Jeff Smith on Sinai Crash Wreckage



… by Jeff Smith, VT Science Editor

Jeff served in Sinai with the UN Treaty Supervision Organization


1. Tail separated from forward fuselage and impacted in a separate area unburnt.

2. The wing impacted the ground unbroken in one piece missing the engines. Fire damage was from its internal fuel load.

3. This means that the engines were blown off their mounts in mid flight.

4. Only an external explosion of great magnitude detonated below the aircraft could do this. If it was a bomb planted in the aft wheel well it would not have blown off the engines. The engines impacted separately from the wing.

The greater the impact separation distance is, the higher the altitude that they broke off at. The engine turbine blades are completely missing meaning that the engines took damage before impact.

A small shoulder fired missile could not have done this. Only a really big radar guided missile could do this. This is zone A or area A of the Sinai UN DMZ zone patrolled by everybody. There is no way that ISIS could have snuck a missile that big into that area without being spotted by somebody.

Israeli radar covers that area very well, they track everything that moves. Jordanian radar only covers the Red Sea area and Acaba area etc. Egyptian radar is on the other side of the Suez canal and it is blocked below 24,000 feet by the mountains in that area. So the Egyptians were radar blinded. If a missile hit it the Israelis would know.

The area is ringed with military check points both UN, Multinational Force and Egyptian. Nothing can move without being searched first. The terrain is rough and the roads are very limited.

Conclusion it was either a bomb planted in the aft wheel well compartment by ground crew just before take off or it was a radar guided SAM fired from Israeli. Security at that airport is also handled by Israeli security personnel under international travel agreements. As usual never trust Israeli security………


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  1. i wish i had kept the link but a mobile phone film showed the plane plunging out of the sky as if it had lost power AND THEN a bright flash of light on the right AND THEN as it continued to plummet smoke thick and black poured out of the falling plane. The explosion occurred during the failure of power-descent. What is remarkable is that this site- Yahoo 7 News [Australia] keeps videos and stuff like this available for a few days but this one VANISHED quick smart. The truth vanished with the video. The bright flash occurred outside the plane at the right engine. That set off the fire.

  2. I have the same question as Mohammed Zahratahdi. But thinking further, how far from the wing was the tail found, and how far were the engines?
    If they were both close enough its possible the aircraft was only crippled by the explosion seen by the heat sensing satellite, and was actually piloted down still under some control, seeking an emergency landing. If the explosion damage had prevented lowering the landing gear, and in attempting to land, the pilots had got the wings almost level then the impact would have ripped both engines off, and that sudden deceleration would have also broken the tail off. If, at impact, the engines were still running and ingested sand, that could explain the stripped turbine blades.
    I realise that is a LOT of ‘if’s, but it is the ONLY way I can make sense of what has been reported here so far.

  3. These anomalies could be explained by thinking out of the box.

    First, it could have been more than one bomb, explaining why both engines came off in flight while leaving the wings intact.
    Second, why not have another bomb to blow off the tail, making sure a controlled glide landing is impossible.
    Third, the radar readings could be explained by the plane being in remote control before the bombs went off. Just like with that other plane crashing into the French alps months ago.

    So this incident could not only be an act of terror, but also a means of communication: “See what we can do? Dissecting your planes in mid-air!”

    And what better place to down a plane than the Sinai desert? Unpopulated, flat and gifted with dry weather so the investigation goes really smooth and no evidence will be missed.

    This may sound pretty crazy, but we had similar “overkill” incidents before like poisoning people with polonium instead of using a knife or bullet.

  4. “Conclusion it was either a bomb planted in the aft wheel well compartment by ground crew just before take off…”

    This appears to disagree with items 2 to 4?

    Could not explosives been planted inside the engine pylons?

  5. A few questions,.. If the engines detached in air, would that indicate a well placed device at the mount ?
    If the engines detached in air, would that cause such stress as to cause tail separation in a high percentage of cases? It has been mentioned the tail section was very far from the wreckage, was it further along or short of crash site ? If both engines turbine blades were missing, does it make sense that serious debris entered the engine while running, or that the device was internally planted in the engines and may have been dormant for some time ? Was the plane doing a quick turnaround or was it on the tarmac overnight ?

  6. RT has reported that autopsies of some victims had embedded metal c/w metal of skin of airplane. That would imply a missile coming from the outside in to me if true.

    • I have been amazed with what all the world Intel orgs know about Israeli espionage operations in airports that their would not be a ban on letting any Zio security firm set up in an airport. That shows the vaule of having the political corruption in place to block any pesky Intel people who thing that keeping them out of airports would enhance safety.

  7. I believe it was an on board device that caused the tail section to separate from the plane. As Jeff says, a missile the size needed would have left markers identifiers all over the place….impossible not to have been found out prior to. Where was the Bombs location in the Lockerbie disaster/tragedy ?


    • Both engines blown off with the fan blades gone, symmetrical damage like that is an incredible anomaly. And then we have the radar showing that it went down and then went back up and then the last dive, which means the engines could not have been off until the peak of the last climb. That report did state that that data is no always correct, another anomaly.

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