We Have Almost Nothing on the Paris Attacks (updates)

Duff gang members, Paris
Duff gang members, Paris
Duff gang members, Paris
Jane and Didier on an easier day
Jane and Didier on an easier day

… by Gordon Duff, Jim Dean and VT Paris Bureau Chief Jane Rosenstein

One day after 

Jane and Didier went out on the streets of Paris and noticed that there were not many people . All the cinemas were closed and several bars were also closed.  People heard the news on the TV and were staying close to their apartments. They felt scared to go out. The streets seemed deserted in several areas like Opera and St. Germaine de Près. 

Deaths are listed this morning at 128.

Jane and Didier from VT Paris were passing the restaurant shortly after the shootings there.  This is as close as any of us got, they thought it was a fire.  

We are gathering what we can but this is a city of 5 plus million in virtual lockdown.  Do we want to say:  “Round up the usual suspects?” We are still waiting on word from our own people in Paris, some of whom were near the unfolding events.

A few of us, Kevin and I, have lived in Paris.  Jane, an Atlanta girl, has been there for a couple of decades and keeps VT at the heart of what goes on in Paris.  We typically attend and review everything.  Tonight we were lucky.

Update notes:  18:23 Paris time.  Jane and Dedier are out doing interviews, prettymuch all that can be done, while picking up a few things as Paris shuts down.  Everything in Paris is closing including grocery stores and restaurants.

Here are Jane’s notes:

Didier and I were on a bus when we saw the firemen at the restaurant in the 10th after passing metro Charonne.  We thought it was a huge fire.  The bus drier told the passengers he would have to take a different route but would try to get us to our destinations.  It would be an adventure.

The passengers, not many as the bus was not crowded, agreed.  He turned the bus to go in the opposite direction and then told us to leave the bus.  We were near Charonne at Blvd. Voltaire and the people were running.  As we were going into the subway/metro a worker told those exiting not to go up the stairs to the right.  A British couple told us the metro did not stop at Republique. 

As an American, I consider Paris the only world city I can freely call my “home town” other than Detroit, another former French city.  For that reason, I am throwing in a few personal photos rather than anything else. We will get into this in a bit.

Duff girl gang at military cemetery outside Paris
Duff girl gang at military cemetery outside Paris
the bench outside Shakespeare and Company Book Store, the "Brit hangout" for Highlander fans
The bench outside Shakespeare and Company Book Store, the “Brit hangout” for Highlander fans

The people of Paris have our concerns and sympathy and we “have their backs” as well.  We are on this.

Initial accusations came in while the bombs were going off.  As with the Russian air disaster, the first reports can very well be red herrings.  We got two layers of them on the Sinai crash, one from Al Jazeera on the engine trouble and another by British intelligence citing Russian mechanics paid off by Saudis planting a bomb.

Both were lies and both were not innocent lies and we hope President Putin takes note of this.

As to Paris, first stories, long confirmed, tell of ISIS cells in Paris and a “declared war on France” by ISIS.  Layer two says the money supporting them comes from Qatar.  This is where we begin, following this where it goes or watching it evaporate into space.

What we also hope for the French people is that Netanyahu is not packing his bags in the near future and heading for Paris.

The date Friday the 13th has Freemasonic references in Paris but that would be October 13, not November, tied to the round up of the Knights Templar in 1307 which led to the burning alive of Jaques Demolay.  I only mention this and don’t think there is anything in it. However, the date often has meaning and we are looking for help here.

A week or so ago, the French promised to move an aircraft carrier into the region and join whatever is going on.

Notre Dame Paris
Notre Dame Paris

On a personal basis, I am going to look at Qatar and Saudi Arabia along with movement in a number of markets, never writing off economic issues.

We await identification of the terrorists but we also, to a greater extent, wait for the disinformation and obfuscation that would lead us to who is responsible.  There is no greater form of confession nowadays than the Al Jazeera confession on “Sinai.” We watch them first, they are a nasty bunch representing a thuggish nation ruled by would be James Bond bad guys.

On a personal note, Paris became American after the Great War.  Not just Hemingway or Maugham’s Razor’s Edge, my favorite the Bill Murray version, but a town that has been a haven for so many.

Where I might not always feel like defending France, Paris is something else.  I have friends there, I can always rent a filthy hovel and eek out a living writing paperback novels and selling plasma. Who could ask for more?

Back in the early days when VT was a busload instead of a dozen stadiums filled to capacity (more), we actually took trips together.  I wish we could do this again.  I would take everyone to “my Paris.”

Everyone has their own “Paris.”  Mine are the two or three neighborhoods I have lived in, they call them arrondissements.   There are open air market days, everyone has their own preferred bakery, tabac and hole in the wall cafe.  I have an “olive guy” and a “soap guy,” even a “fish guy.”

In Paris, you can, no matter how semi-notorious, take the battery out of your phone, go “cash” and totally disappear.  When done for the right reasons, peace and security, stopping time, it is a good thing.

Paris is that open.  Now this openness is going to end, cameras will be everywhere like London, parking a car will be even more impossible and there will be fear.

Things have been bad enough, idiot politicians, no real jobs, Parisians never curb their dogs, and crazy Americans like me are everywhere, speaking bad French and driving up rents.

We are not “Charlie,” we never were but we are all Parisians and today we bleed and suffer with our brothers and sisters.



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{p}Jane Rosenstein comes from U.S.A. and lived in many U. S. cities including Atlanta, GA. She received a B.S. degree in mathematics from University of Pittsburgh and a M.B.A. degree from Georgia State University in Atlanta, GA.{/p} {p}She is a professional translator/interpretator and is the business owner of The International Connection which does international marketing consultation including sales of wine and interpretation and translation. She enjoys the cultural life that living in Paris offers and has talents in organizing events. She speaks English, French and Spanish.{/p} {p}Didier Lambert born in Bordeaux is a political activist and semi-professional cart racer. Didier is a Veterans Today correspondent and photojournalist working in Europe, Africa and the Far East. Didier served in the French Army as combat engineer.{/p}


  1. Though I normally like to write in my own words, this quote concisely addresses questions critical thinkers should ask about the Paris attacks.

    “The Western media has avoided many interesting aspects of the Paris attacks. For example, what did the directors of the CIA and French intelligence discuss at their meeting a few days prior to the Paris attacks. Why were fake passports used to identify attackers? Why did the attacks occur on the same day as a multi-site simulation of a terrorist attack involving first responders, police, emergency services and medical personnel? Why has there been no media investigation of the report that French police were blinded by a sophisticated cyber attack on their mobile data tracking system? Does anyone really believe that ISIL [IS] has such capability? (Paul Craig Roberts)

  2. Well, well. The internet sleuths dug up some good info. I’m changing my first opinion that this was not a hoax. This indeed appears to have been a hoax with an obvious motive. Report claims there is no live cell phone footage from ordinary people– only suspicious journalist footage, tweet shows death toll count 2 days prior to the event, perps’ passports “fly through the flames” and land at the feet of the security service, no blood and little damage at the scenes, and more. If you’re curious, here is one such report: search– Paris Attack False Flag: Conspiracy Hoax Exposed and 108Morris108 gives more links in his “Paris – Hoax is Preferred” video/post.

    • LOL…You’re looking in the wrong direction and obviously have difficulty in seeing the trees for the forest. It’s impossible to duplicate certain facial expressions if one is acting, let alone dozens or in this case, hundreds upon hundreds…..someone is always looking for attention and sadly, someone is always ready to provide.

      Thinking ACDC and ” Giving the Dog a bone ” only the dog is tired and won’t stand for a shelter in place without PROOF of danger. Too many people to herd these days..



  3. Question: How in hell, or better yet, Why the hell would an attacker say to the crowd: ” This is your fault ” This is for our Brothers in Syria “?????? I’m having a hard time believing that someone would be low enough to carry on an act amid so much carnage but, why take the time to say such a stupid thing. Surely the concert goers had NOTHING to do with ANYTHING Syrian related.


  4. Freemasonry is Jewish, it comes from the ancient Jewish Sacred Texts.
    The imagery is Jewish, look at the Masonic tracing board with the Pillars of Solomon, boaz and jachin.
    Jews are in the capstone, the rest of the pyramid is for gentiles so that it could be an international organization and Jews could remain hidden behind the veil.
    The Jewish kabbalah is one third astrology, one third numerology, one third sorcery.

  5. Nov 13:

    -2001 – War on Terror: In the first such act since World War II, US President George W. Bush signs an executive order allowing military tribunals against foreigners suspected of connections to terrorist acts or planned acts on the United States.

    -1947 – The Soviet Union completes development of the AK-47, one of the first proper assault rifles.

    -1918 – Allied troops occupy Constantinople, the capital of the Ottoman Empire.

    -1914 – Zaian War: Berber tribesmen inflict the heaviest defeat of French forces in Morocco at the Battle of El Herri.

  6. What has been happening in Syria in the past month is a shift of balance, not so much towards Russia, but more importantly, at the expense of the Anglo-zionists (incl. NATO).

    This is probably a major reason to why the terror attacks happened in Paris yesterday (the ongoing Geneva Conference is another and COP15 could be a third).

    Now the zionist president of France has declared war on ISIS, with the hidden agenda to overthrow Assad.

    NATO’s R2P for Syrian overthrow failed, the Paris attacks are the remedy.

    • No offense, but their main theme is pure crap . . . They’re (oil) banksters’ agents, or just stupid fools.

  7. Well, the Western imperialists (includes the Zionist banksters and their Wahhabi friends/puppets) are definitely using illiterate (“Wahhabi”/”Zionist-christians”) patsies (cannon fodder), that’s the(ir) whole idea . . . It certainly is a DSGE/”ISIS”/Mossad “false flag”, with a likelihood which comes close to certainty (illiterate patsies don’t organize such things), like 9/11, Boston “bombing”, and so forth, were CIA/Pentagon/Mossad “false flags”.

  8. Does anyone have an answer to this question:

    Why the American citizens of the Eagles of Death Metal were not shot instead of the ordinary French spectators, assuming that the perpetrators had carefully chosen the target and knew who exactly were attending the concert? BTW the attackers would love to kill Americans, IF they really wanted to avenge the so-called “coalitions’ aerial bombardments” ???!!!

    • They shoot the object everyone is watching and then the watchers run like hell…Shooting at a packed crowd causes first, confusion, then panic. Just as someone said they thought initially that they were hearing fireworks. Hating Americans and wanting to kill Americans is typical PSYOP BULLSHIT. Only the TEEVEE tells you that they Hate Americans but, They simply love our Jeans…..lol


    • @ Raptor

      You are right. They pretend that they hate Americans and want to kill them. As you mentioned they had orders not to shoot the Americans …

  9. Not anyone on this site, but a quick trip to la la land, AKA the USA and the comments section on any given mainstream media outlet reveals the ugly truth: MY people is stupid! Comment after comment dripping with Muslim this and Muslim that. The tide has turned somewhat. there are more waking up but the ratio is still disproportionate in favor of the sleep walkers. Internationally it’s a different story. But here? It hurts and it’s frustrating. Not that I have any doubt we’ll get there. We will. But we’re not there yet. I think the crash of the petro-dollar will do more to shake Americans awake than anything. Who knows? Maybe it will only take an announcement on FOX news before they’ll believe it. “Good evening America this is Bill O’reilly. You can’t see it but there is a .45 pointed at the back of my head and we’re now going to tell you truth”….

  10. Oh Bibi and the Zionists. Sounds like an Elton John song, doesn’t it? Hollande and the media frothing at the mouth. What more could I say that hasn’t already been said?

  11. I just spent an hour linking old articles and outlining how this was obviously a mossad operation and wouldn’t you know it.. when I hit post.. my entire post disappeared and didn’t post. So I’m going to summarize in small post.

    ISIS is a mossad front and the French knew it!
    It never amazes me that people never ask why all these so called Muslim terrorist groups that are supposed to hate Israel above all other countries.. never actually attack Israel. I challenge anyone to show me a single news clip where any journalist asks this logical question!

    Hence, fighting Isis is actually a fight against the Zionist NWO or Jew World Order agenda.

    France had joined Russia against the NWO or more accurately the JWO..

    Anyone in the know.. is well aware of the mossad’s history of war by deception and their cowardly acts of retaliation for the JWO agenda. Killing innocent civilians (gentiles) and operating in the shadows are the only way they can fight. They value their own lives and can’t seem to win any battle that requires them to fight against armed combatants.

  12. beyond…3 crashed airliners in the recent past and no one held accountable, yet…or ever? some group is really getting a lot of practice and “practice makes perfect”, or “repetitio est mater studiorum.” with this degree of success, likely even more dramatic nuclear artistry coming our way. the blending of the entertainment and politico industries. neil postman is relevant.

  13. We don’t know anything yet? Anybody that is aware of Zionist tactics and their history of retaliation against any country that isn’t going along with their agenda wouldn’t be surprised.

    When it comes to cowardly attacks involving the killing of innocent civilians the mossad should always be a prime suspect. Per their motto “by deception thou shalt do war” they always have Muslim patsies or operatives that they’ve funded and manipulated into carrying out their agenda. Isis was created by Israel and the French knew it! http://www.veteranstoday.com/2014/08/04/french-report-isil-leader-mossad/

    Hence, anyone attacking Isis is actually fighting against the Zionists and their NWO agenda ..aka.. Jew World Order.. which is why they hate Putin and why I’d like to shake his hand and thank him. I also strongly suspect that it was another mossad operation that brought down the Russian airliner and killing hundreds of innocent civilians traveling to Egypt.

    Correct me if I’m wrong.. but hasn’t every Zionist been encouraging western countries to take in thousands of these refugees recently? Hell! I recently read an article where their UN stooge was claiming that melek was a thing of the past. I had to look up the word.. no surprise it’s a Hebrew word for sovereignty which immediately let me know this was a Zionist pushing for mass immigration strategy to dilute the population, weaken national sovereignty, making it easier to dominate the country.

  14. and …drum roll…yepp, they found the suicide bomber’s passport on the site… that settles it…
    BTW: why don’t they build bullet proof vests of the paper in passports…

    Strong indication of the FF was that an army of bad-guys was prepared and ready at their keyboards when it happened…

  15. I’m betting the Paris attacks were the work of Hezbollah in retaliation for the Beirut bombs. (Compare the sorrowful condolences and outraged condemnation over Paris versus the muted response from the West to the Beirut tragedy.)

    • Is-US targeted Hezbollah gathering in Beirut suburbs.

      Hezbollah leaders know who fomented, founded & funded Is-US.

      Is-US funds/arms/strategy/P.R. providers are mostly *not* French.

      Hezbollah is part of Russian coalition against Is-US etc. in Syria.

      Thus, Hezbollah did not do the Charlie Hebdo Deja Vu+ in Paris.

      Likely part of ‘Strategy of Tension’ (but targeting Paris not random).

  16. Germany arrested a man in Bavaria on Nov 5, and his car had firearms, explosives, and hand grenades. Documents indicated he was travelling to Paris. News report: “Public broadcaster Bayrischer Rundfunk said German authorities informed French officials about the arrest of the man near the German-Austrian border on November 5. It did not provide a source for its information.”

  17. Oh here we go again. Now the Coalition of the Willing (Terrorists) are going to use this excuse to bomb Syria back to the stone age, so I really hope Russia declares a NFZ to the entire country.

    • Also, can we expect those Zio scum bags AKA Charlie Hebdo to put distasteful cartoons about the victims as they did about the Russians Airliner terrorist act?

  18. Possible motives: Vienna talks today, about Syria. G20 in Turkey, Sunday.

    11 and 13 are both main masonic numbers, with 11 referring to the twins, and 13 meaning “rebellion.” So a date of 11/13 or 13/11 is a big deal.

    • Arbitrary assignment has no meaning. November is the 9th month. septe is 7, octo is 8, nove is 9, and dece is 10. The gregorian calendar was specifically installed to cause confusion, and emphasize collections of taxes. It is a fiscal year. Tax day for the US is in “Driver” decan for a reason.
      The day number for the event was 8. I have never seen any credible source assigning “rebellion” to the number 13. When a calendar is authentic, it is not arbitrary nor can it be changed for misc reasons. It has scientific merit and can be proven. The third decan of scorpio is the tooth and tail with a stinger, but it is not insectoid, but a Lion protecting a particular area. Noguchi the artist was born in this decan and he displayed it well with his wooden depiction. Also horse trainers are in this decan. The perp is Male, and he is losing or about to lose personal property. He has held it for likely very long. Israel is an easy guess, but I would not discount old european money. The Lion with a stinger tail adorns many flags and family shields.

  19. Anything done numerically synchronous to the gregorian calendar is either idiots or the ones who made the calendar. it is almost completely meaningless. The moon phase and location is the first thing to check, then the solar schedule which just happened to be on the first day of the turtle mouthed Lion. This also was a synchronous day to the 20 day calendar and completed a 20 day round of military movement and intelligence. This indicates a tenacious grasp or refusal to let go of something long held. The brutal response only comes from this energy when it is threatened by losing possession of physical property.
    The timing is best noted by reading the correlating I-Ching hexagram of # 43 Kwai. http://www.sacred-texts.com/ich/ic43.htm the alignment happened with the day of Noj, the day of military intelligence. recent events may have flushed out some very old blood previously hidden.

  20. @ masster

    If Jews are JHWH’s people then the Talmud is anti-jewish – its Babylon; the city/world where anything goes.


    If the Abrahamic God is a man of his word, then you know his adversary is the opposite, right?

    Read the (short) Kol Nidre that every Talmudi fake-a-jew swears every year:

    “All vows, obligations, oaths, and anathemas, whether called ‘ḳonam,’ ‘ḳonas,’ or by any other name, which we may vow, or swear, or pledge, or whereby we may be bound, from this Day of Atonement until the next (whose happy coming we await), we do repent. May they be deemed absolved, forgiven, annulled, and void, and made of no effect; they shall not bind us nor have power over us. The vows shall not be reckoned vows; the obligations shall not be obligatory; nor the oaths be oaths.” – Sung by World Jewry every year on Yom Kippur (Day of Atonement) – Kol Nidre, 1906 Jewish Encyclopedia

    Reference: thegoldencalfspeaks.com/judaism/lying-stealing-and-cheating/kol-nidre-the-jewish-doctrine-of-deception/

    What the Kol Nidre oath states is that ANYTHING GOES – alas it is anti-jewish.

    The Devil would “come in white”, wouldn’t he?

    What is more “white” than “Gods people”?

    Regarding Gordon Duff and VT being “a sham”, I have criticized Gordon heavily but he is not a sham, nor is VT. Your argument is that Gordon/VT should know everything in a sneeze, which makes you ludicrous.

  21. Good work Gordon.

    What needs to be pointed out with your freemasonic reference is that all worshipers of Talmud (such as freemasons and similar esoteric institutions) are numerologists.

    As you refer to the importance of the date here you have a bias towards its historic connection as opposed to its numeric connection.

    TTo freemasons and other Talmudis there are sertain numbers that are more important than others, and 1 and 3 are definately two of those, and when combined as in 11 they have doubled effect (or perhaps its number in square; 4 in this case).

    So yesterdays numbers – 1 + 3 + 11 – were VERY Talmudic indeed.

    • In 2002 the freemasons held a cerimony on Ground Zero (which BTW means the spot where a nuclear detonation occured, Youtube your ex collegue Dimitri Khalezov) during 9/11.

      VERY DARK and EGYPTIAN (50sec) cerimony:


  22. Numerology analysis
    Mainstream Media Reports
    Time of first attack: 11 p.m.
    Number of people killed 128 /1+2+8 =11
    Date of attack= Friday the 13th 13/11 /1 +3+1+1 = 6
    Number of locations attacked: 6
    Number of attackers: 6
    Jersey numbers of German/Italian footballers seen on TV = 3+3 =6
    Number of injured: 52/6 + 1 =6

    The scientific probability of these nymbers being randomly generated is 9 billion to 1.
    The answer is in your hand

  23. Of course the usual suspects are behind it: my thoughts are with the Parisians. Would be nice for a change that the real perpetrators get round up and hanged!

    I have been in Paris so many times that I lost track!


  24. quoth the Duff: “I only mention this and don’t think they is anything in it.”

    Wink wink nudge nudge grin grin say no more.

  25. Mr. Duff, when did you have anything on anything? A week ago your tabloid site barked about having inside Russian intel ‘sources’ that confessed to you who did the bombing of the Russian plane. Now you come with the tail between your legs and candidly admit you have been intoxicated by foreign media networks.
    I have to tell you Mr. Duff that the entire VT thing is a sham. You are busted. Best case scenario, VT is an amateurish subversion agency. Worst case scenario, VT is a honey pot for Jew ‘haters’. Miss Rosenstein, a pure ‘Atlanta girl’ surely can tell us more about her relatives.
    For a disabled veteran who fought ‘for his country’ you’re doing pretty well. You gather information as a ‘journalist’ or ‘tourist’. We know your type. The gang for disinformation, subversion, and agitation landed in Paris. You’re busted!

    • @masster
      Pretty much the conclusion I’ve come to as well. If these guys have anything to do with military intelligence then they know damn good and well this is fake. Supposedly he has no info from his contacts but he’s already describing real bombs and real killings at this event – parroting the TV news propaganda points directly.

      BTW “Jonas E Alexis” has quite the intersting Nike symbol prominantly featured in his photo. “It probably just means he likes exercizing, ho ho ho”

  26. Right, by the DSGE (as Germanwings crash, “Hebdo”). The banksters are clearly panicking. Maybe they (the banksters and their whores) even will attempt to use it as an (absurd) excuse to openly occupy “ISIS” (= DSGE, Mossad, MI6, CIA, Persian Gulf States and all) occupied territory in Iraq and Syria.

  27. France closed its borders. Certainly the uncontrolled wave of migrants to Europe from Muslim countries is a perfect Trojan horse for Muslim extremists (the thousands of militants of the ‘Islamic State’) who may or may not be zionist controlled. These extremists are in fact violent and are witnessed as posing a particular danger to women and girls. So far, I don’t think this horrible event was a hoax, but it probably comes with zionist blessings in hopes of turning public opinion in Israel’s favor and against Muslim nations (enemy of my enemy…) And because it destroys Christianity via Sharia law and pure demographics. Europe needs to put aside its humanitarian ethos and fight like hell to save itself.

    • Christianity has been dead for a long time. And going by the minorities that have been able to keep their religion up until present secular times, Shariah (not Shariah law) isn’t going to destroy anything…

    • You’re right, hese “refugees” aren’t very good, otherwise they’d fight in Iraq and Syria, instead of coming to (disgusting) Europe. They’re relatively harmless, though. The real enemy are the banksters and their gangsters, the DSGE/MI6/BND/and so forth, and their foul, psychopathic whores, like Merkel, Tusk (€U), Hollande, “some fµck” Frans “Pudelschwanz” Timmermans (€U). Dracula Stoltenberg (NATO), and so forth.

  28. That’s a nice personal touch on today’s events Gordon.
    Our thoughts are with the good people of Paris as eagerly await the clues, indicators and bread crumbs that will lead us to the desperate, soul-less and angry. Hopefully Paris can save itself the shame of the post Hebdo clown show with Bibi peaking the soul-less and angry list.

  29. “On a personal basis, I am going to look at Qatar and Saudi Arabia along with movement in a number of markets, never writing off economic issues.”

    Well US equity futures took a big hit. I don’t know if there’s anything to it (tbh probably a natural response to this event) but you were looking for a possible economic connection…

    • “On a personal basis, I am going to look at Qatar and Saudi Arabia along with movement in a number of markets, never writing off economic issues.” Yes! Well, as a retail trader, anyone find it “odd” that “ISIS” was gracious enough to time these attacks what seems to me merely minutes after world equity markets closed for the weekend? Odd that we had 2 200+ point red days in the DOW (not like it matters) after going totally vertical the last 5 weeks? Maybe ISIS was closing its long positions?? Or accumulating some short positions? Im sure a minute to minute on Futures somewhere like zerohedge can give us the minute timeline. They sure are some good market timers aren’t they?? Well well see in the coming days if there is any type of hook. but if the same pattern keeps like it has the last 7 years we should see new record highs by next Friday. I trust VT will have this tidbit stored in their back pocket. And on a side note of one who also trades WTI ill never forget on the morning of the MH17 disaster WTI futures spiking around 2 dollars what seemed to be an hour before. Just sayin..

    • Interesting comments.

      Any way you slice it, there is some very big money behind Daesh. One thing about the Chosen Few, they can’t pass up an opportunity to make a profit. We saw it with 9/11 and it wouldn’t surprise me at all if this is another example.

      But the question remains, was the financial motive foremost, was it the raison d’etre? Or was this just a case of someone with inside knowledge taking advantage of a sterling opportunity to profit from more dead goyim?

      As a side note, we have here in Buenos Aires large communities of both Jews and Muslims, yet there is almost zero tension between them. And all the issues, (or alleged issues), with Muslims in France are non-existent here. Why? I suspect it’s because of the absence of prejudice. If the French weren’t still all butthurt about losing Algeria, and treating all Arabs like trash because of it, I daresay France wouldn’t have these problems. And Marine Le Pen would be just one obscure daughter of a semi-senile old paratrooper.

    • Nate “well they have no checks and balances” Well your right. By design. See goal of 2008 financial crisis. 2001 goal Sway public opinion get US military to fight your fight. 2008 destroy all capital markets, justify pre-planned 4.5 trillion and QE as the guaranteed funding.funnel money to the ones causing the trouble. 2015 implement?? 7 year cycle. Who owns the banks media Federal Reserve? A grand plan in slow drip motion . Now the question will the doors get shut before Monday before the sheep can get out? Time will tell but if for some odd reason it does may be able to narrow it down. God help us if that catalyst exists ..Thoughts?

    • Blankfein,Dimon,Bernake,Yellen,Greenspan,all the kings horses all the kings men, Need i go further? You control the “market” asset prices what they are used for. Policy, wealth transfer. Policy.. Nobody out there really believes WTI went from 120 to 40s in 4months due the miracle supply glut did they? When WTI was 120 we were told it was because of ISIS..Its were now? Mees think it had to do with a grip with Putin, still do.

  30. My family also has warm memories of Paris as well as the smaller towns & countryside of France. Our hearts & prayers are with the victims & their families, as well as all Parisians.

    I trust VT will do its very best to sift through the chaos, confusion, lies & disinformation…despite the tragic aftermath. Thanks always, Gordon, for all your efforts.


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