VT early Sinai bomb reporting being confirmed



Putin agrees to suspend flights to Egypt until causes of A321 crash are clear — Kremlin


Putin is very busy these days
Putin is very busy these days

[ Editor’s note:  Our process of elimination work on the Russian plane crash is being confirmed. The explosives testing has not been finished nor the cockpit voice recorders released to tell us if there are a few milliseconds of bomb explosion audio on the tape, something the Egyptians knew after having the recorders for 24 hours but are sitting on.

There is not a long list of possibilities on the causes, so once the technical malfunction and a missile strike options were generally determined to be long odds, that left an on board bombing as the mostly likely cause by far. The poor reputation in the Intel community for Egyptian security due to foreign Intelligence penetration and history of routine bribes quickly entered the internet coverage.

But then we had the Brits cancelling all flights to the Red Sea due to “security concerns” and their not being willing to share that Intel with Russia. So we quickly had Russia banning all flights to Egypt, and then Obama releasing a statement of a bomb being the most likely cause, following the previous day of US official leaks pointing in that direction.

As a cherry on top we have the surprise, surprise…mention of ISIL as the most likely suspect, thus giving a strong whiff of the current coverage being stage managed. Not a single media outlet other than VT has mentioned a word as to any of the terrorist supporting countries who were attendees of the Vienna meeting being obvious suspects as punishment for the Russian wrecking of their plans to get the Saudi/Qatar pipeline through northern Syria and on to Europe.

Air strikes have helped keep Syrian casualties low, and morale up
Air strikes have helped keep Syrian casualties low, and morale up

The Russian anti-terrorism combat success is getting us closer to an end result with a unified Syria still standing with the independence to choose an Iranian, Iraq pipeline through northern Syria to Europe has only been in the alternative media.

Defeating this end result is the Saudis’ top foreign and economic policy goal, which has been slipping through their fingers the last six weeks. So we were not surprised when we were leaked that the Russians have already fingered the Saudis, but are unlikely to say so publicly.

The ISIL video, as we suspected early on, was part of the diversion cover, as was the phony Egyptian air traffic controller report of the pilot radioing he was having technical difficulties and wanting to land in Cairo, and then radio problems, where all of that was denied by official Egyptian statements late in the day. The plot is going to thicken on this quicklyJim W. Dean ]


Countless Syrian towns are now wastelands
Countless Syrian towns are now wastelands

MOSCOW, November 6. /TASS/. Russian President Vladimir Putin has agreed with Interstate Aviation Committee recommendations to suspend air links with Egypt until the causes of the A321 plane crash have been identified, presidential press-secretary Dmitry Peskov has told the media.

He said the director of the federal security service FSB Aleksandr Bortnikov had briefed the president on these recommendations after an IAC meeting. “The head of state agreed,” Peskov said.

“Putin has instructed the government to look into the mechanisms of implementing these IAC recommendations and ensure the return home of Russian citizens,” he said.

Besides, Putin asked to establish cooperation with Egypt for ensuring the safety of air links, he added.

An A321 passenger jet of Russia’s Kogalymavia airlines crashed en route from Sharm el-Sheikh over the Sinai Peninsula on October 31, killing 217 passengers and seven crew. There were no survivors.

Over several days three countries – Ireland, Britain and the Netherlands – have suspended flights to Sharm el-Sheikh on the suspicion the A321 jet crashed after a bomb explosion on board. There have been no official confirmations of that so far. Russia’s forensic examinations centre earlier said that Russian and Egyptian experts examined the passengers’ bodies to find no traces of a bomb impact so far.

CBSnews.com reported earlier that US President Barack Obama believed it was possible that a terrorist attack could be the cause of the Russian passenger aircraft’s tragedy.

“I think there is a possibility that there was a bomb on board,” President Obama was quoted as saying by CBS. “And we’re taking that very seriously.”



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  1. It’s my understanding that Russia knows those who were directly involved in this event and will use this information, which most likely has been confirmed by those guilty as charged, as a soft propaganda power piece. This will enable them to control the direction of policy within the region going forward. This is not to suggest that they are not going to go full hard on those responsible, but rather hold an info tool which will be used to squeeze the political life out of those most closely involved.

    Saudi is already drawing down massive amounts of assets due to $ 45.00 oil…..THEY cannot go on at these levels much longer, something has to give. This is a fact and should lend a great deal of merit to the early VT reporting. The Saudis are losing their grip on Global Oil dominance. Is it possible that they made a desperately stupid decision to down a Russian pass plane in an effort to hold onto their positions of policy, both political and economical?


  2. Ahem! Intel and drivel are two different things, Dr. Susta. I suggest you don’t get locked into one source next time. Fulford cited Pentagon sources. Bombs on planes are not so easy to pull off anymore. Especially when they can be hacked or taken out with US supplied fighter jets. Ben is not correct 100% of the time and neither is VT. But Ben most certainly has solid Intel/sources and has been right on more than one occasion. Scour multiple sources and trust your gut more.

  3. Wondering how long it will be before the Bedouins are send back to the desert again! Should have been done yesterday.


  4. This attack can bring speculation as to why there has been no attacks on Western nation airliners in the last couple of years. Why now? And why Russia?

    The Western Coalition has been in Iraq and Syria destroying ISIS far longer than the Russians have.

    To me it is obvious that this is was not done by ISIS alone, but a conspiracy from another nation that has close to ties to ME proxies and agents, simply to place doubts in the mind of Russian tax payers and to begin to their current “90% pride” in President Putin.
    This was simply an attack to cause political destabilization in the minds of Russian citizens.

  5. As to motive, apart from the ‘spoiling our strategic game’ theory, perhaps one or more of the RuAF hits on command and control center(s) took out a significant number of foreign advisers, especially the early hits before staff could be removed. This could be very personal ‘you killed our mates’ revenge.

  6. Davey: Please stop wasting our time with drivel & re-stating the obvious.

    Dr. BH, Mr. W & Rev Chr: VT is quoting Russian intel sources in saying that Saudi intel & compromised Egyptian intel downed the Sinai A321 with a bomb — AND that Russia will not publicly release this info anytime soon. VT supported its assertions with sources on the ground and with others who have been there. This is much more credible than the single-source Fulford assertion.

    IMHO, Russia will now use their inside intel & info to motivate others to sign Syria/Mideast accords.

  7. Peter: As per William Engdahl’s recent reasoned analysis, U.S. & allies have now lost the Mideast.

    U.S. & allies facilitated the overthrow of Mubarak and helped to install MusBro Morsi as Egyptian Prez, whom the Egyptian people & military overthrew (thereafter electing al-Sisi). Given that recent history and what Russia has recently done with Egypt, Russia is now closer to Egypt than is the U.S.

    Russia & Jordan recently set up a joint intel sharing center in Jordan and have invited U.S./allies to join. Russia is even open to doing deals with the Saudis.

    Despite differences between Russia & Israel on Syria etc., Russia offered to guarantee sovereignty of Israel — if as & when Israel returns Golan Heights to Syria & stops killing Palestinians etc.

    Superior Russian A2AD (anti-access, area denial) e-systems can shut down communications, targeting & weapons systems of U.S. & allies throughout the Mideast (including in Med & Red seas).

    Syria is a Russian ally, and Iraq is ready to ally with Russia (given what U.S./allies have done).

    Thus, your “Everything in the neighbourhood belongs to them” applies more to Russia than to U.S.

  8. VT’s ‘proof’ for bombing is purely circumstantial or based on speculations from unverified ‘sources’. This is not journalism. Why do you struggle so hard to be the first publishing unverified ‘news’ then brag about it? Do you think your readers can’t sleep if they don’t find a millisecond earlier what is going on? We will have an official report from Russia after they gather ALL necessary data. They will show hard evidence from black box recordings and analysis on debris at crash site. That is SERIOUS investigation, not yours.

    • Masster, This was not given as proof, but as part of the ongoing analysis of the crash, something that is routine, taking a look at all the options based on the information that you have at that particular time. We have done this many times and we have pilots and crash investigators on our team.

  9. “ISIS claims credit” means Mossad..Heard the Israelis are responsible for security ( yet again) at the airport the plane left from, true? “ISIS” is Mossad, CIA and MI-6/SAS with recruited foreign jet-set jihadis out in front. Russia knows all this. Write your Senators, ask them if the Qatari gas pipeline was worth destroying Syria and murdering so many people.

  10. I actually think, or rather feel, Fulford’s “intel” is the correct scenario. I think it was an F15. Everybody but Russia is screaming bomb. I don’t know. I just don’t feel it was a bomb… I hate to say it but I think Ben is on the money this time. Until I hear Vlad or an official Russian spokesman say it was a bomb, I’m not buying it. I have no interest in anything the mainstream media or Obama has to say. And the fact that both Obama and the media are saying it was most likely a bomb, makes me feel even stronger that it was not.

  11. It is very understandable that Russia suspends flights to Egypt (they might crash another one). . . By the way, it maybe a bit remarkable that “ISIS” handles “security services”, at many airports, all over the world (“ISIS” = “Israel”/Saudis/CIA/and so forth) . . . Just this week they took over at Frankfurt Airport . . . They also handled the “security” of “MH17” (Amsterdam), the “hijacked” planes on 9/11 (Boston), Germanwings plane (?), and so forth . . . Israeli/Dutch firm (gang of terrorists); ICTC International, “global leader” in airport (air transportation) “security services”.

    • Laika, that Israeli/Dutch bunch of “protectors”, they call themselves actually; ICTS International.

  12. An air to air missile will leave evidence, and it would not take long to find it if they are looking. But we don’t know the synergy of the Russian-Egyptian relationship now. They were growing closer with the nuclear plant deals, military sales and Russia buying produce. And then Egypt was a straw buyer for the Mistrals which may end up being resold to Russia or part of the defacto Russia Navy in the Med. The Egyptians are also close to the Israelis, and have taken a ton of money from the Saudis and Qataris, much of it on loan, so it is hardly an independent nation.

  13. The Fulfort Report of 02 Nov says an Israeli air-to-air did it, and Russian & US leadership have taken action.

  14. Wierd – . Is the Fulford Report of 2 Nov reliable? He reports that Russian and US leaders have determined that an israeli F-16 is guilty of the A321 shoot-down and that action against Israel was implemented.
    http://benjaminfulford.net/2015/11/02/high-level-secret-negotiations-continue-as-rogue-state-israel%E2%80%99s-military-put-under-air-and-sea-blockade/High level secret negotiations continue as rogue state Israel’s military put under air and sea blockade

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