Yes, Jews ARE the victims – of Zionist propaganda



By Alan Hart

My headline takes me back 35 years to the day when I had a remarkably frank (honest) conversation in Tel Aviv with then retired Major General Shlomo Gazit, the very best and the brightest of Israel’s Directors of Military Intelligence. I put to him my conclusion that “It’s all nonsense.” I meant and said that contrary to the assertions spewed out by its leaders, Israel’s existence had never, ever, been in danger from any combination of Arab and other Muslim military force and was never likely to be. Through a sad smile Shlomo replied, “The trouble with us Israelis is that we’ve become the victims of our own propaganda.”

In reality the problem is much bigger than that because most Jews everywhere are  victims of Zionism’s propaganda.

On most days of most weeks of most months the Israeli who makes the most outrageous and ridiculous propaganda statements about threats to Israel’s existence is Prime Minister Netanyahu. But  leaving aside his assertion that the Mufti of Jerusalem was more responsible for the Nazi holocaust than Adolf Hitler, the most outrageous and ridiculous Zionist statement of recent years was not made by him. It was made by Dr. Ben Chouake. Who’s he?

This gentleman is the president of NORAC, a political action committee which works to strengthen Israel’s relationship with America. It is also the agency which distributes much of the money raised by the Zionist lobby in all of its manifestations to fund the election campaigns of those seeking election to Congress and who are prepared to put Zionism’s interests before those of their own country.

Last year in a statement to the National Journal Chouake asserted that with nuclear weapons “Iran wants to do to the Jews in 12 minutes what Hitler did in 12 years.”

That statement has no relationship whatsoever with reality.

Even if Iran did possess a few nuclear bombs the notion that it would launch a first strike on Israel is crazy in the extreme. If it did Iran would be destroyed in a counter-strike. Its leaders know that, and unlike some of their counterparts in Israel they are not mad.

More to the point is that the intelligence services and other security agencies of all the major powers know that Iran is not developing nuclear weapons and does not want to possess them. And over the last few years there have been indications that most of Israel’s security chiefs and top military people know this, too.

The question arising is this.

Why, really, does Zionism put so much propaganda effort into making Jews everywhere believe not only that they are victims today but will remain so for ever?

The answer is obvious.

It’s the only way Zionism can prevent most Jews everywhere from stopping for a split second to consider the truth of history as it relates to the making and sustaining conflict in and over Palestine that became Israel.

This truth, which includes the fact that Israel was created mainly by Zionist terrorism and ethnic cleansing and is today continuing the ethnic cleansing process slowly and by stealth, is not to be considered, even for a split second, because of the conclusion it invites (I say demands)  – that Israel is the oppressor not the victim.

In my view it follows that all Jews everywhere who support Israel right or wrong and/or remain silent in the face of its defiance of international law and denial of justice for the Palestinians are complicit by default in Zionism’s oppression.

The upshot of Zionism’s brainwashing propaganda is not only that  most Israeli and very many other Jews regard themselves as victims, more to the point is that they are beyond reason on the matter of justice for the Palestinians.

To put it another way, they are suffering from PARANOIA.

My Chambers Dictionary describes this condition as follows.


A form of mental disorder characterized by constant delusions, especially of grandeur, pride, persecution, intense (especially irrational) fear or suspicion.


That being so it seems to me that political and diplomatic efforts to get a credible peace process going – one with a real chance of bringing the Israel-Palestine conflict to an end on the basis of an acceptable amount of justice for the Palestinians and security for all – will never succeed unless, first of all, the mental disorder of Israeli and other Jewish paranoia is treated.

The treatment for paranoia is psychotherapy and from the web site Psych Central I learned the following.


As with most personality disorders, psychotherapy is the treatment of choice. Individuals with paranoid personality disorder, however, rarely present themselves for treatment. It should not be surprising, then, that there has been little outcome research to suggest which types of treatment are most effective with this disorder.

It is likely that a therapy which emphasizes a simple supportive, client-cantered approach will be most effective. Rapport-building with a person who has this disorder will be much more difficult than usual because of the paranoia associated with the disorder. Early termination (of the treatment by the client) therefore is common. As the therapy progresses, the patient will likely begin to trust the clinician more and more. The client then will likely begin disclosing some of his or her more bizarre paranoid ideation. (The term “ideation” is new to me. My Cambers Dictionary tells me it means “the power of the mind for forming ideas and images.”)

The therapist must be careful to balance being objective in therapy and with regards to these thoughts, and of raising the suspicions of the client that he or she is not trusted. It is a difficult balance to maintain, even after a good working rapport has been established.

During times when the patient is acting upon his paranoid beliefs, the therapist’s loyalties and trust may be called into question. Care must be used not to challenge the client too firmly or risk the individual leaving therapy permanently. Control issues should be dealt with in much a similar manner, with great care. Since the paranoid beliefs are delusion and not based in reality, arguing them from a rational point of view is useless. Challenging the beliefs is also likely to result in more frustration on both the part of the therapist and client, too.

All clinicians and mental health personnel who come into contact with the individual who suffers from paranoid personality disorder should be more keenly aware of being straight-forward with this individual.

Long-term prognosis for this disorder is not good. Individuals who suffer from this disorder often remain afflicted with prominent symptoms of it throughout their lifetime.


In my view the question of how to treat Israeli and other Jewish paranoia is one  that should be urgently addressed by the world’s most eminent and universally respected psychiatrists. I also believe that in private world leaders should urge them to do so.

As I have previously written and said on public platforms, the consequences of not treating this mental disorder are predictable. They will most likely include a final Zionist ethnic cleansing of Palestine, which almost certainly will speed up the transformation of the rising, global tide of anti-Israelism into anti-Semitism, setting the stage for, at some point, another great turning against the Jews.

Could this be what sickenly, self-righteous Zionism really wants in order to have in its own deluded mind never-ending justification for its defiance of international law and denial of justice for the Palestinians?


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{p}Alan Hart is a former ITN and BBC Panorama foreign correspondent who has covered wars and conflicts wherever they were taking place in the world and specialized in the Middle East.{/p} {p}His Latest book Zionism: The Real Enemy of the Jews, Vol. 1: The False Messiah, is a three-volume epic in its American edition. He blogs on{/p}
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  1. Amelius I’ve said same many times, mandatory DNA blood test of the accuser who tries to use the “race card”, because accusation of racism CAN be an act of racism of itself. no semitic markers? jail them for fraud, slander, defamation, and attempting to destroy someones life.
    this criminal tool needs to be taken away from the criminals who DO outlaw truth and facts.

  2. The article of Mr. Hart is an exemplary, deep, very bright analysis of an old issue, worth of spreading to those worshipping the “Light to the nations” and the “Holy Land”…
    It well confirms that the organized Jewry, especially that contaminated by Zionism, is the SELF-ELECTED, not God-elected, wrong-headed, arrogant, self-deluded folk, in a sense, Threat to the nations, not the Light to the nations…
    The inborn, exclusive, supremacist right given by God to the sole Elected nation (while they may steal, murder, rule and mock the Goyim) is a total fault… In fact, this is genuine national Paranoia, their sickly traditional syndrome of Megalomania, combined with the Persecution complex, may only cause natural aversion…
    Most horrible: that deformity has been based on Jewish fundamental religious teachings of Torah and Talmud. Criminality justified by traditional national psychology… And such a twisted approach is a deadlock for Jewry herself. Shema, Israel ?

  3. It’s why they have created Hagee and Roberts evangelical mishmash of the twisting of facts to lend legitimacy to the movement.

  4. And really, when you peel back the layers of this deluded group you will find that they are throwing a cosmic temper tantrum. they don’t want to just control humanity, but ultimately destroy it. At it’s heart is the distorted belief they’ve been abandoned by the creator. They feel unloved and jealous of anyone who does feel and embraces love. This is at the heart of Satanism as well. The fact is no one has been abandoned. No one is unloved. Duality is an illusion. This experiment was our own choice. The reality is oneness. The reality is we are love itself. And you cannot truly love another until you first love yourself. Not in egoic terms, but universal terms. There is no separation. But the illusion of separation. The illusion of duality is driving their madness and hate… though they certainly would never have the courage to admit that… assuming they were even aware of it. Which, obviously they are not.

  5. And the same must be said of American citizens as well. If you know and don’t stand up you are complicit to the grand designs of the Zionists/NWO’s/Whatever the hell you want to call them. We know Israel is a false state. We know the “Jews” are immigrants who converted centuries ago. Most do not have a drop of Hebrew blood. We know the vast majority of Palestinians do have Hebrew blood. That cannot be changed. But the average everyday “Jew” in Israel and the average everyday citizen in the US are responsible for their actions/non actions. If you know, you must speak out. It can’t be avoided or overstated. “How can you run when you know”_Neil Young

    • Karma doesn’t hold any one person or group responsible for anything. It is simply the energy, positive or negative, that is generated from ones action or non actions. And ones actions/non actions are determined by ones thoughts/beliefs. Karma doesn’t judge. What we are talking about is personal responsibility and owning a sense of connection.

    • You misunderstand my point. Judgement is a human “thing”. Karma is not a judgement. It is not holding anybody responsible for anything. It is the outcome of our choices. We are responsible only for the karma we generate. And despite what others might say and believe, we are not held responsible or accountable for anothers karma. We may suffer because of it. But we are not held accountable for it. The experience of duality will come to an end when one has learned or gotten all they need from it. The choice was ours to experience it. The choice is ours as to when it ends.

    • What i meant is, when we have gotten all we can/need from this experience we move on to a higher expression of reality. A higher expression of ourselves. We expand further. So, it’s not that we get tired of the BS, although we may certainly be tired of the BS, that will not release us. We move on when we have successfully recalled and integrated and are consciously aware of what the experience of duality had to teach us about ourselves. We move on when the experience has nothing left to teach us. It has served it’s purpose and we are ready for the next higher experience. Suffering is of the ego. Buddha would tell us if we are suffering it is because we are choosing to suffer. It can be transcended. That was a hard one for me to swallow. But I am finally at a place where I can understand what the Buddha meant and I have taken responsibility for my thoughts/beliefs and ultimately my life.

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