Paris – This is a signal that we are going to have very bloody holiday season

If it was ISIL - Whose ISIL was it?
If it was ISIL – Whose ISIL was it?

…by  Jim W. Dean, VT Editor,  … with Press TV, Tehran

Not the City of Light last night
Not the City of Light last night

[ Note: We have an official 127-body count now on the morning after, which is sure to rise as some of the severely wounded die. Already the plot thickens, as Gordon mentioned in the lead off article today, that initial accusations were coming in as the bombs were going off.

That is just too fast of a reaction time. It revealed certain people had prior knowledge to be able to move on the story that quickly.

There are eight dead suspects so far — seven who blew themselves up — some doing so after they shot off all their AK-47 ammo, and going out literally in a big bang. One had a Syrian passport and had come through Greece in the refugee waves in early October… no surprise there.

His having a Syrian passport is zero indication that he is Syrian, as Turkish authorities allowed them to be sold openly, indicating that authorities were getting a piece of that action.

Already skittish EU members, who have been taking in refugees when there obviously has not been any real security checks on them, including the young men, are backpedaling on taking more, with Poland leading the way.

EU authorities, especially in Germany, have treated their population like occupied subjects with their decrees of who must take how many refugees, when all rational security procedures have been thrown out the window “for humanitarian reasons”. Merkel, with her previous East German history, did not even require training.

I hate to be the bearer of bad tidings, but I suspect to see a wave of EU holiday attacks by both domestic cells and immigrant arrivals, where Europeans will pay for their failed leadership, as we Americans have for ours.

If it generated a huge “Muslim crackdown”, then that would bring even more domestic hostility into the equation, just what ISIL or one of the parties backing them might want; such as Israel feeling it would be in the clear behind an ISIL smokescreen. This will get worse before it gets better… JD ]


I started the day with the lead story on PressTV’s Top Five. I would like to say that I look forward to the day when this would all be over… but that would be naive. I don’t see any end to it, only ups and downs.


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Jim W. Dean, Managing Editor

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  1. That notorious AK- sounded like single action semi-auto to me but, I fully admit, I am a novice. Yet one supposed witness said ” they were professional with one shooter having his weapons set to 3-burst ” Now just who among a crowd of concert spectators would ever know such a thing, let alone realise it?

    So bloody sick of the co-intel force feeding that I just want to puke.


  2. Wow. That’s some serious Pharisees-class evil that went down in Paris. Gee… I wonder who could be behind it?

  3. Speaking of “just too fast a reaction time,” the press kits need to trigger the emotional, faux humanitarian and permanent response simultaneously with the event to imprint it in the minds of the gullible. See Wayne Madsen’s article on Soros-funded Jean Jullien’s Leftist peace symbol-as-Eiffel Tower iconic imprinting apparently trying to justify the coming reaction as peaceful or something like that. This guy based in London had the marketing icon ready to roll in minutes. Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose.

  4. Yeh someone mentioned the stomach churning banana head that is John Kerry. All I can say is Sergei Lavrov(a real politician) must have the patience of a saint having to deal with this clown.

    As far as McCain goes, never before have I wanted to see someone assasinated as badly ! The ‘thing’ is not human, just can’t be ! ?

  5. And still, not one attack of any note in Israhell.

    The fact that this alone does not wake up the docile masses is something I find staggering. I showed a friend footage of the crisis actor cop in the CH attacks and she STILL did not buy it !

    Le sigh ! ?

  6. This was an Israhell and Saudi backed mission IMHO. The passport bullshit is found super quick the 1st clear indicator. I mean, you are a suicide bomber and it is like hey Mohammed do not forget your passport, you might need it to get the ride to paradise !

    And right away MSM is saying they can not show footage as it is too bloody. But they immediately have footage of the punters running, some hanging out of windows to drop to street level.

    Saudis and Israel for me.

    I am sure the VT detective squad will find more info as their contacts and experience is top notch.

  7. The next home, car or anything you need like even bullet proof vest should be made from the same material that is used to make #PASSPORTS… As that material will survive explosions, fires and Insurance of said properties will be lower or nil as it also can’t be lost as it is always found and returned in pristine condition.

    #Passport material also survives so it can be used either in #propaganda or #court records too.

    A Win Win yes?

  8. I can’t stomach Kerry anymore.
    His hypocritical b.s.
    All I want ro say is. Thanks America for the big mess you created in the middle east and Europe blindly following ended up with a giant mess what they can’t handle.
    My heart goes out to all the families who lost a dear one. Same for the f amilies of the Russian plane.
    Like Gordon said couple of days ago, the chickens came home to roost.
    Hollande thanks for Syria or Assad stating, it’s a daily thing in Syria.
    What a never ending nightmare and I think Jim Dean is right more will follow.
    I guess they would have loved to put some blame on Russia too. Especially John McCain or Brezinski.

  9. Paris conveniently shifts the drama of past week’s plane ‘umglik’ as a diversionary tactic by the hard pressed spin-doctors of the Zionists fomenting and directing the ISIS agenda – the murderous and illegal Lebansraum across the Middle East. Collateral damage is their forte and their raison d’etre. I could pray for them and do knowing it will bring red-hots coals down on their collective heads but I rather with them the torture and death of Revaillac in Paris which is in keeping with their utter barbarity and depravity.

  10. Body language etc tells me that it was a drill. And nightclub has live video recordings. So do many other places and yet almost no video. Few mobile video shows childish shoot down at cops. Smells like sandyhook all the way. Let me see if this time too I am correct? I remember telling my friend that Sandy hook smelled like a drill and I was 100% damn right that time.

  11. Gee, the whole damn thing is fake, at that, isn’t it? . . . A hoax, nothing but a bloody stupid theatre play (drill) . . . (for this special case) I watched BBC news. It is very disgusting. There was a black actor, who said he was saved by his mobile phone. Truly, there was a little dent in his mobile phone..?..gigihihiHAHAHAHAHAHA. Maybe it was an airsoft gun, like innocent 12-year-old kid Tamir Rice was playing with before he was brutally murdered by retarded psychopathic goons . . . If one thing is fake, all is fake.

    • Laika: Massive PsyOps for a Strategy of Tension, of course.

      Damned Hippie: Don’t go away mad. Just go away.

  12. Mr. JD______ ……”but I suspect to see a wave of EU holiday attacks by both domestic cells and immigrant arrivals, where Europeans will pay for their failed leadership, as we Americans have for ours.

     RT-TV just reported, the same time as the “Paris Terror” last night, there was fire at Calcis Refugee Camp. Somehow, they may Connect this to Terror too.
     Although they say, “IS” did it and there is NO-Proof so far, that they did Instead of AK-47, FRANCE 24-TV was referring to the Rifle, as “Kalashnikov”
     To connect it with Russia__ where it was made by Mikhail Kalashnikov & Russian Air Force that is Fighting “IS”.

  13. The process to eradicate state sponsored violence seems to be in a phase of “discreet targeted theater” which lowers the body count but raises the visibility and emotional reaction. The lethargy of people seems out of place, unless examined from the perspective of confidence and comfort. One of the consequences of abundance is “comfort” and with comfort, education begins. It cannot happen fast enough for those in the know, but for the masses, it is a slow process. The sheer amount of things people need to learn to approach global issues with confidence is massive. This year is a “bang” year, and next year is a ‘cunning” year. 2017 will bring some heat, but also power of the masses. Hopefully, many will spend their holiday time studying these crucial world issues and be open to learning. Protectors are the leaders now. Nobody has informed the bank.

  14. Lets not overlooked the ‘low hanging fruit’ as Gordon would say. How about the perfectly intact passport left from a suicide(d) bomber yesterday. Just like the ones found at 9-11 and the convenient drivers lic. left behind the at the Hebdo circus.
    Let’s hope this thing gets exposed and blown wide open before we see any more damage, or an EU version of the patriot act. Most likely already on paper just waiting for the right event.

  15. evil moves through a vehicle and know what form this vehicle moves through…. ” the son of destruction, who opposes and exalts himself above every so-called god or object of worship, so that he takes his seat in the temple of God, displaying himself as being God” …. Jesus was enraged…the man of lawlessness is revealed

    • Would like to hear your belief about what this “vehicle” is that evil moves by or through, assuming you’re alluding to something deeper than the nebulous deep state, intel, and military agency obviously behind and grounding these manifestations of evil and Islamic demonization, coordinated to achieve and disguise a geopolitical agenda that includes the Balkanization of the ME, the cultural and demographic annihilation of Europe and N America, yet oddly leaving Israel and Saudi Arabia practically untouched. What are your views on the new “religion” to be imposed on mankind that will attempt to justify and ameliorate the intended, unspeakably evil and tyrannical global police state?

  16. The refugee camps in France are ghettos. Fix that and the problem is solved. Permanent shelters with electricity, running water, solid roads, hospitals, schools and a functional logistics system that insures food and medicine into these camps along with a sympathetic policing would insure everyone’s safety, and it would probably cost less than an F-16. Neo-conservatives who like the idea of spending money to destroy don’t like spend money on welfare, so they shouldn’t be invited to the party.

  17. Mr. JD______
     As usual, Blame President al-Assad for everything.
     Kerry just said, Assad is becoming a “MAGNET to IS”___UNBELIEVABLE
     Kerry Obeying his Master Israel’s Order, again said, “ASSAD has to GO.”
     Kerry should Blame himself, the so-called (FSR), the Arab Leaders, Israel, John McCain & Lindsey Graham etc., who supplied Arms to “IS” to Fight “The Syrian Army” who are fighting for Syria.
     Kerry should keep President Assad; once Assad leaves__ Kerry, won’t have anyone else to Blame, except EXPOSING ISRAEL.
     Kerry also JEALOUS of President Putin’s accomplishment in less than 2-Months, that he could NOT do in OVER 1-1/2 years.
     Paris Terror?___As usual the so called Leaders might hide the truth__ we will soon find out it’s the work of the Evil-Empire ISRAEL, like __9/11__Mossad stealing Passports from Australia to Europe including from Israel airport for ASSASSINATION in Dubai_ & ISRAELIS hacking SONY, JP Morgan, etc.,
     But BLAMED Russia, North Korea (who don’t have the technical capabilities & CHINA (the ONLY one who could afford to give us LOANS).
    The men FBI charged are Gery Shalon and Ziv Orenstein, ISRAELI Citizens & Joshua Samuel Aaron, USA Citizen who resided in both the USA & ISRAEL.

  18. Oh it’s getting really good now. They’re starting the investigation now. I say don’t bother. Francois and the mainstream media already gave us a complete breakdown and play by play 2 hours after it happened. Complete with confirmation from ISIL, passports and the whole 9 yards. Also, Norway has confirmed they lowered their threat level and their police officers can now be disarmed again. How would you like being a cop in Norway? LOL

    One more quote from Obama I read this morning went something like this: “You’re not gonna get rid of ISIL. We’ve just got to contain them”. Not sure if that was the exact wording but it’s damn close.

  19. Good interview by Jim. Let’s hope it doesn’t come here this holiday season. I believe there’s little chance it will, but Paris being the City of Lights; Christmas in America being largely a Festival of Lights these days, centered on malls and Main Sts; Chanukah, or Festival of Lights, overlapping occult dates 11 and 13, might make those “conspiracy nut cases” stay home

  20. “On 7 July 2015, around 200 detonators, 40 grenades & one ‘pile’ of plastic explosives mysteriously disappeared from a military instillation in southeastern France … On 6 October 2015 there was a high level meeting of NATO generals at Lille near Paris” (from Aangirfan’s site)

    And then on 27-29 Oct, just 2 weeks ago, heads of intelligence or national security of the USA, France, Israel & Britain all met at George Washington University in DC

  21. Thanks Jim.
    If never before, it’s a good time for folks to start talking about who Isis really is and let your elected officials know. As far as getting worse before better are there any forecasts? I had a thought continuing on the French lines and closer to home I would think that Canada’s new PM might keep a watchful eye for those egregious folks that want to remind him who prints his money. Of course under a similar guise of Isis. He seems to want to pull away from being a NATO tool. Commendable but dangerous.

  22. 2 weeks before the Paris massacre, on 27-29 October 2015, there was a meeting of Intelligence agency / national security chiefs of USA (CIA), France (DGSE), UK (MI6) & Israel (Mossad): ‘CIA – George Washington (GW) University Intelligence Conference: Panel on ‘The Shared 21st Century International Mission – GW Center for Cyber & Homeland Security’ –

    Featuring CIA Director John Brennan, former UK MI6 Chief John Sawers, Director of French Directorate for External Security Bernard Bajolet, & Israeli former National Security Advisor Yaacov Amidror. (See legitgov org website)

  23. Israel wants WW3 and wants it now, so that under the fog of war, the Palestinians are genocide for good.
    ISIS is a creation of the US, time for Europe to rid themselves of American imperialism..
    Similar to “Charlie”, the French/Israeli intel group were responsible, reminds me of the “Rainbow Warrior” incident in New Zealand many years ago( Google), performed by rouge elements of the French Intel units.

    • Frenchy Frog: Google >Strategy of Tension<. Czech it. Then 'google' Duff & James on Barrett's TJ show. Czech it. It's not that simple. Wish it were.

  24. OK this is getting deep. As in get me a damn shovel and some hip waders. Hollande is now making statements the attacks were “planned outside the country”??? You would think they would learn to shut their mouths, but Francois just couldn’t help himself. He might as well have added a “please believe me”!. And once again we’ve got the old passport lying on the ground trick again. Freudian slips all over the place and if it wasn’t so disgusting and evil, it would damn well be comical.

    • I can’t take for credit for it. They keep running the same script over and over… it’s just become obligatory, I guess.

    • W: Spook passports repel bullets & bombs. Get with it. Your Freudian slip is showing. ‘Another fine mess you’ve gotten me into, Ollie’ — BB, or whatever your name is. SOS, different day. (SOS = Same Old Sh*t.)

    • 321: Except in IS & Muslim Brotherhood nations (e.g., Turkey), where are suicide jackets ‘legal’?

  25. Hollande and the mainstream media are full of it. ISIL didn’t pull this off. At least they didn’t order it up themselves. The desperation has certainly been ratcheted up. If there truly are good men taken over the Pentagon as some insiders claim, they had better make their move now or soon. We are at the tipping point or close enough to say so. The Zionists want nuclear war to escape the mess they’re in. The propagandist press is already seeding the collective consciousness with it.

  26. This latest and unimaginably horrible tragedy in Paris gives me pause to consider that if I were a European I would be inclined to say, “America, thanks for your Armies in WW 1 and WW 2. Thanks for the Marshall Plan. Thanks for preventing the Soviets from taking over Western Europe during the Cold War. Thanks for all you have done for us. But now you’ve lost your way. It is time to go home and deal with your own problems. Take your Army, your Air Force, your Navy and leave Europe out of your bizarre and unfathomable military adventuring. Too many of the things you do produce a vicious blowback which we in Europe pay for. You bombed the former Yugoslavia and now thanks to the criminal gangs which arose in the wreckage Western Europe is awash in war weapons. For a few hundred Euros these gangsters will sell a Kalashnikov to anyone. You invaded Afghanistan where the production of opium had been reduced to near zero and within a few months Afghanistan became the worlds leading supplier and the world today is awash in heroin. You have destroyed Iraq, Libya and Syria and now Europe is dealing with millions of refugees. Yankee go home.”

  27. Gee, who would have thought those primitive ISIS savages have more resources than a super power. It’s seems no one is safe from them. Even with all the Western security and Tech, it’s all useless against them as the can take action against anyone anywhere on the planet.

  28. Why the American citizens of the Eagles of Death Metal were not shot instead of the ordinary French spectators, assuming that the perpetrators had carefully chosen the target and knew who exactly were attending the concert? BTW the attackers would love to kill Americans, IF they really wanted to avenge the so-called “coalitions’ aerial bombardments” ???!!!

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