Europe Sees it as an Invasion



…by  Gordon Duff, Senior Editor


Americans see nothing of the refugee crisis, one that has been going on for not just decades, but two centuries.  France and its colonies in Southeast Asia and Africa, Britain in the “Sub-continent,” even the Netherlands and Indonesia, everyone had their hands in the cookie jar.

Europe loved their colonies when the French were marching Senegalese into German machine guns.  Europe loved colonialism, loved fighting wars around the world until the chickens came home to roost. Problem is, those doing the suffering in Europe are not those who profited from colonialism and war.

Conversely, there would be none of the flood we are seeing if it weren’t for European arrogance, drawing maps around the world knowing instability and eternal war and the profits expected from same were to be a part of it.

Today’s refugee crisis is staged, intended to destroy Europe.  The question as always:  “Who benefits?”

The video above is manipulated and cropped, it was produced by those who staged the crisis in the first place.  Europe will vote itself out of existence as it thinks it knows itself.

For Europeans living in Germany, Austria, Serbia and other targeted nations, we wish them more than luck.  We wish them the courage to dismember the EU, throw off the Euro and run as fast as they can away from NATO.


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  1. “The question as always: “Who benefits?””

    It will make labour a lot cheaper in Europe, and with TTIP on the way, only those producing something can benefit. It’s a disaster for European workers. European culture is already largely gone, and only valued by the elder. The young are fully Americanized already and for the largest part totally braindead.

    It will bring right wing politicians to power all over Europe, and they will only have the interests of their corporate overlords in mind.

    It will all end in tears, with a lot of blood spilled and Europe in a similar situation as in 1945.

  2. I hope my participation will not be off topic. As we are referring to what is currently going on in Europe, I would like to mention the issue of Catalonia in Spain. Granted, it is a well-known fact that a lot of Catalonians would like to see themselves separated from Spain by forming their own separate nation. I have not seen published anywhere what I am about to say, but I have the feeling that Jewish groups could be behind the whole stuff by igniting – or perhaps sponsoring financially the pro-independence movement – in order to rape Spain and in some way “taking ownership” of Catalonia as they realize Israel as a nation cannot survive forever in the Middle East forever as it stands. In this way they will have their “own state” in the heart of Europe especially that Catalonia is one of the wealthiest, technically advanced, and educated zones of Europe. It would be great to see if one of the usual contributors to VT is willing to delve into this issue to find out if my impression is worthy of discussion.

  3. I wonder what the timetable is for the final destruction of Europe, which Zionists like Barbara Specter are already gloating over. Judging by this seemingly all-or-nothing onslaught it would appear relatively soon, in which case Europeans should anticipate the Mossad/CIA smuggling small arms into the camps and organizing them using the skills gained creating ISIS and arming the Hispanic gangs in America. If Europeans take to the streets, they’re treated like the enemy, while the enemy hordes who call for mayhem and genocide against their hosts are protected by what now come into focus as Jewish puppet governments, in turn a creation of the Jewish MSM.

  4. Yes, it’s a invasion, triggered by an ensemble of carefully staged decisions in the background and fully pushed into the public awareness by our greatest nationbuilder on earth, Angela Merkel.

    Peter Haisenko, for 30 years a Lufthansa pilot, recently wrote a very interesting article about Western U nion bank and their obvious pre knowledge alreadyin June 2015 of the mass immigration, which later started on September 4. Western Union installed many facilities at the Turkish-Bulgarian border very early.

    This is the only bank which only handles direct cash payments and – with the help of a personal code – the delivery at many places on the earth, perfectly suited for middle class people in times of immigration into Europe and especially Germany.

    Gordon attributed the above film to the very people, who deliberately planned and executed this wave from behind. Personally, I would rather state, the cutting technique would support this claim, but the facts are nonetheless facts.

    South-East Europe was ruled by the Turks for 500 years. America was never connquered by Turks. This as a historical fact, we Germans already have our specific experience with Muslim organizations and the massively financed Mosques (3000) by Wahabit Saudi-Arabia.

    Whe are careful in dicriminating these well organized and powerful fundamentalist lobbies and the majority of quite secular/normal Muslims. Every time there is an Muslim organization, you can be shure it is driven by money and interests of Wahabis or Muslim Brothers. That is also proved through the long term official neglectance of these tendencies which are now culminating.

    As any other country, we Germans like to help people in need. So we welcome refugees and it should be natural to get a thanks as payback. What we realize instead, is a growing attitude of “We want, we need, …). This has it roots in a perfect disinformation campaign, done by western NGO’s in Turkey, Libanon, Jordan, North- and Central-Africa and Central Asia as well as in Greece, Bulgaria, Macedonia and other countries. They have heavy monetary self interest in doing this (I can proove this massively) and they are also totally mislead themselves by an “international humanistic” agenda, which was written by their handlers from the background.

    Anyway, with or without this invasion, the direcetion towards souveraign states was inevitable, because people learn to understand that these massive conglomerates EU/NAFTA… were not made for their own best interests but solely for the 1%-ers and their gready plans.

    • “Every time there is an Muslim organization, you can be shure it is driven by money and interests of Wahabis or Muslim Brothers.”

      And the Wahhabists and Muslim Brothers would not be there if it weren’t for the Khazarian Mafia at the top; the banskters were embedded in Europe long before the refugee problem. That’s why Saudi Arabia gets oil and weapon deals while Syria and Libya get terrorism and regime change.

  5. Sad it is, that some might think the murder of Europe is retribution for a prior colonialism. I have yet to hear anyone state that the Barbary Corsairs caused a chain of misfortune for Africa, or that Islamic slavery is why the Mideast is a wreck, or that the Janizzaries caused a hopeless karmic debt.
    Wake up, the guilt trip is only for the European, and their descendants.
    Why is this so?
    Certainly much is due to Europe being conquered by an alien religion, and tolerating a vicious group of parasites. To this day, idiot whites mouth the program provided by these parasites for their destruction, and gnash their teeth over a genocide that never occurred, all the while oblivious to the one that is actively being prosecuted.
    Here in the USA, the most terrifying police state ever created is powerless over the flood of crooks, thugs, and primitives pouring over the southern border, and let’s not even start on the open door policy towards any country not deemed “white”
    Yep, if we were honest, we already know who’s necks should be sporting nooses.

  6. Well Hitler. Franco and Mussolini wouldn’t tolerate this crap at least. The elite illuminati cabalist Jews and their Masonic puppets are subsidizing this migrant invasion to destroy Europe. But if Europeans really cared about their own people they would have gotten the abused whites out of ANC South Africa a long time ago!

    • Hitler, Franco, and Mussolini also focused on opposing the banksters’ economic machinations. “Let me issue and control a nation’s money, and I care not who writes the laws,” remember? If none of these anti-immigrant groups are centered on that, they’re just more controlled opposition like Ukraine’s “Neo-Nazis.”

  7. We in Europe don’t “see” it as an invasion … We know it is an invasion, created and manipulated by snakes like Georgy Shwartz (Soros) to permanently fragment our societies.

    Cultural Marxism in synch with a growing panopticon, taken together with arms seizures brought in by the Dunblane “false flag” using a Paedophile ring with the complicity of a former NATO director (signed the gunmans firearms licence application), has left the general public ignorant and defenceless; with the evidence “sealed” by Blair for a 100 years. Britain as a culture is already dead. A Dodo. Some parts of Europe might still have a chance.

    Only in the South West of England does the last vestige of English culture still exist. Everywhere else (except the privileged, who benefitted from the rape of not only foreign nations but our own) is changed, in my view, for the worst.

    We needed the courage to stand up didn’t find it. I hope at least our dying culture might serve as a warning for others.

  8. As for East Europeans are treated less than s*it inside a west european political thought. Slavic nations are portrayed equal to middle-eastern old ages barbarians, the only difference is they are poor in oil riches. Also Slavic nations are brutally manipulated and birth controlled, and many (actually all) of them are blackmailed into NATO for EU.

  9. Europeans associated with colonialism is too broad for a term. Colonialism is/was an exclusive right of the West Europeans, and worldwide map (re)drawing goes with compliments to Royal Geographical Society at the 0 meridian. As for British, I don’t even consider them as Europeans. They have caused so much terror sponsoring, human suffering, oil shocks, migrations that are completely incompatible with an Eurocentrist thought. Inside the EU they are only as to exercise the trade domination, and protecting the sterling currency. A voice of Five eyes club. When the Queen speaks “our continent” I cannot but to think of continents like North America or Australia, because only thing in what she might feel european bonds of any sort is perhaps some panonian horse breeding ranches or some austrian tailors or dutch tulip producers. If Britain was ever a Eurocentrist country they would never allow stuff like outskirsts EU bombing of Libya, Syria, Iraq, or forcing Turkey into EU. The only reason that NATO headquarters are in Brussels is because Brussels is the nearest european capital to London. French follow very much the bad footsteps from London and Washington, and other’s West Europeans are treated through Gladio style approach. There is still some rationality left with Sweden and Finland in fighting away NATO ideology.

  10. This is all according to NWO plan: Problem –> Reaction => Solution (–> New problem), as Hegel has shown.

    The Muslims are das neue Juden. The Nazi elites were occultists and thus don’t differ from the British/US/Western/GCC/Commonwealth, Japanese and most other elites (Latin America too).

    They all worship the god of the Talmud, even if Gordon doesn’t.

    This migration crisis is only part of the total sum of crisis – wars, house bubbles, quantitative easing, alla are moral crises – needed to create a chaos big enough for the survivors of WWIII to screaaam for a One World Government.

    Somebody wake up Kremlin and Bejing. History is repeating itself, the elites have already rehearsed this, twice: WWI & II.

    …Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion (Talmud).

  11. “The video above is manipulated and cropped, it was produced by those who staged the crisis in the first place. Europe will vote itself out of existence as it thinks it knows itself.” That line needs to be elaborated? You seem to know more and the subject might deserve more of your time, if not for the sake of the subject, but for the sake of european readers.
    Staying at the topic of EU, in one of the old radio shows – before the ‘cleansing’ – u talked briefly about the EU and how much of a disfuctional entity it is. I’ve read some time ago that the ERM – Exchange rate mechanism – that they emply is completely flawed but im not an economist so the book didnt make much sense to me, but i found the subject interesting.
    VT needs more european writers..

    • What Duff means is that the refugee crisis was manufactured by the banksters to draw attention away from the source of the entire problem: The banksters themselves. They pulled a similar stunt in Ukraine using anti-Russian sentiment.

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