Breaking: “IS insists it brought down Russian plane in Egypt”



…by Jonas E. Alexis


ISIS continues to insist that

“it brought down a Russian plane that crashed in Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula, providing no new details but challenging sceptics to prove otherwise. In an audio statement posted on social media sites on Wednesday, IS said it would announce the details of the alleged attack when it chooses.

“‘We are under no obligation to explain how it came down,’ IS said in the statement, posted a day after it released a video showing its fighters in Iraq celebrating the incident.

“‘Bring the wreckage and search it, bring your black boxes and analyse them, and tell us the results of your investigation,’ a man said in the recording. ‘Prove that we didn’t bring it down, and how it came down. We will detail how it came down at the time of our choosing.’”

The situation is really bad for NWO prostitutes and whores now. Why would ISIS attack Russia and not Israel? How is it that this terrorist group never once cling their fists against the Israeli regime? How is it that they always get strong support from Israeli thugs?

As Gordon Duff and Jim W. Dean have repeatedly pointed out in the past few days, the Israelis, along with the Saudis, are accomplices in this current attack on Russia. In fact, an “Israeli army colonel” by the name of Yusi Oulen Shahak has been “captured in Iraq along ISIS militants.”

Putin has literally humiliated NWO agents over the past few months. As Michael Peck of National Interest himself has said:

“The world was astounded. Russian planes dropping smart bombs on Syrian rebels! Russian cruise missiles blasting rebel targets from hundreds of miles away! How could this be? Whatever happened to the hapless Russian military, the bumblers that embarrassed themselves in Chechnya and Georgia?”[1]

So, NWO agents and prostitutes find it very hard to compete with Russia’s strategic militarization in Syria, and their only recourse was to kill innocent civilians. Now, you remember how flaming Jewish Neocon Bill Kristol blamed Putin for the drowning of MH17?[2]

You remember how Congress hastily put the blame on Putin and called it an “act of terror” and an “act of war”?[3] remember how prostitutes and whores like John McCain were saying that the U.S. ought to be more aggressive toward Russia then? How did they respond to the new attack on Russia?

"Oh, Brother. Not bad, not bad at all. With this kind of massage, I'm ready to kill more for NWO agents."
“Oh, Brother. Not bad, not bad at all. With this kind of massage, I’m ready to kill more for NWO agents.”

Well, they all were completely silent about this “state-sponsored terrorism,” as Kevin Barrett has put it. This evil act, says Barrett, is “obviously aimed at sending a message to Putin, whose intervention in Syria has shifted the global balance of power.”

What is quite shocking is that some of those Jewish prostitutes such as Daniel Greenfield have the audacity to posit the ridiculous claim that Saddam Hussein and Assad created ISIS![4] There are some ideas that are so dumb and crazy that only a psychopath could invent them.

What we are seeing here is that NWO agents will do anything to marshal their diabolical plan. No price is too high. No blood is too precious. And if they have to violate reason and international law, so be it. The people of the world must unite to confront this Satanic ideology which, like Dracula, seeks to drink the blood of virtually everyone.

Perhaps Kenneth O’Keefe probably has every right to strip those NWO prostitutes and whores of their political pedestal.

[1] Michael Peck, “Shock and Awed: Yes, Russia Can Still Fight a War,” National Interest, November 4, 2015.

[2] William Kristol, “No Sword, No Justice,” Weekly Standard, August 4, 2014.

[3] Josh Rogin, “Congress: MH17 Crash Is ‘Act of Terror,’ and Putin May Be to Blame,” Daily Beast, July 17, 2014.

[4] Daniel Greenfield, “The U.S. Didn’t Create ISIS—Assad and Saddam Did,” Front Page Magazine, November 4, 2015.

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  1. ISIS recruiting lies and propaganda for unemployed psychopaths. ISIS is not the culprit but their financiers are the ones who are saying “ISIS did it”. Whether it was a bomb or more likely, no telltale evidence, super high tech weaponry the only ones that could pull this off are more intelligent individuals with very broad agendas and programs.

  2. ISIS, ISIL and Daesh terrorists are funded, armed and trained by the US Government as well as the Saudis, Turkey, Israel and Gulf states so this now opens the door for all of their national airlines being hit by air-to-air missiles in retaliation.

    So how many commercial planes need to be hit before the governments of these countries all agree to stop funding, arming and training terrorists in Syria and Iraq?

  3. A Possibility re the Russian airliner crash + a bomb?
    “…..Many electromagnetic weapons do, indeed, look like radars, at least to non-expert eyes. America’s air force is developing a range of them based on a type of radar called an active electronically scanned array (AESA). When acting as a normal radar, an AESA broadcasts its microwaves over a wide area. At the touch of a button, however, all of its energy can be focused onto a single point. If that point coincides with an incoming missile or aircraft, the target’s electronics will be zapped.
    “…..Though disabling an aircraft’s avionics will obviously cause it to crash, in many other cases, no direct harm is done to people at all…..”

  4. I greatly admire the Russian penchant for keeping lines of communication open. There is no doubt in my mind that the Russians have some very strong inroads to backwater diplomatic channels. Just as there’s no doubt that the Russians are tipping loyal Americans off as to where the “enemies within” are burrowed. Heck, some of these treasonous ticks haven’t had time to burrow deep yet. Good work as usual Jonas.

  5. I expect an independent blockbuster where some US-Afghani citizen is happily attending wedding in Kabul and accidentally goes to the bathroom and comes back to see the whole wedding successfully bombed away then the next scene fighter jet headed for hospital. Francis Ford Coppolla style. Also VT should post articles concerning US foreign policy with pic of US flag upside down as a distress call to all patriotic Americans. Immensely brain-infected population that cannot discern anymore who is Al Qaeda, are they good or bad guys, are they bad when they supposedly destroy the Twin towers and are they good when they hit russian or syrian civilians. Desperate dying days of artificial american way backed by brutal overseas murder, rape, racket and heist with moratorium on HEIL Windsors!

  6. Gee, Ken O’Keefe is very good, thanks Jonas. Sophie Shevardnadze (RT) should interview him again. She interviewed so many Western, and ‘Murkan, retarded bums, slobs, hags, whores, psychopaths, terrorists, and vulgar liars, she should also interview a real (good ole) American.

  7. Outstanding article, once again, with excellent embedded videos. I especially appreciate Mr. O’Keefe’s no-holds-barred expression of his (quite appropriate) outrage and indignation. The downing of the Russian airliner can certainly be viewed as a provocation designed to push Putin into a miscalculation. This should be considered along with other incidents, including the US bombing of power generation in Aleppo, the arming of “moderates” and bringing US special forces in country, as a means of provoking an incident the NWO can point to “justify” direct action against Russia (not to mention NATO exercises and increased deployments virtually along Russia’s borders). Also, the MSM is pursuing every propaganda angle, as well, including demeaning the Russian airline industry for reportedly poor maintenance practices. As Mr. Dean has pointed out, the Russian’s, historically, are very patient, which can only point to ever more overt and desperate measures against them. As Mr. Jonas points out, Russian demonstration of its military capabilities has left the Western populace (misinformed by decades of disinformation) stunned (at least those who don’t buy the MSM representations that supersonic Russian cruise missile fail and fall into remote deserts in Iran).

  8. Gosh i wish the world Had more Ken Okeefe’s and Sibel Edmonds. True Heros. . Now if i were Putin. Id get China on the Bat phone and have them dump a trillion in UST … Let that criminal Yellen choke on it. Hit them at the heart of the funding. The total fraud, fake “market”

  9. It seems real leadership behind ISIS is pushing ISIS hard to claim responsibility. They are really desperate to make Russia believe ISIS did this. I wonder what goal they are pursuing by claiming that they did it. To provoke Putin to attack ISIS even harder? Does not make sense to me.
    BTW Mr.Alexis, to say NWO agents are like Dracula is a disrespect to Dracula!

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