Duff: SitRep November 12, 2015, Nasty Business Afoot

Israeli controlled al Jazeera, the network that fabricated the “engine trouble” story…


by  Gordon Duff, Senior Editor

Israel downed the Russian commercial airliner over Sinai using a missile, most likely from an F 15 operating in conjunction with US and German planes during their concurrent exercise only miles from the crash site. Netanyahu personally ordered the downing knowing that he could prove American and German commanders who took part in the combined NATO Israel exercise were fully complicit.

Thus, Netanyahu arrived in Washington with a carrot and stick, the carrot being his virtual control over Russia, purchased with Saudi cash over the years — that and the Jewish oligarchs he has convinced the West that Putin is enslaved to.

While there, behind closed doors, Netanyahu prays, puts his head between his knees, mutters in tongues and raves about the “end times.” PT Barnum is spinning in his grave.

As to whether any of what Netanyahu asserts is actually true is something else, if fact if anything Netanyahu ever assets is true, it would genuinely be “something else.”

However, the control over congress purchased by “Citizens United” cash, along with money from drug and human trafficking that controls the GOP, give him real leverage — that and the threat that America may be totally left out of any Middle East political settlements in the future, pushed to the curb as it were by Putin’s brilliant moves.

The stick is murdering 224 people and risking nuclear war. Another carrot is that Washington wants another warm “Cold War” to push corrupt military spending and support more domestic crackdowns like those after the 9/11 attacks were staged.

Investigative records smuggled to Russia by Snowden, received by VT in May and June of 2014, cited Netanyahu among the cabal that planned the 9/11 attacks. These records had been reviewed by the Bush White House, key members of congress and all 9 justices of the Supreme Court before being buried.

Netanyahu is simply doing it all again.

What has pushed America to knuckling under to Netanyahu blackmail is Russia’s deal with the Free Syrian Army. The recent successful SAA and Hezbollah offensives in Northern Syria were done with intelligence supplied by the FSA.

Reliable sources in the region are reporting on divisions within the FSA and other “moderate rebels” who are working with Russia and Damascus since the “not so secret” meetings in Moscow. The deal cut there was to come to a political settlement “sometime in the future” but no details were given. Some FSA leaders are less than trusting, and the FSA may split over this.

Israel has gone to the US over this, with new missives from Tel Aviv even today, intended to “buzz up” Obama and Kerry with the usual “red horde” scares, reflecting the rhetoric of the Iranian babble out of Tel Aviv that no longer is marketable.

Then, last night, to prove to Obama that he has Putin “over a barrel,” Netanyahu bombed Damascus, something not reported in any mainstream media.

Syrians were shocked as Russia has full air defenses in place around Damascus and this attack, by Syria’s estimation, was a betrayal. Attempts to ascertain whether this was a fighter/bomber attack or cruise missiles (which Israel is not supposed to have) is still up in the air.

Syria has clamped down on reporting, and the required information that would lead to an understanding of Russia’s position in allowing this attack or at least failing to respond is not available.

It is reasonable that Netanyahu is using the “fog of war” and his personal proclivity for prevarication to spin Russian hesitation into a tale of his own imaginary power and prestige, not for the first time, maybe not for the hundredth time. Why do people fall for this guy’s crap?

Because of the total lack of experienced analysis available to the public, few if any have an idea how the real world works. Putin really did “go with” the idea of a mechanical failure and crash. Now he is considering the “bomb” tale. Nobody around him will tell him the truth, they are terrified of him.

American and Russian teams that visited Sinai know it was a missile attack, but neither Putin nor Obama have received those reports other than what we assume Netanyahu told Obama and Kerry when he gave them the ultimatum that he planned on keeping all Syrian territory on Golan, including those regions occupied by Israeli forces pretending to be Free Syrian Army, the Israeli forces Russia has been bombing into obliteration over recent days.

America has decided, or so Netanyahu has told the world, to follow Israel’s lead into a full nuclear confrontation with Russia. No one in the American leadership really believes anything Netanyahu says.

Netanyahu’s other leverage over America is his control over key American commands. Israel runs much of the State Department through the Kagan Brothers and their wife, Vicky “Noodleman” Nuland, the “Donut Dollie” of the Odessa slaughter.

Netanyahu runs NATO, with military commanders there totally “rogue” and cranked up on either hokey religion or dreams of marching on Moscow, as was tried in the past by Napoleon and Hitler. Poland and the Baltic States are to be armed to the teeth, while “Noodleman” and the Kagans push for the overthrow of Belarus and one or more of the Caspian Basin states.

Russia’s answer to this has been to draw upon technologies, including “non-ordinary physics,” that DARPA is only now funding but which, inside Russia, have been fully operational for sometime, such as LENR (Low Energy Nuclear Reaction) and others. These are game changers, the kind of game changer than can make an F 35 fall from the sky like a rock.

Simultaneously, America has been politically destroyed. The longest political campaign in history, in its 3rd year now, has destroyed every potential candidate with endless smears taking out everyone. While Democrats are running Hillary and Sanders with strong economic and domestic agendas and, as usual, non-existent foreign policies, the GOP with Carson and Trump as “last man standing” have descended into the abyss where, at the 11th hour, a JEB Bush and Kasich ticket is supposed to be pulled out of “where the sun seldom shines.”

The reason for this is simple, the GOP through gerrymandering and Citizens United has been able to gain control of the House of Representatives with only 30% of the total vote. The Senate has always been in play, with air crashes, midnight indictments and drug money keeping up the suspense.

The White House is pure Democratic territory without the vote hacking hijinks of 2000 and 2004, turning Democratic landslides into Republican victories.

Those “in charge” have been busy since 2000, and we aren’t talking elected officials, undermining the US Constitution and putting the reins of government into the hands of special interests outside the US. There is little left of any of the constitutional guarantees, equal protection, the Bill of Rights — all systematically destroyed.

Within the military and intelligence community, there is one area of total agreement, among those still sane, a minority. All are afraid of the United States, and look to Russia and China to save the world from what the United States has become.

Remember, this is a nation where the head of the Senate Armed Services Committee openly meets with the head of al Qaeda.


Senior Editor
Gordon Duff is a Marine combat veteran of the Vietnam War. He is a disabled veteran and has worked on veterans and POW issues for decades. Gordon is an accredited diplomat and is generally accepted as one of the top global intelligence specialists. He manages the world's largest private intelligence organization and regularly consults with governments challenged by security issues.

Duff has traveled extensively, is published around the world and is a regular guest on TV and radio in more than "several" countries. He is also a trained chef, wine enthusiast, avid motorcyclist and gunsmith specializing in historical weapons and restoration. Business experience and interests are in energy and defense technology.

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41 Replies to “Duff: SitRep November 12, 2015, Nasty Business Afoot

  1. So many comments. WoW! VT should have a link for commentors to post comments to. We yak about an age old problem. The Zionist jew. There is just one answer to this problem. I am not antisemetic. I fully support Palestine, a semetic people. However it is the false jew, the Kazar jew the O.G. wanderer. That’s the target. Drop leaflets? No. Give no warning. Turn Isreal to glass, arrest all dual citizens in gov’t, and carry on from there.

  2. Excellent reporting, Gordon, and – as always – profoundly appreciated. I have some additional well-seasoned ?s and observations but will wait for this to shake down. Deepest gratitude to you, Jim and the VT Crew for staying steady on the front lines, Sir…

  3. JVMD: If on-the-ground-evidence shows an external strike on the Sinai A321, if not Israelis, who did it? Are you saying that another participant in the nearby “Blue Flag” drill fired the missile(s)? Yes, possible.

    If U.S. corporations with foreign funding can contribute unlimited money to U.S. candidates, how is that LESS insidious than AIPAC not being required to register under FARA? Both bad, but CU is worse.

    Bush/NeoCons, Bibi, Rotten-Child & Co. lost Ukraine when Poroshenko conceded defeat (“de-escalation”) on March 17. U.S.-Russia sanctions are waning and/or about to expire. The Russian-led coalition is shifting the Mideast balance of power. WW3 threats are fading.

    Bibi & Bush/NeoCons are now throwing sloppy “Hail Mary” passes in order to score a WW3 touchdown. We are blocking and deflecting almost every sloppy pass. Vienna peace talks are now blooming.

    Rothschild-style banking & monetary systems are waning. BRICS-style banking & monetary systems are rising. What could go wrong? ;-).

  4. Contrary to Gordan’s assertion, and as I’ve already pointed out the MSM reported the Israeli bombing in Damascus soon after it happened. I saw it first reported on CNN. I interpreted this a a massive failure of Russian air defenses and simply could not imagine a ‘betrayal’ of the sort in which Putin would allow Israel to carry out an attack. But one lives and learns. I am sure the Syrian people feel betrayed and are in shock. We are all shocked! Which suggest no one should completely trust the Russians to address the threat posed by Israel to Syria, the middle east, or the world in general. Oh, I am sure that Putin knows that Israel shot the Russian plane down. He doesn’t want the Russian people to find out and discover how chickenshit he is to confront Israel. All Putin needs to do is say he knows Israel shot down the plane and slaughtered 224 Russian citizens and Bibi if toast. Its a gut test Putin. Are you up for it. (I assume Putin reads VT(why not) and especially my comments).

    1. CW: The Israeli air strike on the Syrian depot of captured ISIS weapons that came from Israel was NOT necessarily “a massive failure of Russian air defenses” or a “betrayal” by Russia. Regardless of MSM, we still have no firm confirmation about whether the strike was done by jets or cruise missiles — or otherwise.

      Russia has a cutting-edge 300km-radius A2AD defensive e-bubble emanating from Latakia and local “beyond-jamming” e-weapons-disabling capabilities that Russia can deploy from jets, helicopters & ships. If those systems were not fully functioning at the time of the strike, a missile could easily hit its target.

      Mr. Duff is saying that Putin does NOT necessarily know that Bibi & Co. ‘did’ the Sinai A321. If not, he soon will. Regardless, Putin has shown many times that he does not want to get sucked into WW3. Firing an air-to-air missile at a passenger aircraft under cover of a massive “Blue Flag” air drill was the perfect storm to initiate WW3. Putin didn’t bite. That’s a good thing.

  5. “After all, they really have been doing the devil’s bidding. All those mighty warriors are in hell.”

    Well, it was easier for them to just follow orders than engage in the unbearable task of thinking for themselves.

  6. I will place my bets on the side with the controlling and decisive military force: Russia and Putin.
    That Netanyahu has put some “spine” into Kerry and Obama for the Vienna meeting seems evident by Kerry’s outburst tonight, talking tough about Assad. In the meantime the news is Russia moving up to 10,000 troops into Syria.
    The Zionists have no reluctance to start a nuclear war Russia vs. U.S.; but it won’t happen because Obama when push comes to shove will do what Kruckshev [sic] did in November 1963.
    While this talk goes on the situation on the battlefield is getting more and more pro Assad.

  7. “I will just assume Russia is the globalists other half of the controlled opposition, they need to be a player in the 3rd World War as mapped out by Mr Albert Pike”

    You are indeed correct.

    Clearest example of that which we all can see is Western MSM on one side of the online news and RT, RI and Sputnik on the other side, where I am sure both sides are controlled from above by the same ‘usual suspects’, as always.

    Putin would have had to be brought up through the NWO to have gotten to where he is at. But he seems to have a better idea and a vision for a better world than most in the NWO power structure, who in general are all just greedy, self interested cowards truly of low intelligence. They err in wanting an easy life.

    Putin could not attack Israel’s jets in Syria lest it give Israel the opportunity and excuse to immediately embroil the US in a hot war with Russia. It was a provocation, pure and simple, with the fig leaf excuse of destroying captured terrorist materiel. That is why those jets were not shot down, and that is why Netanyahoo is so poorly regarded in the text of this article.

    I am sure that Putin was not sad to see a bunch of Israeli-made arms destroyed.

  8. We all know the plane could have been hacked to destroy itself but what is puzzling is that that scenario is not being widely considered anywhere other than where you cite.

    Same with the Germanwings crash.

    Stuxnet, ‘Boston Brakes’, air hijacking via remote control, all signs of the times. It is real.

    1. Trump smashed Jeb over 911, and it was fatal because Trump can always bring it back up again and smash Jeb over it again.

      Jeb has already told us he’d rather be doing something else.

  9. NWO zionists used super high tech DEW directed energy weaponry to down the aircraft. Netanyahu is the fall guy to shield the real source and assassins. VT is shilling again.

  10. Mr. Duff: Absolutely superb analysis! With which you know I disagree — in part.

    Would that you’re mistaken about Putin & Obama being “mushroomed.” If not, you may be quite correct – about everything.

    If Obama knows at some level that Bibi did Sinai A321 downing, Obama might/would balk. If Obama is clueless, then we might be fooked.

    When 9/11 perps (temporarily) took control of nuke launch codes, Bush & Co. knew that they too were fooked. Thereafter, we saw the results.

    Given Russia’s 300km-radius A2AD defensive e-bubble, Bibi’s ability to strike Syrian depot storing Russian-coalition-captured ISIS weapons from Israel perplexed many. Not sure whether Israeli jet(s) or cruise missile(s). Putin will know whether Russian A2AD fully functioned. Obama will not know — unless Putin tells him.

    FSA remnants etc. control little or nothing – so small that splitting atoms is easier. Syrians voted 85%+ for Assad in 2014 (75%+ voter turnout). Assad now more popular than ever after inviting Russian coalition to ‘do’ all terrorists. FSA gets what % of +/-15%???

    Vienna Communique says that “political process will be Syrian led & Syrian owned, and Syrian people will decide future of Syria.” Done deal?

    Bibi’s control of bifurcated command structure at DoD & State (with Bush/NeoCons symbiotically in control) is a formidable covert weapon. However, Obama & Putin know.

    In an insane world, only crazy people CAN be sane. Putin & Obama may not know this.

  11. Why don’t we just call Vicky “Noodleman” Nuland; Noodles? That’s the name of one of the characters in Once Upon a Time in America the only realistic gangster movie Hollywood ever made…


     11/17/15___ “The USA is developing the sea-based Aegis Ballistic Missile Defence (BMD) system to counter the perceived threat of short- and medium-range ballistic missiles from Iran or another so-called “rogue” state. Under the plan, air defence missiles will eventually be sited on land in Romania and Poland.”
     “Mr Putin dismissed that Nato argument, pointing to the international deal, agreed this year, imposing limits on Iran’s nuclear programme.”
     “References to an Iranian or North Korean nuclear missile threat are just used to conceal the true plans – their real goal is to neutralise the strategic nuclear potential of other nuclear states… above all, of course, Russia,” Mr Putin told the generals in Sochi, a Black Sea resort.”
     “Torpedo “leak” is warning to USA not to seek NUCLEAR ADVANTAGE, says Russian military analyst Igor Korotchenko.”

  13. General Butlers’ book, which would never make it to press today, spells out the racket war is and who benefits and who should be captured.

  14. What really can be stated without any exaggeration is that the western world is now in a total information lock down. We are not allowed to get any information about anything happening on the ground of Syria and around it, expecially Israel – nothing is reported at all.

    Very timely choosen, Libanon is on focus now. There was a great explosion in a Shiite part of Beirut, killing 17 people and wounding more than a hundred. This is one of the long awaited attacs which can trigger a much greater conflict. Gordon used the term “fog of war” for very good reasons in his article, this is an event that perfectly – in time, place and target – matches it. So, it’s not hard to guess, who instigated this killing.

    What Gordon really tried to say is this: there are mad people around who definitely want to start WWIII. Libanon is at the center, it always was.

  15. Russia is now going into full scale defence, but this is not told by the MSM. Look, what’s going on in Armenia and you know what I mean.

    Gordon, these were perhaps the most important messages you ever gave. The most truly disturbing thing is the information politics, which is performed by first Syria and second Russia.

    Modern wars are fought by information/propaganda/lies, it’s one of the most important parts of this unholy game and this is exactly the part, where especially Russia and Syria fail. In this respect, they have to totally reconsider their political strategy, otherwise they are failing in the long run.

    Israel can only win in their insane strategy if all the others don’t tell the international public what’s really going on. They always play from behind. As “natural born cowards”, they can’t win any open fight with any military force, which is determined enough to withstand. They like to kill innocent children in the streets, lets tell it like it is.

    There is some form of diplomatic checkmate which self destructs Russian foreign policy to a certain extend, allthough they achieved an enormous blow back against the “Armaggedonists”.

    The “frightening” part in relation to Putin is somewhat strange here and his “beeing uninformed” quite unbelieveable, but who knows.

  16. Plausible, but I’ll wait and see a bit more.

    On another topic, “putting the reigns of government into the hands &c.”

    That’s “reins”, as in horseback riding.

  17. You’re a stupid bungler, rockwool. You’re either a troll or an @sshole, who has no idea what the hell he’s talking about . . . Why don’t you go to psychotic idiots (and/or banksters and gangsters’ agents), A. Jones (quack), David Icke (psychopath), E. Margo-lis (quack), Ful-ford (?), and so on, and so forth, with your trash.

    [ Laika and everybody. Personal attacks on VT personnel and commenters will get you booted out of here, so you all better calm down as it only takes me 45 seconds to type up a login cancel. I am not going to let our comment boards devolve into a slugfest. We will have the black box information in a reasonable time and will have more hard information, and then we can hold the lottery to see who gets hung…Jim W. Dean, VT ]

  18. Mr. Duff, you are getting delirious. Although I don’t like anything about Israel, I would like to see EVIDENCE when you say “Israel downed the Russian commercial airliner over Sinai using a missile”.

    If you don’t produce real, verifiable evidence, you sir are a lier.

    1. Masster-Debater: Do you also lurk under bridges? Do you know how to spell “liar”? Hold your breath until you get what you want. That usually works. Don’t go away mad. Just go away.

  19. Israel has won because they have proven that Russia is too rational and sane to do what needs to be done to them. I always wished things would go differently but it is becoming clear that at some point extreme violence is going to be needed to deal with Israel despite the likely awful consequences all round.

  20. TOO similar to 911 7-7 and so many other “events”. I thought bomb in cargo at first too but izrahell just launched air attack on Damascus, it’s time for izrahell to be STOPPED!
    IDF being fake FSA, so many commanders killed or captured ID’d as izrahelli,
    its ridiculous!

    anti-CRIMINAL is not “anti-semite” and they are NOT semite so add THAT to their crimes too, trying to use a “race card” when not member, accusing racism.

    1. Yeah, Teddy Herzl did not like the sound of “antijooism” so he coined a false canard in his rectum, hatched it and called it a contribution to humanity.

  21. Does Russia have ‘full air defenses in place around Damascus’ (as the author said)?

    Because general Breedlove said just days ago that one of the things he feared most was IF Russia WOULD create an air defence bubble around Syria..

    (That means, that’s exactly what Putin must do!)

    Author claims Israel doesn’t have cruise missiles but they have the Popeye Turbo ALCM and the Popeye Turbo SLCM:


  22. The author is making the assumption that since Putin got Russia involved in Syria, they will also get involved in ‘Middle East political settlements in the future’.

    That is false, and Russias 24 years of non-interventionism speaks against it.

    Secondly, Russia don’t give a f*ck about the Yemeni people despite Putin’s beloved International Law is being violated.

    Third, Putin cares about peddling weapons to UAE (SU-35’s, BMP-3’s, etc) and the House of Saud is hankering Putin with billions, on top of the billions they spend on Mig-29, Antey-2500, avionics for Egyptian Mistral’s and and and…

  23. it moves “either by consent or conquest” … consent brings more widespread human suffering and death… positioned and forced to fight with this foul evil is it any wonder US military are killing themselves at the rate they do? …there is no backing down

  24. No offense but I highly doubt anyone within the Inner circle of Russian power is afraid of Vlad. As far as that Nutter in Israel, I highly agree…no one believes a word he says. Obama, saying it was a bomb because that’s what someone told him to say, and he did it. I wish it were that simple. Surely the good people at VT agree when I say this….Young Vets fresh out of the service, Marines and Army that I know personally, Still wear their Issued Danne’rs….So yes, What the US has become is shameful. 5 years of service and I got was a pair of the boots.

    Every time I see it, the tee-shirts and the boots, I feel sad for them but grateful they’re back safe if not sound.

    I’m not buying the Putin believes anything idea, sorry….one doesn’t play chess that well by light of day only to be mated in 4 by cover of darkness….not happening.


    1. Come on, (Ford) Raptor, Gordie is just a-funnin’, he’s not a notary or something. Putin and Ivanov are Russian Intelligence.

  25. as mr PUTIN is hunting down terrorists I think he should issue a warning to non terrorist jews to evacuate the terrorist non state called ISRAEL.
    then he should hunt down the real terrorists who use the USA as a shield and OBLITERATE them.
    i am not a warmonger but someone must stop the total terror this mafia has released on the whole world.
    i am a senior cid and down the years the amount of false flags caused by these non human animals is huge. THEY MUST BE STOPPED.
    peace and justice for ALL . mylo

    1. No argument against that sentiment – mylo . Unfortunately , it appears that the entire worldwide rothschild central banking system is predicated upon the success of the zionist project known as izrahell ; and the banksters are known for their extreme oppositions .

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