Migration Crisis Costs EU €5 Billion Per Month

world news1World News Tomorrow: Breaking news – New York: The recent illegal migration crises in the European Union could cost tax payers as much as 5 Billion per month, the ECIPS said. It is believed that more than 1 million illegal migrants have already made their ways to shores of Europe and are heading their way to Germany, Netherlands and Belgium.

It is estimated that the average person needs 750 Euro per month to live in Europe with basic health care. Many of these migrants are not speaking the native languages and don’t have proper qualification papers with them. Thus, the only way forward is assuming all said is true and correct. At these rates, it will reach the entire budget of the GDP in no time and cost the tax payers much more than there is to pay.

On Wednesday coming, the European Commission is also expected to announce a 1.8-billion-euro ($2.0-billion) emergency trust fund for Africa to underpin the plan, but member states have been slow to match that amount.
The President of the ECIPS, Ricardo Baretzky warned and said that this crises is only in its beginning and that the newly proposed concept of paying African Union countries to take migrants back is not only in violation of the United Nations declaration and several treaties, but also an illegal act that sends the wrong messages, such that it’s ok, whilst many European citizens are suffering from hunger and cold winters already the media reports.

Some questions the European Union if the house of cards itself is under some kind of blackmail to come up with such proposal to pay African countries to take their migrants back. The President Baretzky warned and said that further divide between people within the European Union could become a serious problem and almost certainly reach intolerant levels by honest hard working tax payers and citizens.

Holland now also faces a new problem of which as much as 25% of refugees are child marriages and under the legal age in many countries of Europe. Some experts said that if this is not taken seriously, moral values of the European Union could face a total collapse if laws are changed to embed these types of child abuses. It could have a severe impact on many people in Europe the ECIPS said and that its time that the policy makers realized they have got themselves in a corner.

Basic values of Europeans seems to be seriously under threat and should not be tempered, some people said who were interviewed and asked their opinion. In recent month, there has been a strong shift towards the far right within many of the public according to several polls.

The president of the ECIPS said that it is very alarming that the movement of anti-migrants has sprung up rapidly in the last month and poses a great danger to the European Union.

He called on all officials to realize that strict border control is prerogative and urged them to think and act with a clear mind rather than with blurred visions.

By James Lee exclusive for World News Tomorrow New York.

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  1. Bill  November 9, 2015 at 9:53 am

    The CIA…Soros Foundation….the Rothschilds are the ones giving them $14,000 each to make the trip! Thank you Jews!

  2. Bill  November 9, 2015 at 9:51 am

    Now everybody say, “thank you George Soros…thank you Jews!” And thank you to “our” govts. for helping them destroy our countries! And thank you Anglo-American-Zionist axis for destroying the ME!

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