Israel got its $50B in Fence Mending from America



I am sure $50 billion destined to Israel as “fence mending” could do a great deal to mend fences with millions of Americans (exceeding the entire population of Israel) cheated out of their homes, cheated out of their pensions, cheated out of their jobs, cheated out of their dignity and self-respect by the White House and Congress that chose to mend fences with criminal Israel, but not with its own citizens.

I always have a hard time trying to understand this so called “special relationship” between Israel and the US. It is not strategic; it is not political; it’s not moral; at best it’s a special relationship between a whore and its pimp. The more the pimp beats the whore, the more money the whore gives to her pimp.

This week the White House hosted none other than Israeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu, for what was termed as mending fences. It was a meeting between the pimp and its whore, the US.

Think about it. Bibi Netanyahu keep hitting and punching President Obama left and right and below the belt, and our President, the most powerful man in the world, kept taking it, adding insult to injury. Too bad Mr. Obama did not tell Bibi to go to Hell.

The last time Bibi was in the US, he was invited by Congress to deliver a speech to a joint session of Congress in an attempt to block the Iran nuclear deal. Very few members of Congress dared to skip out on the speech, and Bibi received numerous standing ovations.

Bibi came to speak to Congress to warn the US about the danger of a nuclear Iran when he, his intelligence services, and all of the intelligence services around the world knew that Iran did not have the bomb and didn’t seek the bomb. Bibi knew how to make stupid fools out of Congress, when his intention all along was not the Iranian bomb, but how to fleece and blackmail America out of more money.

This week, he got what he wanted: $50 billion, in what is referred to as “mending fences” between the US and Israel, and between Obama and Netanyahu. Bibi arrived at the White House shortly after being honored by the American Enterprise Institute, the “incubator” of America’s wars on behalf of Israel; wars where trillions of dollars were wasted, and where tens of thousands of our finest soldiers were injured or maimed for life or killed. Yes, Bibi deserves such an award because he is the pimp that America is afraid of.

Fence Building -- This is the fence that Bibi built with American dollars
Fence Building — This is the fence that Bibi built with American dollars

Just imagine what $50 billion in “mending fences” can do for the people of West Virginia, Tennessee, Kentucky, Southern Ohio, Southwest Virginia, Appalachia.

Just imagine all the clean drinking water, the brand new sewage treatment plants, the medical and dental care, the technical schools and universities, the job retraining, the environmental cleanup and restoration, and decent and affordable housing. It would make that region come closer to what the people of Israel with our money enjoy.

No Sir, our Administration and Congress continue to give priority to Israel over American citizens. For the $10 million AIPAC and the American Jewish leadership contribute to political campaigns through PACs, Congress votes tens of billions of our tax dollars to Israel, without even a debate.

It makes no sense, and we need to throw out and vote out of Congress all those Israeli Firsters, who send our tax dollars to a criminal racist rogue nation like Israel.

As I look around, maybe there are a few things that bind us to Israel, such as our political bankruptcy, our illegal and criminal wars, our treatment of our own citizens of “color”; but there are other qualities that don’t bind us to Israel, such as our sense of morality, our sense of justice, fairness, humanity and charity, and looking after our neighbors.

National cultural values are the landmark of the American people. Israel shares none of these value systems with us.

The so-called Judeo-Christian values do not bind us with a Zionist state whose religion is Zionism, not Judaism.

Remember next November when you go to the voting booth. Remember all those members of Congress who voted $50 billion for Israel, but who did not vote the $50 billion for you and for your neighbors and friends, nor for our citizens in Kentucky, West Virginia, Tennessee, Southern Ohio, Southwest Virginia. They deserve the money more than a nation whose GDP was $365 billion.


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  1. PTI,

    If this 50 billion dollar payment is true….you can’t find any mention of it when googled, or any of the MSM or supposeably alternative news sites….which would make sense considering the situation in France…

  2. PTI,

    Why pay for infrastructure repair and/or upgrades for a country that’s already devolved into third world status…in so many areas of measureable human development…..

     Even WORSE, after 66-years ISRAEL does NOT have a CONSTITUTION!
     After UK washed its hands from the Middle East & went home, here we are still paying the 1948 (66-Years) “SIN” of Harry Truman, who sold USA to get Election Money from the Zionists in “Exchange for Israel Independence”.
     USA Rewards, the beggars (NETANYAHU the Leader the Apartheid & Evil Empire, along with his Terrorists government & Settlers) for “Bad Behaviors.”
     How? By giving ISRAEL NOT only the Usual, YEARLY (3 BILLION$) OF OUR TAX $, NOW ISRAEL WANTS (from 3 to 5-BILLION$) ___Not including Egypt & Jordan__Yet we borrow from China.
     50 to 70 (F-35) multi-role fighter planes; a host of (F-15) jets which incorporate Israeli-developed advanced technologies. The USA already approved (V-22 Ospreys), aircraft. that take off and land like helicopters but fly like fixed-wing planes and are reportedly able to reach Iran____EVIL POLITICIANS.
     Why? Due to Iran Nuclear Deal, Syrian War & Palestinians Stone Throwers___STUPID VOTERS.

    Washington’s Battle Over Israel’s Birth

  4. The controlling power behind America and apartheid, illegal state of israel is based in the Vatican, the power is not with the ‘White Pope’ but the ‘Black Pope’ General of the, ‘Society of Jesus’ aka Jesuits. The Jesuits own 60% of all Multi-Nationals, eg: Bank Of America, General Electric and most of the Military Industrial Complex. Plenty of information on the ‘Jesuits” and their brand of stealth. Also the Jesuits are Crypyo-Jews that’s planing to build the Third Temple Of Solomon (For Blood Sacrifice) over the third Holiest site in Islam, the AlAqsa Mosque. …. Also, check this out too:

  5. well gee maybe we should ALL become mass murdering psychopathic criminals so the District of Criminals will respect and hand US a frickin check like that! DC supports terrorists and terrorist supporters because they ARE terrorists, all of them!

    oh remember these guys when you vote.. YEAH SURE THROW THEM OUT when every single “candidate replacement” lined up for these rigged “elections” are all smiling bent over and lubed up waiting for Bibi Amin to do em in the poop chute.. or do their medical care providers give them a bunch of extra soft kneepads for “work related stress”? snorkels for sucking Bibi’s orifice too probably.

  6. President Obama is not the most powerful man in the world. The most powerful man in the world is the “Black Pope” and his name is Adolfo Nicholas Pachon the General Of The Society Of Jesus aka The Jesuits.

  7. A blatant disgrace the 99% of US congress is to their people.

    These publicly, lying morons behave as Gordon Gekko’s, greedily grabbing all Wallstreet and AIPAC money, and f*ck the USA!

  8. That first picture of those low life traitors in Congress, standing and clapping like excited seals after every BS sentence Satanyahoo made, makes me sick.
    Indeed that was a day of shame in American political history.

  9. @ the author_

    The “special relationship” between Israel and the US is the TALMUD – the book of Shaitan.

    This is what every Talmudi swears every year:

    “All vows, obligations, oaths, and anathemas, whether called ‘ḳonam,’ ‘ḳonas,’ or by any other name, which we may vow, or swear, or pledge, or whereby we may be bound, from this Day of Atonement until the next (whose happy coming we await), we do repent. May they be deemed absolved, forgiven, annulled, and void, and made of no effect; they shall not bind us nor have power over us. The vows shall not be reckoned vows; the obligations shall not be obligatory; nor the oaths be oaths.” – Sung by World Jewry every year on Yom Kippur (Day of Atonement) – Kol Nidre, 1906 Jewish Encyclopedia


    Does that sound like the word of the Abrahamic God to you?

    What the Kol Nidre says is that ANYTHING GOES. That is the sole rule of Shaitan, not Allah.

    • …And the purpose of the wall is written in the book of Revelations (Bible) and in its Koranic equivalent.

      Or, you can see it better in the film “WWIII”, the one starring Brad Pitt.

  10. And then let’s say nitwityahoo is good at milking President , watch each Profitable moment of the fatal to America trip , I hear also put in Pardon for Pollard

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