Divided Loyalties inside the Pentagon

Pentagon in 2008

…by Preston James


Note: This is a long article and bold print can be read to give a quick summary. Anyone interested in more can read more.

Slowly but surely more and more Pentagon officials and their subordinates are beginning to wake up and understand that they have been seduced to fight foreign wars of aggression for the World’s largest Organized Crime Syndicate.

And that they have done this for the large Wall Street Banks, their associated “no bid” defense contractors, and for the state of Israel.

And they are beginning to understand that all this has been a big trick pulled on them by Traitors within their ranks who used Gladio-style, inside-job, engineered synthetic terror on 9-11-01 to attack America and then wrongly blamed it on innocent foreign Mideast nations.

And they did all this on 9-11-01 in order to deceive America to fight more illegal, unConstitutional, unprovoked, unjust wars to generate massive war profits for what President Eisenhower called the Military Industrial Complex.

Not only do these foreign wars of aggression violate the Geneva Conventions but constitute crimes against humanity under International Law besides being completely illegal and unConstitutional.

Many folk inside the Pentagon are now just beginning to understand that the American Military has served as the policemen, enforcers and cannon-fodder for these Banks and their associated defense contractors.

And that this has all been done to generate obscene profits and gain cheap access to other nation’s natural resources with absolutely no concern for the lives or welfare of heroic American Soldiers or their families. And much of the medical care provided by the VA is insufficient and in too many cases disgraceful with lost and missing records.

Some insiders have even suggested that the Top Policy-Makers that really have been running the American Military want lots of dead and wounded American Soldiers coming home with ongoing disabilities and a high suicide count.

And that various high tech eugenics have been used to provide this intended result including contaminated, debased vaccines, exposure to depleted uranium, known to be able to cause reproductive/genetic damage and earlier death from higher rates of cancer.

It is becoming more and more clear that there is a high level plot to kill, wound and disable America’s best youth and weaken their military by busing them as cannon fodder to fight wars for israel and the Banksters. It can actually be shown quite conclusively that all wars are banker’s wars in the final analysis.

BUTLER1This disgusting realization that General Smedley Butler was correct when he claimed that all war is a racket for Wall Street shocks the conscience into life for many able to gain such an understanding and have not lost their souls.

Naturally most Pentagon Officials, Officers of high rank and civilian employees enjoy the high positions and status they have attained. This motivates them to stay true believers of the party lines and ideologies their superiors expect.

And we know for sure that the majority of Pentagon Officers would stop serving the *Khazarian Mafia who hijacked the Pentagon if they actually understood that this is what happened, that is that the pentagon was infiltrated and hijacked by highly connected individuals who had divided loyalties and were serving another nation more than America.

What has been lacking has been access to the truth of who really runs the Pentagon and how they infiltrated it and hijacked and under what power they were able to do so.

All these facts are now coming out for the first time after being forbidden and suppressed for many years thanks to a new faction of America-firsters which has emerged within the Pentagon and American Intel.

These America-firsters have worked very hard for a number if years to get the real truth out about this infiltration and hijacking of the pentagon and the USG’s hijacking too which has been done by the same groups of Traitors who serve the World’s biggest Organized crime Syndicate.

Finally their work is attaining serious results. The American masses as well as many Pentagon Officials are now learning how our nation’s highest echelons were infiltrated and hijacked by the Khazarian Mafia and its subordinates the Bush Crime Cabal (aka the BCC) and the Israeli-American “Israeli-first” Dual Citizen Traitors (aka the Zios).

As this hidden truth is now becoming known and obvious to all, it can no longer be denied that High Treason has been committed in the Pentagon’s High Command Structure surround 9-11-01 and all the subsequent wars it triggered. Nor can it be denied that thousands of the best American Soldiers have been needlessly sacrificed, killed, horribly wounded and disabled for nothing but the evil profits of the Banksters and their war contractors.

As you can imagine as this truth sweeps through the Pentagon and the US Military, dissidence and rage grows by the day. And this realization is now spreading throughout the Pentagon at breakneck speed.

The truth that the Pentagon High Command and the US Administration were deeply involved in the attack on America and managed the stand-down on 9-11-01 is so clear cut, so definite, and so compelling that it can no longer be denied by anyone that takes the time to carefully consider that basic evidence.

The Pentagon High Command has worked very hard with the Controlled Major Mass Media (CMMM), the Administration and Congress to contain these terrible deep dark secrets and prevent the American masses and American Military from finding them out. To learn of the specifics of either of these secrets is usually a mind-boggling shock to the system for anyone that finds out, especially the second secret.

The first dark secret is that the Pentagon High Command has been infiltrated and hijacked by the World’s largest Opium Cartel and manipulated into helping the CIA and the Mossad, using the DEA and US Customs as cover to become the World’s largest illegal drug traffickers.

The second deep dark secret even more terrible for America if you can imagine that is that the Pentagon High Command assisted the Mossad and the Israeli-American “Israeli-first” Dual Citizens and the US Administration in their attack on America on 9-11-01.

On this terrible day, about 3,000 innocent civilians were mass-murdered, with about 39,000 later dying of the radiation fallout and asbestos poisoning and strange cancers. Right now about 70,000 are fighting for their very lives from this after-pollution and fallout of this Gladio-style, False-flag, Inside-job attack on NYC.

This kind of corruption in the Pentagon is nothing new, it got quite dirtied up in the Vietnam war with drug trafficking, search and destroy missions, and other mass-assassinations under Operation Phoenix.

We now know for certain based on declassified documents that the Naval Intel and the US Administration had already cracked the purple code and and had numerous spotters who knew that the Japanese were going to attack Pearl Harbor.

There were even newspaper articles saying such before hand suggesting an attack was imminent. What did the US Navy do? They pulled the carriers out of port and left the old ships as targets. And Naval Intel went to the mountains in Hawaii with their families for an early annual picnic.

The Pentagon has protected the opium crop in Afghanistan for the Khazarian Mafia and the USAF has flown them out using remote controlled Global hawks. That is one of the main reasons the US Military was used to invade Afghanistan, but there are more.

Of course we know that the Taliban did not allow any opium growing and executed any farmer doing such. Geraldo Rivera pulled a fast one by slipping this story through the Controlled Major Mass Media’s censorship filters. Good work Geraldo.

Another reason is to provide cheap access to the Lithium needed for high tech batteries. Another reason was to help protect the Mideastern oil suppliers and the US Petro Dollar. Another was to aid the Khazarian Mafia in their plan to use NATO and the US Military to encircle and weaken the Russian Federation.

When President Obama approved the P5+1 Agreement to let Iran develop nuclear power and the USG failed to attack Syria and Iran with a major air and ground war as the Israeli Likudists had demanded, Bibi Netanyahu was furious. He resorted to his back up plan which was to manipulate his allies in the Pentagon’s High Military Command to leave massive stockpiles behind.

This would be done to help Israel, Saudi Arabia and Turkey train ISIS, ISIL, Daesh and Al Nusra to form the New Islamic State that could be targeted as the World’s largest extremist Islamic Terror State that would have to be later destroyed by the American Military and NATO.

isis 24And we know that these forces have turned out to be little more than a band of savage, soulless mercenaries who were deployed to create torture, rape, sex trafficking, mass death and chaos which could then be turned against Syria first to destroy it and then turned against Iran to destroy it too.

In the process it was planned that Saudi Arabia would be conned into attacking Yemen which would then be turned around and use later to destroy both Yemen and Saudi Arabia.

After accomplishing the destruction of Syria and Iran and their Balkanization, the US Military and NATO would be forced into waging a major air and ground war against these mercenaries or face destruction of Europe and supposedly frequent major Islamic extremest terror attacks inside the Continental USA.

The plan was to displace millions from their Syrian homes and give them travel money to migrate to Europe, with lots of mercenaries sheep-dipped into these refugees which could be used to later generate mass chaos and  make Europeans hate Islamics in general. This mass migration is already well underway. If press reports are accurate and they seem to be, George Soros admitting giving these refugees travel money.

How interesting it is that none of these mercenary “synthetic terrorist groups” never seem interested in attacking Israel which gives one an idea who is the main element behind this. And besides the fact that so many of the wounded Mercenary “synthetic terrorists” have been treated in Israeli hospitals should be a big tip off.

The Bush Crime Cabal is deeply embedded into the USG, the Judiciary, Congress, the CIA and the Pentagon at every level.

Bush1 had fifty years to infiltrate his gang into the CIA, the Pentagon, the Judiciary and Congress and even pick most Presidents. Even though the Bush Crime Cabal (BCC) was caught and exposed publicly using drugs, pedophilia and honey-traps to entrap and control officials and corporate leaders, the general public largely ignored this, far too wrapped up in their own lives and basic survival to just get-by.

The CIA’s Franklin Credit Union/Barney Frank/Craig Spence/White House Page Boy scandal deployed by the BCC was certainly a new low point for the USG. American Law Enforcement had already been so compromised by the BCC and its CIA that it suppressed any investigations and hundreds of pedophile crimes and murders of children and numerous related Satanic Cult crimes went unpunished.

And we now know for certain that every major police department has had an American Intel contact, usually CIA (sometimes other US Intel), with top secret credentials, often a NOC, that runs cover ups. The embedded Intel ops typically run cover-ups for any activities associated with the CIA, including setting up “stand-down” Arkensides (murders made to appear as suicides) to get rid of whistle-blowers and dissidents.

These embedded Intel Agents run cover-ups for the CIA/DEA/Mossad “controlled deliveries” of narcotics for black ops money which are supposed to catch the “Mr. Big drug traffickers” but never do.  And they suppress any serious investigations or recognition of the numerous and serious crimes and violence of the Satanic Cult Network known as the “Process”. Obviously these men are Traitors and are functioning as a part of a major RICO crime syndicate.

It is time they are exposed and brought to justice. Anyone committing these crimes using National Security as False cover obviously has lost their soul and humanness if they ever had one in the first place.

The invocation of so-called “National Security” to cover murder, drug trafficking, pedophilia, human compromise is in this case a separate RICO crime in an of itself, besides all the other major felonies involved.

We now know from those that have been close to the World’s largest Satanic Cult called “the Process” that it started out as an MI-6 type operation based on the teaching of John Dee, Aleister Crowley and Alice Bailey. This massive World’s largest cult is based on ancient Baal Worship, child and human sacrifice and deployment of wars and mass death eugenics.

Symbol of Baal, the God of the Process Church and another name for Lucifer or Satan as worshipped in the Process Church. This is the hidden God of High Freemasonry which is kept secret from most Freemasons.

Sadly this Satanic cult “the Process” has been deputized as an agent of US National Security and given complete immunity and protection for all its activities including human sex trafficking, organ trafficking, pedophilia, drug trafficking and various other criminal cult activities. We know now for certain that this satanic cult forms the central and main belief system of the Khazarian Mafia’s Top Policy-Makers. We also know for certain that this Process cult is a modern derivative of ancient Baal Worship and provides twisted motivations and rationalizations for the incredible evil that the Khazarian Mafia does all mover the World.

Also deputized as agents of US National Security have been the major International Oil Corporations, at least one Tobacco Company, at least one big pharma manufacturers of vaccines. Even foreign Intel agencies like the Mossad and Saudi Intel are so deputized and provided absolute cover by American Law Enforcement, American Intel and the Controlled major Mass Media (CMMM).

Many Internet Social Media corporations have been deputized as agents of national security and promised financial success as long as they play ball and follow directives. One search engine associated service is pure Fourth Reich DVD like the BCC and is now run out of Germany, can you imagine that.

A growing number of Intel insiders believe that Merkel is Hitler’s daughter by Eva Braun’s sister and is now functioning as a hard core Globalist, self-destructing Germany once again like her father seemed to have done. Wouldn’t that be major news if these rumors turn out to be true? That would mean she has Rothschild blood and is just another illustration of how the ruling “Bloodline” families continue their matrix of power. If one compares their photos the similarities seem remarkable.

Merkel is allowing so many Mideast refugees in the Germans are beginning to revolt. She has allowed an embargo against Russia which has shut off German farmers selling produce and German auto makers from selling car and truck parts to the Russian Republic, major sources of German revenue.

We now know for certain that Hitler was a British agent, fully mind-kontrolled at Tavistock Institute in England and that explains why Generals Kammler, Gehlen and Mueller and his top Intel abandoned him and made a secret treaty with American Intel and British in 1943. Merkel is apparently conflicted, torn between her NWO Globalist commitments to the Khazarian mafia and yet angry about being manipulated by the USG into cutting off much needed sales to the Russian Republic.

In order to understand the power of CMMM based and psychotronic mind-kontrol on the leaders of most nations, consider what Merkel has done regarding Mideast refugees. Also consider the fact that Swedish leaders are now telling their citizens that any resistance to all the Mideast refugees is pure racism and their Islamic culture is superior. Can you imagine that. One of the ways you can always tell if a leader is mind-kontrolled is if he or she acts in ways completely upside down, calling black white, and evil good.

The Vietnam war provided cover for massive drug trafficking by the Khazarian Mafia through the Pentagon and the CIA for “off the books” black ops money. 

Once this World Largest Opium Cartel which goes all the way back to the Opium Wars got a foothold inside the Pentagon it just kept expanding it influence and power until it has almost completely hijacked the Pentagon and was able to embezzle several trillion dollars with no accounting trails left. Donald Rumsfeld announced that this money was missing the day before the 9-11-01 attack which destroyed most of the accounting records and mass-murdered 25 of the 40 Able Danger investigators.

During the Vietnam war which was just another engineered, staged war for Bankster and defense contractor profits, significant dissidence and rebellion in the ranks rapidly emerged. GIs began to catch on to this big lie of the “Domino Theory” and came to understand that they were they to make profits for the banks and Defense Contractors and not to win a war which had not even been properly declared.

More pentagon officials and subordinates are beginning to figure out they are there to be manipulated to serve the World’s largest Organized Crime and opium Cartel and to serve as cannon fodder as necessary. They are also figuring out when deployed in the Mideast wars they were poorly supplied and there was no serious effort to really win the war in the Top Echelons of the Pentagon and the Administration. It is easy to understand why great dissonance is now growing inside the Pentagon and the US Military  in general.

Many thought the extreme Vietnam War Protests and rebellion within the Military in Vietnam would forever stop US Military Aggression, but that has not turned out to be the case.

And the protests at home from the College students that began to understand the true dynamics of the Military Industrial complex as mainly a profit operation for the banks and defense contractors, street protests increased and began to get major press. And of course the public’s knowledge about Daniel Ellsberg’s Pentagon papers did not help either but confirmed all the doubts about the real value of the war to the average American.

As the this dissatisfaction about the war peaked for the American Soldiers deployed there on the front lines, officers and staff at the rear enjoyed great lives of pleasure, good food and plenty of willing girlfriends. But at the highest command level in the rear areas Drugs were knowingly trafficked into America in the body cavities of dead American Soldiers Killed in Action. And when good honest Soldiers found this out and went to their commanders the commanders played along but then arranged for a deadly and strange jeep accident.

This was not an isolated event but a regularity toward the end of the war. These commanders had been compromised the the World’s largest Opium Cartel that infiltrated and hijacked the Pentagon and the CIA. There are hundreds of great men and women soldiers and civilians that have been murdered to keep this secret covered up forever.   (eg Gary Webb, ect.).

A new strategy within the Pentagon High Command was developed to neutralize dissidence within the military itself and in the American public.

All the dissonance and outright rebellion over the Vietnam war created such a concern in the Pentagon high command and the various Congressional committees responsible that a new strategy for wars of aggression was developed.

It was decided that the draft would be discontinued and the American Military would be converted to a pure mercenary force based on Madison Avenue advertising and image management to draw recruits. National Guard would be sent into active combat instead of being the weekend warriors they were hired as, and were enslaved and stop-lossed as often as necessary to keep troop counts up in the Mideast theater of war.

A new war-making strategy based on engineered and deployed “synthetic terror” and “pre-emptive war” was developed by those Israeli-American “Israeli-first” Dual Citizen Traitors that infiltrated and ended up being able to completely hijack the pentagon.

64f3785a (2)Soon the Top Policy-makers formed an alliance with the Fourth Reich (aka the DVD, the folks who ran the Gladio “left-behind army” terror operations). These Top Policy-makers have come to be known as the PNACers and the Top NeoCons. these were the folks that had infiltrated and hijacked the Pentagon on behalf of the Khazarian Mafia (World’s largest Opium Cartel and the folks that run almost all the private central banks around the World).

These Top Policy-makers who controlled the Pentagon were a mixture of Israeli-American “Israeli-first” Dual Citizen Traitors (the Zios) and members of the Bush Crime Cabal (the BCCs which many refer to as the Fourth Reich). Many were of course members of the CFR, a tool of the Khazarian Mafia City of London Banksters, part of their “roundtable system” of advisory councils and non-profit think tanks and foundations.Of course not all members of the CFR understand who set it up or runs it and for what purposes either.

It was a strange partnership between the Zios and the BCCers but can be more easily understood if one realizes that both groups actually worked for and were empowered by the same chieftains who ran the Khazarian Mafia (aka the Banksters who run almost all private central money creation and also the Opium Cartel).

And as most VT readers now realize these City of London Khazarian Mafia Banksters and were empowered by their ability to create all the money they needed out of thin air and lend it for use to the masses at interest, and have had so much money that they have been able to buy or bribe almost every single government officials in most nations, especially in America.

The decision was made by the top several Policy-Makers who really control the Pentagon and the USG that the only way to continue illegal, unConstitutional, undeclared, perpetual wars was to create a new imaginary enemy that could be redefined at any time.

This enemy (“The Terrorists”) must be able to modified and expanded or refocused at any time to include any nation that they needed to destroy and gain access to their natural resources cheaply. Thus the ideas of the DVD (Fourth Reich or Abwehr) to deploy Gladio-style, False-flag, inside-job engineered synthetic terror were accepted.

But even worse the Khazarian Mafia decided that the definition of what a terrorist is would be expanded to include any American citizen who asked too many questions, was a whistle-blower of any kind, or did not immediately comply with any government or police order.

They proceeded to consolidate all American Law Enforcement into a Khazarian Mafia Secret Police, Homeland Security (DHS) using Pentagon weapons and technology and Israeli anti-terrorist training given for free by the ADL to almost every large Police Department.

Their plan was to merge the American Police, the NSA and the Pentagon with those who were in control of Homeland Security, the Israeli-American “Israeli-first” Dual Citizens which they had direct control over. In this way they could create a master control grid and quickly identify any dissident ant any level, and then label them domestic terrorists to be harassed, psychotronically “corrected”, gang stalked or arrested and imprisoned.

The PNACers then proceeded to create an all encompassing plan to not only build a greater Israel for the Khazarian Mafia Banksters, but to use the Pentagon to propel the American Khazarian Mafia Proxy state to be the world’s supreme power that could never again be challenged in any way by any other nation. The whole World could then be destroyed nation by nation as a Khazarian Mafia NWO Globalist one-world government could be assembled from the ruins, like the Phoenix Bird of Greek Mythology.

To do this they realized they had to create a catalyzing event, a new Pearl Harbor with at least 2500 dead Americans in order to blood shock the American masses, to elicit their extreme anger and a rage with a need for complete revenge. They new that this anger if properly elicited in the masses and the US Military would be sufficient to motivate America to attack the sovereign nation-states that the USG and CMMM had claimed attacked America on 9-11-01. The Folks running this attack on America realized that they had to make sure that the Big Lies, false-narratives and propaganda of the CMMM continued and were sufficient to keep the masses and the military motivated to conduct these illegal, unConstitutional, unprovoked Mideast wars of aggression for Israel and the Khazarian Mafia.

They knew that engineering their attack on America on 9-11-01 and defining it as a terrorist attack by an arrogant foreign Arab state that supposedly hated American Freedom and the American way of life would enrage the American masses and the American military and motivate them to be willing to make total war against that Arab perp which they wrongly blamed.

Of course this whole foreign war to gain obscene profits and to gain land and resources of other nations was dependent on having complete control over the Major Mass Media which they did. Only recently has a significant portion of mainstream America began to understand that the Major Mass Media is filled with lies and deception. One recent study showed that most Americans now view cockroaches more favorably than members of Congress.

Millions are abandoning TV Network News and going to the Alternative news sites on the Worldwide Web. And the Khazarian Mafia has responded by setting up hundreds of sock-puppet/stooge website that use “limited hangout” to lure readers.

Limited hangout is the use of partial truths to gain credibility in order to later deliver a bad payload. But the average alternative media user is becoming far too sophisticated for this and grabs the truth nuggets and ignores the bad payload while connecting these truth nuggets in their head ti form fairly accurate perceptions of what is actually going on.

As Hillary Clinton remarked in a private speech, “We are losing the information war.” Truth is very powerful and once it gets out is resonates with the masses and then takes on a life of its own that cannot be stopped.

Different Factions in the Pentagon:

There are different factions in the Pentagon and dissonance is growing by the day.

There are the Bushies (the BCC folks). These are the holdovers from Bush1’s 50 year penetration into the USG at the highest levels. He was able to appoint his own at every level and corrupt the courts and much of the Pentagon and take over the CIA.

Then you have the Israeli-American “Israeli-first” Dual Citizen Traitors (the Zios). Both of these factions knowingly or unknowingly serve the City of London Khazarian Mafia Banksters.

And then you have a growing faction of American-firsters, some who have been independent and some who have psychologically abandoned the BCC since they see it waning in power. Many of these folks were previously conned, manipulated and mind-kontrolled by their overseers to believe that it was America’s job to fight the terrorists in the Mideast before they came to America.

What these America-firsters have just been starting to fully comprehend is that all terrorism is synthetically engineered and deployed by the major power factions which include the BCC/DVD and the Dual Citizen Zios using the resources of the nations that they have infiltrated and hijacked.

So now we have an essentially new faction that is waking up and beginning to understand that the USG and the top Pentagon Command structure has been infiltrated and hijacked by foreign espionage groups, the BCC/DVD and the Israeli-American Dual Citizen Zios.

This new up and coming faction of America-firsters in the Pentagon is now realizing that American soldiers have been sacrificed as mere cannon fodder in all these phony wars to make vast profits for the Military Industrial Complex (the Khazarian Banksters and their associated corporations).

The growing rage is becoming so thick you can cut it with a knife. But they also realize that some in the Pentagon High Command have been having special ops assassinated after they complete dangerous assignments or try to retire to keep them quiet.

Many of these special ops are now considered threats to the existing order in the Pentagon High Command after their missions are completed. It is feared that they are stand-up heroes that will speak out and testify against the BCC and the Zios (which are both major RICO crime syndicates in and of themselves) if they are ever subpoenaed once a new and real investigation of 9-11-01 begins.

Especially now since so many are becoming informed that 9-11-01 was a Gladio-style, inside-job False-flag attack on America by Israel, assisted by Traitors in the Pentagon and US Administration.

Many are beginning to realize what has been done to America by these Traitors in high positions of power and they are becoming quite angry about it and feel personally betrayed by the US Administration and the Pentagon High Military Command who they are trusting less and less as each day passes.

And add to that, the Pentagon has now been completely exposed for their part in creating training, supporting and paying ISIS, ISIL, Daesh, Al Nusra, Al Qaeda (AL CIA Duh). etc. And they have been completely checkmated so far in Syria by President Putin and the Russian Federation after being invited by their long time ally the Syrian Government to help defend Syria from terrorists. This has exposed the traitors in the top pentagon command structure for what they are and has made the Pentagon’s military capability look very weak.

But the folks that often do the heavy lifting with dangerous special missions and very little gratitude in return are the Special operations Soldiers including the Seal Teams, the Green Berets, Delta Force and the various Spooky teams. these Soldiers have traditionally had the highest degree of motivation and patriotism to America of an of the US Military and many are now finding out it has been misguided and abused by the pentagon high command structure.

The most vicious type of Treason and betrayal.

Not only do these special operations folks take on the most dangerous missions but they have been mistreated afterwards in many cases. Many now realize that the Seal Team that participated in the fake assassination of Osama bin Laden (CIA Trade-craft name Colonel Tim Osman) who actually died in late 2001 were all assassinated upon orders of the Pentagon High Command and the Administration to keep them from talking. Some of their surviving family members know this, others suspect it.

This is the same kind of dark treachery and treason that occurred when the Administration and Pentagon High Command abandoned all the POWs and MIAs in Vietnam to keep them from talking about the secret wars in Laos and Cambodia and all the CIA drug trafficking, including operation Whitestar which was a very, very sensitive operation involving UFO landings at night and opium trafficking. Most VT readers know it was Senator john McCain that worked hard to make sure the POWs and MIAs were left behind, just like his father covered up the Israeli False-flag attack on the USS Liberty Ship.

But many US Special Forces of different units are also finding out that 11 of the 12 spooky teams in deployed to South America were all murdered to keep them from talking about the Pentagon and CIA’s massive drug trafficking and that the new norm is for the pentagon High Command to order the assassination of special ops when they are done with them so they can never talk.

Many in the Pentagon now blame President Obama for allowing America to be completely checkmated in Syria by the Russian Federation and believe this was a major stand-down situation. This is especially true for the Zios who see all their gains from their attack on America on 9-11-01 rapidly slipping away. Being that much of President Obama’s campaign funding came from the Zios who make a lot of money off of their defense corporate investments and more war, it is understandable why they may resent his reluctance to go into another total air and ground war for Israel and the Khazarian Mafia.

Others see President Obama’s lack of willingness to enter into a full scale air and ground war basically a response to new pressure coming from a saner element that is now arising within the Pentagon’s High Military Command that is perhaps linked to a certain faction of the Secret Shadow Government (SSG) responsible for handling the Alien ET/crashed UFO issues. This group impressively powerful group is a new wild card that is beginning to apply major pressure to take back the Pentagon from the foreign based infiltrators, hijackers, Dual Citizen Traitors and sell-outs.

Others see President Obama’s resistance to go beyond an apparent symbolic show of special ops and drone warfare due to financial advisers who have instructed him that the USG just plain does not have enough money to wage a total air and ground war which would have to be very long term in order to be successful. And he may now fully understand that such a total air and ground war would just be another war for Israel to fulfill their “greater Israel” plan and is resistant to serving as Israel’s puppet like Bush2 did. But it could also be a combination of all these considerations.


Dissidence inside the Pentagon is growing by the day as more and more of the ranks find out that Israel and Traitors in the high Pentagon Command structure betrayed all Americans by attacking America on 9-11-01.

This realization sends shock waves through the mind and begs for resolution and pay back. It is far too late to put the genie back in the bottle or close Pandora’s Box because the truth about 9-11-01 being an engineered synthetic act of Gladio-style, False-flag, inside-job terror can not be extinguished and is spreading by the day. Soon everyone will understand how our own Administration and Pentagon High command betrayed us on that terrible day.

Right now everything is in flux inside the Pentagon and its High Command. Which faction will predominate as the BCC and the Zios fight for total control? Will the new emerging faction of America-firsters assert themselves and take control and will they be extremely motivated by the realization that the BCC and the Zios attacked America on 9-11-01? As the BCC and the Zios become more and more exposed every day for their treason and espionage against America, their power base wanes. Can they be neutralized fast enough to save America? That is the question.

A close examination suggests that the BCC is using the CMMM to leak disparaging information that will weaken the hold of the Dual Citizen Zios on the Pentagon. But it also seems evident that the Zios are using the CMMM to leak disparaging facts that will discredit the Bush Crime Cabal and Jeb’s chances for election to the Presidency. Right now Donald Trump is a wild card, no one seems to have a grasp what he would do as President as far as the Pentagon and warfare. But some suspect that he is the Pentagon’s America-firster’s choice to represent their interests. It is too soon to tell but we will find out soon enough.

And what might the BCC or the Zios do to increase their power? In the past they have had to collaborate in order to deploy major False-flag attacks like the Murrah bombing of the attack on America on 9-11-01. Are they in too much conflict right now to even do that? Or can they patch up their differences enough to deploy some kind of cooperation to ignite a nuclear WW3 which would certainly provide a covering situation for the degrading American economy as the whole World builds a financial firewall against the US Petro Dollar.

Unless cooler heads start prevailing we could see America drawn into a hot WW3 involving intercontinental nuclear detonations in major cities. It is high time to clean both the Bush holdouts (the BCCers) and the Dual Citizen Zios out of the Pentagon before America is completely destroyed and start making sure the Pentagon Defends the USA and its borders here and does not get entangled in foreign wars as our Founding Fathers warned against.

That means closing down all these wasteful military bases around the World and sealing our Borders and controlling immigration. It also means making sure that the Pentagon is dedicated to defense not offense and attacking other nations for the Khazarian Mafia Banksters and Drug Traffickers and their associated defense corporations who then feed back huge bribes and perks to compromised Members of Congress. It is necessary to rout out all these Globalist Khazarian Mafia infil-Traitors and hijackers of the American System and putting America and American Citizens first.

Until the American Masses rise up and arrest and jail the large “Too Big To Fail” Wall Street Banksters like they did in Iceland and cut off the elastic money supply which funds their matrix of bribery and human compromise of the USG and the Pentagon, America is doomed. But a good informed guess is that such a day is likely approaching.

And unless the American masses start understanding that all these USG officials that are constantly crying wolf over Mideast Terrorists are actually the real terrorists themselves that created all these mercenaries in the first place, we are doomed.

* The Khazarian Mafia is an abbreviation to represent the organized crime group that later morphed into the Rothschild Khazarian Mafia. VT Financial Editor Mike Harris coined the term “Khazarian Mafia”. His VT radio, “The Short End of the Stick” show is on Tuesdays and Thursdays 7-9 PM CST. Mike Harris started using this descriptive term Khazarian Mafia after extensively researching the true but hidden history of the nation of Khazaria and its connection to Rothschild World Zionism now centered in the City of London. He also discovered the long held hatred that the RKM has harbored since about 1020 AD for the non-Khazarian Russians that is still a major motive for the Khazarian Mafia today in its quest to destroy Persia (Iran) and then encircle and once again destroy Russia. Their goal? To steal all Russia’s its assets like in 1917, and mass-murdering any non-Khazarian Russians remaining alive, as a replay of their Bolshevik Revolution of 1917.


  1. The nobility of the world has ruled over their respective people (the material world) with the help of two other institutions: the clergy (controlling the spiritual world) and the army to enforce their rule.

    The Pentagon and the US armed forces, being one of the three heads of the dragon together with London and Rome, cannot in any way be an exception from this.

    A difference would lie in the heterogenity of the composition among generals. With Obama having sacked 90-100 (IIRC) generals and since the NWO/RKM affiliated get stronger, it means that the generals Obama sacked were Christians and or patriots.

    VT editors claim that the 90-100 sacked generals by Obama were the “rotten apples” but since Obama’s policy has not changed and that it is the same of GWB’s administration, it means Obama is NWO/RKM.

  2. This Veteran’s Day Week my heartfelt thanks goes out to all the brave men and women everywhere who helped neutralize the Samson Option. This is a real game changer and these unsung heroes deserve our deepest gratitude. If any of you are reading this please know you are not forgotten. Thank you.

  3. A thorough synthesis presented by Preston James, Ph.D bringing light to the dissident groups that have been present within the US system to create division and depopulate countries based on false flags. People who critically analyze material have a vision where all this leads to. The soulless USG with their cohorts are not representing the US; they represent the 13 blood families in a very old plan to accomplish the interests of New World Order. Preston James is excellent in his research and systematic presentation to accomplish knowledge of this corruption. The real question is will people believe it or ignore it as hype etc. I have talked for 4 years I lost friends and family over it. This is a WAR that will not end until the plan is completed. It doesn’t matter who America votes for that future president either follows it or gets assassinated.

    • It is quite strange that patriotic military has failed to arrest traitors and perpetrators of WTC 911 within the Pentagon.As we speak those guilty are acting as if WTC 911 did not happen and have not broken any crime against the American people while they continue to uphold the agenda of their foreign masters!!!

  4. Very comprehensive overview and synthesis !
    The concept of patriots among Pentagon hires is interesting. Of course, they are there, and wise to keep a low profile, behaving patriotically whenever possible. One concept continues to distress me, that of US citizens, Gov employees who pledge 1st allegiance to a foreign country. Considering the US Constitution, US citizens who pledge 1st allegiance to a foreign country are engaging in treason. In essence, they are parasiting on the USA. Providing only the Pentagon and Washington DC with an enema directed at such treasonists would benefit the entire world, due to the effect of D.C. and the Pentagon on the world.

  5. I greatly appreciate how Preston James connects so many dots in this article. He paints a very clear picture. It is also inspiring to know of the cleavages inside the Pentagon. However, I have a few concerns about the article and wish he would use footnotes and references for some of his statements. Here are three concerns: (1) James says there were tens of thousands who died due to toxic air quality after 9/11. My internet search nowhere finds such big numbers; (2) please state how Merkel could be daughter of Hitler since she was born in 1954. It would have to be a case of either frozen sperm or Hitler remaining alive well after WWII. The “Merkel as Hitler’s daughter” story is untrue based on thorough internet research; (3) James puts John Dee, Aleister Crowley and Alice Bailey all together as roots of satanic cult “the Process.” While Crowley would fit the category, having studied Bailey’s many channeled books decades ago I can tell you they do not contain satanic energy. While I know little of John Dee, a quick internet read indicates to me that he was a truth seeker and not really sinister. And nowhere can I find a sinister reference to something called “the Process.” Unfortunately, I will not be forwarding James’ article on to my colleagues. Because of the errors and lack of references, to do so would not only risk my own reputation for accuracy but also would make people less likely to believe the otherwise truthful and important perspective presented.

  6. The constitution for the United States states that the military is to be used for the defense of the United States. The U.S. has not fought a war in self defense since World War II. All the U.S. wars since then have been illegal and against national and international law. The problem is that these laws are not enforced and the guilty are unpunished. If Russia had not said enough and decided to put a stop to U.S. illegal “regime change” policies that have destroyed Iraq and Libya – Syria would have soon been another country destroyed by U.S. criminal policy. The asymmetrical war fought in Libya and Syria is being fought by criminal terrorists which the U.S. and other countries have been supporting – which make the illegal war even more illegal. The massive refugee crisis in Europe

  7. Most men go into the military at a young age – a time when they are easily influenced and have little understanding of what is really going on in the world. Often they are influenced by propaganda in Hollywood movies like “Green Berets” or the mainstream corporate news media propaganda “spin,” or computerized video war games. This propaganda is usually pro war – since that is what brings in the “blood money” profits for the Military Industrial Complex. World War I hero, General Smedly Butler stated that “war is a racket”.

  8. Only when enough government employed people realize the security of their careers doesn’t outweigh the final outcome of the Khazar’s ultimate goal will anything happen.
    I don’t see this happening anytime soon if at all.

  9. the dehumanization “Process”…… a process of gradualism….creeping up and embedding themselves like ticks all….parasites of our planet….all must in awareness of how they move, how they attack…reject their projections…. believing in what your heart see’s, feel it around you bursting through….a beautiful world awaits as they barricaded themselves in surrounded by lies…its all they have to cling to now…best they just fess-up… its their only hope in the hell they live…without love there is nothing

  10. Adolf Hitler was never an agent for a foreign power. This assertion is ridiculous and blunt nonsense.
    Otherwise nothing new under the sky. Everywhere you look the Zionists are at work. Who comes to late will be punished. Looks like we will be to late because our counterpart is smarter, proved by the money we send to them.

    • This is a very important topic. I am disappointed that it was confided to Preston James, the only regular writer for V.T. who lacks credibility. I hope that more will appear on this subject as reported and commented upon by a competent observer and thinker.

  11. I hope you’re right, and that the US govenment can be trusted to put America’s interest before Israel’s.

    The problem outside the military is Jewish Power. Recent TV programs about WW1 and WW2 never mentioned that the Bolsheviks were nearly all Jews and they conducted mass murder, genocide, against the Russian Christian population. Solzhenitsyn reckoned over 50 million, and that was well before WW2. It was 5 Jews who executed the Tsar and his young family. Never a hint on the History Channel that it was the Jews.

    So long as people are too scared to mention Jews we will never see true freedom. If something is stirring in the military there is hope.

    • 1998: Ash Carter co-authored an article on Catastrophic Terrorism with John Deutch, and Philip Zelikow. The article was subtitled “Imagining the Transforming Event”. It was written in 1998. Here’s an excerpt from the article which was subtitled:

      Imagining the Transforming Event.

      “A successful attack with weapons of mass destruction could certainly take thousands, or tens of thousands, of lives. If the device that exploded in 1993* under the World Trade Center had been nuclear, or had effectively dispersed a deadly pathogen, the resulting horror and chaos would have exceeded our ability to describe it. Such an act of catastrophic terrorism would be a watershed event in American history. It could involve loss of life and property unprecedented in peacetime and undermine America’s fundamental sense of security, as did the Soviet atomic bomb test in 1949. Like Pearl Harbor, this event would divide our past and future into a before and after. The United States might respond with draconian measures, scaling back civil liberties, allowing wider surveillance of citizens, detention of suspects, and use of deadly force. More violence could follow, either further terrorist attacks or U.S. counterattacks. Belatedly, Americans would judge their leaders negligent for not addressing terrorism more urgently.”

  12. Keep up the great work Preston!
    There is a real shift underway. Mention to Mike that his interview with Alexandra was out of the park and it’s good to see his circle growing. That’s how information reaches a critical mass.
    Thanks for continuing to bring the hammer.

  13. OK We the People!!

    Say it with me loud and proud:

    I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America (NOT ISRAEL)

    and to the Republic (NOT ZIONIST FASCIST POLICE STATE) for which it stands,

    One nation under God! (NOT SATAN)

    indivisible, (NOT DIVIDED AND CONQUERED)

    with liberty and justice for ALL!! (NOT THE LUCIFERIAN ELITE)

    That’s my pledge of allegiance…

    Happy Veterans Day to all who have served and are still serving!

    and keep the great articles coming..

  14. Apologies, I meant to say in my comment below “the AF care about their countrymen and would NOT sacrifice them in a false flag in order to point the finger at the garbage. ” I accidently ommited the “NOT”.

  15. Excellent article Mr. James and God bless the America Firsters. I pray that soon America will be healthy from this cancer and it can return to the role God gave her to be a beacon of hope for others and a source of goodness for the world.
    The only way you can overthrow an illegal covert coup is by a legal overt coup. I firmly believe that the American Firsters (AF) are planning one. However, because unlike the human garbage Bushes and RKM, the AF care about their countrymen and would sacrifice them in a false flag in order to point the finger at the garbage. Hence all they have is meticulous patient planning and the element of surprise for a takeover without loss of life.
    I see them coming out when the time is right and locking down the country military style. They will shutdown the SWIFT system to protect our financial system from the RKM and they will take over the MSMM and educate the masses in a 72 hour constant replay. Meanwhile, they will arrest the Fed Reserve, Media Cartel, AIPAC and all Pentagon Israeli Firsters. The deal to the traitors will be simple, a military tribunal and a firing squad or give me evidence against your superiors. This is how they will get to the head of the snake, all the way up to the RKM’s US franchise the CFR.
    The 95% of the NCOs will be on their side, the special forces and the people.
    Planning takes time we must be patient.

    • The World will take our lead and especially the English for they will hear our truth. Every Nation will wake up and send them to Israel so that the Arabs can get rid of this human garbage. Payback is hell.
      God Bless America and every America Firster.
      We are with you guys waiting for zero zero hour.

  16. Sorry, but Greg Hallet is a nutcase with no proof but many wonderful speculations, including his own royal ancestry. Angela Merkel has polish and jewish roots, that’s no theory but proven.

    The oversimplification of history leeds to false conclusion. Hallets perception of history is a grotesque bending of historical facts, so they might fit into his totally English centred world view. In this, he simple is one more the Anglo’s. Meanwhile, books come out from a younger generation of historians who are not loaden with all the time copying from each other (as in former years), but who use much more documents which are now avaliable and they come to a much more realisitc and balanced view about the 20th century wars and happenings.

    Hitler family has much more to do with family indreading than with any Rothschild connections. I’ve also read Antelman as well as others, but they argue very clumsy and with no hard proofs. As Jack Heart mentioned, read Norman Mailer’s “A castle in the forest” to learn more, because he was “fed” with the important details about Hitler.

    It should be noted, that neither Antelman, Hallet nor other “Hitler was a british agent” proponents work with real facts and sources, one can read it but accept only proven facts no simple speculations.

  17. It’s been said the mercenaries have come from over 100 countries, that’s huge. Russia must be successful or she wont survive and China knows that this Asia pivot’s real reason is an attempt to get US forces operational up to Russia’s underbelly. The bankster wars need to come back to them. This talk of shooting US planes to blame on Russia and to shoot down a Russian plane is right out of Operation Northwoods. These are evil things most would never dream their government would conspire to do, until Vietnam and now.

  18. RE: Trump

    “But some suspect that he is the Pentagon’s America-firster’s choice to represent their interests. It is too soon to tell but we will find out soon enough.”

    Now that is interesting. Even though he is on the record as an “Israel Firster?” (at least that is what his Wiki page says) Mike Harris and I agreed in July, that Trump is clueless on 9/11 and cannot be our candidate of choice as things stand now ..

  19. “Traitors in the high Pentagon Command structure betrayed all Americans by attacking America on 9-11-01.”

    I want a list of names please. Every single one of them ..

    “Will the new emerging faction of America-firsters assert themselves and take control and will they be extremely motivated by the realization that the BCC and the Zios attacked America on 9-11-01?”

    What else can Joe-Six-Pack do here? This what I have done thus far:

    https://app.box.com/s/hfgvcqg7gqh7i27at6sv53ywu87lwarp (Read Me First)

    I’m posting this in every discussion forum I can get access to (zerohedge, youtube, facebook, twitter, disqus, linkedin, etc ..) My stats since first posting on 8/25/15 are most promising ..

  20. Since the March discussion, Wanta’s new bio was announced in June by Gordon, and it was reported that Wanta has full possession of this funds totaling 32.8 trillion.

    I had a personal discussion with Mike Harris in July, on air, where he confirmed Wanta is on track, and everything is still a go.

    Well, the 180 day window has pretty much expired. Even Bill Holter and especially Jim Sinclair are scratching their collective heads as to what is going on. Sinclair said himself in Aug. (to Greg Hunter) that we don’t get through the end of Sept. without a a major financial crash and economic collapse. And Sinclair’s sources have been impeccable since 1980 when he was TOLD the price of physical gold.

    Now that we are going into the middle of Nov., literally bleeding via 1000 cuts, I think it is fair to request some update since 3/24/15. That you, Lon Gibby, Mike Harris, Gordon Duff, and Amb. Wanta himself get on the air, and explain some things. Why have things not completely panned out? What exactly is going on?

    Perhaps you et al can tie all this in with the trifercation in the Pentagon and the Putin’s successes in Syria and Iraq. Did all these cause some delay? Is Jim Willie actually correct on a delay on the Great Reset?

  21. Back to the 3/24/15 2 hour discussion, culminating the 3 previous ones in Dec. An outline of what was discussed, summarized in the last 11 minutes of the 2 hour discussion:

    - Monetary reset going down in the next 180 days. 

    - BRICS announcement of new reserve currency and central bank system.

    - Federal Reserve System will collapse and the USD ”petro-dollar” with it.

    - USD tied to stocks and bonds, markets will crash. 

    - 30 to 60 day period of adjustment post collapse.

    - Healing process to purge the venom (derivatives) in the present monetary system.

    - Bank runs / Bank holiday 

    – Distribution disruptions in food and other goods 

    – Shock in prices temporarily.

    - Gold and silver prices going to the Moon. (Confirmed via Bill Holter and Jim Sinclair more recently)

  22. Dr. James,

    On 3/24/15 you participated in a discussion on live radio. The participants were yourself, Lon Gibby, official spokesman for Amb. Lee Wanta and an unnamed former VT staffer. Amb. Wanta was the star attraction, but was not present live on the air. The 2 hour discussion revolved around a previous off-air phone conversation with Amb. Wanta, and Gibby largely took the helm for Wanta in the on-air discussion.

    This discussion basically was a follow-up to 3 previous conversations where both Gibby and Wanta were present on the air along with yourself present in these discussions. These 3 2-hour discussions were conducted on 12/3/14, 12/15/14, and 12/19/14. (cont)

  23. Hi Dr. James,
    Astrologically, we are now finally in the Age of Revealing, and the masks of RKMs are going down at free fall speed. It seems clear that the RKMs have an urgent sense time’s running out and things are not in their favor. Since you are a rare expert on alien issues, can you comment on the rumor that there is an ET faction working with the Russians and that’s why the Russians have a much better and more advanced weapon system than the U.S. (as you mentioned here)? Thanks.

  24. It’s probably not too smart an idea for the US to send fighter planes against the Russian Federation in Syria right now. Odds are that they will either be shot down like a turkey shoot or just drop out of the sky as their mechanical and electrical elements fail. The Russian Federation owns the skies over Syria and anywhere they want to fly because of their new ultra high tech electronic warfare systems which far surpass anything the USAF has. And their missile interceptor systems are faster than ours and also share their advanced hiving systems and dome of protection that their ultra high tech electronic warfare systems provide. Their anti-ship missiles are supersonic and are designed to sink an American ship or carrier in 20 minutes or less.

    Sending special ops to fight against Assad legitimate Syrian troops is not only a war crime, it places these fine American soldiers in harms way for nothing. I certainly hope that they have not been sent there to be sacrificed in order to start WW3 for a covering incident for impending failure of the US Petro Dollar.

  25. I do not believe that ANY Pentagon officials retain any loyalty to uphold the safety and welfare of the American people. They would not have been promoted to their present positions unless they had happily agreed to go along with supporting unjust wars. At the highest levels of command in interlocking Corporations, Governments and Agencies all personnel are psychopaths who live only to feed their own egos. Their brains only respond to greed, lust and power.
    It is the soldiers of lower ranks, the ones who are physically sent to fight and kill, who are waking up to the lies being told. Thank goodness the 97% who retain some human dignity FAR outnumber the 3% in all spheres of life who are psychopaths. Do not rely on some mysterious saviors within the Elite to help us. The Real saviors are us, The People, who must first refuse to participate in the unjust War System. Then, finally, The People will bring the corruption to an end.

    • Great comment and it is good that you understand that it must ultimately fall on the masses. But there is a new group that has arisen inside the Pentagon that has increasing power. They are not visible to most but their fingerprints are detectable. Ask yourself this question: why hasn’t the President done exactly what Israeli Likudists demand and those Zios who gave him huge campaign contributions? What has stopped the US Administration and the pentagon from deploying the US Military in another full scale air and ground war in the Mideast for Israel? It is this new factions of America-firsters.

    • Yes, I believe exactly. Obozo was 100% ready for Libya into Syria but was stopped only because lots of common folks called their senators. I still fail to understand why vt tries to defend obozo. In order to have his own mind he needs to have a life first. A quick look into his family history will prove he is hollow andnis there just to follow orders.

      Sure sign that masses are rising would be demise of TV news channels, TV serials and motion picture. Sure sign would be steep fall in cable subscription. I never felt the need for one in 6 years that I spent in USA. And I also know firsthand how hard it is to convince people about truth. Heck, I couldn’t even convince them against vaccine.! There was only one success rate after his pregnant wife fell seriously ill after flu shot.but despite that he didn’t spare his kid.!!! Situation is hopeless.

    • There are no carrier battle groups anywhere near the middle east. In fact they seem to be guarding the US East, West, and Gulf coasts. It seems Putin has a free hand there in Syria and Iraq. Are Navy Admirals breaking ranks?

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