customs issues can be quickly resolved with a few hundred dollars. The major Intel orgs have fast lanes to get through these places when needed.

That completed our finding a very good way for a team to have gotten in, but where getting out was still tricky as after an event like this you can face road blocks and dragnets. So you have to have multiple exit routes, and more importantly, some time to exit the area before a major security alert goes out. The Aqaba exit would have been the quickest and the best, to be out of the country ASAP.

The map below shows that route in more detail so you can see how closely all three countries are at that point, Jordan to the right, Israel’s Elat north, and Egypt on the left where the main highway is from their port.

Aqaba, Jordan crossing point by ferry
Aqaba, Jordan crossing point by ferry

The last big clue we had was the confusion with the early report of the pilot reporting “technical difficulties” and requesting to land in Cairo, not a big deal initially in terms of what was to come.. That communication was widely published and ran all day while the focus was on getting to the plane wreckage.  When the video alleged to have been from ISIL popped up it was generally thought to be bogus because we knew they have nothing to shoot down a plane at that altitude. We ran it anyway with qualifiers on it.

But by late afternoon, the Egyptian officials “confirmed” that their had been NO pilot communication or emergency signal sent. That meant the earlier report was the the screw-up of all times, a firing squad offense…inconceivable to see how such a mistake could be made.

But now we are viewing that as a cover story to give an infiltration team the time needed to get out before a terrorism strike report locked at the nearby borders, which would have included Aqaba. So next the focus went over to tracking down who had planted the early bogus story of the pilot communication .

Gordon’s quick search, about one minute, turned up that Al Jazeera story first broke the story, from an unnamed Egyptian official (totally pulled out of thin air) or, as is more than likely, was manufactured on the need to create a temporary window allowing terrorist cells or special operations squads to “get out of Dodge” undetected.

This story was never meant to last and Al Jazeera obviously didn’t care that they would be found either utterly incompetent or complicit.  Those “in the know” have long been aware that Al Jazeera is an intelligence agency front.



There was, as we now know, no Egyptian source. This was part of the cover up.

The teams involved were tracked from Jordan by boat to Egypt and across land as shown in the graphic above.

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  1. My, my… the perception management folks are in abundance today.

    Look, if you clowns are intent on playing your ridiculous games of subterfuge, at least try to be less obvious. Merely categorically claiming that everything the Zionist West has been PROVEN to be responsible for, was INSTEAD actually all Russia’s fault is beyond laughable.

    Putin killed 30,000 in Donbass? Like hell he did. That responsibility rests squarely on the shoulders of Poroshenko and the rest of his Jew oligarch buddies currently occupying Kiev; not to mention all the backroom maneuvering by U.S., and of course — ISRAEL — that put them all there.

    And don’t give us that tripe about Russia having a “history of killing millions of its own citizens”. Yes — MANY millions were killed post-Bolshevik Revolution in Russia. But, again, just WHO was actually behind that “revolution”? Well, lets see… It was funded primarily by Jacob Schiff, prominent Jewish NY Banker, who funded and dispatched Leon Trotsky (Real name Lev Bronstein, another Jew) and his band of criminals to Russia to carry out this so-called revolution [read: coup d’etat]. Anyone curious about just how Jewish the underpinnings of this coup were should have a look at this fine document: As for the inept shills, don’t bother… you of course already know all this.

    PLEASE — Go tell your lies elsewhere; you look utterly ridiculous here..

  2. Could it be that the plane was hijacked by AWACS or some other way to direct it to Israel? At the end, IS-ISrael is heading illegal organ trade. It was Halloween, satanist feast for all the sub animals and- lot of organs, children and blood for theis canabals.

    In my opinion there are not any serious proof ( like MH370, MH17 etc) that the plane ever felt down. All the pieces are the size one can take them by tracks. US/Nato has tecnology to make planes disappear from the radars- and Israel was only about 60 km away.

  3. We saw what the Saudis/Israelis did to the Iranian pilgrims at the Hajj and now this. Saudi/Egyptian with Israeli/American approval. Incredible. The morons pointing the finger at Putin shouldn’t be allowed to spam away like that. Putin needs to keep the pressure on. I wish he would declare himself President for life. Is the Russian Central Bank privately owned by the enemy? The same RKM that own the Bank of England and the Fed? Well, he needs to seize it.

    • Bill: All BRICS nations, including Russia, are working to divorce themselves from Rothschild-type banking. Putin and Russia are well on their way in doing so.

  4. “El-Sissi’s uncle, the Haganah member”

    “His mother is called Mulaika Titani, and her brother was a member of the Jewish Haganah organization,” Nasser added. “Thus, we see that this man, by any standard, is implementing a Zionist plan to divide Egypt.”

    Zionists AIM is to KILL HUMANITY.

    Derailing the 2nd popular revolution in Egypt through Sisi’s coup d’etat was prio 1, for if the people learn that they can revolt whenever the rulers suck…

    …There will soon be no elites.

  5. Dr. Susta,

    What kind of doctor are you to speak of ‘strategic objectives and goals’?

    Have you doctored in strategy?

    Your posts are commonly filled with opinions – the opposite to science.

    …and filled with character assasinations. That is You.

  6. RockTool: You’re at it again — spreading fertilizer & disinfo. Please stop.

    Since you appear not to understand Putin’s strategic objectives & goals, it is no wonder that you do not understand why Putin doesn’t drop a nuke-like 9/11 info bomb or why he waited to get into Syria.

    Putin & many Russians *do* understand who the enemy is; and it’s certainly not all Israelis, all Americans or all any other nationality or religion. Please troll that disinfo somewhere else.

    If you intend to continue spreading fertilizer & disinfo, stop commenting at VT. Stop wasting our time.

  7. RW: You are so full of yourself that your eyes are turning brown. You mix a little knowledge with much B.S. Stop! Don’t go away mad. Just go away.

    Syria & Egypt were once one country. Egyptians & Syrians are still close. Your 1973 war stuff is mostly B.S. (a waste of time). Nixon Chief of Staff Al Haig armed Israel with TOW missiles & other weapons, which tipped the balance in 1973.

    Putin knows Egypt is a key to Mideast and carefully cultivates relations. Both Egyptian people & military deposed Morsi. Military ‘cuz Morsi planned to invade Syria; People ‘cuz Morsi imposed IMF austerity measures etc. Am familiar with MusBro positions by LaRouche & Co., who attribute too much to Brits. U.S. & Israel now also share symbiotic MusBro control.

    Your religious arguments are just factually wrong — and looney. Same for your Putin & al-Sisi stuff. Not worthy of reply. Please stop wasting our time. When Al-Sisi took power then got elected, playing nice with Israel made some military sense. Now, Al-Sisi has accepted Putin’s view on how the world works (and who’s doing what to whom). Bye-Bye, Bibi.

    As acknowledged by Breedlove & Co., Russia’s A2AD E-defense systems are far superior to U.S. — what shut down the USS “Donald Duck” and what made & will make decisive difference in Ukraine & Syria. U.S. & Israel know this; thus, the air safety deals with Russia. Vienna communique is a surrender offer.

  8. Europe now unleashes a psychological warfare strategy in the media. The spin goes like this with pictures from supposedly syrian barrel bombs (with badly hidden israeli paintings) and old 50th & 60th unprecise russian bombs underneath their fighters:

    They state, that these “old bombs” make huge losses and destruction in civil araes (destroyed mosques and dead people).

    Then: Cut, new story which goes like this:

    The english, american and french “experts” now come to the conclusion that it seems most propable that a bomb on the airplane caused this horrific accident.

    Then: Cut, studio alpha journalists tell us, that from a psychological perspective it would be quite plausible (in some studios supported by “terror experts”) that ISIS terrorists as well as Syrians find it very disturbing that Russian fighter planes destroy civilians and their homes.

    I congratulate Lucifer for this absolute ridiculous lie in front of millions of people, repeated now each and every day. Personally, this gives me confirmation about the real culprits.

  9. The Russians stopped the planned Israeli invasion of Syria, just days from it’s planned start…
    The Israelis run the eye-for-an-eye doctrine, its a religious duty!, regardless of if anyone gets it, or if that is even the aim, there should always be revenge…

  10. I suspect that we all know who is really responsible for this murderous outrage against innocent civilians – and I am surprised that the Saudis have allowed themselves to become the member of the unholy alliance that first comes into view. Their new leadership and recent military adventures are clearly unbalancing their customary disinterest and contempt for the rest of the world. They will never become a player and their attempts to do so will end badly for them.

    Once again the Russians have outflanked their rivals – by NOT reacting immediately – and by allowing the usual suspects to provide bogus explanations and accusations through their vassels during the uneasy silence. The real culprits will be breaking into a cold sweat about now – as they realise that the Russians now know what took place but are saying nothing other than “Lets wait for the investigation”. Elegant.

    The Russians will now choose the time and place for proper and righteous retaliation. The time for a “shitty little country” to be stamped on hard – is long overdue. Greedy and self interested Egyptian politicians – keen to keep the tourist dollars coming to their resorts – will readily claim a ‘technical problem’ is responsible. A line that I suspect suits the Russians just fine …. for now.

  11. @ Khalid

    1) The only things that the Egyptian armed forces did in 1973 was to establish a “bridgehead” in the Sinai, quite small, very small actually, compared to the size of Sinai. Their aim was to regain the Sinai by negotiation with Isreal and that they did. Thus the Egyptian armed forces used (in a very “brotherly” manor) the Syrians as relief. Egyptians LIED about their intention and halted their advance.

    2) “Assad choked”?!! The Syrians lost because of one major thing, their tanks were not equiped for night fighting as opposed to Isreali tanks. Before this factum forced their retreat the Syrians came quite far into Israel.

    3) You’re right about NATO ‘throwing its tanks and ammo at Israel’.


    MUST SEE ^^


  12. Gee, what about Jeffrey Dahmer, ICTS International (airport “security”), Merkel, queen Salman, General Betrayus, Jack the Ripper, and so forth. Next thing you say they cannot be entirely trusted either.

  13. Putin’s surprise move into the Syrian war is impressive and the Russian campaign has been very successful. So there’s pressure on Putin from all sides now (Saudi/Israeli attacks on Russian planes, challenges from the Ukrainian side, etc.) I am waiting see what this former KGB man’s next surprise move will be and who will emerge as his friends in this struggle.

  14. Yes we did. We reported the tape “unconfirmed” in the first day, unlike all the bin Laden tapes and videos from Rita Katz studios. That exercise was clearly stated as a hypothetical one to look into what would be required to do it, if that were possible. We have what we thought was the most likely route right in the article with Google Earth maps. The ceiling issue was covered two days ago, the confused of “maximum” ceiling and “cruising” altitude. We ran into the same thing on MH17 when the SU planes were stated to not be able to reach the plane altitude. We were the first to prove that they could and have done so, with the testimony of Russian pilots, with the bomb load and the big difference having one or two bottles of oxygen makes. So you are dead wrong here. And then you go and make this Ash Carter statement with out adding “unconfirmed”? It’s a dead end argument anyway as the flight recorders and explosives testing are going to quickly fill us in more on what happened, unlike the rigged Dutch investigation. We have already gotten a side channel Russian response.

  15. The Russian source puts Israel in the picture only by implication. But why not directly? Given Israel’s history, expertise and proximity, it is unlikely that the attack could have happened at all without Israel playing the principle role.

  16. A German home page presents a couple seconds of the video. The German reporter states that experts question the validity of the video, which supports the initial response of the VT crew. The video shows the aircraft to be intact after the blast and too much smoke. However, the total empennage was separated by the blast. I would expect that it would have immediately separated, and at 450 mph would have been caught in the air-stream and shown somewhere behind the forward section, if the video were genuine.

  17. We all need to be very careful when it comes to claiming why a commercial airline has been brought down by a nation or terrorists because it opens the floodgates to having this as acceptable behaviour.

    No one should have accused the Russians of shooting down MH17 before a thorough investigation had taken place. Certainly no one should be saying Daesh is responsible for the downing of this Russian airline until proof can be found.

    • About “MH17”; after a bit of searching for information and contemplating, it should have been clear, beyond any reasonable doubt, that “MH17” was crashed by the “free” and “democratic” (monstrous dictatorship) of the West . . . (unlike the Russian plane, I’ve no idea how many were murdered by that crash, but it certainly, and obviously, was an incredibly disgusting “false flag operation”, as were 9/11, Boston “bombing”, “Charlie Hebdo”, and so forth)

  18. DaveE: Not true. U.S. NeoCons do want a ‘big war.’ Behind NeoCons are Bush & Rothschild. However, that doesn’t end the big-fish-eats-little-fish cycle, which is more than 2000 years old.

  19. Dr Susta, you are dead wrong.

    The ‘precipitating event for Egypt military to depose MusBro Morsi’ was TO DERAIL A 2nd REVOLUTION.

    Mursi would have fallen in a matter of hours had not al-Sisi made a coup d’etat.

    Al-Sisi is not pro Syria, just as little as he is pro Yemen.
    Al-Sisi is pro Israel, first, and pro Saudi, second, and all three are allies in the war against the Yemeni people.

    WWIII is still the aim of those allies Israel-Egypt-Saudi/GCC.

    Syria was backstabbed by the Egyptian armed forces in 1973.

    Kabbalists and “cabal” is not the same thing, the MB elites are Kabbalists.

  20. @ Khalid
    Some good information and good thinking but faulty conclusion because it omits faith. Neither al-Sisi nor Mursi/MB are secular, they have a faith and above all else follow that faith (Talmud).

    2) In 1973 the Egyptian elites backstabbed the Syrians when they settled for a mere “bridge head” in the Sinai, and instead negotiated peace with the zionist entity.

    3) Putin is clueless about NWO conspiring upon humanity and has no pact with Egypt, just doing business. Look how bad Moscow has treated the Syrian people up until now, and still are, today they signed a memorandum with the US ontologically legitimizing them in Syria. Putin is an atheist and has not realized al-Sisi is a Talmud worshiper.

    4) Mursi/MB and al-Sisi are both NWO, but of the two contesting parts within it. The MB is an MI6 (Kabbalist) construct:
    READ IT:

    5) Al-Sisi’s mothers name is Malika al-Titani, a Babylonian Talmudi fake-a-jew. The Titans is Greek for what the Hebrews call the Nephilim, better known as the “200 fallen angels”; space rat “settlers” from Saturn (Talmudis) and Pleiades (Kabbalists).

    6) Any hi-tech weapon that Egypt has can be turned off by the US, just as they did with Iraqi weapons prior to the 1991 invasion.

    7) If Egypt ships a corps to Syria (with or w/o the Mistral) it is not to seal of the Jordanian border. The king of Jordan is a Kabbalist and thus an ally of al-Sisi against the Axis of Resistance.

  21. Rockwool: When I said “+/-2000-year-old,” I meant it. “6652 A.L.” may not be enough years, and Kabbalists may only be part of a subset of the master group.

    My intent was to indicate that the history of “RKM” may be insufficient to explain who’s doing what to whom — and for how long.

  22. @Jim W. Dean
    Sir, I know you are not familiar with Americans asking for PROOF when news are released by the media. Almost every American eats with a big spoon everything they watch on TV. I, on the other hand, am a skeptic. I don’t trust news from anonymous ‘sources’. Why would people believe everything you say without showing any tangible evidence?? So far nobody produced a shred of evidence for their allegations about the Russian plane crash. To me that fits the GOSSIPS category. Yet you claim you know for sure what is the content of the black boxes analysis report, you know it was a bomb explosion on board, you know who did it, and you also know the Russians will not say a word about it. Wow… even James Bond should be envious on your skills to penetrate the Russian intelligence. But then you woke up. Now seriously, chill.

    • @ Masster-Debater: You may be a newbie. What you do not appear to be familiar with is the track record of Veterans Today, Gordon Duff & Jim Dean. When they publish an article based on Russian or other intel sources, those sources actually do exist; and VT, Duff and/or Dean have actually talked with them.

      So, unless you can show that VT, Duff & Dean are regularly mistaken when they stake their reputations on a story like this, then take your “big spoon” and go eat somewhere else.

    • That’s correct, no one has proof and no one ever does this early in an airline crash, so your point is silly, purely argumentative and a waste of time. The news today on this story was filled with unofficial comments made to a variety ofmajor news sources that were published. This also is quite common. We put this Russian source out because it came in and it was credible. We did the same the ISIL claim. It was part of the news on the story. This is going to be another long investigations story with lots of bits and pieces, but we will have flight recorder information soon enough to get the “facts” ball rolling.

  23. Al-Sisi is indeed zionist.

    Al-Sisi’s mother is Malika al-Titani, a Talmudi fake-a-jew, and that also explains his schism with Mursi as the MB are an MI6 construct and thus Kabbalist like the British nobility.

    @ Alois
    You’re making a grave mistake judging the emperor by his cloths as opposed to what his hands are doing, and verifying that with his faith.

    It is ridiculous to equate Al-Sisi buying Russian weapons to him being part of the Axis of Resistance. Al-Sisi’s “hands” are invading Yemen, ALLIED with Saudi and GCC Kabbalists. Both are worshipers of the Talmudi god, but they differ genealogically and hence compete for power on earth.

    @ Dr. Susta
    The Kabbalists are a very much older network than ~2000 years. On one of their lodges on Manhattan their age is engraved on the wall:

    1952 A.D.
    6652 A.L. (Anno Lucifer)

  24. Tony, if Moscow had any dignity in them worth the name (as opposed to just dress it like it was a piece of clothing) they would have exposed 9/11.

    Moscow does not have any major history of being on the offensive. They’ve done it, but they are usually on the defensive due to lack of understanding who their enemy is.

    Putin constantly asks “why are they doing this, can anyone explain”, regarding US/NATO paradoxes (of what their hands are doing and mouths are saying).

  25. @ Raptor

    The US has been complaining about having poor intelligence due to lack of Forward Air Controllers (or what ever the coordinators are called).

    US needs these special type of boots on the ground to have a future say in Syria and the Kurds are just a medium that caught the bait.

  26. Will this finally prove to Moscow that al-Sisi is NOT TRUSTABLE…?

    Moscow would be wise and cancel all weapons deliveries to al-Sisi for they will be used against Russia and Syria, just like al-Sisi goes against International Law in attacking Yemen.

    Recent years of being “played” galore speaks against Moscow being wise.

    • RW: Your inferences & conclusions are not supported by the facts as we know them. There is no indication whatsoever that al-Sisi knew about plans by possibly rogue elements of his intel service to ‘do’ the Sinai A321 with the Saudis. After Egypt military ousted MusBro Morsi due to plans for military to invade Syria for Morsi’s U.S.+ backers, al-Sisi’s & Putin’s recent relations have been *very* good.

      Al-Sisi sent a token force to Yemen because Saudi Arabia provided $12 Billion to Egypt after Morsi’s ouster to replace the Billion$ that Qatar, U.S. & others withdrew because Egypt would not invade Syria.

      Putin & Russia understand all this and more. Mubarak/Morsi left al-Sisi with an intel service full of MusBro putzes, loyal to Israel & Saudis more so than to Egypt. Similar to Obama slowly but surely purging Bush/NeoCon military holdovers, al-Sisi is doing the same with his MusBro intel putzes.

      What you say is what the high-level A321-downing perps would WANT to happen between Russia & Egypt. Despite the insidious divide-&-conquer canard that you plant here, Russia & Egypt are probably closer now than they’ve ever been — BECAUSE OF the Saudi-MusBro downing of the Sinai A321.

    • Dr Susta, you are fragmentizing.

      The analytical framework that EVERY diplomat, politician, etc. uses is to understand politics and geopolitics is the Base-Superstructure tool.

      If this analytical tool functioned then Putin would not repeatedly ask out “does anyone know why they are doing this”, while refering to the paradoxical actions of US/NATO/GCC.

      This Marxian tool is inadequate because it omits the most important thing in many cases.

      The BASE is the total sum of everyday actions and practices. For instance, the US helping ISIS.

      The SUPERSTRUCTURE is what holds a boat of airplane from collapsing; it’s the hidden internals; the “puppetmaster level” above the Base level holding the strings. It’s the level of ideology, nation states, business interests, etc.

      But Marx was not an atheist, he was a freemason – a deist – and thus his deception lies in the lie of omission. There is yet another level.

      The framework that anyone with a faith functions after, first and foremost, is what I call the Spiritual Dimensional Level.

      It is a level because it’s above the other two other levels but it is also a dimension because it is all encompassing – like salt dissolved in water it cannot be seen but it is still there – permeating the other two.


      You need to read all I wrote again for you did not grasp it.

      Dr Susta is very well aware of what I did was to give him an analytical tool that is used within social science to “diagnose” politics and geopolitics.

      In fact, it is THE analytical tool of tools for this thing, used by EVERY diplomat, politician, etc.

      You not being aware of it speaks volumes (but I seriously do otherwise appreciate your thoughtful posts).

      If Dr Susta suspected that his kid had a heart disease he would not go to a proctologist. He would go to a cardiologist because the human body is that complex.

      How complex is the societal body in comparison to the human body?

    • RW: You are proctologizing. Before you waste our time again with a comment, please visit one of the two doctors that you mention; and ask him or her to extract your head from the place your gerbils play.

    • Dr Susta, that was a character assasination.

      You obviously have no idea of this analytical tool.

      What kind of doctor are you, if I may ask?

  27. Rupert Chappelle……I think you may reconsider your post, especially if the recent reports of Russian aircraft
    blacking out US Navy ships…..radar, coms, weapons systems ETC. Just kind of like switching off a switch and dead in the water……what might that mean?


  28. Russia can blame the Saudis for all their past sins but the real blame for this one goes to the NWO and their super high tech weaponry.

    • AC: There is NO indication whatsoever that the Sinai A321 downing was due to “super high tech weaponry.” A low tech bomb with a camera-team-controlled radio detonator may be more than sufficient to account for the data, facts & evidence as we know them.

    • Such weapons would never be used on a civilian target as the post analysis of it would provide intel on it which could be used to begin working on how to defeat it. For example, after what happened to the USS Donald Cook, you can get some big contract money was put out by the Navy to sure as hell to try figure out how it was done. So the Russians must have had a big reason to reveal that capacity like they did, although mass media did not make a big story of it.

  29. At least 25 dead after Russian cargo plane crashes along Nile River in South Sudan.

    The cargo plane had just taken off from South Sudan’s capital city, Juba. An Associated Press reporter at the scene saw the bodies, including those of women and children. The plane had a five-person Russian crew.

    It is the second Russian air tragedy in five days, following the crash of a passenger plane in Egypt on Saturday that killed all 224 people on board. The circumstances surrounding that incident are still being investigated.

    • Kohitur: Good get. I checked it out with Sudan (north). The South-Sudan-owned, Ukrainian-made, Antonov An-12 cargo plane should not have been carrying passengers and “was is no state to fly because it failed to undergo timely servicing,” said a Ukraine-based Antonov spokesperson. Ukraine was part of the USSR when Antonov built that An-12 in 1971.

      A South Sudan presidential spokesperson said that all passengers were from South Sudan and that the plane may have crashed shortly after takeoff due to engine failure. Five of six crew members were Armenian, and the sixth was Russian (all dead, with only one passenger surviving).

      Thus, the Juba An-12 crash was probably not related to the Sinai A321 downing.

  30. I agree with the alignment and have been mentioning this when given the opportunity. I base this on the right hand doing the opposite of what the left hand has done. Denouncing by light of day only to embrace by cover of darkness. To me it’s a no brainer…sure I could be completely wrong, I am an amateur as compared to others. Yet, I am waiting to be proven wrong and it’s going on over a year now.

    One step further is that I believe Russia was allowed to engage as a means of cover for the US. Now 30 days goes by and Obama says US special Op’s/forces are sent to observe/train/advise….this(imho) is complete BS deception…the only truth to it is the release of info to cover ass for being KIA or captured….what they will really be doing is beyond my grasp…..but it most likely ain’t a do over.


  31. @Gordon Duff & Co.
    A ‘source’ with Russian intelligence told you that story?? Are you kidding me?? The Russian intelligence is not an institution of gossipers…

    You’d better start showing tangible proof because you are either intoxicated with fake information or you are simply making up stories.

    • Masster- “Are you kidding me??” – We will put our public track record up against yours any day. How many countries are calling you every day for input on world events. In case you didn’t know, leaked information has been published for ages. VT did not invent it. And governments often choose to leak information through certain conduits versus announcing themselves, also something that has gone on for a long time. You are out of your league here, sir.

    • Masster-Debater: Go peddle your demands for hard evidence & “tangible proof” to a media outlet that matches or serves the B.S. that you crave so much. Stop wasting our time. Go play, Snoopy; go play!

  32. Laika: Don’t be so hard on Davey. His comments make good fertilizer. Maybe even enough crap to double-crop-yield agricultural production and feed the world!

  33. Gordo: Yeh, but even a blind Kosher pig gets an acorn — every ‘wince in a wile.’

    Win-Jobby: Gordo & Jimbo are NOT “theorizing”! They are investigating and reporting evidence from first-hand witnesses and known-to-be-reliable intel sources.

    An anonymous ISIS guy talking to WND’s Aaron Klein?

    Like a dumb Halal pig talking to a deaf Kosher pig.

    Halal & Kosher ham butts scripted.

  34. JVMD: Vienna communique shows that Putin & BRICS-aligned nations are already winning against the criminal cabal. China & Obama also aligned. Although Obama, Kerry & many/most deny it, the Syria deal is almost done.

    Downing Sinai A321 was desperate effort to derail the virtually inevitable peace train. Due to Tianjin etc., China also all-aboard. Saudi d-ruler, that Israeli putz, MusBro Turk sultan Erdoğan, Syrian & other MusBros, and U.S. NeoCons & Neoliberals are all toast. Stick a fork in ’em.

  35. No, helping-mind (hasbara?), the banksters and gangsters murdered these holiday-making Russian girls, kids, and completely innocent others, because that’s what desperate terroristic psychopaths do, and maybe also in a desperate attempt to boost the rock-bottom low morale of the Pentagon/”ISIS”/”Israel”/NATO boy scouts and mercenaries, or what’s left of them, in Syria. (and of course also of their mercenaries, whores, actors, and trolls elsewhere)

  36. LC & Alois: Until the Sinai A321 downing, al-Sisi & Putin were loosely aligned. Now: Strongly Aligned.

    Al-Sisi & Putin face a common enemy. Obama & Iran too. Enemy = +/-2000-year-old criminal cabal.

    Saudis hedged their bets after losing MusBro Morsi with +/-US$12B for al-Sisi. Saudis still lost.

    Quran is actually two (2) books: Peaceful Mecca Verses *versus* Violent Medina Verses.

    Muslim religion & Quran hijacked — Muhammad killed — on road from Mecca to Medina.

    Don’t tell Kevin or PressTV. They won’t know — unless they read this.


    Khalid: You are quite correct in most of what you say. However, the precipitating event for Egypt military to depose MusBro Morsi was his plan for military to join invasion of Syria. Al-Sisi & military said “No.”

    Mubarak maintained power in part by good U.S./Israel relations, which involved much foreign-encouraged military corruption and allowing MusBro infestation of Egypt’s intel. MusBro Morsi was worse. Mubarak & Morsi left an infestation of MusBro assets in Egypt’s intel. Al-Sisi still ‘taking out’ the garbage.

    Loss of Morsi was balance-of-power Tipping Point for U.S./Israel/EU, who lost an essential component for plan to depose Assad in Syria (which was to lead to Iran regime change and/or World War 3). BRICS-aligned nations picked up the pieces — where we are now. “Plan B” to invade Syria and depose Assad was ISIS, spawned by U.S.-led coalition’s seeding of sectarian savagery during Iraq War.

    Egypt & Syria were once one country, and al-Sisi is covertly pro-Assad. “Massive secret organization” fought by al-Sisi, Putin & BRICS-aligned nations is a high-level, pirate-like criminal cabal that has ruled the world for 2000+ years with insidious scarcity-based, divide-&-conquer, divide-&-rule strategies.

    See Vienna communique on Syria. Obama, Putin and +/-19-member UN coalition (including Egypt) will soon combat that “massive secret organization” in Syria — and globally.

  38. If that’s true Russia will turn Saudi Arabia into a sheet of glass, then tell the idiots in the District of Criminals what you going to do about it.

    • Although DC does need more commuter parking, Putin probably will not provide that for us in KSA.

  39. The Saudis huh? And the Israelis weren’t involved? Hard to believe isn’t it? Or is this a case of Russia not wanting to sound ‘anti-semitc’? And here I thought Egyptian and Israeli Intelligence were seamlessly integrated.

  40. izrahell-saudiland.. same difference prettymuch.
    wouldnt surprise me if turkey had knowledge of it beforehand too.
    whatever happened to the saudiland prince caught with a ton of drugs last week?

  41. The last time I flew, I got a chance to watch the new baggage handling protocols happening around the world. For flight line workers it is one factor driving high turnover in employment. there was a man watching a man, watching the man who watched the crew loading the bags so no man is ever out of sight. It will be interesting if the body count comes out plus one. Along with states, there are wealthy individuals with their own private dudes. see what pops up on the 8th. I have never thought quadrupling the number of people in security was a very secure thing to do.

  42. “A second senior U.S. defense official also confirmed the surveillance satellite detected a “flash or explosion” in the air over the Sinai at the same time.” An explosion perceived by satellites most likely occurred on the top side of the airliner, which was exposed to the satellite. Had it occurred inside or underneath the airliner, the flash would have been dissipated by the airliner.
    That “US officials” ruled out a missile, also ruled out an air-to-air missile. Very noteworthy. Per wikipedia, the F-22 has been in service in Syria for well over a year.
    Being a stealth fighter, the F-22 would not register on radar. The timing of a hit over sparcely inhabited territory of the Sinai using the F-22 stealth fighter, would be no problem. After the hit, with in-air refuelling, an F-22 can return to >anywhere<.

  43. The Russians always have a lot of options, and patience, too. Many noticed that the ceasefire finally calmed down some and they pulled the heavy weapons back, even the tanks because the winter weather chews them up out on the field. Their unit on the contact line are stationary now, with no attack formations. THEN he moves into Syria. The Russians have patience.

  44. “requires a high degree of sophistication, setting off a bomb directly over a video crew” ….somewhat like Hollywood gone live and practiced to make perfect

    • Yell-at-Bibi: If the camera crew controls the radio-detonated Sinai A321 bomb, synchronizing is easy.

  45. A Possibility?

    “…..Many electromagnetic weapons do, indeed, look like radars, at least to non-expert eyes. America’s air force is developing a range of them based on a type of radar called an active electronically scanned array (AESA). When acting as a normal radar, an AESA broadcasts its microwaves over a wide area. At the touch of a button, however, all of its energy can be focused onto a single point. If that point coincides with an incoming missile or aircraft, the target’s electronics will be zapped.

    Small AESAs—those light enough to fit on a plane such as a joint strike fighter (F-35)—are probably restricted to zapping air-to-air and surface-to-air missiles (the air force is understandably reticent about supplying details of their capabilities). Ground- or ship-based kit can draw more power. This will be able to attack both ballistic missiles and aircraft, whose electronics tend to be better shielded….

    “…..Though disabling an aircraft’s avionics will obviously cause it to crash, in many other cases, no direct harm is done to people at all…..”

  46. Just one thing remains unexplained – wreckage doesn’t look like it fell from 30k ft.

    And that all media ran similar stories in tandem doesn’t help either. Tail damage story is getting yawning. Now rt has come up with another such case to convince us of tail damaged during landing crap.

    I think Russian sides are trying to dismiss it as accident. But that would not serve any purpose for other side and there is other side as evident by Isis video crap. So the real question is – what the other side wants?

    And why the other side really didn’t blow up plane. Give me a break. My car rolled down a mini hill some 30 turns and it was looking more scratched and damaged than this plane wreckage.! Fortunately I didn’t over turn on steep slope – just around 15-20 degrees.

    • Having the tail blown off may cause this effect. Breaking apart in flight will scatter sections and decease the mass, more floating and less driving into the ground. I assume it’s not everyday that one sees a fully intact aircraft slam into earth from 6 miles up.


    • Pickle, JWD & Raptor: ‘What we have here is… — [An Orgy of Evidence] — …a failure to communicate.’ Source = “Cool Hand Luke.” MSM soundbites no longer work. Never did. Takes VT to sort thru conflicting evidence — some real, some fake.

  47. I would think that the Russians would already know what caused this tragedy. They have superb intelligence and most likely satellite imagery. Putin is no fool and would doubt he would over react which is probably what the perpetrators of this want, if in fact it was a terrorist act. But make no mistake those who have done this will be not long for this world.
    To target civilians in this way truly is an unspeakable act.

  48. VT’s Gordon and Jim will drill down on this tragedy long after the useful idiots over at the msm are told by their owners the story no longer serves a purpose.

    • If new evidence is found, and it is solid, not planted, then we will adjust accordingly. We still don’t even know it it was on fire coming down, or the wing tanks fired up on impact, as there is not a lot of the fuselage left to get explosives residue from.

    • Mr. Dean,
      Omitted from this article: How US Satellites could see a “Flash of Light” yet can’t spot a mile long caravan of ISIS/ISIL convoys of brand new trucks with hundreds of flickering black flags.

    • WM: U.S. birds didn’t see ISIS caravan because black flags don’t glow — even at night. Same reason that U.S. birds didn’t see MH370 & MH17 do what they did. Birds blink. ;-).

  49. …and if it proves to be a bomb, we might ask if Israel was in charge of airport security. Whenever something suspicious happens like this involving a plane, Israel is usually in charge of airport security. Just saying…

  50. Yes, the analysis provides a plausible scenario and in the absence of evidence for a missile strike, a bomb planted in the plane makes the most sense to me. But I hope Russian authorities are reading this site. I am dying to know what they think.

    • Wouldn’t take much at that altitude to bring it down, especially if it lost it’s tail. I think too many people have become desensitized to all of this insanity. For me, I feel sad for the families because they and those they lost, have done absolutely nothing to deserve this, nothing. It’s to me, an act of cowardice, one that sickens me to think that these are the ilk that this country and others have supported all along. It’s criminal beyond all bounds.

      I fear that if an example isn’t made of those responsible this time around, then it never will be. Could mean there is more going on then will ever be told, but enough is enough..


  51. Don’t post such psychotic crap and dumbshit trash on VT, “DaveE”. Go to the Lügenpresse or Washington or something . . . Gordie’s (VT’s) breaking story is most likely . . . It just shows how clumsily the media is, all of them. Western Lügenpresse is pure trash, of course (BBC, Al Jazeera, NYT, CNN, and so forth), but also more reliable Russian, and other, media who also report unsubstantial rumours (worthless lies), just like that.

  52. PSYOP’s are constant today and you really have to pay close attention to not get caught up in it. Despite that, this looks like bomb on plane to me, with real victims, and real wreckage. Now…if you believe that the US is really fighting and, not supporting ISIS. Why would you have to be led to believe that Russia is the bad guy? Doesn’t wash with me. Think I’m crazy? Just look at all the trolls on the usual boards saying that mh-17, was done by Russia.

    The real PSYOP here may be the amount of arrogance these criminals have grown to accept as part of their twisted MO’s. Never mind audacity, that horse left the barn years ago. Now it’s pure arrogance.

    Question: If Russia was kicking the ass of ISIS before this event and this proves to be ISIS in tandem with one of their handlers, what exactly did they hope to accomplish? It’s ridiculous to think you’re going to sway them, or back them down. Better prepare for the opposite and quickly do so. Maybe more of those ” WTF WAS THAT ” weapons on the way..


  53. The Israelis have set a precedent by nuking Syria. If they did it there in no longer and reason not to nuke Tel Aviv and Haifa. The Israelis have set the precedent.

  54. highly probable but not concluded yet. my speculation is a bomb planted by izrahell with ISIS told to take credit for it as a missile hit to imply threat to Russian Air Forces they’ve never managed to hit.. staged false flag and LOW for killing innocents.
    funny how izrahelli’s were on scene (foreknowledge) to film 911, coincidence I’m sure.

  55. RT ‘s twitter feed has some pictures posted. They appear to be thinking that the bomb was located near the tail section where it looks as if the skin of the plane has been blown outward.

    Love to see the right thing done here. It’s long overdue.


  56. Very interesting, wonder what the Russian response will be, perhaps, a complete no fly zone over Syria and a increase of air support for Syrian forces multiplied by a hundred fold.

    • SD & John: In part, you have already seen Putin’s response. Releasing inside info on who is responsible to Gordon, Jim & VT may not be punishment enough for the Saudi d-ruler and that Israeli putz, but it’s a start.

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