9/11 suspect Silverstein launches new $500 million WTC scam


Pullthisby Kevin Barrett, Veterans Today Editor

Chutzpah is one of those Yiddish words that has no equivalent in other languages. It is defined as “the quality of a man who, having killed his mother and father, asks the judge for mercy on the grounds that he is an orphan.”

But what’s the word for a man who buys a condemned-for-asbestos property with a very small down payment, doubles the insurance, blows up the property less than two months later, confesses to blowing it up on national television…then goes to court claiming that alleged hijackers with boxcutters magically caused his buildings to explode?

The Larry Silverstein Chutzpah Trophy - recently awarded to Bibi Netanyahu
The Larry Silverstein Chutzpah Trophy – recently awarded to Bibi Netanyahu

And then – get this – he sues for double indemnity, claiming that the two airplanes constituted two separate and unrelated terrorist attacks? And he collects it, pocketing $5 billion dollars cash on his less-than-$15-million investment?

And THEN he goes back into court asking for another $11 billion dollars in insurance money – not from his own insurers, but from the insurance companies of the airlines whose planes had nothing to do with the demolitions of his buildings?

And then launches more scams to build more skyscrapers?

CHUTZPAH does not begin to describe it. There is no word in any language for the gross, shameless, unmitigated audacity of Larry Silverstein.

And now he’s back, gold-plated begging bowl  in hand, asking the government to help him amass another half-billion dollars so he can rebuild the South Tower he and his friends knocked down on September 11th, 2001.

The New York real estate newspaper Real Deal reports:

“Larry Silverstein’s Silverstein Properties aims to raise about $500 million in financing through the EB-5 visa program to fund construction of 2 World Trade Center…The EB-5 program grants green cards to foreigners – in practice, mainly Chinese nationals – who create jobs through investments in the United States…”

In order to get this largesse, it looks like Larry is going to have to claim that the Financial District of Lower Manhattan is a blighted “targeted unemployment zone”!

“The special provision, however, doesn’t specify the boundaries of such districts, allowing developers to draw borders creatively in such as a way as to include their buildings, often in areas of strong employment, in areas that, taken as a whole meet the EB-5 program’s unemployment standard. The specific boundaries Silverstein plans to designate are unknown, but the company has used the procedure before, including areas of the Lower East Side along with the firm’s Downtown sites.”

Maybe Larry should advertise this via GoFundMe:

“Hey Chinese millionaires! Buy a piece of the UnFreedom Towers and get a free green card from Uncle Sam! And while you’re at it, don’t miss the chance to snap up some put options on the Sears Tower – I’ll let you know when we’re about to ‘pull it.'”

Speaking of GoFundMe…I may not have the chutzpah of Larry Silverstein, but my commitment to spreading the truth is just as stubborn as his commitment to skyscraper scams – and I’m only asking for a tiny fraction of what he wants!

I'm raising money to present a hard-hitting truth-seeking paper at a mainstream academic conference in Paris - click here to find out more.
I’m raising money to present a hard-hitting truth-seeking paper at a mainstream academic conference in Paris – click here to find out more.




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  1. Silverman made $ Billion on the 9/11 tragedy 15 years ago. Now it’s time to invest the ill-gotten insurance loot into a scam, with the help of Chicken-Shit Netanyahu, that the target investors, the Chinese will never seen coming. It’s been said that Judges and Mayors were in on the scam along with the Carl Rove cabal, before and after the Nuclear Attack on the Asbestos laden Twin Towers on 9/11. Good part of the stolen loot (Gold Bars – Silver Bars Etc Etc) will end up with the Chosen People of Apartheid Israel with the help of “Israel First” duel citizens.

  2. O shrewd businessman, do only profitable business: Deal only in that commodity which shall accompany you after death.
    – Adi Granth, Sri Raga, M.1, p. 22

  3. Can’y exactly say what is worse; a sociopathic scumbag Jew or a sociopathic scumbag jihadist. Nothing against those decent Jews (or Muslims) who ACTUALLY practice their religion, mind you, but why is it that Silverstein and his disgusting ilk always manage to hide behind some politician approved guise of legitimacy.

    Anyone bring any rope?

  4. this non human should be taken for water boarding and the information gained can be used to go after the rest of the hive.
    yes the law will not accept confession under torture but did the neo CONS
    not already say water boarding is not torture but “ENHANCED INTERROGATION”.
    I know this piece of work will crack within 1 hourand he can join HANOI
    JOHN who will also crack in minutes. This needs to hapen NOW to bring down

  5. yup, its pretty amazing, his criminal buddies ensured he got paid HUGE,
    even after confessing WTC 7 was a controlled demolition.
    proof judges are criminals, insurance corporations are criminals, etc etc.

  6. Any presidential candidate who promises a complete and thorough truth and reconciliation investigation into 9/11 would certainly, if alive on election day, get the vote of all VT readers and millions more Americans.
    Blanket immunity. No prosecutions for 9/11. No 5th Amendment. No “classified.” No state secret. Everything public. Contempt citation for anyone who refuses to testify. Prosecution only for perjury i.e. failure to tell all completely and truthfully. (Federal prosecutors have a more than 90% conviction rate.)

  7. This goes to show the power that these zio-jew have bought over time bribing many generations of politicians and Judges in the ‘Land of the free and the home of the brave” Wake up or our children will have no country because these zio-jew scum are asset stripping the USA with the help of politicians who have received bribes disguised as Campaign Contribution.

  8. I just looked it up in my dictionary;


    N. AMER.
    very good; excellent:
    Surely that’s what they imply by putting ‘Radical Professor’ under your picture?

    Soros, Brezinski, Silverstein, McCain all, surely, octogenarians…when will the [email protected]#ers die?
    Soon I hope, I have a nice bottle of Cognac I want to open.

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