by Kevin Barrett, Veterans Today Editor  (just back from Paris)

I left Paris Friday at noon. As my plane landed in Chicago at 3:15 p.m. local time (9:15 p.m. Paris time) the media was screaming “Terrorists kill dozens in central Paris; hostages taken.” The French military was occupying the City of Lights. It looks like another Charlie Hebdo situation, only bigger and bloodier.

By an eerie coincidence – at least I hope it was a coincidence – I spent Thursday evening walking around central Paris being interviewed about January’s Charlie Hebdo false flag attacks. Little did I suspect that in less than 24 hours an even bigger terror attack would rock the city.

Filmmaker Vincent LaPierre of Egalité et Reconciliation filmed me at the Fontaine St. Michel, in front of the Notre Dame cathedral, and in various Left Bank locations as well as at E&R headquarters with leader Alain Soral. As I pontificated to the camera about false flag terror in general and Charlie Hebdo in particular, passersby looked on with interest; one customer at the outdoor café table next to us told us she loved what she was hearing and appreciated the work we were doing.

Since we now know the Charlie Hebdo attack was a Gladio 2 false flag by the usual suspects (NATO hardliners and Zionists), can we safely make the same assumption about these new Friday the 13th Paris atrocities?

I think we can.

Almost every really big, spectacular terror attack turns out, after extensive critical examination, to have been the usual state-sponsored false-flag stuff. There is no reason to think this one will be any different.

The first question, as always, is: Who gains? And the answer, as always, is: Authoritarian insiders. Zionists. Militarists. Islamophobes. New World Order-Out-Of-Chaos freaks.

Speaking of which, the order-out-of-chaos thing is going into overdrive. Between the destruction of several Middle Eastern countries, refugees flooding Europe, preparations for World War III vs. Russia and China, and ongoing false flag terror, it seems the “creative destruction” people are staying busy.

The authorities will surely use these new attacks in the same way they used Charlie Hebdo: As an excuse to shut down critical thinking and dissent. They may even try to prevent me from returning to Paris on December 11th to present a paper exposing the Charlie Hebdo false flag at a mainstream academic conference.

After all, I was already prevented once from entering Canada to give a talk on We Are NOT Charlie Hebdo: Free Thinkers Question the French 9/11. France’s president Hollande has attacked Charlie Hebdo “conspiracy theorists” in harsh terms, and his think tank, the Jean Jaurés Institute, named me as one of the world’s top five “conspiracy intellectuals” to watch out for.

If I were a truly paranoid conspiracy theorist, or conspiracy intellectual, or whatever, I would think somebody staged these new attacks just as I was leaving Paris and planning to return one month later because…well, because they’re afraid that my book We Are NOT Charlie Hebdo is picking up steam and threatening to expose the state-sponsored crimes of last January. According to this paranoid interpretation, the Charlie Hebdo high perps are “fleeing forward” into even bigger chaos and an even bigger crackdown on freedom…especially the freedom to seek the truth about false flag terror.

This new attack may throw a monkey wrench into my efforts to get We Are NOT Charlie Hebdo translated into French–which was one of my items of business in Paris.

It may also impede efforts to save Mohamed Boutiche, a witness to the fact that the Kouachi brothers, the designated Charlie Hebdo patsies, were intelligence assets. I just got word that Boutiche has been jailed and will be audited for trial on November 23rd. The authorities will undoubtedly use the new wave of terror hysteria to try to railroad Boutiche and keep a lid on his Charlie Hebdo revelations.

And let’s not forget that the EU just instituted mandatory labeling of products from the Occupied Territories; the Zionists are throwing a gargantuan hissy-fit…just like right before the Charlie Hebdo attacks. Beware of Zionists throwing hissy-fits.

So the least that can be said is that the timing seems extremely suspicious.

Then again, maybe it’s all just coincidence. Maybe this is an actual attack by angry Muslims. Maybe there is no state sponsorship. Maybe this time, for once, it actually ISN’T a false flag.

But what would “radical Muslims” gain? It’s already being blamed on ISIS; yet that makes no sense, since Russia, not France, is fighting ISIS in Syria. And ISIS, of course, is a fabricated synthetic-terror group, not a real Muslim group, anyway.

To believe the official “Muslims did it” stories of the big terror attacks starting with 9/11, you’d have to think of the ostensible Muslim perps as complete idiots, utterly incapable of strategic thinking, desperate to hand the Zionist neocons exactly the kind of PR they want.

Sure, there are undoubtedly some stupid angry Muslims out there. But they’re likely to be patsies, not orchestraters.

So although it’s too early to say for sure, I think we can tentatively assume that this Friday the 13th massacre in Paris is just the latest in a long series of false-flag spectacles. And if we let the perps get away with this one, as they’ve gotten away with all the others, we can expect more of the same.


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  1. Strange! While I was away I logged in and posted a contribution. I saw it posted and now I am back home, I cannot find it!
    There can be a very simple explanation, but I will not guess! Let me try and post thi one and see what happens!



    12 November 2015 at 13:39
    Muhammad: You are right, Akhi. Yes, let’s go and instead help Basheer in kicking some butts in those Synagogues of Satan – the Churches and the Masajid!

    13 November 2015 at 01:59
    Satan: Jesus, I have to go now, my cannibal Jihadis are all waiting for me on the Killing fields! And you know what, my friend, they are all paid by your followers’ tax money, those stupid Earthlings!

    Sunday 15 November 2015

    Field McConnell or his friend David Hawkins (ABEL DANGER) would most certainly have something very important to say about the logo SERCO on the nuclear bomber at the left foot of Barry Soetero OBAMA the Nobel mass murderer and “Anti-Christ”!

    Thursday, 12 November 2015

    Tuesday, 30 December 2014

    ISIS =
    USA – ISRAEL =
    UN =
    UK =
    EU =
    CANADA =
    INDIA =

    Basheer A. Frémaux-Soormally
    Sunday 15th of November 2015

  3. Dr. Barrett ___ Thank God, you are home safe. I believe, your hard & unselfish work, for those who died & wounded by Evil People, must be protecting you.

     Please take car of yourself, if you dealing with Gladio’.
    ___ It’s interesting that Gladio still active & alive __ from what I know to confront Communist __

     In 1990 was the last known meeting, Code-named ‘Gladio’ (‘the sword’— a short sword used by Roman legionnaires), the Operation of NATO’s Secret Army & European Military Secret Services, and the Italian Secret Army was Exposed by Italian Prime Minister Giulio Andreotti to the Italian Senate.
     Gladio was Funded by the USA, Trained by Britain and was a left behind clandestine anti-Communist armies in Western Europe after World War II, to fight the rise of Communism, through espionage, conspiracy, massacres, coup d’états, torture, & Political violence
     Gladio Secret Soldiers were trained on remote islands in the Mediterranean and in unorthodox warfare centers in England & in the USA by the Green Berets and SAS Special Forces

  4. It can’t help but to be reminded how the governments of France and Germany are completely controlled and servile to its hidden master. The censorship in France includes offending satire where comedian Dieudonne was recently arrested. France’s government is analogous to the female parasite that feeds and grows until eventually she pops out of the top of a crab, and from this knobby protrusion, she will steer the “Good Ship Unlucky Crab” for the rest of their co-mingled life.

    Packed full of parasite, the crab will forego its own needs to serve those of its master. It won’t molt, grow reproductive organs, or attempt to reproduce. It won’t even re-grow appendages, as healthy crabs can. Rather than waste the nutrients on itself, a host crab will hobble along and continue to look for food with which to feed its parasite master. The parasite is called- the “Sacculina carcini” parasite.

    France’s President Francois Hollande can only state the words his masters allow him to utter. What a sad state of affairs the French nation has become.

  5. Everything they do coincides to the satanic/ freemason/ illuminati/ pagan/ occult numerology, which they believe contain power. So they plan in advance and then commit these atrocities on certain dates with hopes that they are amplifying the effect the bloodshed will have in serving their master satan.

    The number 11 is especially important to them. The Twin Towers represented the number 11 so by taking them both down and murdering all of those people, their power was multiplied!!

    Seems to have worked for them for the time being, but in the scope of things, their days are numbered! No pun intended! Well, yeh, it was intended.

  6. Absolutely right . . . Such things the “elite” crooks (banksters), and their “elite” agents (DSEG/MI6/CIA), are discussing and planning (this terror), and it is what their whores; Merkel (€U), Tusk (€U), NATO prick Jens Stoltenberg, “some fµck” by the name of Franz “Pudelschwanz” Zimmermanz (€U, TTIP), Yats and Porky (wannabee €U), and so forth, are worrying most about (they’re losing and panicking).

  7. “Who gains? And the answer, as always, is: Authoritarian insiders. Zionists. Militarists. Islamophobes. New World Order-Out-Of-Chaos freaks.”


    Good illuminati numerology deciphering – (11/13) I think they thought 9/11 was getting old and need a new household word. Earlier in the week I wondered what might be on the “chalkboard” for Friday the 13th knowing the history of the Knights Templar being rounded up on that day, thus making that date the most feared ever through decades of propaganda. I am sorry innocent French people lost their lives for this blatant attempt to start WW3 – Zionist vs. Islamic States. The zionists are already “reporting” out of Jerusalem saying “now they know how WE feel”. OMG!!

    The French are more pro Islam than most countries!!

    Je suis si attristé par la perte de vies en France. Mon coeur sort à toutes les familles..

  8. I have a solution for France and the west! If these casualties are unacceptable then don’t start the wars in the first place and especially don’t keep the war going for years!

  9. Stupid is the natural order of all things American
    ISIS DAESH Americas irregular military wing, and these stupid’s don’t think we noticed.

  10. There is another coincidence associated with the last two major attacks on recent weeks, Russian plane and now Paris. Each had a comet/meteor pass earth( skull and -WTF- respectively) that day. Giving these events a somewhat apocalyptic feel to them.

  11. Go to YOU-TUBE and search for this..


    If you like to know…


  12. An “Islamic State” attack on a NATO member!? Does NATO now have a pretext to intervene massively in Syria? Will it turn out that Israel and not the Islamic State was the main beneficiary of the attack in Paris? Has Russia lost the ‘moral high ground’ in Syria? Will NATO demand Russia step aside? Stay tuned.

  13. {“WW3 WILL BE THE Reptiles & Psychopath VS. Human”} …A

    TWINGE ATTACK Detect Packet Dropped…

    William Casey
    We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false.– William Casey, CIA Director (from first staff meeting in 1981)

    How Psychopaths operate and how to deal with them:

    As humans, we need to confront this threat and DEAL with it.
    We need to remember that cooperating with evil, on ANY level, is a MISTAKE and it will ultimately come back to bite you.
    So why we spend so much ink and time to explain how to American (Predatory) Capitalism works?!

    When relationship with reptilian host is killing us…

    Note: [ Ditch the Chrome browser, it IS THE ENEMY ]


  14. This was definitely a routine (except that it was in France) terror attack by the DSGE (the French CIA) on innocent (French) citizens . . . They (DSGE/”ISIS”/MI6/al-CIA-da/CIA) did, still do it, all the time in Iraq, Syria, all over Africa, and so forth.

  15. The photos so far show me civilian paramedical personnel involved in a training exercise.

    Can you not see that?

  16. Until I see photos of an actual, verifiable crime scene, I will assume that no one died.

    The only young people on this planet fooled by the zionists are their own snaggle toothed offspring, hatched in luxury and stuffed full with lies on a daily basis.

  17. Ok this is a classic case of the numerology mush for brains false flag gladio 2 operation with all the state sponsored mercenary dupes and the Russian jet liner downing is the marker for a foolish group who bombed Damascus in the use of threes. Desperation brings the the perps into view with all their cohorts. As per usual they expect no reprisals yet to end the threat of a nuclear ww3 something might go differently this time. The proverbial last straw may have broken the camel’s back, better they should take strong coffee. Russia is good at the covert, very good….

  18. Dr. Barrett, you nailed this one. A great article that ties all these false-flags together. And yes, it is the Order from Chaos bunch again, empowered by the private central Banksters.

  19. I think you are on the right track. It seems to suggest that any country that does not bow to Israel can expect retribution. The Malaysian,s did and lost 2 Aircraft. The EU,s labeling decision enraged them and of course the French charging David de Rothschild for fraud. There,s no doubt ISIS will claim responsibility as always and we all know who ISIS really is.
    The day before the Vienna talks on Syria?
    It makes you wonder what their real motive is.

  20. One more thing, there was just the other day the shooting in Israel.

    Be typical RKM to have even done BOTH.

    Anyway, no time for personal fear, RIP to all.

  21. Way too much of a coincidence ? Very suspicious, still best wait and see.

    This is the horrible thing though, as there are that many false ones, you can easy jump to the same conclusions. Sky zio news in the Uk doing live reports now.

    Let’s see.

  22. The French may have had a hand in something someone has had enough of. Not everything is a false flag. Maybe is a message, not only to France, but the rest of the world. JMHO.


    • A message from whom? And what’s the message, exactly? As Orwell wrote, “War was a sure safeguard of sanity,” so where’s the sanity in this not being a false flag?

    • “The French may have had a hand in something someone has had enough of.”

      Well, let us hear what that ‘something’ might be, and who that ‘someone’ may be, won’t you please?

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